mai otome arashi

Premise: Nagi’s twin brother Arashi takes over Garderobe under the pretense of suspicious, Tony Soprano-ish construction contracts. The girls are then forced to work as call girls to earn enough money to buy back Garderobe. I’m not kidding. A Mai Otome about whoring. This has to be the logical end for the franchise, no? Thanks to Taruby’s for the translation.

(I am confused about one thing… wasn’t Mashiro a man in Mai Otome manga? But make no mistake about it, Meido Natsuki might even make me forget about High School of the Dead.)

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  1. You know, I’ve completely avoided this series, but didn’t this show have something to do with girls that were fighting for something?

  2. @ Tim

    It’s more like putting every last token you have into the fanservice slot machine and cranking away at the lever like an OCD fiend hoping to line up triple pantsu.

    Thus this is indeed a perfectly logical conclusion to the dynasty. :P

  3. So, umm… should I care?

    I’m asking in all honesty, because I never bothered finding out what Mai Hime/Otome/whatever was about.

    …still, can’t really argue with fanservice…

  4. I think I just got my love for the HiME series back…not that I really lost it in the first place though HOWEVER, that picture is all fine and dandy but it lacks a significant amount of Nao. Unforgivable! D:

  5. Is this OFFICIAL manga? I thought the Otome manga was about Mashiro getting killed in the first few pages, before being replaced by a crossdresser, then they go at it by attacking their evil twins…

  6. it 7 chapters, only 3 has been translated. And yes, Mahiro in manga was a boy… and still is… OH SHI-

  7. $unrise had always been about whoring. I stand convinced that they’re the Japanese version of Fox Network.

  8. Erstin! Great! :-D

  9. Meido Shizuru + meido Natsuki + P.E. uniform Nina = WIN

  10. If only this were the end of the franchise. However there’s Mai Otome 0 in the works. But how, I want to know, will they top high school maid call girls with super magical girl powers? A difficult task but I’m sure the creators will take it all in stride.

    I suspect cat ears may be the answer. Or robots. Nekomimi robot maids.

  11. What the Mai series lacks in logic, plot and substance it nicely makes up for in fan service. Needs more Nao though, always.

  12. Hey, you know what I say? Better late than never

  13. yeah i think its official. i dled the whole raw. and yes mashiro is still a trap in this one. oh in the later chapters there is some uhm… softcore porn?

  14. I miss Mai-HiME. :(

    Though I approve of this apparently development. :D

  15. … yeah, I just blew through the Otome manga, along with Arashi – it’s… well, it’s definitely not the show for sure. It’s almost like they took the trainwreck Otome became, and then decided to amp up the fanservice parts while leaving Haruka completely fricking insane, and did the same to everyone else except Sergey… who’s like a cross between Sergey Tate and a stereotypical villain.

  16. And for whoever wanted Nao… well, we get Nao with glasses. Meganekko Nao.

  17. … that, and more likeable characters. Which, in retrospect is frightening, given one of them’s a GUY/girl.

  18. The new chapters (4-7) are on now!! YEAH!!!


    Merry Christmas, people – as lol_matt noted, they’re up. And now we know why he hasn’t been ‘as interested’ in Nina and Erstin, as well as his preferences. Poor girls. There’s also mecha and robe upgrades along with Nagi getting whipped for those interested in such things.

    Amazing how he has to put on specific uniforms to feel ‘GAR’.

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