kanon soon illegal in great britain

Sorry, rest would be illegal in Great Britain

It’s not often that I see anything in Slashdot tagged as anime anymore, and for whatever reason, this story about the British trying to outlaw computer-generated child abuse images didn’t get tagged anime. Even though it featured links to bishoujo games and hentai.

“The Home Secretary, John Reid, said the Cabinet was discussing how to ban the images, including cartoons and graphic illustrations of abuse.”

(As some background info, England has already outlawed distribution of such images. Now the proposal is to outlaw the possession of such images, which I always find odd. It’s like how you can possesses a certain amount of pot in the US but can’t distribute it. Either ban outright or legalize outright.)

This topic seems to have stirred up a lot of different opinions on Slashdot. Somehow, I think AoMM’s audience will lean a different way. On one hand, it is noble of the legislators to try and protect children. After all, displaying a banner that says, “Hey, I’m a politician who protects children!” can only help re-election campaigns. On the other hand, it starts us down a slippery slope. Obviously, there’s a lot of sick stuff out there, but where does this slope end? Would this law also make something like South Park illegal because, well, Kenny gets the killed quite often, Cartman gets anal probed, and Chef is a pedophile. Where do we draw the line? Who gets to decide what exactly is appropriate or not?

Since this seems to cover cartoons, I’m guessing anime, hentai, and h-games are all within their sights. The problem is that, well, let’s say there’s a doujinshi of Shana. Even though she looks 14, functionally, in the story, she’s older than Monty Burns. Do we go by “Hey, she looks underaged…” or do we go by “Hey, she is underaged…” I think this occurs quite often in anime where female characters are drawn younger than they seem. Where would games like Utawarerumono sit because it has a brief scene of wardrobe malfunction? Or Kanon since none of the girls are over seventeen (except Ayu, whose really a Flame Haze… OH SHI-)? The problem is that the law is trying to impose moral guidelines on someone’s imagination. I always thought that the whole point certain types of pr0n is illegal is that real people do get abused and hurt in its manufacture. Laws that try to force morality onto others are a totally different story– abortion, stem cells, and their ilk have been huge battlegrounds because they are fundamentally morality battles– rather than laws that benefit the public good (i.e. laws promoting healthy and safety standards or laws that prevent someone like Ah-nauld from running for president). I think what is lost in the discussion is that it can apply to everything. “Sorry, Halo is banned because it’s too violent.” “Sorry, ロコロコ kills too many brain cells, so it’s outta here too.” “Sorry, AoMM can’t be read because, hey, there’s just too much good fanservice on that site.”

Besides the slippery slope, I am worried about the logic used in trying to pass this law. A lot of people play h-games and watch hentai, and I don’t exactly see a correlation between this and real child abuse. There may be one, but it’s speculative as in “we found this type of stuff when we raid real pedophiles”… well, I’m sure they might have found stuff like “food” and “Windows” and “chairs” and “DVD players” with these people as well. Should we make them illegal as well? It’s the equivalent of saying, “A lot of priests fondle altar boys. Let’s just ban the Church.” I’m not sure if random speculation is the right way to craft domestic policy. Now if there’s a scientific study done by Oxford saying that “By taking the Makoto path in Kanon, people were more apt to abuse children” that’s a different story. But everything that I have read concerning this new proposal seems to be more of political showboating than anything else.

Just to me, this witch hunt seems to be a political ploy to gain favor easily. Unlike taking a stance on a real issue like pollution controls or trade tariffs or England’s rising unemployment rate, it’s hard to argue against someone backing a bill that seemingly protects children. The question is, will it actually do so… and at what cost to freedom? So, people of Great Britain, you have my sympathies. Maybe one day V or Lulu will come and fight for your rights.


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  1. As long as our politicians (-_-) aren’t overtaken by the same ideas, then we’re still good.

    Just to be safe, where’s a geass when you need it?

