sayonara zetsubou sensei 5

Oyaho Despair!

(Not the same. The awesomeness of Akira and Taniguchi cannot be cheaply parodied with crappy fanservice. They should have paired Kae(d|r)e with Meru and re-enacted Lucky Channel 18 where Taniguchi is desperately trying to text message.)


What is going on with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? The despair/hope angle isn’t really being played to the proper comedic angles, and Kafuka gets like no screentime in an episode where, finally, they stop introducing new girls. She also doesn’t pay him licensing fees for “Pink Supervisor,” which is not uttered once during this episode. It almost feels like this episode is the transition between aborted edgy anime comedy and typical Shaft/Kumeta gimmick anime. I am in despair that the next three episodes of Lucky Star will make me chuckle harder than the next three episodes of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

(I’m also in despair that I overexerted myself the past few days performing meaningless tasks, and such will impact my blogging. And when I say “meaningless tasks,” I mean “play Madden 08”.)

Dark Clouds of Despair


I’m just being overdramatic. I actually enjoyed this episode. Loved Chiri’s “live within your status” rampage, which was brought on originally by Pink Supervisor’s rant.


The rant itself was enjoyable with Pink Supervisor ranting off against people living beyond their means… which is very topical today since it’s the basis of the current stock market downfall as millions of people who can’t afford loans are coming into default and foreclosure. One can argue who is to blame… the greedy realtors pushing home buyers to buy more home than they can afford… the banks who didn’t do due diligence in granting loans… the home buyers who were buying homes outside of their income bracket… in the end, you know who loses? The average taxpayer because those three groups will get the government to bail them out (and is happening already). I’m in despair over how my taxes are going to bail out banks rather than fix highway bridges.


“50 yen, we’re gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can get. So if you could go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down there, that would be terrific, mmmmmk?”


“The number crunching society has left me in despair!”

I guess Pink Supervisor isn’t a sabermerics fan. Anywho, I get asked for advice by people pretty often about blogging, and I find this usually funny. I usually tell people: “Don’t worry about hits or visitors, just worry about writing solid content and having fun.” A month later? These people worrying about hits and visitors and resorting to gimmick posts rather than writing solid content. Six months later? They usually stop blogging. I’m in despair over how many people think it’s cool to have an anime blog. (Hint: it’s not.)


Studio Ghibli eyecatch steal! Only I really like the original Ghibli one… is there any mascot more awesome than Totoro? I say no.


Livin’ the high life. Though I was shocked that a “finest women” one week rental only cost 250,000 yen and “reindeer” only 6,800. Did he go to Costco, and is that deal still available?

(I also don’t get the cheap out bit… Pink Supervisor isn’t cheap, he’s negative! Let’s not change the gimmick mid-stream, shall we? It’s like if suddenly Nanoha turned from high-paced magical girl to slow-paced Law and Order: Midchilda. Oh wait…)




I take this to be some anti-America commentary. Seriously. Coke? Corn dogs? Fries? A twelve-by-twelve In-and-Out special? KFC? What is Shaft/Kumeta implying here? I am in despair that the world hates us because we have a sub-par president and we have David Beckham.

(This gorging scene was fantastic too. Reminded me of the gorging scenes from Sen to Chihiro where her parents literally turned into pigs. Everytime I flick past C-SPAN, I always expect to see a similar scene but never really do.)


Ever wondered how much toxins are in our bodies? Quackwatch (the Fox News of health sites) says not much. The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology actually seems to agree that in this case of autotoxification “that ignorance is celebrating a triumph over science.” In either case, like how Shaft/Kumeta cheaps out on the Kae(d|r)e fanservice, AoMM is tossing up links to medical journals instead of links to hawt meido x meido action. I’m in despair!

Silver Lining


Chie-sensei and Mutio?!? Very compelling. If Shaft/Kumeta makes Chie-sensei secretly bag a different girl from now until the end of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it would be the greatest plot development ever, surpassing Shizuru and Natsuki, Heero piloting Epyon, Yuki talking, and Doraemon getting addicted to crystal meth.

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  1. I wonder if my status allows me to own Madden ’08
    Great game btw.
    Awesome first half, decent second half, but why does a.f.k. leave me in despair over my lack of Lucky Star?

  2. What the f***ing hell is going on with the last scene?
    Akuma in my SZS??

  3. Good or bad thing that that last paragraph made me laugh way harder than the entire last episode of SZS?

  4. no no, the one week lease is for the suite, not for the woman.

  5. the subbing speed leaves everyone in despair.

  6. [quote post=”1142″]If Shaft/Kumeta makes Chie-sensei secretly bag a different girl from now until the end of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it would be the greatest plot development ever[/quote]

    That is one great idea… oh god, yes!

  7. a.f.k.’s one-man subbing speed will leave CLANNAD fans in despair in the future…..

    But overall, I really enjoyed this episode, fanservice aside. They finally stopped introducing girls (I wonder how the next 7 episodes will play out… SZS does have more than 7 manga volumes I believe) and started divulging into the despairs of society. But yeah, there was a strange lack of Positive-tan in this episode.

  8. Episode 7 shall introduce (well, not really, but get further into) the normal girl and the Yaoi lover.

  9. Its currently at 90 chapters (or 91) so there is a lot of stuff they can use … heck even if they shove 3 chapters per episode.

  10. If a.f.k. doesn’t speed up subbing, I’ll sue. Definitely.

  11. the OP is out and thank god…. however I am surprised you didn’t post a pick of Chiri’s axe, but then it would have lead into a Higurashi comparison and you might of gotten trapped into commentating on the current season so…. All in all l though this was one of the better episodes.

    Irked me they kept dropping girls in the Onsen. There was technically 9, but the most you ever saw was 8 and didn’t see Kaufuka detoxed….. sad times….

  12. In a slight detour of the topic…. perhaps the ultimate Meido has appeared….

    SnT –

    Nekkomimi Mermaid Meido …. Just Sounds epic in itself……

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