gundam 00 23

Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon! Lockon!


They removed the most likable Meister from the order of battle! Not only was Lockon the most mentally stable (yes, even after his emo breakdown against Gauron) and had one admirer in Tieria (for the broken faction) and had one admirer in Felt (for the DFC/space legality faction), Lockon looked like a pirate. What’s not to like? Maybe he’s not in the same category as Mwu or pre-22 Graham Acre, but he’s a severe bump up from Setsuna, Tieiria, and Allelujah (who is just happy to finally have some lines this episode).

I do say removed from the order of battle because it’s Sunrise. I’d say Lockon’s chances of actually dying is 50% with a 40% chance he’ll return as the masked man in the next season (probably teaming up with Saji). There’s also a 10% chance that Tieria would preserve Lockon’s head in a pickle jar.

(Similar odds for Gauron, only there’s no pickle jar for him.)

So with two episodes left, I doubt we’ll get any resolution besides the remaining three Meisters mopping the floor with the remaining GN-X mobile suits. Corner’s story? Probably have to wait. Marina being useful? Ha. Any sort of resolution with Celestial Being? Not counting on it. Sumeragi’s breasts overflowing her top? Doubtful. Oh well, with Gundam 00 wrapping up, I’m definitely disappointed that a strong premise just started fading down the stretch. It is hard to tell a story about gigantic robots while trying to sell toys at the same time.

Points of Interest


Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion! Emo facial distortion!


Well, the good thing about Lockon being removed from the order of battle is that things between him and Tieria were getting to that point. I facepalmed when I heard Tieria go, “Now it’s my turn to protect him.”

(Warrants mentioning that most tears were shed by Felt and then Tieria. Allelujah, Chris, and Sumeragi fought back tears while Setsuna screamed.)


Lockon, I know you lost your eye, but you also lost your mind. Not only did you go berserk in a way that made Shinn proud, you also took on a melee mobile suit using your ranged mobile suit. The real life analogy would have to be some l33t CS sniper deciding to take a round off and goof off by stabbing people instead. The Gundam 00 analogy would be a melee mobile suit firing at the Thrones from long range while trying to backstabbing them.

(I’m almost convinced that Setsuna and Lockon needed to switch suits. Watching Lockon go melee is like watching Amare jack up bad 3s.)




Now what to do with Dynames and its solar furnace? The most logical (and wrong) answer is that Nena can pilot it! She needs a new faction now, and she’s good with haros. The other choice would be Saji since he (along with 75% of my readers) is now sufficiently broken enough to be a Gundam Meister. I really hope this isn’t the plot to season two. It’s not too late! Write/phone/e-mail/IM/SMS Sunrise! Get them to hire a real scriptwriter! YES WE CAN!


If I were Union/AEU/HRL, wouldn’t I also bring along normal Flags and Taozis and Enacts as well? They’re not as powerful as the GN-X suits, but at least they could do support tasks like… oh… protecting the carriers? They can also snipe from a distance or even attack the Potemayo. Seriously, Sunrise needs to hire both a scriptwriter and a tactician consultant. YES WE CAN!


We don’t get to see Dyname’s TRANS AM mode. See, if I were the marketing director for Gundam 00, I would have the suits morph into a newer looking suit in TRANS AM mode (physics, logic be damned) just so I can sell more toys. If TRANS AM is just a red glow, it’s just not as marketable. Sunrise needs a scriptwriter, a tactician consultant, and a marketing director. YES WE CAN!


When the GN-X suits were getting worked over by the Gundams, the old Star Trek red ensign theory still held. Every suit that was completely destroyed was a nameless/faceless suit. Every suit piloting by a minor character just had various pieces destroyed and knocked out of battle.

(I would have had Patrick die, but in a gar fashion. He’ll be like a Shinichiro to Kittan transformation. He’ll whip out his giga drill and go down fighting.)


And, finally, from last time

Epi: 14 is legal in Ontario! Whee! And we had 1 foot of snow this past weekend in Toronto, sucks eh?

Wait, sucks that there’s snow in Toronto, or sucks that 14 is the legal age in Ontario? Or both?

Jounin: Stalker Felt is very cute. Now if only she did something about that purple/yellow outfit of hers… All of that clothes shopping that she and Christine do and no weekly post in Derailed about the latest bridge bunny outfits. Even Ms. Wang is failing us by recycling clothes (reuses safari outfit this ep). It used to be such a highlight of the series too.

