code geass r2 12

Worst. Possible. Scenario.


It’s over. I’m done. I’m through. I’m not even going to comment on the logic breaks or even plot of this show anymore. I’m just going to enjoy all the melonpan and craziness. If you want analysis for Knight of One’s moves or where Xing-ke goes from here, this is the wrong blog for you. For every episode now, I’m going to go through the OH GEASS NO and OH GEASS YES moments, and whatever gets more wins. Simple.



“That’s wrong… that’s not my character.”

Going on a lot of love-love dates with a lot of hawt, nubile women probably is definitely Lulu’s worst case scenario. I don’t have anything else to add– this point should be perfectly clear to anyone who has been following Code Geass and Code Geass R2— if you wanted to stop Lulu, you don’t do it with mecha or guns, you do it by hooking him up with hawt, nubile women.


“Female bodies are meaningless!”

I think Sayoko might have more interest in the female body than Lulu. After all, she wasn’t scared when she kissed Shirley.

(And is that asscrack legal for 6 JST?)


Lulu… alone… with Rolo… in a tight space… now that’s the Code Geass R2 we all know and love. I liked how Lulu basically used every asset he had to try to avoid this Cupid’s Day. If only he fought this hard to liberate Japan. Oops, I commented on the plot. My bad, my bad.


Reminds me of Capturing God Mode. If Lulu only did a “I can see the ending,” then pushed up some (fake) glasses, and Shirley kissed him after that, it would have just redeemed this series. But, alas, didn’t happen.


First ever deus ex machina to involve ass-shaped hats. I mean, the symbolism of Code Geass R2 characters wearing asses on their heads is just off-the-charts.

(Oh wait, they’re supposed to be heart-shaped? You got me.)


Lulu blew a perfect dating sim moment with Shirley. It should have been more like:

Shirley’s lips clasp themselves around my trembling tongue. Then, Shirley begins sucking my tongue outright. As if tasting my tongue, she kisses me over and over again. Occasionally she’d suck my tongue strongly, as if she wanted to drink it all in. I felt like I was going to vomit. Girls are so icky.

(Shirley going, “Do you want to do the stuff after the kiss too?” makes it two delicious meals that Lulu has passed up.)

(Though I’m just glad they ended this event without Rolo getting Lulu’s hat. You just know that during the planning meeting Rolo was dying to propose that one.)


Question: why is she still helping them? Oops, another plot-related comment… I meant: why is she so easy?


“They’re all dates! She’ll destroy his life!”

Milly can destroy my life any day.

(Rolo’s the cuckold in this relationship. Why was he introduced into the plot again? Lulu needs more male haremettes?)


I have developed a sudden urge to go watch Crouching Tiger, Flying Dragon.


Can I get in on this game of Risk too? I like how New Zealand is part of Britannia but England is not. And Iceland seemed to have disappeared off of this map. I’m tossing this item in the OH GEASS NO bin just because Iceland has fine women.


Heavily disappointed that Milly graduated from Ashford and is now a weatherwoman. I was looking forward to her marriage to Lloyd… I mean… that wedding dress is guaranteed to have been fantastic, and the wedding night special for the DVD could have broken all sorts of comedic charts with Milly in incredible lingerie trying to seduce Lloyd as he is huddled in the fetal position clenching onto a PCB circuit board. Of course, any Shirley and Lulu wedding night DVD special would blow that away, especially if Rolo is hiding in the closest somewhere.

(And this probably means no more awesome Britannian dresses for Milly. OH GEASS NO!)


Why does this scene remind me of the Gundam Seed Destiny shopping episode? Must be Suzaku’s sunglasses, which remind me a bit too much of Athrun’s. At least Athrun and Kira were heterosexual… right… RIGHT?!


See, the old Derailed by Darry blogging style would have required me to write something like “Geass Canceler? Sunrise should just have called this series Gundam Geass and leveraged the Gundam franchise name.” The new Derailed by Darry blogging style presents the following:

“If Orange-kun can cancel out geasses, it means that Lulu could geass Kallen again and not waste it! Good times! OH GEASS YES! But then… it also means that he could also geass Suzaku again and not waste it. OH GEASS NO!!!!!”



My favorite part of the episode. Delicious melonpan plus Shirley getting pissed from hearing about all the dates Lulu has lined up. The only way it could have been better is if Shirley went full yandere and approached Lulu with a butcher’s knife… “I only want a piece of you, Lulu…”


(And Shirley would make a fantastic stripper. I have no clue why I suddenly thought of this career opportunity for her. But poles in the middle of the shower? ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!)