  2. I think Canada already has this problem, does it not? There’s many things I like about my country, but not that one…

  3. I have much greater faith in the British ability to see through this farce. It is my firm belief that voter apathy is the root cause of most problems, moral panics being one of them. Wars of Morality make easy politcal foot ball because it appeals to a person’s opinion and is not grounded in quantifiable data, but emotion. Humans are still very emotuional creatures this is never going to change. There are voters who are so idiotic and gullible to believe that something that seems morally wrong to them becomes markedly more important. It’s like how gay marriage which affects roughly 5% of the population suddenly became more important than foreign policy and domestic policy during a conflict. I even heard on basket case claim the democrats wanted to make the whole country gay, yet this moral moron is more likely to vote than some people I know.

    Moral panics against anything will die out once it gains mainstream acceptance. Video games were once considered geeky and dangerous yet now gamers can laugh at “activists” like Jack Thompson who gets his cases thrown out of court and look like a fool before the Florida Bar. Eroge players and hentai fans need to try and gain some sort of mainstream acceptance, hiding your freak flags isn’t going to do that. Considering the power of the Religious factions in the US its going to take a while in the US. Then again nothing worth while ever came easily.

    Hopefully British deomcracy is in better shape than it is in the US at least they can heckle Blair during a public event. This thing is going to die or judicious amounts of civil disobedience will occur.

    Banning something as innocuous as this requires a police state to be remotely effective, but even then it does not work just ask the Soviets. Yet, some of us still try. I may frown upon eroge games and this hentai fad, but would gladly defend a person’s right waste their time fapping to cries of uguu.

  4. w00t crusader lives!

  5. I wish the UKers luck over there, too. I mean, hey. We in the US helped Democrats slaugher the House, SLICE the Senate, and drain the red out of the Governership. Afterwards, most of the perverts and sickoes were fleeing for their lives.

    Besides: There’s “child abuse.” And then there are kids who grow up to be either gangbangers or religiously fundamental terrorists. And it’s usually the parent(s)’ fault for not paying attention to them and giving them discipline. Now that’s “child abuse.”

  6. “Hirone Says:
    December 15th, 2006 at 12:56:34 AM
    As long as our politicians (-_-) aren’t overtaken by the same ideas, then we’re still good.”

    Our politicians have already gone down that road trying to do the same thing that the british are doing. The difference is the founder father were brilliant and created the judicial branch. The Supreme court was created to keep in check politicians by making sure that any law that they made didn’t take rights granted by the constitution. Unfortunately for the british, their judicial system doesn’t have such power. The supreme court has already found many of those laws to infringe in free speech.

  7. >I have much greater faith in the British ability to see through this farce.

    I wish I was as confident. Sadly, it seems the way to induce massive sense failure in the UK these days is to whisper the word ‘paedo’ – especially around our tabloid press. The reaction to the Brass Eye 2001 special was a case in point. I’m beginning to worry we’ll se a return to the late 80’s/early 90’s “Ban this sick Japanese filth!” campaigns

  8. This is also why they banned Rule of Rose in Britain as well.

  9. I wish us luck, and think we’re screwed. Honestly, this is just pointless posturing that also violates fundamental freedoms. Nice combination.

  10. Britain be damned! Requesting the rest of the first picture of Nayuki, Jason you tease! XD

  11. Canada? Since when does Canada have similar problems?? You can buy ligitimate copies of Ichigo Marshmellow in Future Shop!

  12. Wow, then we should protect our woman too, they are citizens too, why should they have any less rights than a child? Then let’s ban any kind of porn that features women. While we are at it, we should ban porn featuring men too, why should they have any less rights than a child or a woman?

    At this rate, there will only be animal porn to fap to. And that’s until PETA steps in.

  13. Oh, no.
    The stupidity is spreading from other parts of the world *cough* US *cough* towards Europe.
    While I’m close geographically, I’m still pretty sure I’m safe from this conservative stuff over here in The Netherlands. ;)

  14. Sorry but what’s the problem? If you’re sick in the brain, join the army. Then you can abuse, rape, murder as much as you want.

  15. hmmm… I live in Peru, and it’s very interesting to read your opinions about this topic from a “that-won’t-happen-here” point of view. thanks goodness my gob has more stuff to do instead of focusing on which eroge should be banned. …Or maybe isn’t that distant… :( Damn conservative politicians.

  16. Hahah more ammo for a frenchman to make fun of brits!!!

  17. Well Tony Blair sucks Bush’s cock, so I’m not surprised. It’s pretty much just the UK that’s catching the ‘stupid’.

  18. “Canada? Since when does Canada have similar problems?? You can buy ligitimate copies of Ichigo Marshmellow in Future Shop!”

