code geass r2 10

This is not a bad development… this is not a bad development…


Wonderfully entertaining series. There’s never a dull moment, and there’s something in this show for everyone. DFC? Melonpan? Suzaku? Rolo? Ridiculous plot twists? Emo facial distortions? Pizza Hut? Mecha product placement? It just doesn’t end. Code Geass R2 is just genius on so many levels, just not on the classical “well-written” level. That by no means a failure. I thought shows like Shigofumi and Mushishi were well-written, and what did it earn them? Do they get the same love and attention as Code Geass R2? Hell no.

It’s really the perfect child syndrome. Let’s say you are a parent, and you have a high school kid who does great in school, very athletic, and is dating someone like Maria. You probably wouldn’t worry about this kid, nor would you pay him any excessive attention or extra doting since he doesn’t need the encouragement to do better. And, honestly, what could you teach him at that point if he’s scoring with Maria? However, let’s say that this kid has a twin brother, who isn’t doing as great in school (might not even make it to Ohio State this point), can’t bench even half his body weight, and is dating someone like Lala. You’d worry about him more. You’d watch over his studies and make sure he’s getting some exercise.

That’s the way it is with Code Geass R2. A show like Kamen no Maid Guy or Daughter of Twenty Faces are just solid. Code Geass R2 could be like those two, but it’s not, and I think that’s a reason why everyone gets worked up about it. There’s just more unfulfilled potential.


At this point, there’s maybe three kinds of people watching this show.

1. Those who have accepted that Code Geass R2 for what it is and doesn’t care about what happens, as long as it’s entertaining and features healthy melonpan. They’ll also stop trying to analyze the show. It’s like the parent of that Lala-dating twin just giving up, stopping special tutoring lessons, and going, “Well, even if he decides to fish for king crabs in Alaska, I’ll still love him. Hell, I might even write a book about it.”

(Needless to say, I’m in this group.)

2. Casual fans who don’t care about anything except for putting together gunpla, planning to cosplay as Anya at the next anime con, writing a (futile) 500 word plot summary for their anime blogs, acquiring material for their upcoming 16 part Lulu x Suzaku fan fic, or just bored out of their frickin’ minds and nothing else is good on TT right now. These parents of the Lala-dater probably just blindly sign the kid’s report cards and field trip permission slips because they’re too busy with work, cooking, cheating on their spouse, or World of Warcraft to care.

3. The people who can’t believe that people out there are criticizing the show. It’s fantastic anime! The writing is top notch! Keeping with the parent analogy, they think that the Lala-dater can make it to Harvard with a sub-3.0 GPA and sub-1100 SAT score. They also think Lala is disease-free. Of course, these people also can’t take criticism of their kid as well as their illogical sense of their child’s worth. “What do you mean he’s not good enough for Notre Dame’s football team?! I’LL KILL YOU! I KILL YOU!!!! I SLICE YOU GOOD!!!!!!!!!”



And let’s RI-I-I-I-I-IDE
Check ’em out now
And let’s RI-I-I-I-I-IDE
Check em out now

Needless to say, seeing Zero with two overwhelmed DFC figurehead leader lolis in tow made me break out the Jay-Z.

Though I’d definitely love to see a Higurashi parody with the Code Geass characters… I can imagine Sakuya in Rika’s role and Tian-Zi in Hanyuu’s… with Sakuya pleading with Tian-Zi… “We can’t do it without your strength! We can’t overthrow Britannia if we don’t work together!” Definitely, Lulu would be Maebara, Suzaku would be Mr. Delicious, Kallen would be Rena, and C.C. would be one of the Mion/Shion pair with Millay as the other.




Hun. Many, many questions. How much pizza did C.C. eat to get the whole Cheese-kun set? Where did she learn to drive a truck? Didn’t anyone tell her, “Hey, we’re running a rebellion, maybe it’s not so appropriate…”? Why does she value Cheese-kun as much as Shion values Satoshi? Why isn’t the truck a Pizza Hut truck? So this alternate reality can build flying robots and extract nitrates, but there’s no GPS? By far, this is the biggest stretch that people would be reading maps in the future. I can already picture myself as a crazy old man trying to explain to my grandkids how I had to visit to find directions as well as how I had to carry around a Blackberry instead of an iSlug.


