sugar loves girls

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I’ve been playing Summon Night for the GBA. The key point isn’t that the game is short and kinda simplistic, but that you have the option of having a bisexual fairy-thingie as your partner. Create a female character for max loli yuri effect.

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  1. … yes, you’re still Jason. :D Good to see – although it’s kinda cute that the female character can be feisty, especially about an arranged marriage to a female Guardian Beast that she never had any say in.

    That and the way the Guardian Beast acts like a blushing bride (albeit a passive-aggressive one) is rather interesting.

  2. I’ve been putting off buying this game. There just hasn’t been a good RPG in awhile that isn’t a port/remake of something. Thus, I haven’t really played a RPG in awhile (Grandia III was the last one I believe), mainly because I’ve been throwing money into old Sega CD and Saturn games…

    I blame Sega for causing me to amass a larger than usual backlog of anime that I’ve downloaded, manga I have to get to, and my wallet feeling hungry.

  3. Deftoned…Hasn’t been a good RPG in awhile? Summon Night and Super Robot Taisen for the GBA, and in the next three months or so there’s Disgaea 2, Xenosaga III, Silmeria, Baten Kaitos 2, Tales of the Abyss, and Final Fantasy XII, all of which have recieved pretty much nothing but praise from reviewers in both Japan and the US.

  4. Thanks for the good time…

  5. lol… yes Sugar loves the ladies… Summon Nights: Swordcraft Story is a very fun yet short game. But to those who enjoy crafting weapons from materials like “Secret of Mana” or games like “Tales of Phantasia” then it’s pretty much up the same alley.

    Worthy of noting… this game received a E10+ rating… I seriously wonder if they got that far in the game to get Sugar to see the female-female love dialogues =P

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