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Continuing this idea of Top 25 Anime Episodes, one episode that is highly underrated is Sister Princess RePure 7. It’s a different effect than Bebop 5 or Nadisco 3, but leaves the viewer with a strong impression. The first 18 minutes aren’t why it’s memorable– Aria fakes an illness to get Niiya to visit or something. Well, not all junk since it does have copius amounts of omega meido Jiiya (who mentions something like “I started whoring because I never had a kind older brother like Onii-sama.” Maybe I imagined that. Or read it from a doujinshi. Or it’s a dream I had. Mmm… am I revealing too much?)


The best part was the character focus on Chikage. She’s standing in her nightie at the foot of Onii-sama’s bed. He’s nakkid and sleeping, by the way. She wants to seduce him with this magical apple, and, right before she does, he mutters something. Chikage gets spooked… drops the apple… and takes a step back. After a pause, she gets closer to Onii-sama and runs her finger around Onii-sama’s lips, and she purrs, “I don’t need to hurry. Ani-kun, I’ll definitely have you someday, and I wish you’ll have my fruit of your own will.” Jaw-dropping the first time I saw it. It was just so ridiculous that I didn’t know if I should laugh or be astounded. There’s sister complexes, there’s parts of Kentucky, and there’s Chikage. Years later, I still don’t know what my reaction is beyond, “Chikage better hurry or Sakuya’s going to get to him first.”


I was reminded of this episode when I was watching Magikano 3. A worthy challenger to Chikage appears in Maika, who also has affections for her onii-sama. But the way the two are portrayed are very different.

Go, go Ayumi! Tell it like it is!
Yep. Nothing naughty about a “rub rub.”
And, uh, yeah, this isn’t naughty at all. Just don’t think about where the other hand is.

It’s just different than RePure. Yes, it has the same type of message, but the way its conveyed isn’t the same. Maika is a joke. Chikage is not so. Maika is fairly harmless, especially when compared to Chikage. While they both have this sister complex shtick going, Maika’s affections are done humorously, which is something that I can’t say about Chikage in RePure 7. The general creepiness of some of these sister complexes was a theme that I lightly touched on for Dokkaida 8. It’s slightly alarming if not disturbing if in an anime this sister complex is considered something other than fun and games… if it’s not fun and games and meant to be humorous, is it supposed to be moe and stimulating?

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  1. Re Pure and Sister Princess require copious amounts of suspension of disbelief. Granted the sister complex is disturbing, but we have already seen it affect in the US already, just look at the nearest group of KKK (they wear them sheets for more than one reason). I took it for what it was, a distrubing gratification of a minority’s psychological conundrum, and at the time a hideously cute series. I could never say no to cute.

    Considering how much I have seen in my years of existence and the nature of what I will have to do morality isn’t something I should be preaching any way. As I see it as long as it doesn’t go beyond fantasy I shouldn’t care, the only time to break out the M-9 is when action is immenent or has already passed.

    As in the real world we all have skeletons in our closets and unless you can claim saint hood you might as well pick your circle in Dante’s Inferno.

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