code geass r2 9 discussion

Pizza butt
(Pizza butt)
Pizza butt, I’m a marionette

1280 x 1024

(Scary how fast fan art is being pumped out for Code Geass R2.)

Egads. You guys sure had a lot on your minds for the last episode. Most of it extra cheesy with Canadian bacon on top. But first, I have a message:

Dear dragon,

If you are going to write 5,000 words, please capitalize the first letter of each sentence and break up thoughts into paragraphs. It makes for much easier reading. I had to print out your comments to read on the toilet, and I almost got hemorrhoids because it was so damn long and hard to read. (But they were enjoyable.)

Thank you.

And the best unintentional (or is it on purpose, you sly devil?) humor is that right beneath the sponser eyecatch consisting of top tier uber-cleavage it says BIGLOBE. If this doesn’t sum up the female cast’s costumery enhancements, I don’t know what does.
– Okami

No, completely unintentional. I’m actually heavily disappointed that we don’t get gravure shots or long pans of the girls anymore. We just get teased. I’m beginning to hate this 6 PST timeslot.

I think the only company sponsor that could be funnier is Round Table Pizza… that’s hilarious on at least three different levels (pizza, Round Table, and just round)… but I think these guys disagree…

There actually is a restaurant chain called C.C.’s Pizza Buffet. 3 bucks all you can eat, but the Pizza is horrible by all accounts. They might just be up in the northeast.
– canthics

CiCi’s is actually $5 now, but they’re not horrible. I think Little Casaer’s is worse. I prefer Pizza Hut’s $7 lunch buffet if I want to stuff myself full of greasy pizza. Plus, there’s like no CiCi’s within 200 miles of me. Though my favorite cheap pizza might be Fast Pizza. They’re a chain local to the Silicon Valley area, but they have delicious reasonably priced pizza. They also have a neat little tagline: “Delicious pizza! You must try it!” Plus, they’re fast. Shame they don’t have a formal website.

Maybe the producer likes eating pizza here in the states. C.C.’s pizza would be 100% better if they decided to use her as their mascot. I’m surprised I didn’t catch the C.C. pizza reference, we have them down here in Florida too. lol
– Blademum

I’d eat at her pizza establishment, if you know what I mean.

Good god, C.C. is eating the Pizza Hut weiner-crust pizza. I didn’t even notice that until I saw your screenshots. How is she not a size 16 yet?
– Kotetsu

From almost exactly I year ago, I wrote about this topic. Needless to say, I bet C.C. is sticking her finger down her throat after every meal. Even the Olsen twins are horrified.


This episode has SOME semblance of a plot, but like, it freaking drowns it in too much stupid.
– Keiya

I couldn’t have put it better myself. I think “Drowning in Stupid” should be the tagline for the show and not “Lelouch of the Rebellion.”

Orange-Kun: This poor guy…Necromancers would blush at how often Sunrise resurrects this guy. As far as plot is concerned, I’m really not paying attention anymore. I think Sunrise relies very heavily on “suspension of disbelief” to make their shows work.
– Blademun

I don’t really care about the plot anymore. I just pay it some lip service, but I’m mostly around for emo facial distortions, generous melonpan, OH GEASS NO brokenness, and what other kinds of logic breaks Sunrise can come up with. My favorite has to be bringing yet more characters back from the dead… why stop at Orange-kun or even Mao? Why not bring Erstin Ho back? She didn’t die when her slave got whacked, she merely teleported to China. Oh man, did I just give Sunrise a bad idea?

I noticed the chess part too! So Lulu won after all… LOL! I’m seriously wondering why I’m watching this show anymore.
– meromero

We’re firmly entrenched in the “I think this show is stupid, but I can’t stop watching” segment of this post. I think Code Geass R2 is a first ballot inductee into the Train Wreck Hall of Fame.

(Though I still think it’s one of best shows so far this year. Entertaining as hell no matter how you slice it.)


