three word game

Dumb game I’ve seen recently on a few forums and 4chan: describe a show in three words. Sounds like something that I can sink my teeth into… and to put a gimmick on this gimmick, I’m doing it from A-to-Z. And with a dash of Alpha .


A is for ああっ女神さまっ: Tough getting laid.
B is for Black Lagoon: Revy is death.
C is for Cluster Edge: Gay pilot academy.
D is for Doraemon: Most. Awesome. Pocket.
E is for Evangelion: Shinji’s a wuss.
F is for Fushigi Yuugi: Miaki’s a twit.
G is for Gundam Wing: Hawt for Duo.
H is for Hanaukyo Meido Tai: Viva meido revolution!
I is for Inu Yasha: Sit, boy! Sit!
J is for Jungle wa Itsumo Haru nochi Guu: Guu eats everything.
K is for Keroro Gunso: Sunrise’s greatest triumph.
L is for Leo the Lion: The Lion King.
M is for Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: God knows… nothing.
N is for Nausicaa: Religious overtones aplenty.
O is for Otaku no Video: The original Genshiken.
P is for Pani Poni Dash: Genius loli teacher.
Q is for Quiet Country Cafe, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: Alpha makes coffee.
R is for Ranma 0.5: Don’t get wet.
S is for Shakugan no Shana: Urachai! Urachai! Urachai!
T is for Transformers: Optimus Prime lives!
U is for Shadow Warrior Chronicles (Spoiler!): This name sucks.
V is for Voices of a Distant Star: Long distance relationship.
W is for When Cicadas Cry: MUTHAFUCKIN’ KILLER LOLIS!
X is for Xenosaga: Shitty animation budget.
Y is for Yakitate Japan: DBZ with bread.
Z is for Zero no Tsukaima: Siesta is love.


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  1. hahahhahahaahahahahahahaha…
    thats all i have to say.

  2. Best post ever.

  3. Suzumiya Haruhui- Fang-tan is LOL

    Pokemon- I choose you!

    Sister Princess- Sisters times 13

    Onegai Teacher- Teacher equals alien

    can’t think of anymore. Shana= urachai time three!

  4. A is for Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki Kicks Ass
    B is for Blood+: Katana Wielding Schoolgirl
    C is for Chobits: Crazily Undressing Robots
    D is for Da Capo: Forbidden Siscon Fetish
    E is for Ergo Proxy: Mindfucks Are Us
    F is for Fate/Stay Night: H-Game Gone Wrong
    G is for Gundam SEED Destiny: Worst. Pairing. Ever.
    H is for HachiKuro 2: Stalkers Always Win
    I is for Inukami: Foxgirls are love
    J is for Jigoku Shoujo: When Lolis Attack
    K is for Kanon from KyoAni: No. Overdone. Chins.
    L is for Lunar Legend Tsukihime: Type-Moon Anime Fails.
    M is for Mahoraba: MPD is Moe
    N is for Negima!: XEBEC sucks. Period.
    O is for Ouran Host Club: The Ignored Haruhi
    P is for Planetes: GITS In Space
    Q is for Queen Esmeraldas: Nothing Else Fit
    R is for Rozen Maiden: Dolls Kicking Ass
    S is for Shuffle!: H-Games Done Right
    T is for To Heart 2: Most Overhyped Sequel
    U is for Utawarerumono: Harem Meets FF:Tactics
    W is for Wolf’s Rain: When Humans Attack
    X is for xxxHolic – No Animation Budget
    Y is for Yumeria: Plain Bad Harem
    Z is for Zero no Tsukaima: Saito The Pimp

  5. Yes, the post is great. My skillz are not up to the challenge though… I pondered calling Azumanga “Rewatch After Forty”, but that was just lame. One thing though, I had no idea that YKK anime existed! Now I’m really afraid.

  6. why not just go for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu – Lol Fang Tan instead of Fang-tan is LoL

  7. @Silk

  8. what happened to, “Karura has arrived?”