She carries it around everywhere… if you were a Black Knight, would it make you feel good that your leader, Zero, has a confident who lugs around a Pizza Hut promotional toy? And I still can’t figure out how she gets pizza delivered to all these weird places. It must be Digorno’s, right?

“Hi, I’d like to place an order for a stuffed crust supreme pizza. I have a coupon for $2 off as well as a free Cheese-kun sticker set.”

“Okay, that’ll be $16 with delivery fuel surcharge. How do you intend to pay?”

“Credit card. I’m on file as ‘ihatesuzaku’, password “kallenhasvd’.”

“Okay, confirmed. Where would you like it delivered to?”

“The Grave of Tian-Zi. It’s heavily fortified and lots of knightmare frames flying around. Can’t miss it.”

“No problem. Thanks for the order C.C., and your pizza should be there in 45 minutes.”

(Does she even have a function in the plot anymore? If they are making her drive trucks, that’s pretty damn low on the totem pole.)


Loved Kallen’s sheepish jealous look when she saw C.C. and Zero walk by. If it were Louise, a thousand “Baka inu!’s” would have broken out. I wonder which episode will feature Kallen and C.C. bawling like Kyou and Ryou when they find out that they have no chance with Lulu after Lulu gets very defensive after a tennis ball hits Suzaku?


More toys to buy… mission accomplished! Even though the knightmare frame technology of the United States of Japan has improved a bit, Toudou still needed to use a map to find the battlefield.


Seeing Kallen’s mobile suit– err– knightmare frame– tied up isn’t as exciting as seeing Kallen tied up. Though gotta hand it to Sunrise… hey, power failure at the most critical juncture of battle. Whodathunkit? Also gotta love how the Black Knights flight deck staff were thinking, “Our most important and powerful knightmare frame just returned. Even though battle could break out any moment, let’s not bother topping it off.” Also, since I’ve been watching Code Geass, I’ve been wondering what they run on. Apparently, if it’s not sakuradite, do they run on solar? Electricity? Fuel cells? Or the ego of the person piloting it?

(But the good part about Kallen being captured by the Chinese? Hello Kallen x Xing-Ke dojinshis! I can’t complain about this development, can I?)


Bridge bunnies have improved the show 25%. Having Zero command a ridiculous land carrier has made it worse 10%. So it’s still a net gain.

(Andohbytheway, what happened to that other new character? You know, Rolo? The one who hasn’t done jack in like four episodes.)


I like how the battle is turning multinational… do we assume South America and Canada are already part of Britannia?

(Random Urd bra glimpse 4tw.)


Definitely. We need to send Urd a “Thank You” card for designing these new knightmare frames, and I’m not talking about how they now are equipped with the heat radiation wave technology. I do wonder if the Black Knights have a “You must be a d-cup or larger to join” recruitment policy.


Still a ridiculous looking knightmare frame. Looks like it should be in Cirque de Soleil rather than a battlefield.


Trying to think of a great large scale battle in anime. Banner of the Stars and Legend of Galactic Heroes are definites. Gundam Seed Destiny… ugh… no. It’s rare to find an anime that has battles with real strategy-based ebb-and-flow. I don’t think Code Geass R2 is going to fill this hole since this battle felt a lot more like L and Light-o duking it out than actual strategy taking place.

“Ha ha! I’m encircle you!”

“Ha ha! I’m flood the area!”

“Ha ha! I’m use my main cannon, which conveniently has a long recharge time!”

Though in anime and sci-fi history, has the side with the ridiculous, overpowering cannon ever won? The Death Star was blown up twice, Nick Cage stopped the VX from hitting Candlestick Park, Gurren Lagann crushed the moon laser, and Yuji stopped the penis cannon tomogara (not my joke, they made the comparison themselves in the latest Shana-tan). Though you could argue for the cannon that stops Ramiel, but I’d argue that Ramiel is the more ridiculous of the two cannons… especially in Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone. The way it acquired morphing abilities reminded me a lot of the Anti-spirals for whatever reason. I’m off-topic, ain’t I?


All hail Britannia’s dress makers! If they keep churning out such awesome clothes for Millay, I have no problems welcoming our new twitteriffic overlords.