Okay, the list currently stands that Sunrise needs to hire a real scriptwriter, a tactician consultant, a marketing director, and now a wardrobe coordinator. Write/phone/e-mail/IM/SMS Sunrise! YES WE CAN!

Dermatea: Wasn’t Graham coughing up blood from too many Gs? With Trans-Am whizzing Setsuna so fast, wouldn’t he pass out?

Mmmm… scriptwriter, tactician consultant, marketing director, wardrobe coordinator, and a continuity checker. Did Sunrise actually staff Gundam 00, or did they outsource the whole thing to India?

(Since there’s no Bollywood-style song and dance number between Setsuna and Marina, I’m assuming, no, it wasn’t outsourced completely. Then again, there’s 2 episodes left…)

Myssa Rei: What? No love for Graham despite the GN-Drive inserted into his OverFLAG?

No, it’s only cool if he fought superior mobile suits with weaker mobile suits. It’s like Gonzaga or San Jose State upsetting Duke or North Carolina. The funny part is that Graham hasn’t fought! Here’s the biggest battle to date, Graham doesn’t show up, and over half of the GN-X suits got destroyed.

Crusader: Wow Patrick fell out of favor that quickly huh?

You’re the only one pimping Patrick as anything than slapstick comedy. He is redeemable if he died while pulling a Kittan, but since he got his head shot off and ran back home with his tail between his legs (again), he’s on a lower rung than Team Rocket.

weirdofu: What was amazing this episode was that a Gundam was not just stolen, it was jacked GTA style. That doesn’t happen often in a Gundam series. You see Gundams stolen back and forth alot, but very little of shoot the pilot, take the gundam.

Gundam X! :)

(00 has been a weird cross between X, Wing, and Full Metal Panic.)

Lana: Question: What’s illegal in space? Does space have a set of laws? Is it something Jason needs to explore in his next post? And oh by the way: why is it that there is more sexual tension between Tieria and Lockon than Marina and Setsuna? Damn it Sunrise, give me at least one normal relationship in this series to cheer for!

Most space laws only deal with weapons or geosynchronous satellite allocation and almost all of these treaties are not ratified by the United States. (I think the only one the US has ratified is that we promise we won’t put nuclear missiles on the moon.) I don’t think there’s any dealing with legal ages. So while IANAL and not condoning this, if you really, really wanted to bed someone outside of the law, invite him/her up to space.

For the other question, Sunrise is just really bad for relationship anime. I’d still love to see them animate something like Kanon while Kyoto works on Gundam. So now the team is up to a scriptwriter, a tactician consultant, a marketing director, a wardrobe coordinator, a continuity checker, and a visual novel scriptwriter. Write/phone/e-mail/IM/SMS Sunrise! YES WE CAN! Save Gundam 00 season 2!

Beowulf Lee: Jesus. The sexual tension between Lockon and Tieria is just so thick this episode. To think that I’d first find something like this not in my harem anime, and not even my serious relationship story anime, but in my giant robot anime… Oh shut up and just shoot me already.

More or less sexual tension between Lockon and Tieria than Tomoya and Nagisa? Surely more than Yuuichi and Ayu.

Totoro: Hmm…love all this talk about melonpans and would love to contribute, but wanted to inquire why the h3ll Setsuna didn’t just finish off Ali while he was in his Trans-Am KITT mode? I guess they needed to save it for the next episode.

So… technically… because Setsuna didn’t finish off Gauron, it’s his fault that Lockon has been removed! I’m liking it, if only because this could lead to Felt or Tieria stabbing Setsuna.

Yukimura: Thank god for random google searching, this blog is everything I’ve always been looking for in an anime blog. Finally forced to post thanks to Yen nearly breaking me with his evil image.

Broken by drive-by googling! I couldn’t be prouder. Welcome to the party, Yukimura.

beaver_cheese: So 14 is legal in space too? Uchuu banzai!

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. No Bollywood love song? Have you seen ED #2? (No, not quite the same, as the characters aren’t directly singing … more the Japanese equivalent.) OTL

  2. lockontodeath. you will be missed. i never expected such an outcome. but mr patchy could have avoided death in this episode, if only he was more logical. the GN-X aka: scrapped metals now were already retreating, lockon should have becom a setsuna and let them go. damn it, what a great character

  3. Seriously, why did he save Lockon back in episode 21, just to “kill him” two episodes later?

    I hope he’ll stay dead for the rest of the series (this one and the next season) and don’t screw things again like Wing, Destiny, Mai Otome and alike. Come on, if one people died, especially on how Lockon died here; it deserve to stay dead. Don’t bring bullshit on us SUNRISE.

