motteke! meido fuku… ?

Shout out and thank you to Sixten for creating the new banner. It looks great and covers five of my favorite moe modes (meido, symmetrical docking, twins, clumsiness, and Tsukasa) that are all, sadly and/or proudly, emblematic of this blog.

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  1. Awesome, looks great!

  2. Hmm, they may need to get a lot closer for symmetrical docking to take place.

  3. Shouldn’t it be ‘motteke’?

  4. Symmetrical docking does not work with flat surfaces.

  5. Kagamin

  6. Really nice header. Wish I could make headers like that…

  7. Nice job, desu!

    I root for all kind of meidos. Especially for combat meidos with machine gun and ahoge.

  8. What does that window say? Mieb-?

  9. Ah, Meidocafe, nice.

  10. Nice, very nice Jason ^^

  11. It’s a nice banner… but I’m still from the Miko faction. Adding nekomimis would have been a lot nicer too IMO. :P

  12. Jason, uh… Hi…

    I’m Nick, you might vaguely remember me as Duo Maxwell of the SBA forums. And it’s because of the forums I’m here.

    What the freaking heck happened?! The forums’ve been smashed, or it looks like it has… All I’m getting up is a stupid page announcing that some begger of a guy has hacked it! If you’re there, *help*! I can’t stand the thought of the old place being shot down by some little creep… those forums hold too much sentimental value…

    At any rate, mail me something even if you can’t do anything. I still hang around the old ‘Diner, even if a lot of people don’t.

  13. That’s hawt. Kagami looks extra hot when clumsy and Tsukasa is as cute as ever.

    ooo, I really like Sixten’s drawing of Shana and Yuji.

  14. Playing by the rules of the season with that banner. A Lucky Star banner is an absolute neccessity if you want to fit in. The rules change promptly however once Clannad starts. Everybody get their avatars ready, and make sure they are all fairly similar to each others.

    Only one minor nitpick, the Login button is only half visible from where I see it. If it could somehow be moved out of the white…..

  15. Oh and before I forget it, thank’s for the free publicity for my website jason. Omega cool.

    Here, you can have a tsundere.

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