kamen no maid guy 8, twittered

His name is wonderful! Strawberry Mask


Milk does the body good. That must be the secret to why her “two mounts are looking as beautiful as ever this morning.” Gotta love any guy who makes a grand entrance by complimenting a girl’s boobs. He follows it up with a “Marry me, you beautiful-breasted woman.” He sure knows how to smooth it.


OH GEASS NO! Oh wait, that’s not exactly how that phrase is used… uh… let me try again YOU’RE GONNA GET GEASSED!


“Well then, you’ll be my lover, you beautiful-breasted meido.” Wow, finally a geassing I’m down with.

Well, Liz doesn’t seem to agree… “My indecent brother’s bad taste.” Bad taste? It’s Fubuki! Her application is being strenuously reviewed by the Meido Pantheon.


*double checks to make sure I’m not watching Code Geass*

“The name is Strawberry Mask!” Very lame. Beyond lame. Fits Liz well.

(I show no mercy to people who say that Fubuki is bad taste. She’s excellent tasting… err… I mean… taste.)


“So the clumsy meido is easy too?”

“Who are you calling ‘clumsy’?”

<3 Fubuki. Awesome. Easy meido 4tw!


Why do I think that “To you of the beloved breast” better fits a doujinshi featuring Kallen, Millay, and Shirley better than the situation here?


Such a fearsome opponent has appeared. He can get schoolgirls to fawn over him by looking them in the eye… I’m not sure if I’m insanely jealous or incredibly jealous. Welcome, Strawberry Fields to the Jason Caffey All-Stars!

(Though with that flaming outfit… are we sure he isn’t either gay or a Phoenix Wright character gone horribly wrong?)


“This flower is for your beautiful cleavage.”

“Boobs again?”

“Yes, boobs again!”

*double checks to make sure I’m not watching Zero no Tsukaima*

Eiko is becoming more and more interesting. She and her friend are quickly becoming the Christine and Felt of Kamen no Maid Guy. That’s not a bad thing… even anime with gar meido and scary breast kendo girls need potential bridge bunnies.


If you don’t know where Liz’s and Henrick’s relationship is going by now, shame on you. So predicably… funny.

(We’re at the 1/4th mark, and Kogarashi has spoken one line so far. Why do I have this icy feeling? This can’t be a good thing. Naeka’s boobs can’t hold up a whole episode by themselves, can they?)


“To think my brother just drools over those lumps of fat, you’re just trying to trick my brother! Demon boobs! Sinful boobs! Is ballast that damages your athletic ability something to be proud of?”

Uh, yeah, sounds like Liz is overcompensating for something. Goddamn, Kogarashi, when are you going to show up? If I want a rant about boobs, I’d go watch Zero no Tsukaima again. At least there, I’d get to stare at easy tavern wench instead of scary kendo girl.


Eiko is awesome. Loved her deduction, which proves that not every female character in this show has an IQ lower than Vince Young. I want her to join Chiko’s detective girls. Done and done.

(Or at least pilot a Throne Gundam.)


“You should give up on the kind of person who judges women solely based on their breasts.”

“Well then, someone like you who has nothing except breasts will remain single their whole life!”

At least the cattiness is tiding me over until Kogarashi shows up… he will show up… right? RIGHT!? It’s 8:42 for Oyashiro-sama’s sake!!! Where is he?! He still doesn’t have an AKM (Awesome Kogarashi Moment).


Finally some Kogarashi and Fubuki. He just talks about Demon Eyes of Allure instead of doing anything awesome. I’m disappointed. Though I think Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion and Maid Guy Freeze Voice aren’t bad skills either nor are Maid Guy Hair Ropers. I really want to see Kogarashi and Hendrick battle it out.

(But it probably won’t happen since Kogarashi would crush him. Hopefully, Maid Guy is immune to the Demon Eyes of Allure, or we’re revoking his membership in the Gar Gold Club.)


