to the end of time… byuuuuun~!

I plowed through the 031807 Haruhi Live Event DVD as I tried to balance my checkbook for the month. Big mistake.


As soon as Yuko Goto trotted out in a meido (!!!) outfit singing Koi no Mikuru Densetsu, I knew I was cooked. Even though I have heard this concert before, it’s a bit different actually seeing a HQ video version of it. I spent the next two hours watching the strangely hypnotic video when I should have been trying to figure out if I need to transfer money to my checking account. I hope they bring over this concert (or at least parts of it) as a DVD bonus, and I hope to Oharuhi-sama that my checks don’t bounce this month.

A few thoughts:


Remember how I predicted a 99% male audience? Can I revise that? Thanks. I think it’s closer to 99.7%. Also, I’m guessing that for at least 50% of the audience, this was the only time that they had left their homes in the past week. This makes the Lucky Star girls’ appearance at a concert seem even more sci-fi-ish.


Yuko Goto has the same move set as most typical seiyuu: the awkward bounce, the awkward sway, and the awkward wave your arm around. Basically, it was like watching any Horie Yui video.


Aya Hirano looks really frisky (in a good way), and she moves pretty well.


Yes, I enjoyed her black leather outfit.


Minori Chihara had some really weird, uh, moves. Was she trying to channel Yuki? Because Yuki would never, ever sing. Period. I can’t imagine it. Just shoot me. No way Yuki would sing. None. I won’t accept it.


Moments like these… you just can’t get through a simple mp3. Probably do not want, but, definitely, can’t get with a simple mp3.


Yes, it’s official. Hare Hare Yukai is now official the Hustle of Japanese fanboys.

12 Responses to “to the end of time… byuuuuun~!”

  1. no panty flash pics? aya’s frilly and oh so flippable skirt was no accident!

    the red t-shirt she wears reads “Did you cum twice too? Feel so dirty!!! I need a tongue bath!”

    Oh Aya

  2. Ah the frilly skirt incident. She sure loves to shake those hips. Hard.

  3. I would drink Aya’s bath water. I would.

    …goddammit, I tried not to be creepy.

  4. Was there a Taniguchi panty flash? I mean, he’s got the skirt…

  5. i wonder who picked aya-sama’s T

    “Did you cum twice too? Feel so dirty!!! I need a tongue bath”

  6. wow yours camed in already? i’m still watiing for my dvd :(

  7. What surprised me the most is the fact that there are quite a lot of women in the audience (more than I expected).

    Didn’t noticed the panty flash the first time through (I failed so much). Watch it again and wow! Nice. Real nice. Thanks guys :)

    PS. So why did Aya cry at the end? (Is it because she just realize about the ‘panty’ incident? :P )

  8. i guess she’s too happy, i think is a full house for that concert.

  9. [quote post=”1132″]PS. So why did Aya cry at the end?[/quote]
    Even though she was the youngest performer of this live event, obviously
    the success of this stage depends on her. It must be a big stress for her. But she dit it very well. So she cried. It must be tears of joy.

  10. yuki does sing, albeit without any soul.

  11. This concert is too hot. Aya’s got some damn nice curves.

  12. The poll really should be Hirano Aya vs. Chihara Minori… in which case I would spam Chihara Minori. ;)

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