Just when Shirley’s character was getting interesting, they decide to reboot her by removing her geasses. Oh wait, plot point. Nevermind. I meant that jealous Shirley who called Lulu a failure would have been awesome. I liked how she pissed she was at Lulu to the point that Lulu was calling out for C.C.. That was fantastic. Chinese army? Britannian Knights of the Round? No sweat. Pissed off girl who has a crush on you? Complete and utter panic.


Wait, let me get this straight: there’s a Fantasy Seduction Club at Ashford? Why was I not aware of this?! My high school only had Science Olympiad and a debate team. Now I know why every character is so eager to transfer there.


Anya is 15! She’s older than “I Kissed Kamina” Yoko…

(And… Anya… common sense? You should have known better Lulu! She’s from Sunrise!)


Is it just me, or is Anya really just Chiaki Minami with a huge ass mobile suit? Very similar demeanor. I’m just trying to figure out who her “Haruka,” “Kana,” and “Mako-cakes” are. I’m leaning towards Lulu for all three.

(Either that or she’s Yin from Darker Than Black. Or Yuki Nagato. Or any other of many similar character types. As usual, I have no point here.)


After seeing Nunnally greet Kallen in her jail cell, my next thought was “This is going to be one heck of an interesting doujinshi.”


Cornelia’s looking hawter, maybe it’s because she looks like she has less baby fat on her or maybe it’s because she’s even crazier than before. I’m down with either. I like batshit insane anime characters.

(When do you think we’ll get a Cornelia fanservice episode? I’d say episode 14, when she makes it to Ashford as its new Student Council President.)


Sayoko’s not just a meido, she’s a ninja meido. Uh. It’s like Sunrise is reading my mind! Though she’s like… flat now. What happened to her once proud and ample melonpan? Did she go for reduction surgery so she could fit in as Lulu?


Final score: 12 to 9


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  1. I had to face palm the entire way to watch through this epi. I guess after reading the first few lines of Jason’s blog, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

    On the note of that first screen cap, seems like they anticipate profit out of that poss.

  2. hmmm i think the part about England not being part of Britannia was answered in a magazine. I think they said something about rebel kick the queen of England out and she ran to America (renamed Britannia).

    btw how can i work for you? it seems that Sixten and you have a loving relationship and i want to be in it… errr working for you that is

  3. Isn’t it funny that no one even referenced or remembered Kallen…I mean here your personal bodyguard is in mortal danger and you just go on a hundred dates.

    Also what’s the story behind the N-Geass Canceler can it take away Lulu’s Geass? or can it just destroy the effects…because if it only can destroy it’s effect wouldn’t that be a plus for Lulu…

    Wait is the N-Geass Canceler just a plot device to enable Lulu to Geass the same people all over again?! GASP!

    And after all the plot holes, all the obvious writing. and all the Oh Geass no moments I still can’t wait to see the next episode…watching Code Geass is so wrong but it feels so right…

  4. Wow. Sunrise has lowered itself from “scum” level to “utterly derailed and beyond FUBAR Mako-cakes level”. Amazing…

    The only way they can save this show is to have a full fanservice beach episode with Kallen, C.C, Anya, Shirley and other hotties without the homo geass (aka Lulu) to ruin it…^_~

  5. Sometimes I feel like the storyboard animators have to play gay-chicken in order to post their ideas up which basically boils down to the gay guy winning 3 out of 4 times.

    The other 1 out of 4 times shows the testament of a man’s will to draw breasts that defy all known laws of physics other this his own because let’s face it, he earned it.

  6. The part about Brittania being America was told in a history lesson on the DVDs…

    Napoleon took over Britain and the queen fled to the Americas the Vi Brittanians squashed the American rebellian and conquered the rest of the Americas and grew from there.

  7. “This is going to be one heck of an interesting doujinshi.”
    cant wait for the yuri-rape…

  8. Jason!!! You fail!!! No mention of Miya-Miya in the Britannian strategic meeting?

  9. I don’t know what to expect anymore. My mind has been pierced too many times by bullets of ridiculousness. I’m having visions of international war and strife being solved by having everyone join Ashford and bumble around in some random special event by a new council president whilst Lulu and co. enact some overly complex plan to enact desperate revenge against his father. And it’s completely plausible now.

    I will never look at mecha anime the same way again.

  10. So, she canceled the engagement… I’ll mail her a table.

    Courtesy of my friend. I wish I was cool enough to have thought up that one.

  11. Crud, I forgot angle brackets are reserved for tags. That was supposed to be:

    Nina: “So, she canceled the engagement… I’ll mail her a table.”

    Sorry for the fail.

