kamen no maid guy 5, twittered

“Maid ninpou, high school girl technique.”


Derailed’s DFC fanbase infiltrates Strawberry Liz’s hot springs moment. Understandable that she would piss in her pants.

(Yes, I know they’re crows as a sign that Kogarashi has scarred her for life in the previous episode. Not sure if this counts as an Awesome Kogarashi Moment, AKM, or not.)


“Even though I am a meido, I am also a ninja. [snip] Even though it’s a private area, secretly sneaking in and providing service is the specialty of a meido ninja.”

I want a meido ninja too! Can I get one in the “Maria” flavor?

(But… twin meido ninjas! Kamen no Maid Guy sure knows its audience.)


Just realized that both shots of Naeka so far have started with zoom ins of her melonpan. This is the type of insightful work that you have come to expect from Derailed by Darry.


What is Kogarashi cooking? One of the few times that we’ve actually seen him perform meido-like duties. But can we add this brown glop to the cabbage hall of shame? I think Doumu would have been the best possible studio for this show. They would have brought out Kogarashi’s awesomeness (much like Hosaka) and improved the animation quality.

(But with a Naeka bath scene upcoming, you know something awesome will go down. One way or another. Kukuku.)


Crazy lesbian stalker and spooky surveillance cameras… why do I get the feeling that I’m watching Mnemosyne episode 4? Four quick reasons to watch Mnemosyne, even if the story is convoluted and ridiculous: (1) lesbian fanservice (2) explicit lesbian fanservice (3) Mimi’s change of view of lesbian fanservice from episode 3 to 4 and (4) Mamiko Noto… watch an episode of Mnemosyne sandwiched between two episodes of Kanokon for the full effect.



Can you say “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched?” I can definitely feel a “kukuku” incoming.


What’s the point of having a high definition super zoom camera if it can’t focus? I’ll take this time to point out how pitiful Kamen no Maid Guy‘s entry is on Wikipedia, and I want to encourage everyone to contribute. If there’s any good we can do for the anime community, this is it. We need to build a wiki entry fitting for Kogarashi. YES WE CAN!


After I heard the first “kukuku,” I was thinking, “If you’re smart, you’d toss the laptop out the window about now.” Now she’s fucked. Maid Guy Voice 4tw, and AKM #1.

(Note to self: I should add a time-delayed “kukuku” soundbyte to random posts.)


Really fucked. If Suzaku trying to trap Lulu with a phone call to Nunnally (completely forgot in my Code Geass post, but shouldn’t Suzaku have placed a bug on that phone line?) is a 10 on the “You’re fucked” scenario list, then this would be a solid 1,000,000 out of 10. And, yes, Kogarashi’s Maid Guy Voice is definitely more awesome than Rolo’s geass… for starters, it’s about 360 times longer.


Obligatory Naeka bath scene.


Obligatory fish salesman bath scene.

Mmm… why are they showing more fish guy skin than Naeka skin?


Skirt one to skirt leader. That line still slays me. A New Hope was on cable last night, and I kept thinking of Kogarashi and Fubuki during the trench run. “Skirt leader to all fighters, lock s-foils in attack position.”


“Finishing everything fast and clean– that’s me, Maid Guy.”

Um… no arguments here. Just adoring fans. Honestly, I think Kogarashi could win Miss Macross Frontier. Especially if he sang, “My boyfriend is a pilot.”


Sixten was telling he how he can’t stand the female cast of this show, much like how I can’t stand the male cast of Kimikiss. Only… he completely forgets about Fubuki, who’s quickly becoming a top tier meido. Fubuki secretly trying on Naeka’s uniform only makes Fubuki that much more adorable. The fact that she openly mocked Naeka’s sizes made it better, much like how bacon improves any hamburger.


Not only that, Fubuki is very cute when she blushes, and she’s somewhat able to control Kogarashi. No one can control Kogarashi (not even those pesky Anti-spirals), but Fubuki at least has good attempts.

(Oh belated AKM #2 for Kogarashi for keeping Fubuki’s DVD around. Kogarashi, if you put that on ebay, I’ll place an opening bid equal to my opening bid of the “Mikuru” folder. Though ef‘s Kuze might outbid me this time.)


At this point, I think we all know what’s going to happen. Chizuru’s going to push Kouta down. Dry humping commences. Kouta prays to his grandparents, but someone interr– oh wait, I mean, we’ll hear a “kukuku” followed by a “Maid Guy Voice” and then images of the fish guy. Tsurara, the more competent meido ninja, probably uses her skills to get out of it, but Shizuku’s going to be trapped and get a front row, high definition view of fish guy’s trouser eel.


