murder princess 3

Bleach. Tons of bleach and maybe some Milano magic. How else can you explain how Alita’s dress always ends up being sparkly white after another bloodletting battle?


The weakest link, by far, for Murder Princess has to be the villains. Akamashi and his merry band of killer loli robot rejects from Coyote Ragtime Show are quickly becoming the Team Rocket of Murder Princess. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for the fights that occur beyond, “We need to get murderin’ Alita some screen time.”

And then there were the random orcs and the seemingly endless army of monsters guarding the lab in the first place. Where did they come from? Why weren’t they involved in the previous schemes, as there’s so many of them? I’m brimming with questions. While I do like how the anime deviates from the manga in terms of its usage of yuri overtones, I do not like how all of the battles are just nonsensical now.


The whole subplot of breaking Milano’s gift, having Alita go off and pwn some random orcs, just to separate the two girls was just weak sauce. If I were director, I would have gone a different route: have Milano wash Alita, have her blush when she discovers the unexpected joy of the activity, and then have to go to church to repent for her sins. Isn’t this scenario much better than some quasi-lover’s quarrel involving a doll?

I think by episode 2, Milano is definitely of the “Wow, my old body looks great…” mindset. You can still see that here when she’s admiring herself, though we’d have to admonish her for recommending Alita to sleep clothed.


But by the time Alita “saves” her and makes her, “I protect everything in this country, including it’s meido!” (a line you can definitely expect out of any AoMM dating sim), we were a bottle of wine away from re-enacting Anthy and Utena at the end of that movie. Milano has finally worn her down. That is, until, her brother finally shows up and spoils everything… Alita knew she were in trouble and wasn’t getting any selfcest when she heard Milano say, “Onii-sama…” like Karen after eight hours of not seeing Wataru. After hearing Milano’s earlier rant about onii-sama, Alita was definitely looking at Milano’s, “Wait, this body doesn’t share the same DNA as my brother’s so it’s not a crime against nature… WOO-HOO!” face.


Oh well, at least with her brother back, we at least get a non-joke bad guy. It should be pretty obvious by now that her brother is actually Reito from Mai Otome, and that he’s searching for whatever is behind the door Jodo was mumbling about.


I do enjoy Murder Princess, and I am disappointed that I have wait another two months or so for the next episode.

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  1. I still want to see some action between Alita and Milano :)
    It´s been close now for two episodes.

    Nice action, nice characters and all. Villains, I still want to see if her “brother” is a villain or not.
    And when he arrived, Alita´s facial impression is what made the ep even greater :)

  2. There is a disturbing lack of Yuri in this episode …

  3. I was very disappointed with this episode — the pacing & plot points seemed all off, it was like they’d hired a guest director or something…

    But, I’m enticed by the crazy relationships that could build out of a body-swap experience, so I’m gonna keep watching to see what, if anything, happens…

  4. Don’t worry Jason, they release one OAV per month, so when Optimus Prime and Co. arrive on July 4th (damn it, I want to see that movie).

    Damn Bee Train, you have to keep your tradition and give us some yuri moments between those two. Maybe if her brother is a bastard, Milano and Alita can lvie together ^_^

    At least there’s more hints here of shoujo-ai than StrikerS

  5. It’s amazing.I want to watch it in China.

  6. The one thing that gets me on my nerve is that everytime you see someone with dark eyes you sort of expect a light to glow in the eyes.. always…

  7. haha the anime is kind of good but the man is truly better !
    but i still enjoy the both :D

  8. sry i wanted to say manga*

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