the union spiral tsundere loli flag

The road to hell is paved with good intentions? After the Telegraph solicited various new flag designs for the Union Jack, they got help from a place not so obvious: 2ch! Behold! The mighty “manga princess” and other suggestions. I’m not sure which one to vote for… Louise, Ana, or Gurren Lagann? (I do find it funny that the British commenters don’t seem to understand the joke pulled upon them.) Derailed returns to normal posting whenever I stop vomiting every two hours.

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  1. Well, that’s what you get for not exposing yourself to more Minami-ke or Moyashimon, instead choosing to watch other shows. ;)

    Hope the food poisoning passes quickly, though. They should have submitted the Britannian Empire flag from Code Geass, though… complete with Crazy Euphie.

  2. Its obvious Ana would be on the official flag if it were not for one small problem. She cant speak british.

  3. Haha. I love the wale one! Why vote for one when you can vote for all of them?!… er… yeah…

    Louise looks British enough… stick her on there and call it a day.


  4. Flag 14 should auto win.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Lord love the Daily Telegraph. Why? Just… why?

    I’m debating whether it would be better for somoene to write in and inform them that those “leeks” as added to the flag probably have more to do with Vocaloid than they do with Wales or whether it might be safer to leave them ignorant. Hmm… thinking about it, on the other hand it may be a complicated Negima joke… Would that be better or worse?

  6. Personally, I’d go with a Union Jack with Trogdor slapped on the front. Or failing that, Louise on the dragon in whiplash gear, because there’s nothing we welshmen like better then being ridden by a whip-weilding posh-psycho-bitch.

  7. ‘Tis a shame, then, that the current Prince of Wales is not a ‘whip-wielding posh-psycho-bitch’. As far as we know.

  8. “Flag 14 should auto win.”

    Actually, if you vote for it, you will see that it is winning. 51% of votes. the next closest match is those who want to keep their old flag, with 13%…

    (NOTE: Figures correct at time of vote)

  9. It seems Flag 14 is winning. Expected

  10. This must be The Internet’s tribute to Kamina-sama.

  11. We should have replaced Louise with Siesta in the flag to return the power to commoners. Of course meido fuku to supercede the school uniform thereafter.

    Rest and get well soon. :)

  12. And while they’re at it, why not change the national anthem to dango daikazoku?

  13. welsh dragon and union flag (yes check out my gundam reference) as louise’s ultimate discipline weapon? I rofled.

    I voted 14 though, who wouldn’t? Every welshman should have a drill that pierces the heavens.

  14. These are better than the Rozen Maiden remix of the Japanese flag. That Ana flag could be drawn better though.

    Get well quickly. We pray to Yurie Hitotsubashi for your health (although seeing what happened when she got sick…)

  15. It’s obvious that none of the staff at the Telegraph are anime fans. The Gurren Brigade one cracked me up the most.

    Is tempted to make joke about Louise actually being a rather accurate depiction of certain British monarchs, but knows that such thoughts would get one’s head chopped off considering my very Irish sounding last name

  16. It would be incredibly awesome if the Gurren-dan one became the official flag of the union.

    I’d move there and apply for citizenship just to be part of a country with that logo on their flag.

  17. On a slightly more serious note, after actually reading through the article, I stumbled across this line “Another poster even sees the discussion of nationality as an opportunity to invite Britain to teach Japan a thing or two about labour relations, addressing a message to “The dear sons of British Empire.”

    Now is it just me or is that slightly ironic since the “British Disease” so termed by the political economists, is about how much the British SUCKED at labor managerial relations?

  18. lololololololololololol.

    The Gurren Lagann one ACTUALLY looks good.
    Oh damn, that’d be freakin awesome.

  19. >> “I’m debating whether it would be better for somoene to write in and inform them that those “leeks” as added to the flag probably have more to do with Vocaloid than they do with Wales”

    Actually, Vocaloid fan art is just paying homage. The original leek spinner is some Naruto girl (I think) to the tune of Ieva’s Polkka by Loituma. Google or check youtube for “loituma girl”.

    I voted for flag 14 btw. It has increased its lead, sitting at 55% as I write this. Great Gurren Brigade FTW!

  20. Thanks everyone, I’m feeling much better today. I didn’t mention in my post, but when I first visited the site, the Gurren Lagann flag was at ~5%. I think more anime fans viewed that poll than normal Telegraph readers.

  21. As a Welsh guy while I think changing the flag is just a waste of money I wuod love the Gurren Lagann flag.
    15 and 17 are also good choices for very different reasons.

  22. Northernshadows – You’re right of course. It was Orihime from Bleach who was the original negi-spinner (that song continues to be stuck in my head six months after first hearing it…). These days you’re more likely to see ’em being wielded by our Miki though. How times change.

    My vote goes to 14 as well – fabulous stuff.

  23. For some reason I find the Louise flag to be hilarious. I think it’s her expression that looks like she’s trying to lead a charge into battle but her eyes give away that she couldn’t care less.

    But my vote goes to 14 of course.

  24. And are they still taking suggestions? Someone needs to send in an animated gif of Orihime doing the leek-spin while wearing a union jack shirt. Possibly while riding the welsh dragon.

  25. The results are in. Apparently the guys at the Telegraph didn’t get the joke. A “flame-haired cartoon dragon?” Seriously? Come on guys. Do a little research. That is your job, right?

  26. They really don’t seem to realize that the only reason it got 55% of the votes is because jason linked to it, either.

  27. >> “They really don’t seem to realize that the only reason it got 55% of the votes is because jason linked to it, either.”
    Actually, the flag vote has been discussed at least a few times on 4chan too. No doubt more than a few went ahead and voted #14 for the lulz – Gurren Lagann was a major hit on 4chan after all.

  28. Never heard the term British Disease. I know of Dutch Disease, which has to do with exploiting primary goods.

    I’ll have to echo Kaisos, I would have to move to Britain if they actually did that. But you know what? Every flag could be improved with the Gurren Dan Logo (cept ours (USA), cause we’ve got lots of stars on it, and they aspired to reach/pierce the heavens. I’m waiting for the inevitable shops.

  29. I… I should so do a Canada one.

  30. Actually, the Dutch Disease is having to strong of a currency that you are no longer economically competitive. In the historical context, the rise of the Dutch resulted in its currency being very, very valued, making anything the Dutch made to expensive to sell, eventually leading to a decline in its economy (yes, I know I over simplified he fall).

    Abuse of a primary good I think has more to do with resource curse, where a nation that is rich in a particular resource will just cash in on it, and do nothing to invest it in its own economy. (for example, Saudi Arabia). It bears a lot of resemblance to the Spanish disease where you just hoard gold and not invest (historical background being Spain after it’s plundering of the Americas)

  31. The leek is probably a loituma reference, but more cleverly, a Negima reference.
    Since “negi” is a certain kind of leek in Japanese, and Negi (The character) is another young character from Wales like Ana…

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