Wait, what happened? Damn you Sunrise for giving us just a glimpse instead of a proper hot springs OVA. I hate you 6 JST.


Anya has the key to revealing how Lulu has his memory back, and everyone around her is too dumb to realize it. And what did Suzaku mean by, “That Lelouch! He has Shirley!” Did Suzaku mean that, or is he just trying to cover up his own desires?


I think Diethard wanted to fall back and retreat because he was getting jealous of how close Kallen was getting to Lulu. After all, she managed to get him to admit that she’s a healthy on-na-no-ko. He’s also secretly lacing C.C.’s pizza with arsenic like what Chiko’s aunt does with the soup.


Wasn’t this the same way that Kyrios was secured? And that turned out… well… I think.


Definitely impressed with Xing-Ke (his irrational pursuit of the DFC figurehead leader, not his mecha piloting abilities) and his female assistant. My gosh, pretty much her, Anya, and the bridge bunnies have leapfrogged Shirley in my rankings right now.


Two ridiculous plot twists at the episode of the episode… oh well, it’s like the Lala-dater just told me that he dumped Lala for Rolo. I’ll just smile and wonder if I’ll get to see him on Deadliest Catch someday.

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  1. I, for one, welcome our violet-haired, yellow-clad bridge bunnies.

    And the Lulu doppelganger? My guess that it’s the result of Arthur’s Geass. I wouldn’t put it past Sunrise.

  2. As far as Lulu dismissing the new loli leader who has taken a page out of the Mikuru book of moe modes as not his type; I get the sneaking suspicion that it’ll end like that no matter who it is as long as the person’s name doesn’t start with S and end with -uzaku.

    The first thing that comes to mind for me at the moment when thinking of large scale anime battles is oddly enough is the SOS dan taking on the computer club in Day of Sagittarius III. Albeit not much strategy, but it was still most excellent watching Nagato busting out Korean starcraft tier micro.

  3. ninja meido

  4. You know how ridiculous this show is? I bet if Lulu got turned into a cyborg and started gunning people down with his railgun arm (after Suzaku cut off his arm at the elbow) while C.C., Rolo, and Kallen went on to form Lulu’s ninja death squad I’d still be watching it thinking “You know, this makes sense.”

    This show has broken me.

  5. Maybe all the Geass symbol actually work and they’re enabling us to watch mediocre written and force us to buy weird looking rollerskating mecha’s and oddly proportioned female toys…

    Oh well time to put together my new modelkit while I finish my Pizza.

  6. I for one welcome our loli masters… wait, Zero took them all!!!!

    another lulu? maybe a lost twin? a clone?

  7. So, CC has been to China before eh (‘I remember the way from last time)?
    Well I guess we already knew that from Mao. But given she’s driving to a very specific place (Xian Te’s grave) could be significant.
    I think Sunrise might be dropping the veil of misinformation a little bit on her next week. She’s got the weird triangle thing on her head in the preview, and in the opening this week you see a room full of girls with the same alien/angel/demon/elves/esper/slider mark.
    Interesting they talk about sacrifice in this episode. I have a feeling thats how CC started out.

    And notice her face when Lelouch reacts to Kallen getting captured. I can’t tell if its concern that Lelouch is losing focus and thus reneging on their contract, jealousy over another girl, or just surprise that Lelouch is acting like a person. A couple frames later she seems happy that Lelouch decides to go back so I’m leaning toward the latter. Is Lelouch’s new attitude working towards her goal or against it?

    Also interesting was the little word play thing about what Lelouch calls Geass and what she calls it-veristreculum or something. What was that about?

    Sidebar: My favorite part of this episode was the scene in front seat of that truck. The stickers, the wordplay between CC, Tanaki and Lelouch, all good stuff. Not having Cheese-kun in a seatbelt/child’s seat was a missed oppurtunity though.
    Also that Chinese girl’s quad pony-tail is ridiculously attractive. If they moved according to her emotional state I would be inclined to giving her a spinoff show of her own.

  8. I’m surprised you didn’t show the blushing Kaguya-hime and Tianzi together… it was like a ‘another member has joined the concubine ranks’ moment. That, and Lolilouch… who looks a lot like Rollo, due to the fact that the character designs for the men are kinda limited that way.