Needless to say, “B-I-N-G-O!”

(Oh, AKM #3. I’s very impressive that he can time delay his geass ability on DVD. Let’s see Lulu and Rolo do that!)


“Maid Guy Freeze Voice!”

Not sure what I enjoyed more, the fact that Kogarashi was hiding in the locker the whole time or that the lesbian stalker girl opened the locker, closed it, yet went back to open it again. Then Kogarashi pwns her clothes. Kukuku. AKM #4.


Can’t believe that Naeka– Naeka!– used intelligence and wit to foil Tsurara’s deception attack. This is kinda like seeing Sumeragi outsmarting Lafiel in space combat. The best was Naeka’s friends ripping on Tsurara with their catty comments about Tsurara’s age afterwards. Vicious. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Hills.


I put the odds that Tsurara can win against the Maid Guy about as high as the odds that Kallen will get knocked up by Lulu.

(Whenever someone calls Naeka “cow tits,” I keep thinking of Melody of Oblivion‘s final few episodes. Moo…)


Utterly disappointed that Kogarashi didn’t eat the bombs or laugh them off or pull off a “Kukuku. Maid Guy Ablative Armor!”


He then dismantled a car. Without it hitting the ground. So gar. AKM– oh wait. Nevermind.


Breaks out of his chains, not fazed at all, and even manages to toss out a, “Kukuku. If you have something to say, then say it out loud, Imposter High School Girl!” AKM #4. We really need to get an anime together about Kogarashi, Hosaka, and Simon teaming up to form the GAR RANGERS. Yuji can be the new recruit type of character.

(This was about when in the show that I couldn’t stop laughing uncontrollable.)


“Maid Guy Hair Sensor!” OMFG. AKM #5. Hair ropers 4tw!


So awesome.


Between Maid Guy’s ropers, Tsurara being– uh– sensed, and Shizuku’s pitiful look, this is now the most awesome scene of spring 2008, beating out Jil discovering (his) breasts. Done and done.


“You have only destroyed three out of Maid Guy’s thirty-seven senses.”

Uh, 37? Counting the basic 5 plus Maid Guy Hair Sensor, Maid Guy Vision, and Maid Guy Antenna, there’s still 29 left unaccounted for. I can’t wait for Maid Guy Phased Array Radar and Maid Guy Future Diary.


“Where are you inserting?!” Is this a ruined or marriage moment?


Shizuku saves what’s left of her sister’s modesty with some quick thinking and a sacrificial lamb. Seeing Shizuku and Naeka pull off intelligent defenses this episodes has been very disconcerting. It’s like if Kana said nothing but logical and sensical things for two straight episodes.


“Sorry for my Hair Ropers sensing every part of your body. I mistook you for someone else. To make up for it, here’s a Maid Guy Badge. So don’t cry (or sue).” AKM #6.

(I’m looking at Kogarashi’s seiyuu’s work page, and none of those roles really come close to his Kogarashi. I went back to watch some Shigofumi, and there’s just no clue that Kirameki is voiced by the same guy. Oh well, at least now I’m rooting for a “Maid Guy Glass Pen!”)


And we end this episode with a classic, “You reap what you sow.” Naeka, Maid Guy only wants the best for you.

(I get it! The lesbian stalker is really Rin from Mnemosyne when she was in high school. It’s starting to make sense now… especially how she doesn’t use a computer…)

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  1. Maid Guy badge… I WANT!

  2. first!
    another great meido guy episode!

  3. ‘Cow tits’ is probably the most rightly overused line this episode XD
    Fubuki talking about the importance of knowledge hoarding in today’s modern warfare… Library Wars much?

  4. Tentacles and tentacle-like appendages always makes things more “interesting”. Period. And Maid Guy’s coverage of fetishes is fast becoming fearsome. Tentacles!Tentacles!Tentacles!

  5. maid guy ropers and tsurara screaming like a sexed up gal. awesome. simply awesome.

  6. I like that Kogarashi, as awesome as he is, is still a full participant in the comedy of errors and screws up almost as much as the rest of the cast instead of just fixing all the problems they create. That and these posts go a long way towards making the show watchable for me.

    In that spirit, my favorite AKM is #6.

  7. how come I’m still tagged as Australian? I’m no where near there.