    Does it fit the following definition, though?

    Child pornography: “a photographic, film, video or other visual representation, whether or not it was made by electronic or mechanical means (i) that shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of 18 years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity or (ii) the dominant characteristic of which is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of a sexual organ or the anal region of a person under the age of 18 years” — Criminal Code of Canada, Section 163.1 (1)

    For analysis:

    Doesn’t distinguish between real and animated stuff at all, and while I can only think of one conviction relating to the import of doujinshi, I’d be incredibly leery about trying to import something like Kanon into Canada. Now, anyone who’s actually had Canada Customs give them a pass on such an import, I’d like to hear from you.

  19. Comrades, comrades it’s not that stupidity is spreading, stupid people have always existeted. In Germany they voted for the Nazis and in the Soviet Union they chose Stalin over Trotsky, these great acts of stupidity occured long before the decline in the quality of the American Republic. The reason that European democracy is in better shape is because there had been enough sane people to counter the mob of fanatics. Even now Old Maggie’s legacy is debated in Great Britian, in America the way these Republicans talk you’d almost believe that Regan was about as infallible as God.

    The problem is not just from conservatives, but if comes from the left too. For some of the more radicals out there p0rn is exploitation and it must be stopped, the American left was also in on the whole blame video games schtick. If sane people do nothing the idealistic tarts like Mao can run roughshod throughout the land. The strength of a democracy is dependent on having enough sane people dictate decisions, this is not the Roman Empire where we simply wait for a good emperor to come along. Just as democracy is governemnt for the people by the people, it can easily become government by idiots for idiots.


    I take offense to that I serve in my county’s military and I do not rape, abuse, pillage, and murder on a whim. When all this hoopla occured I was convinced that war was inevitable because the electorate had become as emo as Shinn, but I joined anyways to minimize the calamity. The Draft is dead and because of this sane people are no longer forced to join and shape it if only idiots and fanatics join the Military don’t be suprised when it acts like a rowdy mob.

    There is no political loyatly test given any one can sign up as long as you are willing ot do you’re job. If no sane people enlist then there will be no Shinseki or any flag officer brave enough and pragmatic enough to give testimony the runs counter to what the politicians say. In every democracy soldiers are gagged we don’t get to criticise as much as we’d like we cannot participate in demonstrations willy nilly, and we have to respect the office of the commander in chief no matter who that happens to be. Desire does not enter into it if it did there would be a coup everytime the military did not like the commander in chief.

    Do not think that just because you are leagues away from the violence that you have no part in it and can deny responsiblity. In a democracy the people have for better or worse a degree of control over where and how its military is employed. I may have signed away my right to protest and vocally criticise without abandon, but you have not.

  20. Unfortunately Howard has the same taste in men that Blair does.
    Maybe I should pay more attention to our own politics, I honestly have no idea what little johnny’s been up to in the last year or so.

  21. Amazing how so many anti-american, anti-military types are homocentric isn’t it?

    Make no sense? Guess what, neither did your insults. This is an animé blog, but I’ve noticed Jason’s taking more and more political swipes lately and this crap is the result. The DU is for dummies, and FR is for blowhards; let’s stick to discussing whether we should fap to Mizuho or not. Of course, it’s Jason’s call in the end. If he wants to make this politics.miao.us, more power to him. But I suspect he’ll have fewer readers, not more.

  22. >>ubu

    If decying the declining state of the American Republic from voter apathy is anti-american then so be it.

    If signing up to join the Military to minimize the number of Abu Ghraibs and try at some level to prevent such idiots from running the military into the pits then so be it. War is the science of killing as efficiently as possible that will never change nor should it, war is and always has been a terrible thing. The miliraty is not perfect there is an equal amount of wisdom as there is foolishness. If this were not so, then why did soldiers coin terms such as SNAFU and FUBAR?

    I am not homocentric, I believe that people need to think and take action not be coddled. If the idiotry of stupid people and religious nuts affected only them, then all is well since the reaper will come for them sooner or later, sadly their foolish antics often cause harm to bystanders.