…and why does zero needs another loli for his harem?… when will it end??
– EvilDevil

Jealous? Though Nunnally’s technically Suzaku’s loli.

Lulu’s laugh at the end was pure win, (instantly reminding me of Jinnai from El Hazard, now THAT’S the way for a megalomaniac to laugh) best way to gloat as he adds another loli to his harem.
– Spanky

Well, I still don’t think Lulu has a harem. He has haremettes who wishes to join his harem, but he just wants Nunnally to be safe and to cuddle and spoon with Suzaku. He needs to make a real move with respect to Kallen, C.C., or Shirley for me to believe otherwise. Though I wonder what would happen if Lulu and Mion procreated? Would that offspring have the ultimate laugh? I wonder.

I would love to know the point in Lulu adding more to his harem when he doesn’t even ‘use’ them … haha? (Yay shirtless-dono x lulu!)

See, saimaisama agrees with me. Though I think he “uses” them, just as pawns for his rebellion. He doesn’t pull a Hakuoro where he uses them both as pawns and as friends with benefits. OTL.

Nothing says bad ass then to drink champagne in the middle of the desert and fantasising how bad ass he is….I wonder what would happen if we replace orange-kun with Hosaka hmm……….
– Shadowbreak

Kimochi warui~~

I think I’d rather substitute Hosaka for Lulu. Can you imagine Hosaka dreaming about rescuing Nunnally and liberating Japan, only he’s really stripping / making pizza at Pizza Hut? Kallen could even slide into the Maki role.


I look forward to reading your CG blogs with every passing epi Jason. They are so filled with amusing comparisons and… other good stuff. :) How do think of all this stuff for not only this anime but like 10 other ones every week?
– Lateraldeath

Thanks for the encouragement. Honestly, it takes a lot and a lot of sleep deprivation and prescription drugs. Right now, I’m on codeine for my allergies, and I think it’s helping my blogging more than my allergies.

(Though recently, I’ve only been writing about Code Geass R2 weekly… Kamen no Meido Guy doesn’t seem to have a fansubber anymore. Trying to fill the void with Macross Frontier, but it’s just not the same.)


Seemed like the whole chess thing was a subtle hint from Scheinzel to Lelouch that the Emperor was going to show up soon. “Don’t underestimate the white King.” Note that when everybody else is freaking out about zero crashing the ceremoncy Schienzel is like “didn’t i give you enough warnings?” I think Lelouch and Schienzel have a similar goal-destroying their father.
– Dissent

An actual thought out and reasonable analysis. What’s it doing here? Dissent, stop watching Code Geass and use your common sense for good. Go run for mayor or something. Pick a city, run, and I’ll help you campaign. YES WE CAN!

What? You are telling me that there are people out there who are still trying to explains Code Geass? Man, I really wish those brave souls good luck, they gonna need it.
– zodmaner

I just want these people to run for office. Between McCain, Obama, and Dissent, I might just pick Dissent. Hey, what’s your energy policy? How do you plan on solving the current gas and inflation crisis?

Lightening round… random comments I liked but don’t really have any responses for…

For the britannian dress designer(s): ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!
– cpbong

A trembling DFC figurehead leader of the Chinese Federation is fine too.
– Nanatsuya

Kallen – every single camera angle of her in that “whats-the-point-it-covers-nothing” top, pure win fanservice.
– SmallFry

The thing I found the most absurd/funny about this episode was Lelouch’s “So.. after this is all over wanna go back to Ashford” line. Does that mean that Lulu is planning on going back to school after conquering the world?
– Tim

End lightening round.

Regarding Kaguya: I’m in love. I can’t think of any Loli I’ve found so moe with such little screen time.
– Blademum

What about Anya? She’s slandering you on twitter right now for not considering her. I think Anya’s twitterrific. Maybe next poll: favorite low screentime Code Geass R2 underaged female character.