  8. Liked the random inclusion of Baccano!14.

  9. >>I’m looking at Kogarashi’s seiyuu’s work page, and none of those roles really come close to his Kogarashi.

    I beg to differ, and here’s why: First, note that he voices the Role of Emiya Kiritsugu (Shriou’s adoptive father) from Fate/Stay Night. While granted, he has little role in F/SN since Kiritsugu is already dead by then, anyone familiar with the prequel novels, Fate/Zero, knows just how GAR Kiritsugu really is.

    First, Kiritsugu himself is a Magician (Master) who fights alongside Saber in the Holy Grail War as a “Hero of Justice” who uses the following weapons personally: a Calico 960 submachine gun, a Walther WA 2000 sniper rifle with an attached AN/PVS-4 night scope with IR heat vision to detect Masters through their heat (which is different from a regular humans due to the magic circuit) signatures, and a Thompson Contender modified to fire both .30-06 Springfield rounds as well as act as a magical pistol capable of firing magical bullets imbued with his own life-force via powdered pieces of his own bones which are capable of attacking his foe not only on the physical level, but also acts as a conceptual weapon capable of crushing their very soul on the spiritual plane.
    (Image of Kiritsugu Translation of lines on the image:
    “To Emiya Kiritsugu, This battle–
    To Kotomine Kirie, This battlefield covered in dead trees–
    All of it, was for the sake of slaying the enemy that now stood in their way.
    Here and now, with this final contest, the curtain will fall without a sound.”)

    Furthermore, his partner (Servant), Saber, apart from being King Arthur (reverse-trap) in her own right, Kiritsugu personally provides her with a new mount suitable for modern combat. Image Translation:
    “The most powerful monster machine available at the time, the Yamaha V-Max serves as the base of this motorcycle. The original 140 horsepower 1200cc engine has been enhanced and furthermore, the exhaust system, twin turbo engine and accompanying drive system has received a complete overhaul and reinforcement, transforming it into a monstrous beast whose output exceeds 250 horsepower. This is the silver mount that Saber now rides.”
    And Kiritsugu did the modding himself.

  10. Lastly, considering every Type-Moon creation thus far has received an anime adaptation (Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai) as well as Manga adaptations, I see no reason for Fate/Zero to go unanimated for long. Especially since they only just finished releasing the last volume, and already the manga renditions of the story have begun. And I imagine Type-Moon will keep the voice cast for characters that overlap between Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay, so we would once again see Kogarashi as Kiritsugu.

  11. At the end of this season, we really need a summary post of all the AKM we get from Kogarashi

  12. Kogarashi is like the second coming of Onsokomaru (the original perverted, lecherous, absurdist, shape-shifting yellow ball of GAR-glory-comedy) from Ninin ga Shinobuden. Especially dig Hakuoro’s seiyuu in this.

    *whisper* What be a ‘DFC’? Missed that class ><

  13. *whisper* What be a ‘DFC’? Missed that class ><

    Delicious Flat Chest. In other words, anyone as flat as Shana or Yuki Nagato.

  14. I think Jason meant his voice is drastically different than his other roles’ voices.

  15. another awesome episode made of win

  16. Actually I already Known about eh fish salesman stuff when I watched the anime, not from “Maid Guy”‘s manga but from “Maidwo Nerae” which is really really random and really really cool. (just think of a manga which is a little like “korega watashi no goshujinsama?!” with other main characters, more fanservice and some guests like people from “korega watashi no goshujinsama?!”, “Doujin Work” and “Kamen no maid guy” XD really great)

  17. Isn’t that Rena’s school uniform?

  18. Unfortunately, lesbian stalker can’t be Rin from Mnemosyne, because the first episode of that was set in the ’90s. Besides, Rin’s getting progressively less badass. In the past two episodes, she pretty much let Laura just beat the crap out of her.

  19. re: Fubuki cosplaying – I suspect that she reads Hayate no Gotoku, and was charmed by Maria’s cosplay in Volume 8 of the manga, and so decided to imitate her charge… except she didnt’ have a serafuku to use. So she borrowed Naeka, who has similar proportions. And the crowd goes wild.

    And Ayako, for better or worse, has taken up the Meido Man flag – they’ve gotten up to Ep 3. Speaking of Maid Guy Badges, does this mean she’ll ALSO be able to summon Maid Guy when needed? Because if so, that’ll make for an… interesting moment, especially if it’s to help get Naeka in bed.

  20. You’ve numbered your AKM’s wrong!! Maid Guy will not be pleased, his sensors have already picked up this error, hope you have a nail ridden bat on hand.