    I like DU. Depleted uranium is the best darn tank killing round and makes good composite armor since Tungsten is in short supply.

    I also like FR. Forgotten Realms is my favorite D&D setting.

    In short chill. :)

    Your choice to whether to fap to Mizuho onee-sama needs no discussion. You are free to do what ever you wish while watching Otome wa Boku in private so long as no one gets hurt. Mr. Miao’s decision to go into the politics of it is understandable since legislation will affect his access and all of Otakudon’s access to eroge and and hentai, an issue that is a concern for a significant part of fandom. As idiot and pointless as it maybe it does affect the market. I despise politics yet to deny its power would be at my own peril. Society needs government, government leads to politics it is the cost of the same civilization that brought you Mizuho in the first place.

    AOMM only goes into politics when something near and dear affects Mr. Miao himself in some fashion, he has not to my knowledge embraced any polical party nor seriously called attention to this War on Terror or Struggle against Islamofacism. AOMM was bult on his love for meido and has later been augmented by emo-facial contortions, Itsuki, loli-con, melon-pan, love/hate for sunrise etc. this will not change though the lack of fanservice has probably affected him to some degree. There won’t be a Mizuho post until the next ep which to my dismay has not been subbed yet.

  23. As other people said, US are embedded in this “new moral era” stuff (after all 44% of the US think Jesus will come back in the next 50 years, dixit a Gallup poll) and now it’s spreading to Europe. In Germany, an even stricter law about violence in video games is about to be voted. There also was some talk about it in France when some totally unknown congressman jumped into the bandwagon against Rule of Rose, affirming that it was all about raping and torturing little girls, wich is completly false; but let s not reality impede the rightly endorsed surrogates of the people in their eternal quest for cheap publicity.

  24. nayuki @_@

  25. Crusader, you managed to completely misconstrue everything I said. Let me quit trying to be erudite and diplomatic, and stick to plain, blunt talk.

    Only in cases like this stupid law should politics and anime mix. Even then, the snipes at the political parties or politicians of any specific nation shouldn’t become the dominant theme or commentary. I hate people with BDS. I hate people with CDS. (That’s Clinton, in case anyone’s wondering). They’re boring, tedious, and mono-maniacally out to either convert everyone to their way of thinking or drown out anyone thinking differently.

    I practice what I preach. I voted straight ticket Libertarian this election, because I am disgusted by both major political parties and their attitudes/supporters. I blog, about both politics and anime. And eventually, I separated each into their own blogs, because folks enjoying reading about anime don’t want their enjoyment cramped by political rants, and people who are primarily there for the politics aren’t interested in anime. (And are likely to misunderstand it, thus lending their support to the idiots who proposed the UK law.)

    In the 1980’s I was considered a liberal or radical because I opposed the home-grown imamms of Baptistville, USA. In the 00’s I am considered a conservative because I don’t trust one of the political parties to defend this country. (Not impressed with the other one either, atm) I don’t recall changing my beliefs.

    What has me riled? I feel that Jason’s snipes have been encouraging this sort of posting by his commentators. Obviously, my presence alone should be enough to show that agreement with mixing politics in here is not universal. It’s his blog, his rules, and he has the final say–I recognize that. But now is the time to raise the issue, BEFORE the comments just become either one big echo chamber of anti-this or that, or we’re spending as much time flaming each other for politics opinions as for thinking Pretty Girl Revolution is the greatest anime ever made. It would be a shame to see that happen to a great anime blog that I’ve enjoyed reading.

    Feel free to disagree. I will be somewhat amused when the individual who stood up and spoke out gets slammed by the community. You have to conform to be an indiviualist, you know…

  26. Sorry if I came off a bit too antagonistic I was hoping the Forgotten Realms remark would have incited a bit of a laugh it was supposed to be a punchline if Situation Normal, All Fouled Up, and Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition went past, guess that was a dismal failure.

    I like my wargaming compatriots in the EU and France since they can bring unique insight and veiw on the research that has come out for the war gaming community. Besides I need them to translate Guderian and de Gaulle’s books on armored doctirine.

    I think I have a legitimate cause for my standing since I was aghast at General Shinseki’s snubbing upon retirement and subsequent events.