The art style… not so great. Hendrick looks cabbage-level detailed, and his chin… my gosh, Jay Leno is even appalled by it.


Just passed the eyecatch, and the AKM count is still a goose egg. Instead, we get boobs and an effeminate male who attracts females around him like flies to a fire. Basically, this is Code Geass with a logical plot.

(I gotta wonder how many kids Hendrick has already. If the number isn’t in the high teens, I’d be sorely disappointed.)


The following conversation about his harem, his plans for his harem, and how he plans to add Naeka to his harem… I was thinking of asking Hendrick to guest write a few posts for me. Good idea? Bad idea? Perfect Service Blog-level horrible idea?

(His English though… it’s worse than Ana’s.)

(Hendrick also reminds me of Cyclops… he has to wear those glasses to surpasses his latent mutant abilities.)


Maid Guy is finally impacting the plot. Banzai! I did like his pep talk for Liz:

“As a pioneer of the mask, I, Maid Guy, will only tell you this: I can’t say I’m amazed that you tried to disguise yourself with that. Kukuku. Don’t worry about your true identity. As a fellow mask-wearer, I know the code that we must uphold.”

But it’s not worthy of an AKM. I do wonder why Kogarashi wears a mask… is it because it’s manlier than a pure bonnet? Then again, he’s wearing a full skirt and refers to himself as a “Maid Guy” instead of a “Butler.” I better stop questioning him before he uses Maid Guy Freeze Voice on me and imprint Fish Guy Wang into my retinas.


I wonder when characters in this show will finally learn not to take gifts from Kogarashi. Reminds me of my childhood… “No, Nobita! Don’t take the easy way out and use Doraemon’s invention!”


No Bra Blinding Strategy 4tw!

I’m sure this is how Jil plans to bring down Druaga… pop a trap pill and then go bra-less.

(But, again, props to Naeka’s friends for coming up with this battle plan as well as scolding her for not properly using her protrusions.)


It’s a strategy that gets better with time and sweat.


Wow, almost at the 19 minute mark and no AKM. Despite the fact that this episode was composed almost entirely of melonpan, it hasn’t been great. Lack of actual melonpan (instead of just discussing them) and lack of Kogarashi really weakens this show.

(Of course, this show is named “Kamen no Maid Guy” not “Naeka’s Flotation Devices.”)


More troubling than Liz getting, uh, supersized is that Hendrick doesn’t realize that it’s Liz. Talk about one melonpan track mind… and what kind of intensive training course do I need to go through to acquire a similarly-focused mind? Does it involve fighting bears?


It’s like Clark Kent ripping off his shirt to reveal the classic “S”… only the exact opposite… and much, much more disturbing.


Even Dr. 90210 thinks those breasts are hideous. It’s not about sheer volume, guys.


“Kukuku. This is Maid Guy Self Protection Bra! Destruction model!”

Okay, I’ll give him one AKM. He managed to cause yet another nakkid or near nakkid riot. But I’m still disappointed with this episode.


Obligatory “The googles! They do nothing!”


And we’ll leave disappointing episode knowing that Kogarashi has been hiding weapons inside Naeka’s underwear. How does she not notice that she has gunpower and C4 padding her melonpan?

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  1. Despite the fact that this episode was composed almost entirely of melonpan, it hasn’t been great. Lack of actual melonpan (instead of just discussing them) and lack of Kogarashi really weakens this show.

    You know a character is GAR when he can make a entire episode about melonpan seems boring.

    Talk about one melonpan track mind… and what kind of intensive training course do I need to go through to acquire a similarly-focused mind? Does it involve fighting bears?

    Sign me up too!

