code geass r2 8

Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.

(I like how there’s a dog with a Zero mask in there.)


I was a bit flabbergasted at this episode. It seems like Code Geass is trying to be Death Note in its oneupsmanship between Lulu and Suzaku with everyone around them as pawns. Okay, I’m not sure why Zero would want to move everyone out of the country. First off, where would he move them to? Would he create a Japanese refugee camp in China? And why would China care? Xing-ke is in cahoots with the Black Knights, but what’s for his gain? I guess we’ll find out soon, now that he’s coughing blood (always a bad sign).

Though I think this episode was really intended to show that Lulu and Suzaku still care for each other and know each other very. It’s a reminder that the real end couple is Lulu and Suzaku and not Lulu and Rolo, and that’s why every scene with Rolo had him going, “Lulu, you’re going to keep our promise, yes?” He knows that he’s going to be discarded once Lulu gets what he really wants. I’m also backing off a bit on Lulu and Nunnally because this episode reminded me that Lulu originally used his geass to keep Suzaku alive, and it’s still keeping him alive and how much he pined for Suzaku in the original series. I’m beginning to think that Lulu’s dream scenario would be a same-sex marriage in California (now legal) to Suzaku and then the two adopting Nunnally. I’m also terrified that this may well indeed be the ending.



Odd that Millay had the best analysis, except she’s totally wrong. The power of V isn’t how bad-ass he was, it was that even after he died, he lived on as a symbol, a martyr, something more powerful than he was originally. Now, excuse me. My brain hurts from watching an anime that features a theoretical America conquering England steal plot points from a comic book that features a theoretical England that disdains America.

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November!”

(Lulu’s best move was probably getting Ohgi to play a front and center role. It looked like Villetta and the crazy assistant were the two most likely to shoot and start off a massacre, and he managed to nullify the assistant’s trigger happiness with Suzaku and Villetta with Ohgi. Oh how cute.)


Table-chan was working in Dallas? I think at this point, Sunrise is just trying to assemble as many crazies as they can. I’m counting down the days until Orange-kun returns. Andohbytheway, is Code Geass an anime series where everyone can be referred to as an object with a honorific, and people will understand who is being talked about? Like Table-chan was in love with Massacre-hime, but she went crazy due to Siscon-san’s power that was given to him by Pizza Hut-kun.


Twitter-chan is rising up in the rankings. I think she’s third on my list of Code Geass R2 characters behind Kallen and C.C…. so, of course, this episode featured zero C.C. and one line from Kallen. Way to appease your audience, Sunrise. See, GAINAX would never give us an episode without Nia or Yoko.


Another new character, another new plot twist. Xing-ke is sick? Now begins the guessing game of how it’ll affect the plot.


I like how even Zero’s not too busy to have a typical harem moment wedged in his plans for Area 11 domination. Kaguya-hime, let me give you a tip. If you want Zero to consummate your marriage, dress up like Nunnally and pretend you’re disabled and blind. I guarantee the results.


A meido? Alone? On a glacier ship? My gosh, the Sunrise scriptwriter’s have an imagination even crazier than mine. The glacier ship is too funny– imagine the cooling that is required to keep it frozen, and then think of how that’ll contribute to global warming. But I’d be more concerned about that they’re loading one million people on a huge ice cube… maybe it’s safer than the Titanic, but it’s hard keeping one million people sanitary clean on a floating vessel that size.


Every time I see him, I keep thinking he’s a Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice character. Objection!


Such a pill… she wouldn’t be like this if Marina were around.


My favorite part of Zero’s teleconference with Suzaku wasn’t Cecile’s outfit, her overflowing cleavage, or how she’s dressed up either for a ballroom dance or as a high class hooker waiting for client number nine. No, my favorite part was that when the camera first panned to show Cecile in that outfit, there was “get your mack on” saxophone music playing in the background.

(But I give that dress a solid twelve out of ten.)


Diethard reminds me of Masumi from Nodame in terms of his one-sided love with Lulu (different from Kallen’s and Shirley’s). I can’t wait for the “I’ve graduated from you, Lulu!” scene.


If I were an Area 11-ese, and I wanted to kill Suzaku, would I run towards from and start shouting from 50 meters away? Or would I sneak up behind him and stab him with a knife? Reminded me of Setsuna for some reason.


If you were a guy, under what conditions would you carry around a heart-shaped locked as your cell phone strap? And how do those conditions change if inside the locket was a picture of your fake older brother?


And, finally, from last maidguy time… kukuku…

Shadowbreak: You really did it with the parody of Kogarashi but are we to see more of his posts??

I received a lot of polarizing comments concerning maidguy. People either loved him or hated so, so I don’t think he’ll return as guest writer anytime soon. However, I am proud to announce that I have lined up shanatan as the next guest writer after bribing her with melonpan galore. Look forward to it.

