minami-ke, let’s go to the beach

Haruka-neesama is amazing.


Greatest episode of Minami-ke so far; I’m a big fan of the proportional amounts of comedy and fanservice it provided. I was thinking about what exactly is Minami-ke lacking, and I really couldn’t think of anything I would change. It has interesting and likable characters, and, as this episode points out, each has their own charm, and the group is funnier than the individual sister. It has the bizarro emo facial distortion. It has the not unique yet unique animation style. Then it dawned me on: sharp objects wielded by crazy psychopathic girls!


Oh wait, nevermind. Minami-ke is wonderful as is.

Funniest Moments


On second thought, I take that back. There is something I would change. Instead of Kana getting jealous and bugging the two of them, I would have encouraged further tender, sisterly love. The “ooishi” Haruka gave Chiaki was a good start…

(Scene wasn’t really funny but tanlines 4tw. I’m a fan whenever an anime actually does animate in some tanlines.)


Loved the “use Chiaki as a rain charm” bit. Reminded me of Kamichu. Best part was when Haruka endores Kana’s plan… the SOS Brigade equivalent would have to be Haruhi bursting into the room going, “I just signed us up to put on a swimsuit modeling show! Kyon, you’re going to be wearing Speedos!” and Mikuru nodding in perfect agreement. Kyon can’t complain because of Mikuru’s collusion, just like how Chiaki can’t complain here.


Just like how Haruka couldn’t complain when Chiaki approved the bikini for her. The best part of that is that even though Chiaki worships Haruka, Kana is still very easily able to manipulate Chiaki. Or maybe the best part was that Kana knew that she could manipulate Chiaki in a way that would force Haruka to eventually wear the bikini. Kana, despite ample amounts of evidence to the contrary, might be the smartest of the three. She’s almost Lulu-class in deviousness.


Kana was a real ass Godzillaing the sandcastles that Chiaki’s friends made, but I think it was even in the end.


Any anime that features a contest between two sisters as to who could strip the third one the fastest is, at worst, merely watchable.


Enjoyed the “your worth is diminishing” scene as well. Kana’s like Shakugan no Shana Second in that regard. I was so giddy over Chiaki’s “at least your idiocy is increasing” remark that I didn’t even have time to make a snide comment about “caught a loli.”


I do like the circular nature of the episode with how Kana cools herself down. Even a little cue like this can tie an episode together. With Lucky Star, sometimes (many actually) I felt that they did a very poor job at even trying to tie parts of episodes together.


Haruka-neesama is amazing.

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  1. Minami-ke’s “appropriate use of boys” continues in this episode by not having them here. As much as I like the boys, they would’ve gotten in the way of the swimsuit fanservice, the sentient weather, and the big sister loving. If you combined the Strawberry Marshmallow (Nobue included) and Lucky Star (Timotei included) beach episodes, they would still not match the awesomeness of the rain charm and Haruka.

    But never fear, one of the boys will be back next episode – with the trap potential of the unfinished second Death Star orbiting the forest moon of Endor with the Emperor on board personally overseeing the final stages of its construction.

  2. Just watched this ep myself, highly enjoyable. A cohesive storyline, but not too cohesive, and a nice mix of spoken and visual humour. Kana’s unconsciously smart, Chiaki’s consciously smart, and Haruka is amazing.

  3. Haruka-neesama is amazing….

  4. Godzillaing…

  5. I file this under “How many more reasons does one need to watch Minami-ke?”
    They had me at ep4’s videogame parody.

    …and the *ahem* Bible Black-eyes…

  6. You had me at ep4’s video game parody.

    Oh, and Bible Black eyes? Most (un)intentionally funny thing of the year!

  7. My anime club was going to show episodes 1-4 of this on Friday – any suggestions about which of those to drop so we can show #5?

  8. Am I the only one who think Chiaki is by far the hottest girl in this episode? Followed by Chiaki’s friend in the pink swimsuit, then Chiaki’s friend in the green swimsuit, then Kana, then Maki. Haruka barely registers on the radar.

    Anyway, this episode was great. Cant decide which sister is my favorite though, hard picking between Chiaki’s great body and Kana’s entertaining personality.

  9. rikchik – pick your poison, cuz you’re gonna be missing something epic with whichever ep you choose to drop

  10. Kana’s threat was the best, Kana-‘if it doesn’t stop raining, I am going to tie you up in a blanket. Chiaki- “If you think you can, go ahead”…..(Hanging) For real?

    Ayako’s troll intro subs are rather entertaining…. atleast to me they are. Get a quick laugh at the absurdity.. then on with the Kana’s absurdity.

  11. Good point, jaalin. I’m going to suggest skipping episode 3.

  12. Use Ep 5 as a hook to make sure they come back next week/month

  13. Any anime that features a contest between two sisters as to who could strip the third one the fastest is, at worst, merely watchable.

    and we thought Haurhi was bad

  14. Gainax-bounce! Haruka-neesama is AMAZING!!111 Highly enjoyable episode again. Likely the best comedy of this season, though Bamboo Blade is giving some stiff competition (yes I realize there aren’t too many comedies this season besides those two).

  15. Love TeruTeru Chiaki,
    Love Bikini Haruka,
    Love Minami Ke,
    Love Dis World XD

  16. Referring to your last screencap… it occurs to me suddenly that I worship the same thing as 11 year old girls. This is either strangely disturbing or super moe.

  17. Ah, I can see why sensei’s in lust with Haruka-oneesama. Belldandy’s personality combined with Mikuru’s body = win.

  18. @rikchik — Show all five, but don’t tell anyone ahead of time. If anyone complains when #5 starts up, kick them out of the club, because you don’t want them anyway.

    Paparaharaha: “…Chiaki is by far the hottest girl in this episode…Chiaki’s friend in the pink swimsuit…Chiaki’s friend in the green swimsuit…Haruka barely registers on the radar…Chiaki’s great body…”

    “Haruka barely registers”? “Chiaki’s great body”? Wow. Someone get this guy a copy of the last episode of Excel Saga, stat! Unless of course, you’re of that age where “bigger” girls are “icky,” in which case I guess it’s okay…

    No… On second thought, it’s really not. It’s never too soon (or too late) to mature your tastes. Repeat after me. “Boobies. Are. Good.”

  19. >>“Boobies. Are. Good.”

    That should be the official slogan of every anime blog.

    Just started watching this series. Damned awesome.

  20. Beach episodes typically feel rather stereotypical, but this was an unusually fun one…

    And I want a Chiaki Rain Charm…now. Despite living in the area of California where it nearly never rains. Bah, protection never hurts. Especially a cute one.

  21. quigonkenny, this is just a sampler section of a showing – we also have to show episodes 19-22 of PaniPoni Dash and episodes 1&2 of Clannad after Minami-ke. Otherwise that would be a great plan.


    I just realized when watching the intro: Do you know the part where the 3 sisters are hanging from a balloon, Haruka was riding hers like a swing and then Kana’s balloon popped?

    Chiaki’s in her Rain Charm mode~!!! XDDD Go have a look see~~

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