(Though how old is Anya? Should I even ask this? Would the answer be in the 12 to 24 range?)

(But what about URACHI URACHI URACHI or this girl?)

I’m sorry, Jason, everyone, but I cannot have been the only one to notice these two things…

First: around 3:47 we see Toudou talking with his female subordinate in the background cooking something. Am I the only one who noticed it seems she’s wearing nothing more than an apron?

Second: Around the 6 minute mark when Zero is called to the Ikaruga’s bridge…it would seem that Code Geass has finally gotten itself some bridge bunnies. Who knows if they continue to be there in the future, but wouldn’t that just make for win?
– Galen2

What’s to be sorry about? Bridge bunnies are always awesome, though these felt like a desperate reach by Sunrise… I mean… since when did Code Geass feature huge ships? Well, at least with bridge bunnies, the Gundamification of Code Geass is almost complete. All they are missing is the bouncing Haro ball. Or do Millay’s melonpan fulfill this role?

There were a million threads on /a/ yesterday about chess and the best “explanation” was that they were playing a heavily modified version of international speed chess. The emphasis is, of course, on “heavily modified”.
– Beowulf Lee

I still prefer the “Sunrise being Sunrise” explanation. We’re definitely in the “Manny being Manny” zone with Sunrise, and we’re in the “Why bother questioning what Sunrise does? It’s Sunrise!” much like Red Sox Nation and Manny. Though it’s a definite possibility that Manny is the real scriptwriter behind this show…

Best. Episode. Ever. If only for the Kallen underboob. Screw side boob (kukuku) that was so two episodes ago.
– Ben

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Gosh Jason… How old are you? I just finished reading your analysis on Ouran, and thougt it was amazing. Your grammar is good as well. ( I’m trying to perfect my grammar here.) Good job in writing the posts!!!

    I rank Code Geass with Chiko in first place for the most entertaining anime of the season. =)

    Suzaku should just marry Lulu, and all the girls that are chasing Lulu can be the bridesmaids. Nunally should says a few words at the reception, and then it’s off to the Honeymoon!

  2. Man – it would be so awesomely terrible if Erstin showed up. (Was she the only named character that died permanently in the whole Hime-verse?)

  3. But they were enjoyable.
    The hemorrhoids?
    Am I alone in not having any clue whatsoever on what’s going on in this picture? All I see is, dream pizza, humping cheese-kun, turns around, sleeps.
    “Wiping Hosaka”, that’s an interesting idea for a game…

  4. I remember seeing screenshots of the chess game that shows that Lelouch has several more pieces on his board later in the game than he did at an earlier point in the game. Soo…. this Sunrise reviving dead characters trend applies to game pieces as well.

    Also, Toudou is stoic in all things, even when faced with naked apron.

  5. >>>Gosh Jason… How old are you?

    >delcious melonpan
    >moe blob
    >thigh meat
    >emo facial distortion
    >*sports reference here*

    I’m gonna go with… 35.

  6. Man – it would be so awesomely terrible if Erstin showed up. (Was she the only named character that died permanently in the whole Hime-verse?)

    Oh, come on. This is Sunrise. You know it’ll just take another not-so-alternate universe sequel to bring her back to life.

  7. But is even Sunrise Sunrisey enough to bring her back in an entirely different series? (Also considered spellings: Sunrisy, Sunrisie, Sunrisish)

  8. With Sunrise, always expect the unexpected. Or rather, the inexplicable.

  9. Good call with the “Lightening round” as “Lightning round” is already trademarked by one Jim Cramer. Perhaps it will be another recurring theme?

  10. I’m like that rat who never learns that the cheese is hooked up to electricity.

    “If Scheniezel sympathizes with Lelouch who killed his mom? Only one left is the emperor or did she commit suicide? She did send away her guards and Cornelia…”
    These little drippings of plot make it seem like the anime could be about more then just fan service, product placement, and love triangles.