    I don’t want to slam you for standing up against the political overtones of Mr. Miao’s posts, but comments like the EU is for dummies and France is for blowhards hardly help matters. As bad as political discourse has gotten it is much preferable than no complaints at all. As a fellow denizen of Mr. Miao’s state of residence I can understand his comments about our governor and his reaction to moral panics. Jason’s mixing of politics and anime are inevitable since politics have been mixed into Otome wa Boku and Code Geass over looking the shoody politics of both is a crime since both are so utterly ridiuclous that one can’t help but take notice and laugh.

    I believe that politics will seep into anything and everything. A compete divorce from it is nigh impossible IMO. Your veiws are as good as anyone else’s, but your inclusion of France and rather condascending remark regarding insults were not excatly flame retardant. Consequently neither is that martyr’s attitude so let me preempt somebody before this gets worse. Not only do I not have a crown of thorns, a wooden cross, and some nails, but someone probably does agree with you. He who thinks that he is losing is sure of defeat.

  27. You know Jason, thanks.

    Really, thanks. Thanks for taking out your personal time to find stuff like this and publish it in a place where people with your common interest can easily find it.

  28. Wow Ubu, your first post was “erudite and diplomatic”? I guess nothing say “diplomatic” like insulting around 80 millions people. I’m french, and even thought I’m not exactly a Bush admirer (he never ceases to amaze me tho – http://www.slate.com/id/76886/) or an Irak war supporter, it would never comes to me to say “All US citizens are religious imperialists dimwits” because I know full well than in every country you’ll find any possible opinion and not just the extremes ones the media like so much to focus on; and that, no matter what you think, you re always someone’s dumbass. So attacking a whole nation because you disagree with its governement always strike me as incredibly narrow-minded.

  29. France? You had me going there, until I re-read my first comment and realized what happened. FR = Free Republic, not France. I was trying to think of a site full of idiocy & moonbattery on the other side of the political spectrum, and that was as close as I could come. Hung out there a while, and finally gave up on the place. I’ve seen more intelligent commentary here. Yours, for instance.

    Of course, I could have simply said at the start “All this political commentary is spoiling my enjoyment of discussing animé.” But, hey, why use eleven words when three hundred would do? (Maybe that’s why I blog….)

  30. you know this is a funny topic cause the reason we watch most of this stuff is that it is fake…and if any of you have ever been to a hentai sight there is usually a warning saying if you want to do “this” go seek medical attention.

    btw are you still considered a pedophile when the lil girl is a year younger than you? see what i mean….i know that lil err…people shouldnt have sex and all but its cause they made it illegal that so many people actually got the idea to do it.

    also they need to keep the hentai and anime and w/e cause without it there will be alot more pedo out there without any regular does of loli to placide them so all underage girls worldwide will be at risk…not to mention the internet backlash….

  31. I’m not so sure they are talking about anime/manga at all. Consider computer games. There were even forbidden ones in the 80s when pixel graphics were about as realistic as a mosaic. Most of these are not illegal anymore because by todays standards everybody would laugh you to death if you tried to declare such games as “dangerous”. Nowadays game graphics are well not really realistic but you just can’t compare them and young children really shouldn’t be exposed to certain games. Albeit it’s quite ridiculous that games like “Half-Life” which is not blood-thirsty or brutal and has rather ancient graphics, is mentioned quite a lot and declared a “killer game”. I have little problems with banning certain games for kids but nowadays they actually want to ban them completely even for adults. Just to add insult to the injury it was even discussed to sent creators, sellers and owners(!) of such yet-to-be-defined games to jail for up to two years. I believe even Bush wouldn’t dare to dream of such possibilities. Oh well, you can take everything from an American but not his right to fight.

    Anyway, similar can be said about pictures. Actually it’s worse. Everybody can easily “photoshop” child-abuse pictures by combining harmless/legal pictures. 3D rendered pictures are far from realistic for now if you don’t order from ILM but combined with photos or using such as textures the results might come sufficiently close. Thus, not so far in the future, it’ll be difficult to tell reality and fiction on such pictures apart. How liberal are you really? Child-abuse happens almost always happens in the family, strangers or neighbours are much less of a problem. So what if some sick daddy decides to photoshop his kids into some legal hardcore pictures. Just for himself. I mean if you think this is sick or unimaginable, keep in mind the real thing happens all the time.

