kanokon (kanojo wa kon)

Japan continues to satisfy the global thirst for fanservice.


I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a large amount of light novels based on the premise of fanservice. I can understand certain genres lend themselves to certain medium, so it’s not abundantly clear to me why fanservice machines like Zero no Tsukaima and Ninomiya-kun started out as light novels. Continuing the trend of delicious melonpan in 14 point font is Kanokon (かのこん). Kanokon is yet another raunchy harem comedy featuring foxes. It follows around Kouta, the new luckiest guy in Japan, and Chizuru, the fox girl who wants to constantly jump him. It’s like Inukami without the frontal male nudity, but closer in style to Ninomiya-kun or Girls Bravo. Anime coming soon in 2008.

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  1. Seven Seas official page for the translated light novel says it’s in the vein of Fruits Basket. Is that true? Anyway, Jason recommended this to me in one of his many doujin creator’s advice emails, so I’ll get it for sure.

  2. Sounds awesome. Loved the Inukami girls… not so much the elephant.

  3. Looks like the Manga has already been picked up.


  4. I dont know why seven seas said that since they aren’t related at all. I think they were just trying to get Fruits Basket fans to buy the light novel thinking that the story was somewhat related to fruits basket when in reality it isnt.

    That aside the manga is pretty good, with lots of fanservice (Chizuru mostly from what Ive read so far)

    Can’t wait for the anime to fill my fanservice needs once Ninomiya is finished.

  5. Decorum dictates that somebody make the horrible, but oh so hard to resist ‘Foxy Lady’ invocation.

    Y’know what would dramatically improve the quality of any fanservice/harem oriented anime? A Blaxploitation soundtrack. Can you imagine watching Ninomiya and hearing Jean Knight’s ‘Do Me’? Oh god, it’d be awesome.

  6. Too… high res…

  7. >>I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a large amount of light novels based on the premise of fanservice.

    You’ve got the cart before the horse, I think. It’s not that there’s a lot of fanservice light novels, it’s that with a few exceptions the only light novels that get a anime conversion are the fanservicy ones. Because obviously fanservice sells.

  8. Uhhhh, you had me sold at the first picture. Everything else never registered in my brain.

  9. >>Tetsuei
    Please don’t cause another name-change, I love DbD ;)

  10. For some reason Kanokon reminds me about Nogizaka Haruka

  11. The world doesn’t want (just) fanservice.

    It wants to slide its hard [blank] into some nice wet [blank].

    Please get your facts right.

  12. for me i;d rather have comical nonsense fanservice than tragic nice boats

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