  12. Suzaku was probably pissed he had to go to work instead of chasing Lulu around for his ass hat.

  13. Wait does the ass hat make cupid day one giant game of grabass?

  14. Just couldn’t resist, even though this is certainly not the blog for me in oh so many ways…but well, at least this episode was tailored to suit your…tastes and blogging style. So have your fun, even if you have to fake surprise while doing so.

  15. At least I can appreciate that Sunrise didn’t bust out some starfish sunglasses on Suzaku and that they took environmentally friendly route of recycling Athrun aka Alex Dino’s specs. Still waiting for a colony to fall out of the sky though.

    Upon closer inspection of that Risk game board/strategic military display; which half of the AEU–er EU exactly did Schneizel conquer? Looks like Britannia hasn’t even touched the continent unless that peace treaty he negotiated with France counts as “half.”

  16. Nani, mai hanni???~~~

    I really recommend a Guardian Character for Lelouch. It would really help him by preventing his plans being foiled by yaoi undertones one after another. Unless Sayako is already one…

  17. Here is a Oh Geass yes moment …
    Have Orange-kun cancel Suzaku’s Geass, so he can jump out of a 30 story building while Britainia’s 5-15 Knightmares shooting rockets and flamethrowers at him as he’s narrow a__ goes up in flames before he hit the ever loving asphalt. While the audience see the timely death, we get a shot of Lloyd giving the most gayest look of 2008 with Rolo in an bath towel saying” you did your best, dear” and the best thing of all in the next room, we see Milly and Cécile in their HBO special hookers outfit giving each other the best tongue kiss of the century.

    And last but not least…

    “Wait, let me get this straight: there’s a Fantasy Seduction Club at Ashford? Why was I not aware of this?! My high school only had Science Olympiad and a debate team. Now I know why every character is so eager to transfer there.”

    I laugh so hard when I read this. Can somebody please tell me who actually run that school? :D

    P.S. I don’t really hate Suzaku…. ok maybe a little. :P

  18. That last pic! MY EYES! YEAARGH!

    Pseudo-yaoi aside, Geass is still still proving entertaining, but, by the God Empress, I wish that they’d just stop with the side-jaunts already and just resolve some of the major plot threads! Well, okay, Millay’s story’s been put to rest, but there’s everything else left over from the first season, AND the stuff that the seem to love adding in this iteration. Sword of Akasha! Jovians! The Chinese Federation! Lulu’s siscon!

  19. OMG, I hit the floor, OTL style before the opening even played. 108 girls, plus political meetings, only 3 hours of sleep, and using the show’s ultimate mecha as a taxi…

    There’s no plot here. There’s about as much chance of a plot here as there is of a penis on Mako-cakes–It’s certainly there somewhere, but god knows where the hell it’s hiding, and it most certainly isn’t being used.

    Just when Shirley’s character was getting interesting, they decide to reboot her by removing her geasses. Oh wait, plot point.

    Rather than that I think “We finally had Lulu paired up with a real woman for a viable, possible heterosexual relationship, and they decide to kill that by removing her geass.” is the more disappointing factor. I mean he’s been hinting at his interest in her this whole time: He asked her for help with regard to the Chinese Wedding Crisis, He says this episode that he doesn’t want her involved precisely because of her love for him (which is a somewhat twisted sign of love) and other signs–compared to Kallen’s one-sided love, this could have actually worked…. but no. They have to keep Lulu available for the yaoi fangirls. OTL

    Yea, this show definately went from runaway train, to complete train wreck with this episode though. Now let’s all happily watch the damage pile up.

  20. Now the more important notes:

    “Dame?” “Dame desu.” “Dame…” So cute….And now Anya Join’s StrikerS Caro in the “Capturable Range” 攻略範囲!Hazzah!

    Also the dame ningen lines totally made me think Shirley could go Yandere on us…hell, with her trauma back thanks to the anti-geass, she’s even more likely to break out weaponry.

    Result: Lack of plot = dissapointment. Increased Moe modes= enjoyment.
    Winner? Hmm…. well it never had much plot to begin with, so winner = enjoyment.

  21. wow, finally CG2 has passed the FUBAR level, and its now in God Mode.
    to all the fanboys out there, lets hail Sunrise for supplying us with good portions of melonpan. All Hail Brittania too, since Ashford Academy students are all Brittanians.

    ok, lets wait for some superb fanservice of Cornelia.

  22. “(When do you think we’ll get a Cornelia fanservice episode? I’d say episode 14, when she makes it to Ashford as its new Student Council President.)”

