sorega aideshou, aya hirano version

Well, it’s not exactly what I want, but we’re one step closer. Full version of Aya Hirano singing Sorega Aideshou. I give this twenty-four out of ten. It’s fantastic, fabulous, and fanboygasmic… especially the part when she reverts back to the Konata voice and sings alongside Aya’s more normal singing voice. It’s also kinda funny how Konata views finishing this song as some sort of major achievement. We really need a four CD-collection for “Songs Aya Hirano Should Have Sang.” I also have a dance remix of Mottoke… but quality and length issues for that one.

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  1. nope, just doesn’t work for me. Hirano Aya has God Knows, and that was perfect. Shimokawa Mikuni did a great job on the original as far as i’m concerned. she’s synonymous with FMP! now when it comes to the OPs and EDs.

  2. Was miyuki singing part of this song as well? I might just be really bad at picking out voices.

  3. Thank you, my God … I’ve waited so much for this !! T___T
    One of my favorite songs, my favorite seiyuu, Lucky Star, what else ?

  4. One-woman Haruhi/Konata duet is epic.

  5. Listened to the song, but I’m afraid I think the original sounds a whole lot better. Wonder if Hirano Aya made it sound like her voice couldn’t keep up on purpose or actually did have trouble with some notes. Sounded like she wasn’t warmed up yet.
    Either way, switching back and forth between singing and Konata voice must have been exhausting.

  6. i’m seeding the ogg version of the album on jpopsuki:;id=35522

    the mp3 version is also on the tracker somewhere

    unscrupulous: the song/album is supposed to be FUNNY, chill out

  7. In terms of awesomeness though, Taniguchi wins hands down…

    I have a feeling i’m going to be stoned to death for this…

  8. That Taniguchi vid is godness.

  9. For people who haven’t figured it out yet, yes, it’s not supposed to be a serious song… I mean, come on, Konata makes random comments during the song like, “This is tough.” Only adds to the awesomeness. Anyway, I ripped this one from a CD image. There’s an mp3 version of the whole album floating around, but the quality isn’t as good, hence I decided to rip it myself.

  10. Taniguchi ftw~~

    i was like O.O when he started to wawawawawaremono

  11. I listened to both versions back to back… and the original sounded better, hands down.
    The Aya version though had its good points… I’d listen to it again and again and again… and the Kotona part made it hard to keep from snickering uncontrolably.

  12. No, Cha-La Head-Cha-La was easily the best song on the album.

    Sweet God, Aya Hirano is made of sex and god.

  13. i really wish people would stop treating me like a raving internet lunatic and tell me to calm down or chill out. i really don’t think i come off like that. i also realize that being a Lucky Star related thing, it’s not serious, but i did download the song for the song, not the association to Lucky Star. i stated my preference, that’s all.

  14. unscrup: listening to that song for the musical value is like watching hentai for the animation quality. that’s not the point, and it’s definitely not what the producers intended it for. so yes, you are a raving internet lunatic for ignoring this fundamental fact. so calm down, chill out.

  15. Shake it baby! I was much fun

  16. 24 out of 10??? I’ll give it 10 out of 24 instead. too over-rated

  17. seiyuu/char duets album. needs to be done.

    am i the only one that thinks aya slips into all-woman-aya when she sings sometimes? maybe this one was a trio

  18. um… did aya get 100 freckles on her face all of a sudden?

  19. At this point it doesn’t even matter any more, anything Aya Hirano does will be regarded as incredible and untouchable by all the fanboys. She needn’t have even bothered with doing a cover of a song from the most popular show of the Spring Season as it doesn’t help or hurt somebody who is regardedas perfect anyway.

    I never really cared for the original anyway despite it being part of Tengen Toppa, as Idol-Pop music has no place in a hot blooded Super Robot series anyway, so Aya Hirano isn’t going to make a difference. Give me Underground (the ending theme) any day of the week.

  20. I, also, prefer the original, and was quite puzzled until the last minute and a half when “Konata” chipped in. That was quite hilarious. And certainly strange to listen to with her switching between voices.

    Still, I think three and a half minutes is a bit much of a setup for the 1.5 minute punchline. Maybe I’ll cut out some parts….

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