Nodspy: Why does maid guy sound like Mojo-jojo?

Mojo-Jojo curses those Area 11 rebels– err– Powerpuff Girls. It’s one thing to refer to yourself in the third person (like Mojo-Jojo or most NBA announcers) but it’s another to refer to yourself in the fourth person like Maid Guy. Notice it’s not Kogarashi Hair Sensors but Maid Guy Hair Sensors. I think that’s just taking it to another level.

sage: I don’t know if this is better than Jason’s shitty sports’ side-comments. I really don’t know. Oh well, anything can be an improvement over that, I guess.

You know you’re getting popular when the number of backhanded compliments start increasing.

Sheba: Jason’s blog got hijacked by Kogarashi? I am not sure if I should be scared and running for my life or fall on my knees, melted by Kogarashi’s aura of awesome just like the nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Another sign is if readers start comparing posts to awesome 80s movie scenes. I can’t wait for a post to be compared to The Crane Kick or Eye of the Tiger.

icarus: Fangirls like the ghey, and there are many, many fangirls. Also, I think this balances out bunny!Kallen and all the shots of her chest and butt we’ve had to suffer through. >_>

You are right. I think, in the long run, you’re better off appealing to fangirls than fanboys in terms of money. Like at Fanime, I saw a lot of CCS, Utena, and Ouran cosplayers, as well as Death Note and Gundam Seed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Who cares about the hardcore market when you can corner the more lucrative fangirl market? But I don’t think Sunrise fully got the memo… do fangirls really want Lulu x Rolo over Lulu x Suzaku? Or even the fact that they stubbornly insist on pushing out more mecha?

Sunrise would probably be raking it in with three version of Code Geass: Lulu of the Rebellion (which is the train wreck version), Suzaku of the Counterattack (the boy’s love version), and Nunnally of the Nightmare (the H-game spin-off).


Kouryuu: As for the Code Geass fandom, if my trips to Comiket and various Doujin shops prove anything, the yaoi fangirls of Geass are just as numerous if not more than the straight fanboys of the show. And considering we have characters like Kallen with delicious thighs, and Lolis like Kaguya-Hime, that’s a lot of doujin everywhere.

See, you make the train wreck version to sell toys, make the BL version for the fangirls as well as the non-traditional males, and the H version for the core attendees of Comiket.

Incarnadine: I don’t know why, but I was expected to be Rick Rolo’d sometime during the episode.

I don’t even want to know what that means.

Nobuharu: God Damn. I almost pissed myself when I saw the banner, for I was half expecting a ”く く く 、メイド ガイ フリーズ ボイス!” followed by fish man wang.

Maid Guy Freeze Voice!

(Not the same, not the same.)


Spanaird: They were rather lucky that methane-container happened to be there, and whose location was included on a rather mundane looking map. I am beginning to worry Rolo wants to lulu Lulu.

Yeah, I agree that the methane containers just being there was total weaksauce. For one, who stores methane under the water? Besides Britannia, I guess. And, uh, points for using the new “lulu” verb.

Ithekro: Is there a full body shot of Kallen in this new exposed shoulder’s outfit? I’m wondering what the rest of it looks like (on her).

Um, I want one too. Kallen finally gets a nice frilly outfit, and she finally gets Lulu to make a move on her. And what does she do? Drive him away into the arms of a man. When she rejected him, I was like “NOOOOOO!” She screwed up. But I’m glad someone took the time to correct the mistake.

My favorite comments from that post:

bluethree: “Too bad Lulu. enjoy your Rolo.”
Pidgin: “They should title this: ‘Lulu discovers heterosexuality’ somewhere in the wilderness, Rolo is crying, alone and forgotten.”
KG: “hah Lulu prolly do not deserve Kallen at all. Kallen and CC should just get together and do a great lesbo scene and forget Lulu for good.”
Val: “Send Sunrise a bunch of letters to rewrite the episode for the DVD release? YES WE CAN!”
Neriya: “That’s definitely his ‘What the hell have I been doing going after Suzaku and Rolo for the last 31 episodes’ look.”

GhostBanquo: Lelouch asking “Kallen” to comfort him was probably the only sensible thing i’ve ever seen any Code Geass character do in the entire series.

Why is “Kallen” in quotes? If I kept track of “Awesome Logic Moments” (ALM) like I keep track of AKM, then this would be ALM #1. Not ALM #1 for this episode… for this season.

Jounin: I remember Jason commenting how Sunrise was being environmentally sound by recycling plot lines, but now they’re recycling within the same series!

With this episode, they’re recycling old comic books as well. I can’t wait for Lulu to get bitten by a radioactive spider six episodes from now.

