new ああっ女神さまっ ps2 game

The Magic Box has screenshots of the new ああっ女神さまっ game for the PS2. It looks like an adventure game rather than the quiz show that was the Dreamcast game.

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  1. it looks…. terrible

    graphic totally suck (or i’m just spoiled by FFXI, a 4 year old game)
    have no expectation of game play value
    and since it’s original story, that’s done for already

    am i the only one that troubled by “An action / adventure game based on the classic anime of the same name”?

  2. has more detail and a story synopsis, but the official site ( has a lot more artwork.

  3. Looks a lot like with those old Harry Potter-games that had same thing. Finding items and defeating monsters. But that´s just my viewpoint.

    Take a look for yourselves!

  4. If they’re going to make an ああっ女神さまっ game, they really need to make it an H-game. Goddess foursome FTW!

    And it does kinda look like ass. They must be really early in the development, or somebody just doesn’t care. (looking at the spotty animation quality of the 2nd season, it could be either one)

  5. The game looks boring and bad… and blog Kanon.

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