  2. I dunno why, but Naeka’s sweaty breasts sticking to that shirt was kind of disgusting for some reason…

  3. Lack of Maid Guy putting people of cow tits? NOW I know exactly why Maid Guy is awesome in my books!

  4. Well yes this ep wasn’t that good… Oh and could I also join the training course ? I’ll do my best for bears.

  5. Disappointing? You’re out of your mind. Hendrick’s hideous yet hilarious Engrish highlighted this episode, and Eiko just absolutely owned. They showed that they can do an episode successfully with limited meido involvement, although, of course, Kogarashi still impacted the outcome without even becoming directly involved. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a return of Hendrick in a later episode. He had me ROFLing with his over-the-top playboy shtick, and really put that racist “Miss Crabby” nurse in her place.

  6. this ep is funny for sure..but i damn sure disappointed that Kogarashi barely had 2 mins of screen time..damnit we signed up to this series to watch GAR at its best, not some long haired effeminate blondie that will even put Johnny Depp out of business.

  7. i just don’t know why girls get plastic surgery when all they have to do is drink lots of milk!!!

    really anime got all the answers to life.

  8. Koyama Rikiya + His Harem?!(Sorry but the post is in Korean)


  9. Sorry for repeat apology but the last link didn’t function well. Here is better link to the picture of Koyama Rikiya and Utawarerumono girls.


  10. I agree that this episode was disappointing. Hendrick is not good enough to carry this episode. So boring.

  11. If Kogarashi had gotten involved this episode would have been about 5 mintues long. He is an elite non-female; Hendricks’s natural enemy. I think one of the aspects of ‘perfect service’ is letting Naeka fight some of her own battles. Even if she exploits herself to win. Sort of one step forward-two steps back feminism/growing up process.

    Besides I see Kogarashi and Hendricks more as kindred spirits. They both get abused by younger women.

    More importantly, how about that tsukkomi school nurse? I hope we see more of her. And how about the irony of complaining about a character complaining about violent Americans in a violent anime? Is Maid Guy adding subtle social commentary/satire to his resume?

  12. I think I have finally figured out Kogarshi’s lineage. I’m not sure who the father is, but his mother must have been Miki’s mom. He also obviously a different father or at least had the best of the gene pool because there is no way that the maid guy cannot beat a dog in a fight.

  13. I saw these shots and immediately thought one thing:

    Hendricks has Eyes of Breast Perception, which explains why Liz is overcompensating so much; she’s like a younger, more loli, less cool version of Akiha while Hendricks is a poor man’s version of Shiki.

    Which makes Naeka the… no, that doesn’t work. NOBODY here works as Arcueid.

  14. Wasn’t there a time when women went for sharply dressed men, even if it was overly flaming?

  15. Ithekro said:
    “Wasn’t there a time when women went for sharply dressed men, even if it was overly flaming?”

    Don’t know how it pertains to the subject at hand, as Hendrick’s dress had little to do with his charm (although he was attired rather snazzily), but as a very wise man once put it:

    “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.”

  16. >>Naeka’s boobs can’t hold up a whole episode by themselves, can they?


  17. >>Naeka’s boobs can’t hold up a whole episode by themselves, can they?

    Why not? Chizuru’s been doing it over in Kanokon for a while now.

  18. Ep. 7 was so amazingly hilarious, ep. 8 was a huge letdown… Just one and a half AKM, and barely no Fubuki.


  19. That was a bit weak. I’ve always got time for Naeka’s assets,though :)

  20. It looks like we finally discover the identity of Impossible Melonpan-san in the next episode too. Hurrah!

  21. I didn’t think the episode was that bad until I read your comments. I did hate Strawberry Mask’s brother. What an idiot.

  22. Wow, after 3 weeks of drought, a bad Maid Guy episode…

    No worries, Darry. The next episode appears to feature MAIDS, and AKM’s. Well, at least it shows in the preview. ^^

  23. Speaking of spoiler shots… episode 12…

    … words fail me. Seriously. Except there may be a new entry to the Pantheon in the wings.

  24. Speaking of Maid Guy…what happened to the other four episodes?

  25. Yay! Ep. 9 finally translated.
    Boo. Impossible Melonpan was impossible.

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