Dissent: Does anybody else use ‘kukuku’ irl now?
Like today at work this lady was fixing her boobs in her bra in the break room when I walked in.
Her:Woops, you caught me. How embarrasing.
Me: Kukuku.
Her: What?
Me: …

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Goddamn, how did I miss that quote by Dissent? I’m busting my balls laughing here.

  2. Overpopulate China more than it is? Heck will there be enough space? Haha.. Sunrise never ceases to amuse me…

  3. My 10 year old sister likes Code Geass far more than I do, does it count as a shoujo series yet? Or is the lack of a shirtless Suzaku holding it back?

  4. Uh, does no one seem to mind that Zero freaking have one million spare uniforms in his closet? Why does a man have one million identical uniform? Obsessive compulsive disorder?

  5. Why does the shot of a the Zeros remind me of the costume ball from “Zorro: the Gay Blade” where everyone comes to the ball dressed as Zorro (including Zorro, but not “Zorro” who comes in drag)? (Yes, George Hamilton as both Zorros)


  7. You know, if someone ‘shopped Schneizel’s hair to make it grayish black, he really WOULD look like Miles Edgeworth. Objection!

    Seriously, Schneizel’s gonna get his hands on a nuke soon. This could blow up Lulu’s plans.

  8. Haha, there’s a whole lotta logic flaws in this one, but you gotta admit, Lulu really owned Britannia’s ass with this stunt. I think that they picked the ice thing as either a cosmetic part, or because one could conceptually transport people on icebergs without fear of capsizing.

    Also, well… wouldn’t it be awesome if they all appeared out of the smoke as Maid Guys? Hehe, Gilford would think twice before attacking THAT crowd. Hehe.

  9. First was California…
    then Dallas…
    who’s next… New York or Washington D.C.

    Anyway, Lelouch took away one million japanese people with him, but he’s to return to Ashford to keep his lie alive. I wonder how he will use them?

  10. i predict a Alejandro Corner(frm Gundam 00) similarity from our pal frm China, Xing-Ke.

    the only problem that Sunrise has in trying to create a similar situation from Vendetta is that Guy Fawkes is dead whilst Lulu aint and the parliament did get blown up, while here the chances of Brittania’s homeland getting bombed is almost nil. than again, its Sunrise..

    and damnit, where the hell is CC?!!!

  11. This brings up a very important question.

    What are they all wearing underneath? The clothes a lot of them were wearing before wouldn’t fit underneath the Zero Costume.

  12. Well I was going to make some comment but, it’s not methane containers its probable a methane pump, or some sort of extraction device. I see it plausible. There are beds of methane (Although normally solid until someone disturbs the environment) near the shore under the ocean floor that if we have a means of extraction would be awesome source of more fuel. And in Code Geass future it has the technology to do so. Not unreasonable.
    Really though I’m surprised that they have that but Not a nuke so they have a little high school girl the head of development for a nuclear equivalent device.
    hum… Other note why is the Meido in the circle of people who know who Zero is? As i understand its a very very small circle, maybe cause he can’t do laundry so he has the meido do it.

  13. […] and Nunnally of the Nightmare (the H-game spin-off).

    Powersuit Zero x Nemo Nunally HCG now plz.

  14. Okay, I’m not sure why Zero would want to move everyone out of the country

    Wake me up when he will divide the water of Sea of Area 11 through the power of C.C.

  15. I’m Zero!
    I’m Zero!
    I’m Zero, and so is my dog!

  16. i predict(or heard somewhere else and am now acting like I found it out on my own) that ms. Romeyer(Nunally’s protector) is actually Cornelia in disguise!

    Same hairstyle, same bitchy look and Cornelia must now that Zero will go after Nunally!

  17. “China will grow larger…”

    With the help of the Black Knights, Xing-ke plans to have China overthrow Britannia and take over the world! Well, it’s possible…

  18. C.C. did at least show up in the last shot of everybody on the ship – hopefully we’ll actually hear her voice next time.

    Millay’s analysis reminded me of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. If your enemy is just a popular person, that’s one thing, but what do you do when he’s a symbol, or worse, a meme?

  19. Cecile outfit was worth to look at but did anybody notice but the way Lloyd was sitting. Make me think that Lloyd was the one to told her to wear the outfit :P Just give that man a pink hat and a cane for the rest of the season for the biggest pimp I seen yet. And Zero is too smart for Britannia, they can learn from him in tactics alone. He the only guy in the series that can take out a small army not once but Five times in the show yet.

  20. Also, Zero continues to be awesome without using his Geass at all.

  21. haha i wouldn’t be suprised if Ms Romeyer does remove the wig and to be revealed as Cornelia. Sunrise afterall

  22. By George (whichever one) I think Megaman0 has got it!

    And Dop, stop trying to get me fired at work. (They already think I’m crazy, thanks to Jason.)

