pacchonbo mo inoi


I can’t stop listening to the ロコロコ theme. It’s crack-cocaine for the ears and probably just as healthy for my brain. Greg Irwin’s version sounds like a drunk Italian-Russian Santa Claus. Spectacular. Now I can’t stop thinking about smoked cheese.

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    (btw the game isnt bad either… but i dont have a psp)

  2. Listening to Greg’s version, I can imagine a small army of Churuyas dressed up in commie mode with a column of panzer general Churuyas leading the formation, with a red flag waving in the back round….*blinks* and Lolilaika as sniper…

    *mysteriously dies* Nyoro~n….

  3. Umm, what language is this song in? It definitely isn’t English, and it doesn’t sound like Japanese either.

  4. I’ve always believed the songs are french, but that’s just what I think and I’ve been wrong before and I’m sure I’ll be wrong again, I’m just enjoying the moments when I’m right.

  5. The lyrics are LocoRoco language something the developers created so that the music would be the same world wide no matter what nationality the singer was at least that’s the wiki theory.

    I can see Churuya doing Der Stechschritt on Haruhi’s birthday in front of a few panzers, led on by smoked cheese. Sieg nyoro~n!

  6. Ok..I have to say it…All your Smoked Cheeses are belong to us…

  7. ….

    When playing D&D, or any other tabletop RPG with a spell where Music incapacitates the target in whatever fashion appropriate–sleep, paralysis, insanity, stupefication, humiliating bouts of dancing, sudden disappearance of testes, transformation into a drunken marmoset, and so forth–the GM will be able to bring up this song and play it on WinAmp.

    Be proud of yourself, Jason. You’ve single-handedly killed Dungeons and Dragons.

    *Goes back to listen to the song again*

  8. This isn’t supposed to be consumed without the omake crack that comes with the CD, is it?

  9. Katamary Damacy soundtrack anyone?

  10. I don`t understand why such trivial post can generate this many comments aaarrgghhhh!!

  11. Love it to bits…..

  12. I read ‘rokoroko’ as ‘korokoro’ 4-5 times before I finally noticed my mistake. Nyoro~n.

  13. The music is a tremendous portion of my enjoyment of ロコロコ.

    Of course, I only play the demos, because I don’t enjoy them enough to purchase the full game, but it doesn’t stop the music from getting stuck in my head.

  14. I haven’t played that game, but from watching the trailer, it seems very similar to Gish; also a 2d platformer involving a blob.

  15. Oh god when I saw the flash I thought someone just made the song song especially for it or something cause it seemed to fit the flash so well, never thought it was an intro for an actual game.

  16. damn ロコロコ song!
    it’s burned on my head! After seeing the flash, I may give the game a try… just for those sticky songs.

  17. first “she see love” by yuria now this….oh god this is not my week for brain cells everywhere…all 20 of them….XD

  18. The lyrics are here.

    I wonder how much a brain fix would cost…

  19. LOL

  20. my brain cells commited suicide today cause a friend had this on repeat during my socials class….needless to say the teacher got pissed but couldnt figure out where it was comeing from….

  21. this is sad.. i’m singing along

  22. by the way, this is your 1000th article. (wow… nobody mentioned it lol).

    And the flash… …I kept thinking that Pizza Hut needs Smoked Cheese Stuffed Crusts on their menu.


    For those of us with enough RAM to watch a Youtube movie of it but not download the song…

    …yeah, this song is more addictive than crack, even WITHOUT Churuya-san. Adding her is just a devastating blow to the sanity. Then again, who needs a brains when you has Tsuru-nyan, nyo–

    –see? Devastating.

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