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Yoriko is the first inductee into the Meido Pantheon, the replacement for the old Meido Power Rankings™ (which take waaaay too long to write). Get ready because for the next two weeks, every weekday at 12:00 noon PST, a new meido will be inducted. The number only represents when they were inducted, much like how stuffanimefanboyslike is arranged and is not their absolute ranking. (They are tiered for that purpose.)

Yoriko is the charming and clumsy nekomimi meido of Da Capo, and it was probably one of my first experiences of fanboy rage when she left the show and returned to being just Misaki. It effected me and this blog deeply. Yoriko was, literally, a stray cat who was afraid of going outside and pretty much useless at housework. However, she valiantly rallied to being not bad at the meido arts, and she learned to leave the house, culminating in some very nice fanservice short stories and the eventual last date with Junichi. *sniff* Is it getting dusty in here?

She is the premiere nekomimi meido and a great well of moe. But I felt that with the original history of this blog, Yoriko has to be the first inductee. Many years (almost a decade?! OTL) ago, Narg and I started an unofficial Yoriko and meido appreciation fan club, and I hope the spirit of that lives on in Derailed. As long as I’m around, you won’t be forgotten here. The Meido Pantheon welcomes Yoriko, nekomimi meido exemplar.

Awesome Meido Moment: Whenever she stares at you with those intentful eyes.

12 Responses to “meido pantheon: #1 yoriko”

  1. The prefect fusion of Nekomimi and Meido…
    The ultimate moe mode…Yoriko!
    Who the hell do you think we’re worshiping?!
    Yoriko can pierce my heavens any day if you know what I mean

  2. Yoriko, that which made me realize that I loved nekomimi and then meido to top it off, such a deadly combination…
    Yoriko vs the Vacuum was a great scene.

    Unfortunately, she’s also the reason I endured DCSS only to be throughly disappointed.

  3. Only 15 members of the Pantheon? There is an awful lot of miedo around here for such a small number. :) Though I suppose the triplets and any twins will be joint entries.

  4. Yeah she was definitely one of the better aspects of the show.
    This reminds me I watched this entire series on an ipod, that was painful.

  5. Well, this is a Nekomimi Meido preserve, so it only makes sense that one ends up here who isn’t a trap (Thank you, Hayate no Gotoku the anime, which brought us that which has yet to appear in the manga). While she’s not my first pick for a meido, she is indeed a classic.

  6. nekomimi meido moe!! i like yoriko, no denying..
    ah damn…i like meidos…haha
    will be looking forward to the list yet to come.

  7. I don’t know why I’ve never consciously notice this before, but this site’s main allure is for two dimensional fapping material, perhaps I was too busying fapping to notice.

  8. Oh, God… I am going to have those dreams again…

  9. Hottest meido since Mrs. Doubtfire?

  10. I was never one for mashing together so many moe tropes like the way Yoriko did (reminds me too much of that one demonic creation from Welcome to the NHK), but damn did she make it work and with a killer story as well.

    The best episode in Da Capo’s four (and counting, for all I know) seasons and nearly made me shed a tear, which, of course, is the measure of greatness in the era of Sad Girls in Stuff. Not to mention, one of the few moments where I got what I was hoping for with that one last goodbye kiss…

  11. Wow. I’ve never watched/played Da Capo, but… I gott’a say. Even as an only “joking” moe follower… Yoriko’s kind’a cute.

    …Almost rivals Mizuho.

  12. [Deadpan]

    “A Cat Is Fine Too.”


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