    That, and I love Millay-oneesama. She’s the BEST. Look at how she’s handling Shirley up there, and that dress. Lloyd, you are a bloody stupid eunuch to not be paying attention to her. But then again, if you were, she wouldn’t be mine, now would she…. she’d have graduated school already, and gone off with you on your mission to design Knightmare frames. And we would lack some fanservice this season.

  9. So people have claimed that the spoilers say doppelganger Lulu=Sayoko. Best cosplayer ever?

  10. … well, she IS Japanese. And voiced by Saotome Arai, who pulled off four roles at once for Mahoraba (five, if you count the original Aoba Kozue along with her varied personalities). A top-tier meido with an affection for Lulu… you couldn’t do much better. ;)

  11. >> you couldn’t do much better.


    The true meido of the moment:

    (Also, Sayoko pretended to be Zero once before.)

  12. Okay, you can’t do THAT much better… and that’s another show. I’d still marry Sayoko. Or Maria. Or Hinagiku, even though she’s not meido…

  13. Sayako as Lulu? It would be much better if it were some random guy Lulu Geassed to get plastic surgery and act like him, and then the last 10 episodes have Lulu and fake Lulu fighting over Kallen and CC and then realizing that they could easily share…

  14. Hmmm kallens trapped in the cockpit of gurren……. think I could squeeze in with her? Maybe if I brought some baby oil with me….. mmmm oily kallen(and now I wont get any work done…)

  15. I only watch Sunrise series to read your comments afterwards. Everywhere else people are actually commenting seriously on this. But your comments just make the series so much more entertaining.
    I love how in CG and also back in Gundam 00 they completely ignore technology that is actually being used today (like Google earth and GPS) … but true, security was almost non-existant in the 21st century. Explains it all ;) Almost as good as Shinji using a walkman in 2015.

    I wonder when will Sunrise give us another masterpiece like Crest of the stars, Planetes, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop …

  16. > (Needless to say, I’m in this group.)

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    …Okay, so I was wrong in my comment in the last episode post, but hey, Kaguya X Tian Zi canon, I’m not complaining.

    Also, seconding the Hot Springs OAV. DO IT, SUNRISE.

  17. How I’ve come to loathe 6 PM JST. I never realized how much we would lose until I saw it with my own eyes. I’m not a fan of gratuitous violence mind you (I’m not going to lie about Shower-chan, mind you), but it gave the show a visceral tone that R2 has so far failed to even realize.

    Not to mention, we’re giving up the Humpability Furniture Rating System for the eyecatch loli thighs? Am I the only one thinking that we’re seeing just a bit much of the Tianzi when Kaguya is sitting RIGHT THERE in a short skirt? That she has been for at least three episodes and we still haven’t seen one bit of her below the waist?

    So I like Kaguya. Shoot me.

  18. Nice bag C.C….

    I really want those Cheese-kun window decals, they’re so cute…

  19. Have you ever had a moment when reading a blog or thread discussion, and you were suddenly struck by inspiration to make an epic post? Acting on this impulse, you write said post, supplement all your witty comments with though-out metaphors, checked all of your grammatical structures, and made a point to insert choice verbage from the popular lexicon meant to relate with the other readers/commentors. You feel wholly satisfied with your piece, eager to contribute to the hot topic at hand, and you click “Submit Comment”.

    It is then, at that instant, the Internet chooses that this of all times is the best moment TO FAIL. The post doesn’t stick, and everything you had just written is lost.

    I had something to say about the episode, but I guess it was never meant to be heard.

    Sigh. I’m going cry myself to sleep now. :(

  20. “Still a ridiculous looking knightmare frame. Looks like it should be in Cirque de Soleil rather than a battlefield.”

    First off, I must say that all frames in this show look stupid. I’ve seen better-looking mecha in 70’s and 80’s super robot shows, and that’s saying SOMETHING (Aphrodite A from Mazinger Z, people? THAT is what Kallen should be piloting).

    “Anya has the key to revealing how Lulu has his memory back, and everyone around her is too dumb to realize it.”

    YES! I was thinking that they’d do that, but apparently… egh.

    Also, if Xingke doesn’t join the Black Knights at the end of this ordeal, he should just die of FOXDIE.

