aya hirano’s necroph– wait a sec…

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I’m just kidding. The song’s name is Neophilia, which I’m not sure is any better.


This video (or search for Aya on TT) is a bit too post modern goth for my tastes, and they really, really need to stop having Aya sing with a bad rock riff in the background. This video also doesn’t showcase her more frisky side… almost as bad as a typical Horie Yui video in terms of movement. That’s okay for a low budget anime tune, but it’s not okay for the MTV crowd. Aya doesn’t have the same range or voice as Utaka Hikaru, and she doesn’t have the body or moves of Koda Kumi, so I don’t think she’ll ever be a top tier jpop star who endorses Pepsi. But prove me wrong! She does have a good voice and lotsa spunk, which does give her a chance at crossover stardom. I can see her (musically) as a Christina Aguilera type. But, alas, I rather listen to her sing Sorega Aideshou.

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  1. So what exactly does the song title means? Unnatural sexual attraction to new things?

  2. i understand that they are trying to milk every penny out of her atm, but they are really pushing it. 2 non-anime related cd within a 30 day is damn alot, and they are mediocre at best imo. hopefully we get better quality stuff as hirano fever cools a bit

  3. feels abit ayumi, though i haven’t seen this mv yet.

  4. @ tidal

    It means Japan loves English but doesn’t necessarily know how to use it. :)

  5. Aaah, too much goth…
    I really wish they’d stop whoring her out like this.

    Oh well, as long as her performance in Haruhi 2 isn’t affected, I don’t care.

  6. But, alas, I rather listen to her sing Sorega Aideshou.

    AGREED! Why can’t she sing a ballad-like song, instead of all these rock songs? She’s venturing into places where I can’t worship her although I want to.


  7. Neophilia does actually mean an unusual acceptance or love for new things and novelty. Tidal is more or correct there.

  8. >>Tidal is more or correct there.

    Funny, considering the overall mood and tone of the video.

    Is she trying to be in character as Misa Amane?

  9. All downhill after God Knows

    It’s not just her limited vocal range – she’s ok at singing but not quite good enough to be called a “singer” – it’s also her songwriters doing a poor job at finding the right music and style for her.

    I’m not sure how much better she could have made Sore ga Aideshou sound, but as far as I’m concerned, Mikuni Shimokawa’s version was one of the great vocals of anime pop – Aya’s version doesn’t come anywhere close to it in terms of musical value.

    As for the comparisons to Koda Kumi and Christina Aguilera – those two girls are unique, because in addition to being more slutty and curvy than Aya, they’re also good singers with powerful voices, and much much much better than Aya.

    The Ayumi comparison is as close as it gets, for now – Ayu’s recent stuff always has that weird goth vibe to it, but she gets away with a lot of stuff primarily because 1. she’s already a goddess and 2. her appeal extends way beyond the reach of her music. In anime circles, Aya has that, and as far as anime singers go, she’s above average – but Neophilia and that travesty called LOVE GUN are things trying to break into the mainstream market, and well, frankly, they suck.

    Come to think of it, every piece of music that Aya has ever put out, God Knows and Lost My Music excluded, has sucked, at least for mainstream consumption. I don’t want to say it’s the limit of her ability because I would love to see more of her in this market, but if God Knows and LMM were an 8/10, she hasn’t sung past a 4/10 anywhere else.

  10. @ jaalin

    Have you heard “parallel days”?

    Or, for that matter “first good-bye”?

    Both are excellent songs that are just as good as God Knows and Lost my Music.

  11. I agree with Kaisos, those are damn good songs as well. I wouldn’t really say Aya has been putting out shitty music. When God Knows… came out, it did hang around the Oricon charts for a while, I believe. Though I can’t argue with the fact that Love Gun didn’t do well on the charts, I also won’t say it’s necessarily a bad song. I don’t know why everyone rips on every single Aya puts out for “shitty guitar rift” and etc. She still is new singer, so to speak. Not like she can nail down perfect best-sellers like the veterans. But it could just be me and my Aya fanboyism. Regardless, Neophilia the video is not to my taste and the song isn’t either. Let’s hope December’s single is better.

  12. Has anyone else noticed that each of her singles so far seems to correspond to a character she’s played?

    I mean, Love Gun has tsundere overtones to it (Haruhi) whereas this one is overtly goth (Misa).

    What’s next? Konata?

  13. Apparently I’m the only person who loved the song. And the video.

    It almost topped God Knows as my favorite Aya song.


  14. >>Neophilia does actually mean an unusual acceptance or love for new things and novelty. Tidal is more or correct there.

    So THAT’s why she’s caressing that crash dummy!

  15. Hmmmmmm….. Aya Hirano is getting way way to creepy and gothic now. I’m all for the Alice Cooper look and stuff, but Aya ain’t no Alice Cooper. Her stage image/choice of music and overall vocal ability seem to be in constant opposition lately, and that isn’t a good thing.

    I think the Aya Hirano fad died out about 6 months ago. It’s really time she just settled into a voice acting gig as there doesn’t seem to be much left to her atm in terms of living in the limelight.

  16. She IS voicing Garnet MacLaine in Dragonaut…

    But Dragonaut sucks.

    Man, I can’t wait for Haruhi II…

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