  9. Nuts Haesslich stole my thunder… ;)

    B is for Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokoro-chan: Haado gei Sakura
    D is for Da Capo: Nemu must die
    G is for Grave of Fireflies: those poor bastards
    H is for His and Her Circumstances: damned clip shows
    L is for Legend of Galactic Heroes: Yang Wenli owns
    K is for Kannazuki no Miko: Chikane is love
    M is for Martian Successor Nadesico: superior crayon utilization
    O is for Ouran Host Club: motorized pedestal Renge
    S is for Space Battleship Yamato: 18-inch Naval Rifles

  10. @Haesslich:
    Z is for Zero no Tsukaima: Saito The Pimp

    YES!! I’d jump on his harem boat if he stops wearing the same jacket day in and day out. I’m sure he’s very ‘sugoi’ underneath all those clothes, too. ^__^ It’d make me one happy loli.

  11. B.leach – Power-up/level-up R Us
    G.un X Sword – Most Nonsensical Mecha
    H.itsuji no Uta – Unique Palette Effect
    J.igoku Shoujo – I’ll. Hell. U.
    M.agikano – Game Over. Reset.
    S.aishuuheiki Kanojo – Another Chobit Fails
    T.sukuyomi Moon Phase – Too Much Nekomimi
    Y.ami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito – Samurai Girl Yuri

  12. Xenosaga? Play the games at all? And if you have are you psyched for Xenosaga III?

    **Note: Komidol is a rabid Xenosaga fanboy.

  13. – Gods at animation.
    B.leach – Nobody actually dies.
    F.MP – Gauron the invincible. – Worst ending ever.
    N.aruto – Still a ‘tard.
    S.chool Rumble – Harima hair job.
    T.SR – Needs more twincest.
    U.Stellvia – Emo space cadets.
    Z.ero no Tsukaima – Sweet meido kami-sama!

  14. Air – scariest eyes ever
    Binbou shimai monogatari – waste of money
    kamisama kazoku – best ending ever
    R.O.D – paper-using girls rock
    Serial Experiments Lain – hard to watch

  15. Azumanga Daioh – Osaka is smart
    BLAME – way too short / makes no sense
    Cowboy Ragtime Show – Great Muppet Caper
    Elfen Lied – Naked, bloody, gross.
    Future Boy Conan – Best series ever.
    Gintama – not enough subs
    Hajime no Ippo – fight, train, fight
    Jyu oh sei – prison planet adventure
    Mushishi – soulful ghost mysteries
    Nekojiru Gekijou – F@#%ed up S#@t
    One Piece – Dragonball w/ Pirates (not a bad thing)
    Paradise Kiss – Gay but great!
    Ronin Warriors – always split up
    Samurai 7 – why why why?
    Shinchan – Wha’d he say?
    Ultimate Girls – Ultraman fan service?
    Welcome to the NHK – Hey that’s me!?!

    What a fun topic.

  16. “T.sukuyomi Moon Phase – Too Much Nekomimi”

    >> T.sukuyomi Moon Phase – My Nekomimi Heaven

  17. Another fan of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou! What an awesome manga. I really hope that a North American publisher picks this up sometime in the future.

  18. LOL. DBZ with bread.

  19. Can think of only one right now

    Solty Rei: Father lose daughters

  20. H (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) – Maebara dies again.

    That is all.

  21. >> One thing though, I had no idea that YKK anime existed!

    I reviewed the 1998 OVA back last year:

    There’s a newer 2002 OVA as well. I should probably review that someday… but, in the spirit of YKK, it’s going to take some time.

    >> Xenosaga? Play the games at all? And if you have are you psyched for Xenosaga III?

    I only played the first game, and I really enjoyed it. Loved the XenoCard side game. I started to play two, saw that they changed KOS-MOS’ character design, and stopped playing. She was my favorite character. *sob*

  22. Thanks for those wallpapers!

  23. sailor moon: Mercury iz hot.

  24. Yeah, Xenosaga II was somewhat lame. The changed English voice actors and the style shift caused alot of discomfort amongst the fans for one. My reccomendation to you is just to go play through II, as it’s a fairly quick game (35 hours), and then go after III. Alot of the reviews for III are saying that it restores the greatness of the original, and since I played the Japanese demo, I’d say I’m psyched for it. I pre-ordered it (if you pre-order you get a free artbook, the new character designs looks much better than two) and I’ll have it tomorrow, I’ll tell you what I think. I’ll tell you what I think of III.

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  26. Xenosaga is a total putdown. Xenogears forever!

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