  21. “Rin’s getting progressively less badass.”
    …is like a marriage, at first exciting and fun, then with time u get use to it and there is nothing new to it… i think she just gave up on this hate/killing relationship… until something new arrives to the picture…

  22. K: “Kukuku. You’ve only destroyed three out of Maid Guy’s thrity-seven senses. That’s nothing…”
    T: “Did you say thirty-seven? Don’t speak bullshit, you monster!”
    K: *pause* “I cannot hear you…”

    Genius. Sheer comedy genius.

    Also, high points on Ichigo Liz’s gratuitous english.

  23. What’s not to like here? More Kogarashi’s awesomeness, more Maid Guy abilities, more stalking, more Fubuki spotlight, and not one but TWO maid ninjas. Kukuku…

  24. According to Wikipedia, a normal human has nine senses. In addition to the basic five (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), a normal human has temperature sense, pain sense, balance sense, and joint-position sense.

    One would also assume that Kogarashi has some of the senses found only in the animal kingdom, like electroreception (useful for USB?), echolocation, magnetoception, polarized light detection, and pressure detection.

    Add in a good sense of time and the three maid guy senses and we’re almost halfway there.

  25. @ renpytom
    Well the pain and temperature sense are based on “touch” Meaning that if your nerves to touch were killed, you would not feel them. And I think joint position works the same way, when your arm is totally numb (sleep on it or something) and you try to move it, other than the fact that you can feel it swinging around, you cant tell damn well where your joint is. No so when his touch is destroyed he would have lost at least 6 in total. I note that he only said three. So its safe to assume that Kogarashi DID have those destroyed, but considered them in the realm of touch. Meaning he does not consider them separate senses so we are pretty much back to square one. Heh. Another thing, am I the only one that finds it odd that this anime had a 1% chance of being blogged, and now it is? I guess thats part of being GAR, throwing reason to the curb, and being the all the odds and all that good stuff.

  26. This was also the only episode where I seriously cursed the animation quality. During the uhhh hair roper part. New Moe Mode: Roper mode? YES WE CAN!

  27. so you’ve got some work to do. a meido power rankings and a gar power rankings.
    my only question is who would you rank higher: fubuki or kogarashi?

  28. You know I had no interest in watching this show until I read the post for the episode with Kogarashi connecting to the printer via USB. Me being the computer tech and broken fan (thanks Derailed) I absolutely love this show now. I’m still not quite used to seeing Fubuki with such a panicked face in the ending animation. I must agree though, Fubuki is becoming a top class meido.

    They’ve made Naeka’s brother match the people they try to get to watch the show which leads me to think about how they come up with the script for each episode. Though if you want to accurately describe the planning discussion i think it is something along the lines of-

    “What would Jason want to see?”

    “Okay lets do that.”

  29. kogarsahi ftw!! and nice catch on the “young rin” part… rofl! they both have green hair + glasses + live in lesbo world… yum. I bet those seed-like things in mnemosyne are actually Kogarashi’s AKM #9999999, and the “angels” are a mutated form of Kogarashi himself, in his very image, except that they suck and can’t control their powers like Kogarashi can. Kukukuku.

    btw, is it me, or is Shinigami-sama from Soul Eater really voiced by Kogarashi’s seiyuu too? Wow…

    “Kogarashi’s kukuku started the big bang, the cambrian explosion, and the extinction of the dinosaurs”

  30. and here are more Kogarashi facts:

    AKM #3, #4 and #5 were the Big Bang, the Cambrian explosion, and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

    As for AKM #1 and #2? AKM #1 was when Kogarashi accidentally farted and wiped out the evidence and exitence of the events from Genesis through till Revelations; and AKM #2 was when he gave Suzumiya her God-like power to recreate the world, cuz he had better things to do.

    Does not make sense chronologically? That’s because time and logic warps around Kogarashi.


  31. @Nobuharu
    Actually, believe it or not , renpytom is right. What we consider as “touch” is composed ot three different sets of nerves, which separately sense pain, temperature, and mechanical force.

    //Remembers that he should be studying for neurobiology final that is tomorrow. Damn.

    Maid Guy Science!

  32. D’aw. Okay. I’ll fess up. Fubuki in Naeka’s uniform? Ridiculously cute.

    It is my firm belief that we should induce (inTROduce?) Fubuki into the Meido Pantheon, and quite soon. An choice easier than the Meido in question, no?

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