    Also, I was surprised you didn’t scream “WTF!?” when they showed Lulu in the school. HOW THE **** did Lelouch get past the Chinese Federation’s security AND the massive landmass, and get to that school? REALLY?

    Anyway, so I wonder how this ends… Judging from the preview, I’d say not very well.

  21. Also, I just figured this out… Lelouch has gotten the game all wrong.

    You DON’T win using brilliant strategies, one-upmanship, and military prowess. You win by getting the most advanced prototype unitd with the MOST high-energy beam cannons as possible. Even if it’s just one unit, it’ll still destroy you grunt units. Lulu should dismiss his entire army (except Kallen and maybe Toudou), and then call Celestial Being in. Or Kogarashi. Kukuku.

    To make myself even more clear (or maybe unclear), what’s happening in Code Geass is exactly what makes Yu-Gi-Oh a gloriously stupid card game: stacking your deck with 40 rare cards that each cost AT LEAST an arm and a leg is STILL INFINITELY MORE EFFECTIVE than forming a deck that has an actual working strategy.

  22. CG2 desperately needs new mecha designers =(

  23. On the subject of the ridiculous plottwist at the end of the episode, please regard this part of Jason’s ‘analysis’:

    “Andohbytheway, what happened to that other new character? You know, Rolo? The one who hasn’t done jack in like four episodes.”

    My first idea was: the Lulu at Guildforth is actually Rolo with a wig. But I wasn’t paying much attention to the screenshot that clearly shows Rolo sitting at the table. Explanation number 2: Lulu Geassed the hell out of everyone, even Shirley who has already been Geassed. Screw logic, we want our plottwist of the week!

    Also, why doesn’t Lulu strike a deal between the Black Knights and Xing-ke’s resistance army? In exchange for full military cooperation Xing-ke gets the loli harem (Sakuya included). Doujinshi-inspiring and Chris Hansen-alerting hijinks ensue.

  24. But wouldn’t said underachiever’s parents rejoice that he’s at least dating the crown princess of a galaxy-spanning empire? It’s like a reverse Cinderella story, like the Gouvernator x Maria. That should be enough for the in-laws to overcome their aversion to her liberal views on public decency.

  25. Wasn’t that “hotsprings” pic actually from the CG Picture Books from the first season?

    Also, I have a D-Cup and over requirement as well, but unfortunately, it’s not going so hot. Harder to do in real life than you’d think.

  26. The fact remains that many of us watching CG have gone past the point of finding it all illogical and rediculous and have now reached a stage where we wholeheartedly believe that CG is perfectly logical and correct in everyway. However the downside to this is when we expect RL to be like CG, so many times I’ve tried ordering pizza from varied locations and been laughed off the phone.

    I am of course hoping for a Mao revival, just because then Lulu will at least have one nemisis that doesn’t rely on some Zord ripoff to kick his skinny pimpish arse.

  27. i guess i’m a mixture of the 1st and 2nd group of CG watchers.
    to hell with criticism… lets all just sit back relax, chow down some PIZZA and watch just how incredible this series will become.
    watching Lulu in constant eye-bulging EFD moments and the great assortment of melonpans has made this the number 1entertainment in life lately.

  28. but damnit… they shouldn’t play down CC’s role just like.
    Green Haired half loli badass chick whos sexy should be given more screen time instead of just licking pizzas.

    damn you Sunrise..haha

  29. With Kaguya and Tian-Zi, I’m starting to develop lolicon. Not sure if this is a good thing, but I just wish that I’m not developing anything with Rolo/Lulu moments. Tian-Zi at the wedding was just so cute.

    Anyway, next ep seems to be packed full with…well everything. Not gonna get bored. That’s for sure. And there seems to be some CC development!
    I’m little afraid of Orange-kun showing, cause he seems to be Sunrise itself materialized as character. There’s still some possibilities with him. He feels quilt cause he couldn’t protect Lulus mother. Zero got too many potential allies as enemies atm.

    How old is Anya? Was she blogging 10 years ago?

  30. First of all, Nice one working Higurashi references into this post.

    You forgot a group of Code Geass watchers… the ones who sit there watching the twists, just waiting for the good ones, and then doing some nice Crazy Maniacal Lulu Laughing when the good stuff happens..

