minami-ke, three sister weather

Actually, I wanted to use hundreds of thousands of words to describe how awesome Haruka is, but, sadly, I cannot type that quickly. How should I express it? I also have other things which I want to write about. So, all I can do is write the word “amazing.” That’s the best I can do. But, with only that, it doesn’t fully describe how amazing Haruka is. If I could, I would want to flood this post with ten thousand images of the amazing Haruka.


The first seven minutes of this episode slayed me, and I have no clue why. Maybe it’s the subtle telekinetic abilities of the three sisters, maybe it’s how Kana is most in tune, maybe it’s how Haruka’s true nature is reveal. For people who have taken an ethics class, you should know that one’s true character is revealed when one is alone and unseen by others. Though while Haruka does have the capacity to be a Kagami-level glutton, it was even more disjointing to see Kana be the voice of reason. Chiaki’s “help” for Haruka was pretty funny was well, but, the writers could really have taken Minami-ke to stratospheric comedy heights if they used the Black Bible faces along with a reference to another potential white substance near Haruka’s mouth… cocaine! Just kidding.

(Yes, when they showed Haruka, alone, bored at home… I was thinking, “If there is a Kyrios, I hope we there’s a flood of Housewife Haruka doujinshis out there.”)

Funniest Moments


As someone who is currently getting over food poisoning, yes, this is probably not the right anime to watch. Dammit, I should have watched Clannad. Oh well, at least I’m not watching Moyashimon with those cute microbes and bisex– ZOMG!


So many possible inappropriate comments… so many…


I think, not counting their normal school uniforms, each of the Minami sisters had a minimum of three outfits. And a majority of these outfits involve short skirts. While I was getting so giddy over Ms. Wang, the real fashion queens are the Minami sisters. Mad props to Doumu for outdoing Kyoto in the clothing department.


Peripheral fanservice 4tw! See, if this were 4:3 pan and scan like non-HD Clannad, Haruka wouldn’t even be in the frame.


Chiaki and Kana sometimes remind me of The Usual Suspects. Kana plays dumb, Chiaki thinks Kana is dumb, but Kana is a masterful manipulator of both Chiaki and Haruka. Her shirt would really say, “I AM UNDERBOSS.” After Haruka agrees to make another pie after Kana starts crying, Kana lifts up her head, stops the waterworks, and has the same smile Kevin Spacey had the final thirty seconds of The Usual Suspects. We should just start calling her Kana Soze no different than how we drop Haruka is amazing.

(Part of me feels that Chiaki kinda knows that she is being manipulated by Kana, but her brain doesn’t allow her to register it, because if it does, it would shatter her world. Just completely break her. She would turn into Shana after Konoe starts tugging at Yuji’s shirt.)


No… Chiaki… it’s a trap! See what I mean? Kana knows how to pull Chiaki’s string perfectly. Kana is like the Oprah to every 35-65 year old women in America. Or the Chuck Norris to every drunk, passed out frat boy.


The only scenario I can see working for another studio to work on Minami-ke is that the other studio is Milky and is released on a DVD-only basis. Andohbytheway, since I honestly have no clue what the plot or premise or deviance of Black Bible is, I checked out it’s Wikipedia entry. I noticed it was flagged for not being appropriate for Wikipedia and thought, “Okay, so they have some restrictions there.” Then I realize it’s flagged because someone used double spacing. Wikipedia really is the whore of the internet. I wonder if they’ll use that quote for their donation drive.


“Watching you suffer is more entertaining than anything on TV.”

I laughed so hard, I almost threw up. Actually…


Peeping tom Haruka is amazing.


Peeping tom Kana needs a butcher’s knife and needs to be singing, “Kei~i~chi~come~out~and~play!”

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  1. “Wikipedia really is the whore of the internet”
    I died laughing… really.

  2. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind. What the sisters actually demonstrated was clairsentience.

  3. Kana with her hair down ftw.

    She’s the amazing one.

  4. kana with her hair down is hotness, we need to have characters swithc hairstyles more often in anime.

  5. Kana Souze zomfg! But when you wear that many I am Boss shirts, it’s a bit harder to fly under the radar.

  6. Me and Kana are not disimilar. I too would sneak into Chiaki’s room in the middle of the night. I too would pull down Chiaki’s pants in the middle of the night.

    Needs more Mako-chan though. As well as his sidekick, the soon to be ruined Uchida. Mako-chan needs a tranformation too, a mahou shoujo… then again, maybe not. Atleast a superman tranformation in that case. You know, Mako-chan rips off her school uniform to reveal and cute pink dress. With Uchida on the side, it could even be an OVA. Maybe almost as entertaining as Thai blood fighting starring Dango and Dan-kun.

  7. >>>Black Bible faces…deviance of Black Bible
    Middle age dyslexia kicking in…?

  8. 100% of the snapshots I made of the 1st half-episode were of Haruka, I was shooting for 100% all the way, but wound somewhere around 90%+. She’s 100% amazing, still.

  9. The fourth screenshot should’ve used something like this:

    “Don’t use a serious tone. Don’t breathe on me. Your face is too close. Freaking me out.”

  10. Well, one can say that and Mako-chan is bloody whipped. Hell, he and Chiaki deserve one another, if the latter ever lets go of her oneesama worship. He enjoys being bossed around, and she enjoys bossing people around. It’s PERFECT. ;)

  11. “Peeping tom Kana needs a butcher’s knife and needs to be singing, ‘Kei~i~chi~come~out~and~play!'”

    Or an axe and “HEEEERE’S KANA!!”

  12. Kana without the pigtail is really amazing…we just need a little remodelling, keeping her away from the DFC category and she really is 4tw!!!
    While watching Haruka bored in the house, I wished really hard to be there with her… That pink blouse and white pants outfit made me go wild!

  13. Chiaki got some great insults in this time:

    “I would need a ten-thousand word report to describe your idiocy.”

    “Waist is a bit too big… but this is JUST right” – talking about Kana’s skirt and shirt for her school uniform.

  14. Chiaki’s new friend on next episode FTW!
    We all know is a trap (a good one) and still love it. Sorry Mako-chan, but if you can play that game with Kana, Chiaki will do the same too.

    Great chapter BTW!

  15. Kana with her hair down makes me think she looks like a Lenalee variant…or vice versa. Eithey way, hair down > hair up

  16. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears we have reached an agreement regarding Kana’s hair.


  17. the anime looks nice. anyways just recently linked you in my blog. Link me back? =)

  18. If there’s one 4th-wall reference I’d like to see Minami-ke make, it would be to let Fujioka/Kana break into Simon/Yoko mode for a few seconds.

  19. I didn’t think Chiaki could be any more dead-pan, but Tired Chiaki is capable of delivering vicious tongue lashings in a mono-tone that even my fifth grade english teacher would find dull.

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