utawarerumono windows game english patch

Since I’ve already been through the Windows game and have unlocked everything two years ago, so I’m only about a 7 out of 10 that Mirror Moon and Soylations has released a working English patch (patch mirror). I’d be a 17 out of 10 if this post’s title was “tomoyo after english patch released” instead. But props to Beowulf Lee for first pointing it out. Now to find my Utawarerumono CD…

(But, honestly, any excuse is good enough for me to toss up CARRIER HAS ARRIVED. I’m easy that way.)

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  1. My life for Aiur.

    “I’d be a 17 out of 10 if this post’s title was “tomoyo after english patch released” instead.”


  2. Tomoyo! The world needs moar Tomoyo, and those special sences in the PS2 version and those in the PC one… oh well we’ll have to settle for Carrier has ARRIVED.

  3. POWER OVERWHELMING might be more appropriate.

  4. Is it going to be like the unofficial Chinese patch for Tomoyo After where all the H scenes have the voice bleeped out and the CGs replaced with pictures of rabbits?

  5. I’m still waiting for the UBW installer that will sex you, and then teach you the meaning of life before killing you. Sounds awesome.

  6. somebody with the game? kindly put a link…


  8. This is good news!! I was watching the bluray-rip that just cane up and now the English patch!! these days are so Aruru XD

  9. Thanks for telling everyone!!

    And damn, the game is so much better than the anime.

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