    Like Twin Scatter-Hadron cannon obliterating the enemy….

    Or collapsing the plates.


    Or One Million Zeros (on a wall, 1,000,000 Zeros… Take one Down, Pass it around, 999,999 Zeros on the wall…. Sing along!)

    Or colapsing a building on the enemy commander to make a walkway.

    Or bedding Kallen….
    Wait, thats the one he screwed up. Or rather, didnt Screw up……

    (and yes, I seriously did do maniacal laughter when the Scatter-Hadron cannons fired. And when the plates collapsed. Twice. And during the building walkway. And I think I did some during the 999,997 Zeros. Higurashi broke me like that…. Okay, I am going to go watch Shion go crazy a bit…)

  31. That last paragraph was pure gold. I feel the need to immortalize it on my wall or something.

  32. Oooh, owned, Lulu got his favourite terrain hacks used against him. And half-mask effect Lulu/Zero after the chat with Karen and his decision, very symbolic. That exchange also proved Diethard evidently hasn’t watched enough Sunrise shows, every overpowered mech you have is worth at least 9/10ths of its accompanying army.

    That young Lelouch picture on Anya’s phone…I’ll be watching out for any future references to lost items, childhood pets, bunny ears (please?) or the Dandelion Girl.

    Loved the cheese-kun sticker set on the escape vehicle.

    >>Andohbytheway, what happened to that other new character?

    Ruining all my bets. I had him changing allegiance on a 6 episode basis.

  33. jason, I can’t believe you skimped out on this screenshot:

  34. @Beowulf Lee
    Aww heck that’s just wrong yet so right on so many levels.*right click- save as…*

  35. ROFL the truck that CC was driving with the Panda picture, the Chinese actually said “Big Dapan Corporation” instead of “Big Panda Corporation.” That made my day.

  36. I wonder which episode will feature Kallen and C.C. bawling like Kyou and Ryou when they find out that they have no chance with Lulu after Lulu gets very defensive after a tennis ball hits Suzaku?

    I really really hope this happens. I don’t think think I could be more satisfied with this series than if Kallen was clutching C.C. to her bosom while C.C. holds a despondently drooping slice of pizza.

    I just personified pizza, thats really weird. I need to read a book or something, R2 is getting to my head.

  37. I guess I should have known better than to comment before finishing an epi of CG R2. That epi had enough train wreck in there to make my week.

  38. @Lateraldeath
    nah, you were just worries

  39. And the Lulu doppelganger? My guess that it’s the result of Arthur’s Geass. I wouldn’t put it past Sunrise.

    Wha… Arthur? Who the hell is that?

    Oh, fuck it. I don’t care anymore. I’m just here for the pizza.

  40. Who is this Sayako everyone keeps mentioning? Is it that maid?

    I love how that dramatic, Orange-kun re-intro at the end of last week’s show had no point whatsoever. I actually had to check the previous blog on CG just to make sure that did happen last time, because there was no mention of him this episode at all! Oh Sunrise, the master of arbitrary and unresolved cliffhangers strikes again!

  41. “Trying to think of a great large scale battle in anime.”

    The Day of Sagittarius?

  42. you shouldn’t critisize cirque du soleil, they’re awesome!

  43. >>I love how that dramatic, Orange-kun re-intro at the end of last week’s show had no point whatsoever.

    He’ll be back next episode. Check the preview.

  44. “Trying to think of a great large scale battle in anime.”

    Battle of Saturn-Titan. Space Battleship Yamato, Second Season: 1978. Episodes 20 and 21.

  45. Wait, I don’t remember Sakayo playing Lelouch’s role in the series (this and the first one); but if you said so, I believe you.

    For those who love a sappy love-triangle; I guess we’ve our own with Lelouch-CC-Karen after this episode, since she became jealous of them, then it was CC’s turn when Lelouch show concern for Karen after she was captured by Xing-Ke. It’ll going to be fun to follow this “romantic” part of the story.

    Damn you SUNRISE, for every single cliffhanger you gave us.

  46. Current Status: OTL

    That sums up my feelings on CG quite nicely so far. Onwards with ridiculousness!