    Now, what now? Twenty Three episodes of Gundam and nothing major besides Lockon’s dead has happened. Damn it, Something big has to happen in episode 25 titled “Setsuna”.

  4. Who’s the most boring and dullest looking female in Gundam 00? Marina? If KyoAni were to work on Gundam, we’ll be seeing Setsuna hook up with….. wait a second.

  5. My one complaint with this episode is why Lockon didn’t use his boosters to get away from the impending explosion. Unless… he wants to save the viewers from being further broken by him and Tieria. Bless you, Lockon.

  6. We had that discussion already; Setsuna needs to get laid immediately by Marina…

    Since they met, something was triggered on Setsuna’s mind; regardless of how their relationship has been so far. Since episode 25 is named after him; continuing with the SUNRISE tradition, something will happen with Soran Ibrahim’s life. So, we need some action DAMN IT!

  7. My theory is that 1 Gundam Miester dies every ep for the next 2. Tieria is next followed by Allejulah at the end. Then next season. we have Lockon’s twin (Lyle?) pilot Dynames, Nena pilot Virtue, and maybe Soma pilot Kyrios. The preview for next ep doesn’t look too good for Tieria.

    But onto the Gundam 00 girls…Felt was so ready to have Lockon’s baby if she knew where they came from (being socially isolated, she probably doesn’t). And why didn’t Nena at least thank her “first love” for saving her life. Setsuna disappointed me by not scoring a few points with her with at least a “are you all right”. He’s too enamored with his Exia’s new feature…

  8. I was waiting for you to get to this. He just got Mwu’d… and it’s about time. Between Tieria crying and the emo facial distortions… this had to get blogged. :D

    And now, we wait to see if Setsuna starts blaming himself for Lockon’s death (a la Kira), or if he gets blamed for it by Felt who proceeds to attack him while he’s in sickbay with a scalpel (a la Millia Haww). Or if he goes emo for a bit, then goes Simon…

    … this is Gundam. Of course he won’t become GAR like Simon.

  9. Wow Tieria… why don’t you tell us how you really feel about him.

    I noticed nearly all the fancy new (aka recycled from 0083, SEED, and Wing) equipment CB picked up recently was destroyed in a single ep, so good job team CB, hopefuly next time they’ll have even more new stuff that can be sold as model kit upgrades.

    And the single lamest part of the episode for me has to be stupid Daryll, he just had to strengthen the idea that all black people in anime suck. He knows that Throne Zwei killed his buddy, not Dynames. The fact that Ali had that Gundam should have keyed him in that the original pilot was either dead or defected to the AEU and was going under the name Gary Biagge…

  10. For some reason I keeping thinking by the end of this series the Haros are just going to kill everybody and teach us humans (once again) what happens when we rely on computers to do all of the work for us.

  11. They kept on making a point to say that Lockon wouldn’t be able to see with his right eye.

    Meanwhile, throughout the battle, I can’t help but keep thinking about how Al has his hair covering half his face.

  12. If Nena gets to pilot Dynames, then the trans-am version will prolly go pink.

    Oh well, Nena cutting Setsuna’s hair on a beach might actually make Marina useful by playing the jealous bitch. Then if Maria and Nena start making out, Tieria and Setsuna can go OH GEASS NO! while Allelujah is having selfsect with Hallelujah in the background.

  13. “Wait, sucks that there’s snow in Toronto, or sucks that 14 is the legal age in Ontario? Or both?”

    Well for one thing snow sucks…

    Although Lockon->Masked Man seems like the logical approach (logical for Sunrise), I’m still holding out hope that perhaps Lockon’s evil twin brother will be the masked man and ‘train’ Saji to be his ‘minion’.

  14. Epi’s comment reminded me of something off in this ep. When Niel was recalling his family, maybe I was hearing wrong, but he said “Amy” after mom and dad. Unless I’m wrong, Amy is a girl’s name, which means he has a twin sister.

    Unless….OH GEASS NO!

  15. I’ve seen them sell the “Hyper Mode” G-Gundam before. All they do is make all the pieces gold. SO, the Trans-am mode would just be remade with all red pieces. This way, they save on coloring costs, they can use the same machine mold, and they can sell a bunch of new toys for people who want the “collector’s version”

    I mock it, yet I have multiple versions of Char’s Zaku at home…

  16. Actually it’s very likely that if there’s going to be any masked man in Gundam00, it’s Ali and not Lockon (whose VA was actually separated from the rest in the credit list, something normally reserved for characters who are, uh, permanently dead). Although I might have been seeing things at this point, I thought I saw Throne Zwei explode as well… Then again, that’ll leave things unresolved for him and Setsuna.