    Sunrise has been doing this to me since “I’ve been seeing the past in one eye and the present in the other”, but I never learn.

    They should be able to balance the table-humping, pizza eating with the unveiling of the mystery of who killed Lelouch’s mom and what the hell is going with CC/VV/the Emperor. The show feels bloated with filler right now.

    Still, my heart doki-doki’s like Mako-cakes with a new pair of strapless sandals every time they drop these little hints of what could have been.

  11. A theory occurred to me while reading this post.

    I was thinking about C.C. downing 4000+ calories in a sitting yet not gaining a pound, and then Lulu’s growing non-harem when it struck me.

    If C.C. isn’t ralphing up her stuffed crust afterwards, she must be doing some strenuous activity to burn it all off. Well, I can think of one thing that would fit the bill – satisfying a harem the size of Lulu’s. Think about it – Lulu didn’t start building a harem until C.C. gave him his Geass. He’s clearly not interested in them, but they still stick around. Add in Kallen inexplicably turning him down.

    Clearly, he’s not building HIS harem, he’s under secret instructions to keep C.C. happy while he pursues his own goals. And C.C. is putting a delivery guy through college in order to keep her strength up to perform her, uh, duties.

    It all hangs together!

    On the other hand, this may just be a side effect of the fact that my transgender Haruhi image folder just passed my normal Haruhi image folder in both total size and total images. OTL

  12. Trading Code Geass R2 for Hosaka and more Minami-ki. Yep that’s the ticket. I’d vote for it.

  13. “Kamen no Meido Guy doesn’t seem to have a fansubber anymore.”

    When good anime gets dropped in favor of lackluster anime that’s only half the fun (i.e. consult Vampire Knight or ToLoveRu and its 3 to 4 fansubbers.)

    I could get the raws and try to translate them, but I’d only be half accurate. That and I only have Windows Movie Maker. XD


  14. I could get the raws and try to translate them, but I’d only be half accurate. That and I only have Windows Movie Maker. XD

    H264 sucks anyway boo hoo VLC plays everything boo hoo where are my subs boo hoo codecs are for fags boo hoo etc.

  15. oh? so maid guy got dropped?? damn…

  16. Hurray! I got a these are my readers!

    Aside from Maid Guy going under the radar what happened to Kanokon? I guess Ayako is still doing it, but it didn’t get licensed and it seems to have been pulled from Animesuki. Color me confused, but excited that I have 6 new episodes of kitsune to watch.

  17. Ayako may not have droped Kogarashi, Daghter of Manly Hosaka. Their site is still down though and they’re only on episode 2. ;_:

  18. Ayako’s kanokon subs are all on

  19. Anya is 14.

  20. I’d spam C.C.

  21. they dare drop maid guy from sub??? why why this is so unfair!!!…

  22. >>Man – it would be so awesomely terrible if Erstin showed up. (Was she the only named character that died permanently in the whole Hime-verse?)

    No. The only one that died permanently was the bitch that got impaled by Midori’s giant hound-thing near the end. The very end of Zwei implies that Erstin reincarnated as the little hooded girl.

  23. hmm..i’ve checked the fansub group for maid guy and it seems that they do not have enough translators…hence the delay i guess…

  24. Wow..quoted three times.. A complete and total honor my little bit of posting was noteworthy.

    However, I have to disagree with you on Anya. At age 14 she can not truly be considered loli. I take this distinction from /a/; once it has boobs, its not loli anymore. Tis like comparing phantom weight’s to featherweights. Anya is in the same class with the lucky star girls (minus miyuki).

    And on a completely off-topic note: Speaking of /a/, during this lull in the middle of the week with no new releases, I finally watched Rozen Maiden. The entire thing..and read the manga.. Desu~~~

    Regarding Maid Guy, I heard that some raw providers in Japan got busted recently. Not sure of the legality behind arresting them but I heard its reduced the amount of raw’s available. This might be affecting Maid Guys fansubbing process.

