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The spiritual successor to Lucky Star, only it’s funny by its own hands.

(Like I’m going to pass up posting about an episode featuring hawt sister on sister action.)


Minami-ke is yet another lightweight slice-of-life comedy series that’s light on the art, light on the plot, and light on development, but only it’s not light on the humor. Maybe Azumanga without the development through the years or Lucky Star without the moe aspect or Ichigo Mashimaro without the Chris Hansen aspect. I’ve been a reader of the manga, and this first anime adaptation by Doumu doesn’t disappoint (apparently, there’s another adaptation coming next year by a different studio). It stays pretty true to the manga in that the series and humor are driven by the characters. There’s not a lot of sight gags or physical gags but rather, “Hey, it’s Miki! I bet she doesn’t deliver this order of ramen properly” expectational humor. There are a few changes, they seem more to add a bit more meat the original material (like lengthening out the kiss storyline).

I do have a few minor issues with this series. The original manga does feature a more shoujo-styled look that is pretty much gone from this anime version. The characters look fairly generic, and they developed upside-down mouths to compensate for the changed styling. I’m not sure if this is a good thing. Shoujo-ish slice-of-life isn’t a bad thing. There’s also a general lack of moe modes with this title. We get comedy or moe, but why can’t we get both here. Sigh.



The main protagonists that are introduced this episode are Chiaki, the youngest of the three Minami sisters. She’s wise beyond her years at times yet seemingly not as wise at other times. She’s also very calculating and reminds me of Doujin Work‘s Tsuyuri (minus the compete and utter perversion, which is still kinda fun).


The middle sister is Kana. She’s stupid beyond her years yet wise at others. Irresponsible and careless. Hyper energetic and completely unreasonable. Resembles an unholy cross between Haruhi Suzumiya, Amuro Ninagawa, and Akira Kogami. Very unholy. Expectedly, she’s the major source of comedy.


The eldest is Haruka, and she’s definitely in the Maria role. I.e. smile with a o_o;; face as the chaos flows around her. She’s not as funny as the other two, and she needs to provide more fanservice. Don’t know what else to say.


“Entertain me. Worship me. Play with me. Isn’t that your role as my little sister.”

Not my moe mode. Others might be better equipped to handle this series.


“I’m trying to kiss my little sister, who is resisting.”

Again, not my moe mode, but someone this is definitely a more comedic than fanservice development. Gotta love how Kana chased Chiaki around like Rena and Maebara.


“Don’t you understand what sisters can and cannot do with each other?”

No. No, I don’t. I need pictures and slides and charts and diagrams and everything.

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  1. first post ftw!

  2. i did actually read Minami-ke for a while and found it funny. sadly, the site that hosted the manga crashed and i had forgotten about it for a while, but was surprised that this was being made into an anime. still unsure whether or not i’ll take the plunge though…

  3. Kana reminds me of an older version of Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro.

  4. At least it’s one series that hasn’t dissapointed on the first ep.

  5. I like how the camera is handled in this show, like during that chase scene and when Kana came home with the love letter. It just brings series to life, and should be applied more often in more shows.

  6. Every time I see that first picture in the post, the only thing that goes through my mind is “SU-PER GIIIIIIIIRL!” in sort of a sing-song voice.

    Will need to check this out.

  7. Is the first picture INVISIBLE HANGLIDER?

  8. Wouldnt it be easier just to do everything in one thin slicing post? ah nevermind, Jason’s insights are interesting as always
    maybe i’ll actually get down to checking this out.

  9. Good. Now where is my fall thin slicing.

  10. >>I need pictures and slides and charts and diagrams and everything.
    Give it a couple of hours and I’m sure there’ll be some on the imageboards

  11. >> Wouldnt it be easier just to do everything in one thin slicing post?

    Thin slicing is usually week 3 or 4. This way I can get some opinions up faster.

  12. Chiaki is a absolutely EVIL!! :lol: She remind’s me of my wife’s older sister and younger sister rolled into one! ((Like Kana, my wife is the middle sister)).

    I like this show….I’m not quite ready to put into LUCKY STAR territory yet, but it could get there.

  13. Actually, this show remined me of Ichigo Mashimaro more than anything. Even Kana is like a grown up version of Miu. She even still sports the pig-tail look but still retains that hyperactive energy but in a more mature fashion. I especially like the extreme facial detail when they go to extreme close ups and I’m surprised by the amount of fluid animation in such a simple show.

    Definately one to keep tuning into.

  14. Genuinely funny. One of the better shows I’ve seen so far this season.

  15. >>“Don’t you understand what sisters can and cannot do with each other?”

    No. No, I don’t. I need pictures and slides and charts and diagrams and everything.

    Damn true!!!

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