goshuushou-sama ninomiya-kun 2

Brainless fanservice harem anime is brainless fanservice harem anime. But it does it so well!

(Reason #1,201 why I’m happy to own an HDTV…)

When I’m watching a brainless fanservice harem anime, there’s a different set of things that I’m looking for than if I’m watching, oh, Guardian of the Sacred Spirit or Ouran Host Club.

What’s important in this genre (besides the fanservice/moe aspect) is that does it do what it aims to do? For example, Lamune didn’t do anything special or groundbreaking, but it aimed to do a harem slice-of-life series. It had a To Heart-ish atmosphere, and kept it through the whole series. What it tried to do, it did well. Ninomiya doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a fanservice slugfest… and… boy, it does it as well as Exia craves up random HRL mobile suits. For Ninomiya, it’s all about turning off your braincell (or braincells if you’re lucky) and enjoy.

Service Service

Mayu randomly getting tied up by a roll of tape was much more entertaining than watching Setsuna laying waste in Sri Lanka. It’s also when I started thinking, “She’s like a Stopgap Mikuru!” Just the right combination of ~uguu~-level of helplessness and baked goods. It does make me wish Kyoto did give us Haruhi this season instead of Clannad just so we can square Mayu and Mikuru off.

If I made a “Bad Idea Jeans” level of bad idea, where would making a hawt nubile schoolgirl/succubus sleep in the same bed as a guy rank? 9 out of 10? 12 out of 10? Definitely higher than giving an emo teenager a world-changing mobile suit.

Derailed likes catfights. Unrelated, someone like Simon has that extra gear (or gears) for when the time comes, he can count on them to push him to the next level. Mayu has something completely opposite: she has extra gears for reverse and idle. She downshifts to even more vapid brainlessness. But it is funny.

A better ~uguu~ face than Ayu. Almost better cowering than Mikuru. Looks better than a school swimsuit than Amuro (but not Orizuka).

I’m still a bit confused about what are Ryoko’s motives in this whole thing (I know, my one braincell wants to know). Is she prepping Mayu and Shungo for making pr0n? That has to be it, right? How else can we explain why she’s giving them instructions and following around with a camcorder. And the fact that she ranks cosplay ability and cleavage highly for women must make her the Jack Horner of this show, right? And how much of this plotline is inspired by Haruhi Suzumiya (or vice-versa?).

You know that the sense of proportion has been tossed out when someone who would rule the Raki Suta universe is considered DFC here.

And blackmail for a meido. So dumb, but it does make Reika a meido, and Derailed is pro-meido. A tsundere meido is a tsundere meido.

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  1. first!

  2. Im really loving this series already. Great characters, great voice acting and enjoyable action. Animation quality could be better though.

  3. the tape in the beginning was overdoing it. lol

  4. ‘Stopgap Mikuru’, oh Kyrios how I chuckled. But you’re right, of course – the hair, the expressions, the remarkable assets (like a tiny, landlocked developing country owning an aircraft carrier).
    I don’t recall Mikuru getting taped up like something out of a lad’s mag, though.

  5. I’m seriously derailed by Mayu

  6. For some reason my 140 IQ gets bombed down to less that 60 when I watch this…. Braincells in my case. It is a lil brainless ridiculous fun… but for some reason I kinda feel physically ill when watch this…

  7. Oh man, derailed by Reika indeed.

  8. …Now I want to watch this show.

  9. All of the above, plus, it’s got TITS!! :lol: =3

  10. Hawt Reiko+Ryouko I’m-not-really-a-lesbian-but-I-might-enjoy-it meido love ftw! Loving this show already.

  11. Why not any way? Do a poll.

  12. Okay that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, try again

    It does make me wish Kyoto did give us Haruhi this season instead of Clannad just so we can square Mayu and Mikuru off.

    Why not any way? Do a poll.
    Note: fingers crosed this comes out right

  13. Man, this episode was incredible right up until Ryouko drags Reika off for some luvvin….and the episode ended. What a ball buster XD

    I can’t wait for ep 3

  14. HELP! I watched all 3 the episodes I could find but I want more >.<
    Are there anymore episodes????
    HELP ME!

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