  25. Blademun : There’s a simple solution. And it’s called DFC. No need to squabble about age then! Even though 14 is the new 17…

  26. I see raws for episodes 8, 9, and 10 on Tokyo Toshokan, so… no. 3-7 have been subbed by some other lame group already.

  27. Zetsubou ishta !!!
    Sunrise being Sunrise has left me in despair !!!

  28. More Minami-ki is always good. Oh this is about Code Geass? Bah. Kana would have a more more interesting rebellion by now. Haruka would be winning the war thought her personality while Chiaki leads her class in various Frames against Brittania. Hosaka would be on his way to take over North America with his 5 star Pizza chain. Malko-cakes would be a double agent placed in Chiaki’s class by Brittania but loyal to the rebellion because of Haruka.

  29. >>…..09/106.jpg
    “Wiping Hosaka”, that’s an interesting idea for a game…

    Wiping naked guys is an actual DS game. Hosaka is not included however.

    Am I alone in not having any clue whatsoever on what’s going on in this picture? All I see is, dream pizza, humping cheese-kun, turns around, sleeps.

    1. Dream pizza.
    2. Awake, cold, Lelouche has all the blanket.
    3. Lelouche feels C.C. snuggling up to him.
    4. Both sleep.

  31. @crash

    CC’s getting her rocks off with cheese-kun, then using Lelouch as a cuddly sleeping device.

  32. @Dissent

    She’s _cold_, you pervert.

  33. >> She’s _cold_, you pervert.

    That’s way too tame for this blog. Even if that’s what it is, we must make it scandalous!

  34. It suprises me every time when I remember that Sunrise made Cowboy Bebop too. What a great anime about men(and woman), who just want to eat good food.

    Sure CG got seriously ridiculous moments and plot turns but I can’t say that I’m not enjoying it. There’s too many too predictable shows but CG keeps suprising me. Though not always positively.
    I’m sure something like this happened at Sunrise with season 1:
    “OMG we only got couple episodes left and no word, if we get another season. What are we going to do with all subplots?”
    “No use to waste them. Just throw in all we got and end it with cliffhanger.”
    “Cliffhanger? Even if we’d get another season, we haven’t written story yet.”
    “We’ll figure something.”

    Even if some those cliffhangers(so many) are good, what’s the point if at the beginning of the next episode they’ll reset all emotional build-up of the last episode? Still, Lulu is so evil that I’ll continue to follow him.

    Btw. Anyone ever wondered what would it look like if Llouyd and Leeron would go out to party? Would it just be awesome, or should I run for my life?

  35. “She’s _cold_, you pervert.”

    So the cheese is not always served hot.

    Surprised Lulu didn’t jump out of bed from being grabbed by such a cold woman.

  36. By any chance we’ll have a descent final for Code Geass R2? I guess not.

    By any means, SUNRISE wants to squeeze every drop to Code Geass popularity since it was a big success the last year; but SUNRISE being SUNRISE will make the same train wreck that we all know (Mai Hime/Otome, IdolM@aster): Hopefully, that year they let pass between seasons will help, even just a little, in the storyline (if they have any), and will make up to our expectations.

    Damn it, I’m already talking like my father

  37. You live in the Bay Area, don’t you? Please tell me you’ve tried the local chain Pizza My Heart.

  38. *hangfire*
    um no she’s not cold no way. cheese kun would be smoking a cig in panel 3 and 4 if he could.

  39. >>>Gosh Jasmin… How old are you?

    Ju-nana sai desu!

  40. Speaking of Minami-ke… the horror is that Okawari was actually more faithful to the original manga character designs than Doumu was (metrosexual Fujioka, more feminine Mako-cakes). I have no words now.

    Okay, I have one thing to say: Manga-version “raep time” Hayami is more manly than Mako-cakes can ever hope to be.

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