    The “Zero trick” was just so over-the-top (just like the rest of this series). I can imagine the conversation in the Security HQ:

    “Right, now we don’t want to let any crazy Elevens get close to the G.G. with weapons, like happened to Lord Kurunungi. Look sharp, and check every bag, eveven if there are a million of them!”

    “Uh sir? Our scanners and spot checks indicate that everyone’s bags contain smoke bombs and Zero costumes. And why did they show up with bags anyway, as if they were going on a trip?”

    “For the candy, I guess…. I didn’t realize it was Halloween.”

  23. In lieu of more important plot events this episode, like Kallen and Lulu correcting their mistake from last week, I was left wondering at the end “Where do we go from here??”. Going to the presumed destination of China seems like pretty much a dead end plotwise, so the only other logical places would be the EU or Britannia itself. And who knows how the school bit’s going to be handled now…

    I liked Anya’s screentime though, and her “Suzaku, are you a masochist?” line from out of the blue was the funniest thing this episode.

  24. Dear god, It’s a Spartacus reference, not a V for Vendetta reference.

    Why do you people watch this show if all you do is complain about it…?

  25. Best Zero = Rakshata. I wonder how she plans on smoking that hash when she’s got a helmet on.

  26. Kaisos: Just goes to show how old you (and I) are, I guess. V never entered into my head.

  27. I don’t think ms Romeyer is even wearing a wig…her hairstyle is exactly the same as Cornelia’s only she wears it in a bun and it’s a different colour.

    It would be a legit trap since Cornelia knows Zero will try and get to Nunally eventually.

    Also she’s voiced by the same V.A. as Villeta Nu so it could mean that it’s a small role…

  28. I don’t know, I can’t see Ms Romeyer as Cornelia, since I don’t see Gilford all over her

  29. The last time someone ran at Suzaku with a knife, we got to see Kallen’s melonpan (more so in the DVD version). Even though the results were the same, at least Kallen had the advantage of being nakkid and using her coat as cover for the knife. The logic-defying aspect is that an Eleven got so far into the government building. They refer to him as an Eleven and not an Honorary Brit, so it is likely he “borrowed” the uniform. Britannia has such lax security.

    I agree with Phuong, Schneizel talks about making a peaceful world but is involved in a lot of black weapons projects (like Orange-kun) and is working on getting a nuclear weapon. Sounds pretty suspicious to me.

  30. I can’t be the only one who thought of Pikmin when I saw the first picture. All we need now is Lelouch’s whistle. *pheep*

  31. I like how Cecile is all dressed up yet right next to her Lloyd is in his normal lab clothes and slouching. Perfect “ah screw it” imagery.

  32. By the way, about the whole “Everyone can be called by an object and an honorific thing”, I nominate Suzaku as “Twinkie-dono” or “Fruitcake-dono”.

  33. Yeah, I agree that the methane containers just being there was total weaksauce. For one, who stores methane under the water?

    Natural Gas (primarily Methane) is a pretty common byproduct of oil fields and coal beds. It used to be flared off at drilling sites, but is now collected as it’s quite valuable.
    The tanks on the ocean floor would be collecting the Natural Gas from the old oil well sites as it seeped up from the well holes.

  34. The methane last episode is specifically methane hydrate, which is solid on the ocean floor and thought to be a new fuel source, see Darkmirage’s blog for an explanation.

    Ms. Romeyer and Corenlia do look similar, but why is she in hiding anyway (subtlety is something she lacks outside of combat)?

    And I agree, Schneizel will probably try to make a bid for the throne at some point (perhaps Emperor Charlie is expecting Lelouch to remove all ‘obstacles’ for him).

  35. >>…Pizza Hut-kun.

    WTH. It’s Pizza Butt.
    Pizza. Butt.

  36. @@, the alliteration at the opening paragraph had my head spinning

  37. The blatant V for Vendetta reference was sort of spoiled by the fact that the scene just wouldn’t stop being absurd.

    How many clothing factories did Lulu have to geass to make a million costumes and a million pointy helmets? How did a million people change so quickly? And how was it not obvious that Zero!doggy was the real Zero? *shot*

    I don’t think it really matters. XD But then, I’d actually prefer Lelouch x Kallen and minimal fanservice, so I doubt my opinion counts for much.

  38. Maid Guy Freeze Voice!

    (Not the same, not the same.)

    Pretty damn close though….

  39. Project Habakkuk

  40. (Whoops, hit enter too soon.)

    Project Habakkuk was an actually serious plan to build an ice-based aircraft carrier during World War II, to close the atlantic gap. Part of the plan was to mix wood pulp into the ice to improve structural strength, and to circulate chilled brine through pipes to keep the ice cool.

    Frankly, when I saw the iceberg ship show up, I thought to myself “what an awesome reference!”

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