    Of course there’s a difference between computer games and child pornography. Everybody, even your grandparents, have seen computer games by now. So after a while people became insensitive to unrealistic graphics. At least very few of them would still feel offended by games like Doom. I don’t think many people have seen child pornography or even that kind of hentai manga, so even something slightly extreme can easily cause an outrage.

    I do think that Japan has problem with fictive child pornography though. I mean just look at the average doujinshi. And you find this stuff in the same place where you can download plain non-offensive anime. I have really seen a lot of extremely weird stuff on the web but it wasn’t until I became interested in subbed anime before I came across drawn (manga-style) child abuse. So there’s definitely a different sense of normality on this topic in Japan (possibly Asia in general) compared to the Western world. Of course such pictures are not the cause of any real abuse. However would you show such pictures to anyone in real-life. I’m just talking about any hentai version of an anime/manga involving school kids. I’m pretty sure if you accidently showed it to the wrong person, it’ll cost you a few litres of blood. The web is some kind of extended mind where you can almost freely imagine and talk about things just as you can do alone in your thoughts. Just as with usual thoughts, outsiders can’t read them and you can’t those of others. So don’t confuse this with real-life. People in the real world will not as likely share your thoughts, your ideas, your ideals or see things the way you see. If people spend too much time online and desensitize themselves with extreme content of whatever kind, they are likely to have trouble with reality.

    People often think of the internet as phenomenon that brings back the freedom and power to the people. It may very well just restructure society or maybe cause anarchy, a world with closed circles who don’t care for or respect anyone else’s opinion. Societies are always based on compromises and consensus but strictly speaking nationality and geography put a limit on that, so minorities had little chances to build a community. Nowadays it’s easy to find like-minded people just by searching the web. Even you’re after something extreme, the risks are low due to the general anonymity and there’s always some country in the world where any given thing is legal – except killing maybe but money can fix that too.

    And by the way, even now many countries don’t differ between fictive abuse and real abuse with respect to pictures. So it’s not as if the UK is doing anything spectacular. That said I have never heard of anyone getting sued for comic-pictures or the like. Sued for a drawn swastiska, yes, but pr0n? Not that I knew of. Of course it’s a problem in any case in so far that the more becomes illegal, the easier is it to get rid of people in your way.

  32. Actually this does sound a bit like the background to V for Vendetta. What if politicians begin proposing even more restrictions upon the people, claiming that these policies will protect them? Oh noes, then we will have curfews, military-class guards, and a tyrant. Then we will need some Zero to come and blow up some hotels. Well, good luck with that, Britannia… er… England.

  33. See, taking AP Language Arts does have its uses. The reasoning they’re using is completely post hoc and false analogy.

    “If we destroy pictures of fake children, then we protect real children.”

    “If we destroy pictures of fake children, then it will limit pedophiles and child molesters of real children.”

    As, Jason already pointed out: “Since we found this in a child molesters house, then it must be the reason that fueled their pedophilia.” The problem is that they already had to be pedophiles in order to look for and keep stuff like that.

  34. Wow, an awful lot of partisan sniping here. This should be something we can come together on regardless of our positions on other issues. Obviously we are reading this and commenting here because we are anime fans. As Seyluun and Crusader pointed out that stupidity attacks on all fronts, and like Jason said, it’s most likely a political ploy. We should be discussing what’s wrong with this law and what we can do about.

    On a less serious note…..
    What impact will this new law of the Holy Britannia Empire have on our weekly dose of Karen, C.C., and Shirley fanservice?

  35. Karen? The vampire show? Or do you mean Kamichama Karen?

  36. I think he means Karen from Code Geass, since the other two names are Code Geass characters ;)
    Karin is the vampire.
    But technically, Karen from Code Geass is Kallen. @_@

  37. Heh. So Crusader’s not the only one to think I meant FRance and not Free Republic.

    Now why would anyone assume that I would insult an entire country when I’m talking about websites… unless they were letting their preconceptions color their reading of my words. “We bashed a viewpoint we label conservative, and he criticized us, so he must be one of THOSE people, and we know how THEY hate France!” I couldn’t have planned a better example/trap if I had done it intentionally.