    However, this does smack of something you’d expect from the original Space Battleship Yamato. I can’t really recall, but there was this character who was killed in the first season, but since he was so well-liked by the fans, his twin brother takes his place during the second season. It’s less farfetched than being ‘Sunrised’, since we KNOW that Lockon has a twin.

  17. Google drive-by is also how I came to be here. :p

    I kind of wish Setsuna had killed Ali since all of the old flashbacks kind of dictated that would happen… but this is Sunrise, screw continuity and logic!

  18. I wouldn’t count Ali out at all, we’ve seen mobile suits explode and have the pilot survive, even when there was nothing between the pilot and the explosion but plot armor. We’ve even seen entire suits get vaporized and the pilot survives. Only Ali’s legs were actually hit with the giant beam, the upper part of th suit exploded later, which means there’s pretty much no reason to believe he was definitely killed.

  19. Gauron’s kill streak is now at 6 named characters, and I suspect that his fate is not to die at the hands of a 10th tier rifleman who decided to break out swords when the terrain was eminently suitable for a real sniper to play hide and seek. As for the lack of numerous units to overwhelm those CB bastards, I blame you Jason. It turns out that the military budget cuts during the Jason Miao Presidency to build the presidential harem cost the Union Space Forces 97 of the proposed 100 Virginia Class assault carriers. I hope Kyou’s thighs were worth it… ;)

    In fact Gauron got a DOUBLE KILL since Amy Dilandy is now a valid named character kill…add to the slaying of Lockon Gauron has unlocked the Up Close and Personal Achievement. Good thing Gauron took the Last Stand Perk. Lockon is toast and I hope he stays dead, though he is now the prime candidate for reanimation as the next villain.

    As for extolling the greatness of Patrick you have to admit that the man has persistence and he didn’t run away, not of his own free will anyway. Besides Patrick can’t pull a Kittan yet, he has to steal a kiss from his beloved Katie first! It’s not a Kittan Giga Drill Breaker without the kiss! Though Patrick might get away with dispensing with the drill… How can you ask Patrick to throw away his life without getting the Kiss first its heresy and is a slight on the good name of King Kittan!

  20. My bets for Gundam 00 season 2: Gundam 0_0
    – Gauron and Rockon both lose their memories, and end up switching sides
    – Nena enters the Celestial Being Ex-Meister Protection Program and moves into Setsuna’s old apartment.
    – Saji turns into the Gundam 00 version of Shinn and cuts Nena’s arm off.
    – Sunrise releases more “variant” kits, and will STILL need a scriptwriter, a tactician consultant, a marketing director, a wardrobe coordinator, a continuity checker, and a partridge in a pear tree.

  21. Im afraid that Lockon’s death will become like Nicol’s death in seed. Whenever a battle will be executed, a philosophical thing or whatever, they will bring back the images of Lockon dying. At least sunrise should change that and don’t recicle the images…. like in seed

  22. They need Ultra (Sunrise) Director Haruhi. The series may still fail, but its followers will be legion…and the fanservice will be fitting.

  23. Jason : “Broken by drive-by googling! I couldn’t be prouder.”

    That’s how I found Derailed; when looking around for Gundam 00. I’m not quite ‘broken’ yet but I’d say i’m 8/10 there. A few more Mako-cakes/Kana moments and Gundam 00 and I’ll be set.

  24. Y’know, I still say Tieria and Lockon’s entire interaction the last few episodes makes more sense if Tieria were a flatchested woman. I mean, you’d be crying too if you had Tieria’s figure and had to compete for attention in Celestial Being where a 14 year old has two cup sizes on you.

  25. wow…
    that was probably one of the better deaths in gundam.
    lockon stratos episodes-to-gar: 23

    LMAO at patrick

    gayest missiles ever.

  26. Three more Celestial being members died in episode 24; three crewmembers….
    Virtue and Kyrios are almost done and Exia will face a Mobile Armor piloted by Alejandro Corner. Damn it!

  27. So, is this “Lyle” Lockon Stratos Lockon Stratos Lockon Stratos speaks of his twin in that random 2-second clip in the beginning of episode 9?

    … I can only pray they won’t introduce him as “Lockon 2”. *facepalm*

    RIP Lockon, otherwise known as the ONLY reason for females to watch Gundam 00. (the rest of the pilots are whiny females as far as I can tell u_u)

  28. And by twin, I mean clone. *sweatdrop*

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