    We already got plenty of Cornelia fanservice in picture drama 8.75, but an entire episode dedicated to fanservice is never a bad idea. (Unless, of course, it’s Lelouch x Suzaku +/- Rolo fanservice. Definitely no.)

  23. confused, pseudo-yaoi, emo pilot with special abilities – check

    unwanted yet strangely entertaining yaoi undertones – check

    mentally unstable, broken villains that refuses to die
    (would you like masked or unmasked versions sir?) – check

    overpowered mechs being overpowered by even
    more overpowered mechs, and so on and so forth – check

    hundred and one fetishes – check

    illogical situations/deus ex machina/plot holes – check

    bat-shit insane/yandere/boxcutter/butter knife – check

    meido – check
    ninja meido – double check
    melonpan – triple check
    pizza, with extra cheese(-i-ness) – oh yes check

    Well, all that’s needed now to complete this are tentacles/ ropers/ hair-sensors popping out from the mechs, or tables….

    Or possibly someone coming down into a battle with nothing more than a mic, the worlds most powerful speakers and a repertoire of catchy infectious songs.

  24. *sighs* *shakes heads* *goes back to watching ninja meido scenes repeatedly*

    As for Sayoko’s ampleness, we need a Nunnally-Sayoko flashback ala Tome-in-nightgown-cuddling-with-Chiko scene for a definitive answer. You know it’s coming.

  25. I think that’s the best-case scenario for explaining Sayoko’s sudden reduction. The worst-case scenario? Sayoko is actually a trap using the patented Black Knight’s inflatable breasts.

    I think she at least deserves honorable mention in the meido pantheon; which other ninja meido schedules daytos for 108 potential haremette inductees while you’re away abducting loli political figureheads in wedding dresses?

  26. First picture in OP should be captionned

    “The Lulu who Jumped the Shark”

  27. You didn’t need to put that final picture there. You really didn’t.
    Not only did it burn my eyes, it scorched away enough of my brain that I now think it’s okay to be gay.

  28. So…. even though we’re not discussing plot… this still brings up several possible developments that I’d like to point out anyway:

    -Shirley becomes part of either Lulu or Britainanna’s forces… perhaps becoming a pilot by dues ex machina plot devices or another member of lulu’s harem, fighting w/ Karen. Harem hijinks ensue.

    -Lulu no longer has to pose as a student if Orange-kun uses his cancellor on Lulu… meaning Rolo loses his position since he has no reason to believe that Rolo is his brother…

    -Cornelia discovers geass… maybe gains one. She either tries to join Zero’s knights to a) assassinate Lulu and/or b) assassinate her father… maybe gets geassed by lulu again due to Orange-kun… and then orange-kun cancels that again at a critical point…

    -So what happens if Orange-kun gets geassed by Lulu? Does that mean that Lulu can then effectively gain unlimited geass ability? We’ve already seen Rolo’s geass ability expanded quite a ways… like a kilometer in diameter or more… so perhaps Orange-kun can do that too…

    -Suzaku dies because Lulu’s geass wears off… there goes all the suzaku x lulu yaoi pairings. Highly unlikely, since he retains his memories.

    just a few I could come up with in 2 minutes… So is Lulu still a siscon or do his actions w/ protecting shirley redeem him?

  29. Did you read this on wikipedia?

    She (Sayoko) is the 37th successor of the Shinozaki School (篠崎流, Shinozaki Ryuu?) of martial arts, and is referred to on her official profile as a supermaid (スーパーメイド, suupaameido?).

    That technique probably includes changing her breast size at will.

  30. Points of interest (and some logic breaks):

    -Where the hell have all these fine-looking Ashford ladies been hiding until now?
    -Trying to score all the girls will get one lynched by said girls IRL, yet doesn’t happen here.
    -Charles saying “only fools wage war”. Hypocrite much?
    -Kukuku, Rolo came out of the closet…
    -Mmm, delicious Fantasy Seduction Club…
    -Cornelia looks a lot better without that ugly purple lipstick.
    -Ninja Maid Sayoko is awesome. Definitely kicks the crap out of Maid Guy’s ninja maids.

  31. I liked the girl who called Lelouch, “my honey.” I think we might see more of her as she has her own page on the geass website.

  32. it scorched away enough of my brain that I now think it’s okay to be gay.

    Where were you when everyone were crazy about either Mako-cakes or Hosaka?

  33. btw how can i work for you? it seems that Sixten and you have a loving relationship and i want to be in it… errr working for you that is

    Can you draw? If you can, you could take over the character illustrations, leaving me to focus on backgrounds, which I specialize in.

    And my relationship with Miao-Sensei is strictly professional.