    Well, anyway, I’ve had my say & said what I think. If everyone else disagrees, so be it. If the political commentary here becomes too tedious, I’ll simply lose interest and find a site that doesn’t mix oil, water, and flames. /shrug.

  38. Sorry about that the use of FR led me to France or Free Republic, but since we have comrades here that are not denizens of the US I assumed France because that was more widely known than Free Republic internationally (at least I dearly hope so). This reminds me of the time I got into a dispute over RPGs in high school. I was supposed to give a presentation on RPGs, but the teacher was a former E-7 in the Green Berets. I meant role playing games, and he thought I was going to give a presentation on rocket propelled grenades (I guess they did not have D&D in Germany) and how fun they are. It took about five minutes to sort things out since we both used acronyms.

    Again terribly sorry.

  39. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    At least keep the drama on-topic. That’s it. No Nayuki fanservice.

  40. Not even Nekomimi Meido Nayuki fanservice? ^^;

    “Neko! Neko! Neko! Neko!~”


  41. >>This reminds me of the time I got into a dispute over RPGs in high school. I was supposed to give a presentation on RPGs, but the teacher was a former E-7 in the Green Berets. I meant role playing games, and he thought I was going to give a presentation on rocket propelled grenades (I guess they did not have D&D in Germany) and how fun they are. It took about five minutes to sort things out since we both used acronyms.

    This story is made of comedy and win. I completely approve. I’ll have to mention it to some of my geeky RPG/army buddies….

  42. >>”Sorry, AoMM can’t be read because, hey, there’s just too much good fanservice on that site.”

    Shameless self promo. Too much fanservice kills popularity you know? (I still don`t understand why/how that happens)

    Evil politicians are making people like me who enjoy Ichigo Mashimaro and Hayate no Gotoku (influenced by Kurogane`s nostalgia) look like bad people. I mean, I read/watched them because they`re good comedies. They might be a bit lolitastic, but really I see them no more as pure comics. It`s the same reason why I read Minami-ke, or AoMM. Now what`s so loli about that?

  43. eh, my bad. I keep forgetting this internet thingy is the WORLD wide web… Typical American self-centered I guess. (C’mon I live in a STATE that is as big as France!)

  44. I know I asked this before, but does anyone here actually know how the Canadian laws I mentioned earlier effect things like Kanon? To me it looks like it would be effected, but I would have thought someone would be charged for H game importing if that was the case by now… the law’s been around a while.

  45. totaly iddotic if its past, so much people worryed about protecting childern is a crock, look at the hungry, the starving and the child labor that is going around the world, pledge to DO something about that insteed of trying to make ART into something illegal.
    plus then this turns into a war debate, seems like every bloody talk I’ve read lately turns into a war debate somehow. I say let people look and/own /draw/ whatever the bleep they want. as long as no one else is effected big deal.

  46. In Japan, the amounts of criminals arrested for Child Abuse are decreasing for recent decades, while hentai games develop. Crazy-hentaigame-players often like to like fantasy women, not real 3D women. So hentai games are not to be blamed. The problem is that these facts can’t persuade anti-hentaigamers.

  47. I’m American but now I live in Japan. And thank god I do^^;
    I hear rumor that American and Europian politicians are
    pressuring the Japanese government to ban hentai and lolicon stuff,
    to stop it from comming into there countries.

  48. statistic about rape of under 13 children in Japan

    1963: 458 victims → 2004: 53 victims

    at least in Japan, it isn’t true that hentai and lolicon stuff increases the number of child abuse.

  49. kuma, the statistic is provided by whom? It’s based on what? Police data? Surveys? In how far have the laws and society changed in those 4 decades? It looks as if there was a huge rise the 60s. Is that just because the study started then or what’s the cause of that? What’s causing the severe decrease in the 70s? Could it be that “rape” was just redefined? After all child abuse does not necessarily involve rape or violence at all. Sexual intercourse is illegal almost everywhere no matter whether the child agreed or not. Rape is something completely different. Just like stealing and robbery isn’t the same. You might just be looking at the wrong statistic.

  50. the statistic is provided there.

    it’s based on police deta.

    I don’t know another details.

  51. I found another site about this topic.
    This site is lawyer’s.

  52. kuma, you mean it’s a trap?

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