mirai nikki chapter 25

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“We can be together forever and ever.

Still shocked over the previous chapter, 25 doesn’t disappoint either as Yuno continues to stuff her application for… I don’t know… no pantheon or hall of fame can contain her. I still can’t believe that not enough half of the future diary holders have been revealed, but the mangaka already played the Yuno trump of all trump cards. It’s an interesting choice in narrative, and, I can’t lie, it worked. And, when I say “worked,” I mean “if I don’t get another chapter soon, I’ll be going on an Yuno-class murder spree.”

My top three questions about Mirai Nikki has to be: (1) Why does Akise care? I can only guess that he’s either gay for Yuki or he’s the real star, and we’re just in an extended prologue with Yuno and Yuki. (2) Why is Yuno so crazy? I’m guessing it’s because she’s a die hard New England Patriots fan. (3) Can we please get a Yuno/Yuki type of relationship thing going for Tomoya/Kyou? If. There. Is. A. Hosaka-god.

(Note how I don’t really care about who wins the competition at this point. Because of Yuno, we are all winners, I’d say.)

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  1. O-Hosaka-sama, please don’t make Yuno our O-Haruhi-sama…
    I don’t know what I am saying anymore


    That and I’d gladly trade spots with Yuki…. even when drugs have left an even worse taste in my mouth with recent episodes of LOTGH (70’s).

  3. Oh Hosaka yes, mirai nikki is the best manga ever.

    still, being tied up by an amourous yuno who is popping me party pills? yeah, i’d be a willing participant in that. next chapter cant come soon enough.

    that kosaka (i think thats his name) kick guy cant die soon enough either.

  4. Hey now, you have to admire a guy who emerges from a pool of concrete and crashes through a wall without even getting his clothes dirty.

  5. One pharse: *I am Shining*

  6. Speaking of Kyou and Tomoya. Take a look at epsiode 17. They had such a great setup…sigh…

  7. >>One pharse: *I am Shining*

    Makes me lol every time.

  8. >>Speaking of Kyou and Tomoya. Take a look at epsiode 17. They had such a great setup…sigh…

    It’s an episode that just begs to be shown some blog love.

  9. can someone please make an anime out of this please ???

  10. Yuno is love.

  11. You sure that you didn’t mean that Akise-kun is homohomo for Yukiteru, not Yuno?

    I can’t believe that Kosaka’s catchphrase is “I’m shining!” …I tried my best to figure out if there was a better way to put it, but no, there’s no replacement for shining.

  12. It was the declaration that Yuno couldn’t be contained by the boundaries of a hall of fame that caught my morbid curiosity.

    Because a mixture of Ah! My Goddess, Death Note, Survivor, Murder Princess, and Higurashi mostly brings up the thought “do I really want that in a blender?”

    … So yeah. Marathoned the whole thing in a night.
    … Geez.

  13. >> It’s an episode that just begs to be shown some blog love.

    >> It’s an episode that just begs for 1080 love.

    What I read.

    >>… So yeah. Marathoned the whole thing in a night.

    This is the 4th pimping and still stragglers…

  14. I thought pulling the Diary Holder Apprentice thingy was a little forced, but that really wasn’t the highlight of the chapter, like the character himself. I am feeling a little afraid that having to pull the whole apprentice thing means that the author managed to somehow write himself into a corner in certain aspects. But what I’m really scared of is if this “apprentice appointment” phenomenon becomes wide spread and the series ends up dragging.

  15. Perhaps the apprentice thing is what the other midget person with deus ex (god) was talking about? She talked about making things more interesting or something?

  16. Where exactly can I find this?

  17. Kaisos, OneManga is a good site. http://www.onemanga.com

  18. Thanks.

  19. When the next chapter coming out ? I need my Gasai’s Fixed!!!
    I think she should be the next Batman villain.
    Ever wonder if the Joker and Harley have an love child?

  20. Forgot to thank you for recommending this epic manga. After your post about chapter 24, I read the entire thing. Jesus Christ is this one of the funnest mangas I’ve ever read in the entirety of … ever.

    Oh btw, how frequent are the releases?

  21. Oh, the things I would do to be fed by Yuno in her underwear…

  22. I can only guess that he’s either gay for Yuki

    I think he already admitted that he is in chapter 17.

  23. but is he really, really gay? I have the feeling that he was just saying that. You know, like what L did, saying that Light(I hate him!!!!) was his first ever friend? Jut lying to take advantage of the situation? Are you sure?

  24. t3h Dave. I believe the releases are monthly. I can’t wait for chapter 42!!!!!!!

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