  47. Wha… Arthur? Who the hell is that?

    Oh, fuck it. I don’t care anymore. I’m just here for the pizza.
    Arthur is the cat on the table in the final scene. His mother was owned by Marianne before she faked her own death in order to join a group opposed to the Emperor. The Emperor cared for her – he was cold to little Lelouche because he knew Marianne was alive and had betrayed him. When she died in the famous Battle of New Zealand, the Emperor took her body from the dismembered ‘frame and combined her DNA with C.C.’s in a failed attempt to create an army of lethal-geass users who could fight the ‘Gods’ on an even footing (warrior caste members of C.C.’s/V.V.’s race with lethal geasses). The only surviving Marianne clone is Anya, who looks identical to concept art of a young Marianne, and has genetic memories of Lelouch thanks to her C.C. DNA. Like C.C. and V.V., Anya is unaffected by Geass. This fact results in Lelouch being shot by her. He lies in a coma in India between Seasons 2 and 3.

  48. So this alternate reality can build flying robots and extract nitrates, but there’s no GPS? By far, this is the biggest stretch that people would be reading maps in the future.
    The GPS network is controlled by the U.S. military. If they wanted to they could shut down everybody else’s usage. If Brittania has GPS satellites, they’re probably not as generous about it.

  49. Wha… Arthur? Who the hell is that?
    Arthur is the cat on the table in the final scene. His mother was owned by Marianne, who faked her own death in order to join a movement against the Emperor. The Emperor cared about her – he was cold to little Lelouch because he knew she was alive and had betrayed him. When Brittania won the famous Battle of New Zealand, Charles took her dead body from her shattered Knightmare and combined her DNA with C.C.’s in a failed attempt to create a cult of perfect lethal-Geass users. Anya is the only surviving Marianne clone, who inherited her piloting prowess and looks extremely similar to the young Marianne. Thanks to C.C.’s DNA, Anya has genetic memories of being a mother to Lelouch, which Charles suppressed with his Geass. Anya is also immune to Geass, and consequently ends up stabbing Lelouch, who lies in a coma in India between Seasons 2 and 3.

    Orange-kun doesn’t show up until episode 13. Also, the above is complete bullshit. Since I’ve never used spoiler tags before, I hope to hell that these work.

  50. Ah, crap. What do you write for spoiler tags, if not “” and “”?

  51. Clarification: “” without the spaces.

  52. Holy crap, I can’t do anything right. Okay, “spoiler” with angle brackets around it. Sorry for shitting up your comments section, Jason. I’ll try to find an authentic wakizashi on eBay to chop off the top of my pinky finger for you.

  53. >“Trying to think of a great large scale battle in anime.”
    >The Day of Sagittarius?

    Haruhis full force direct attack might have had more strategie than this episode in fact.

    apart from that, you might want to check out Bokurano (anime or manga, while the manga does have a lot more actual tactic in battle). It doesn’t solve every pinch with an upgrade to a stronger Mecha (actually none).

  54. Anyone else noticed that Shen Hu looks tiny in the screenshot where Guren was tied up?

    Sunrise must be using the same scriptwriters from Gundam 00 and GSD for R2. This is slowly turning into Gundam and away from what made Code Geass awesome in the first place.

    Give us back our uber-evil mastermind genius who almost never losses from season 1! Zero has more failures than successes this season and with Orange-kun on his way, he’s just gonna get turned into trash instead of “godlike” very, very soon.

  55. genius on so many levels, just not on the classical “well-written” level.

    I posit two more reasons for watching:

    1: train wreck factor. It’s pure trash but they can pack so much nonsense into one episode it’s kind of impressive in a bizarre way. And entertaining.

    2. so we can enjoy these posts.

  56. I’d like to motion that Xing Ke be nicknamed “Xing Sue”, given his role in the plot…

  57. It’s gonna be Villetta at the battlefield as Zero. And lawlz at Deadliest Catch. Sometimes I wish this show would know it’s place and either sink or float.

  58. Given the Black Knights’ new recruits in their cannon fodder and on the bridge are apparently picked out from random Japanese people evacuated on the Anti-Titanic a couple eps back, Lulu’s outburst on the bridge has insured that if there wasn’t Zero/Kallen doujins circulating among the ranks, there SURE IS NOW.

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