the horrors of clannad’s movie

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I think the Clannad movie just further re-affirms Kyoto’s status in The Pantheon. I also think I need to drop Toei from Tier 9 to Tier 12 or lower. My gosh, what did they do to you?! This is worse than Kanon (2002). I stopped watching the movie at the 20 minute mark… I couldn’t take it anymore and had to stare at Tomoyo a bit to get the taste out of my mouth.

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  1. Ah. I humbly thank you for taking the hit so that I would not have to suffer the same fate. The movie was within my current considerations, but with this information now, I shall stick with delicious thighs. Hopefully it’ll cure the aftertaste left with you as well.

  2. Actually, for a very very COMPRESSED adaptation, it was pretty good. Those who actually played the game, or watched the TV anime, though, will find it mediocre, as the movie adaptation takes many liberties with the events, as well as the characters’ personalities. In fact, many were written out of the story entirely, while others were reduced to very MINOR roles (like Kyou and Tomoyo) that didn’t even reflect how they were in the After Story.

    And was I the only one asking why it was Tomoyo who was popping up from work with Sunohara, instead of Kyou, who’s supposedly closer to Tomoya and Nagisa (being Ushio’s kindergarten teacher)?

  3. No, it was really bad. When they start messing around with the characters that much, they might as well just swap genders. It’s not an adaptation– it’s a frickin’ rewrite. The only redeeming aspect of the movie was that I thought, “Hey, some background material Sixten might be able to use.”

  4. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t CLANNAD. It honestly felt like KGNE, if they extended the Haruka stuff at the start, and compressed all the stuff after the “accident.” Even down to the replacement girl busting into the apartment to cook.

    Hmm, it reminded me a bit of the AIR movie, with far worse artwork and pacing… Kotomi completely disappeared in it, too. However, I will not say it is “bad” because this was honestly the only way we’d ever find anything out about Sunohara. The series mostly treats him *just* as a punching bag (albeit a great one)

  5. Given my experience in fanfiction and semi-professional writing, I didn’t really find the plot and character modification that had to be done for the movie THAT bad (I’ve read far worse). Still, it’s far removed from the game itself, and the TV series.

  6. 100% ACK. Sometimes it looked like Dragonball.

  7. oh man… that was a little painful at times… but honestly I’d have to say I think it was Toei’s best work yet.
    The Kanon of ’02 was just pathetic and ugly, and the Air movie just made me angry, at least this movie had me feel sad at some parts and also highly enjoyed the scene of Nagisa’s performance, I think that whole part made it the superior Toei Being.

  8. ¿No Kotomi in the movie? ¡EPIC FAIL!

  9. Rincewind: Kotomi was there, but in a nonspeaking role, but aside from Tomoyo and Kyou, everyone else was left out.

    Complaints on quality and characterization aside, but darn, does the movie know how to rip one’s heart out. It’s the been a while since I’ve cried during an anime movie.

  10. Too bad the KyoAni animu version of Clannad is pretty shitty as well. The movie wasn’t great, but it did have some good parts.

  11. I watched the movie last week, well I didn’t really watch it; I more or less stapled my balls to the ground. Holy fucking shit cakes is the Clannad movie bad (three adjectives had to be used to explain how bad it was).

    I think I have AIDS. Thank you Clannad movie. Thank you very much.
    (At least it was free.)

  12. >> oh man… that was a little painful at times… but honestly I’d have to say I think it was Toei’s best work yet.

    When I read this comment, I was thinking, “I really need to create a tier just for Toei now.” I think Kanon (2002) wasn’t bad just because they stayed on course and was at least kinda relevant to the source material. For Clannad, they kinda just did whatever they wanted. It was like watching I, Robot after reading the book.

    I’m a big fan of the “dance with the one who brought ya” philosophy. The visual novel was insanely popular and good. Why change? Did it need to change? Dance with the one who brought ya! And at least dance with Kotomi-chan!

  13. Thing is, Clannad the visual novel is way too long to adapt it into a movie faithfully. Even if you reduce it to just the main story (Nagisa’s school life arc + After Story) there’s far too much material to compress into 90 minutes without totally mangling it. Their only chance at making a coherent plot in that amount of time would’ve been to animate one of the side arcs instead, but they didn’t want to do that for some reason.

    The hideous artwork now, that’s just inexcusible.

  14. They left out Fuko?! No wonder the movie got sad.

  15. Toei needs to stick with magical girl shows. They do those very well (Ojamajo Doremi = LOVE), but everything else they make tends to suck.

  16. Hinode has a point. While it would have been nice to see a whole arc animated properly, the fact is almost all of the School Life arcs were far too extensive — look at how hard KyoAni had to work to just squeeze Kotomi’s arc into the series with good resolution — and given the fact that Nagisa’s arc continues into After story, there was no way for the material to survive unchanged. That’s why I couldn’t really complain at this instance, since a rewrite was the best they could manage to fit the story within the alotted 90 minute timeframe.

  17. >> They left out Fuko?! No wonder the movie got sad.

    There’s comedy… there’s great comedy… and then there’s this. I just had a “Yuji, how do I make a baby” laugh.

    But, seriously, if the Clannad movie was a recap like Shana’s, I would have been cool with that, and just focus in on one segment. Plus, I’m a big fan of Do You Remember Love, which basically condensed 30 episodes of Macross into a really, really good movie. Then again, the animation for DYRL was light years better than the TV series, which is the opposite case for Toei and Kyoto.

  18. Just because I wanted to know how TOEI screwed it, I watched the entire movie…. bad idea.

  19. Perfectly backs up the quote: “Just because you can have children, doesn’t mean you should.”

  20. >> Just because I wanted to know how TOEI screwed it, I watched the entire movie…. bad idea.

    >> bad idea.

    Arnie second it.

  21. Assuming Kyoto gets to the ending, I do hope thay take their time and give the rest of the ending that from what I understand is not in the TOEI version.
    Fuko! Awake Fuko getting the last word in would make her coming back all the time worth it. From what I understand, she gets the last conversation in the game with Tomoya’s daughter. Fuko!
    Sad end is one thing, but sad end without the chance for a happy ending when one is there…is just wrong. And I don’t mean a Kyou and Tomoyo ending.

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