    Oh, speaking on behalf of my masters at J.C.Staff, if you’re going to watch an action series with mild Boys Love elements, why not Nabari?

  34. Geass Canceler is gold. Finally we can kill off Suzaku. I cannot be the only one who wishes a million deaths upon him.

  35. A few nights ago at work, a friend of mine told me “Your new nickname should be Rolo!” Of course he was holding a box of the candy of the same name, but that wasn’t where my brain first went to. I shouted “OH GEASS NO!” in front of about 25 co-workers and my bosses, walked into a corner away from everyone else and whimpered for a few minutes. A few hours later, I requested to be sent home sick as I was feeling slightly nauseas and was ready to spew at any moment. As soon as I got home, I opened up my meido picture directory just to see if I still was my good, old, normal self.

    It probably doesn’t help that the first picture I saw, for some reason, was of Kogarashi. I got derailed twice that night, and not the good way let me tell you. I think I’ve gone to a new level of broken

  36. Loved Anya’s use of Mordred and the overreaction of the Brittanian Armed Forces. Tell me again, why do we let 15-year-olds pilot the most powerful war machines in the fleet?

  37. hahah you make me lol.
    but yeah rolo looked pretty pissed with the whole cupid day thing.
    he could have geassed milly and cut her throat…(rolo fatality 4tw).

    and anya caught a glimpse of the 2 lulus too. i guess shit can go down even in an ashford episode.

    and i really hope orange-kun finally gets killed…sunrise is prbly prepping us for the return of lockon stratos. =O

  38. Now that i think about it, the way Sayoko was jumping there, she should be traveling back in time…

    Oh noes, time travelling geass…

  39. Tell me again, why do we let 15-year-olds pilot the most powerful war machines in the fleet?

    Self-identification phenomena from anime watchers.

  40. So much comedy gold here…

    It’s like, if you were to make your own anime whose entire point of existence was just to lampoon Code Geass, parody all of its plot devices and fanservice conventions and all, you would get…

    Code Geass. There’s nothing you can add. This show is perfect!!!

  41. Self-identification phenomena from anime watchers.

    Sure, that’s why Sunrise does it. But why does Britannia do it? (And will Anya even get punished for this? If a USAF pilot used a fighter jet for his own purposes, he’d be so court-martialed – Britannia has different standards, I guess.)

  42. If anime has taught us anything it’s that teenagers win the battles adults can’t. I can’t think of many adult mecha pilots who can put up the kind of stats an angsty teen can. Since they’re so effective it would just be irresponsible not to use them.

  43. My take is Sayoko got Lulu hooked up with as many girls as possible in a hopeless attempt to ‘cure’ him of his Gay-ness and Sis-con in a Kira-esque beam-spam way

    On the gundam-shopping-ish preview… It’ll look more similar if the Alex Dino glasses was on black haired Lulu..

  44. Lulu… alone… with Rolo… in a tight space… now that’s the Code Geass R2 we all know and love.

    I thought Rolo would be more happy about their situation at that point. In fact the yaoi doujinshis will flow from this. I shudder.

    I also think that this episode served this season as much as “that cat episode” did for Code Geass season .1
    P.S. At that part where Shirley remembered her locked away memories , I was going Yandere bat-shit insane moment incoming ftw. However, the preview of next episode seems to invalidate that theory, haiz…. instead we get a SuzakuXLelouch date with Shirley there to help it look less akward in public…

  45. Geass Canceler = N-Jammer Canceler? Someone’s been digging through GS again!

    My first impression of Cornelia’s return was that she must have stayed in the sauna for wayyyy too long. I actually liked how Arthur had red and blue heards clipped to his ears. It was kinda cute XD

  46. Nekonron: Well…in name only.

  47. I need to hired my own Ninja Meido, setting you up with 108 girls that fast. Sayoko is better then any internet dating service.

    Even through Sayoko is not as hot as other Meido in the Meido pantheon She stills needs to be inlcuded. Able to feed you both DFC or Melonpan when using her Ninjstu arts and setting you up with dates with upto 108 high school girls. Whats not to like.

  48. I’m just glad Nunally showed up. I mean she was a VITAL plot point, even having the power to turn Lulu emo enough to WANT a female…. or after being rejected by Kallen he almost had his brother BUT THAT”S BESIDE THE POINT >_>.
    When Lulu decided to run away to China, she was left forgotten and hadn’t been on screen till now.

    Also I find the Geass Canceler a neat idea. It appeared to have an AoE much like Rolo’s with the ability to release anyone under the affects of Geass. BUT what will happen when he uses it on a Geass user? What if he uses it on C.C. will anything happen? Since it’s an AoE like Rolo’s will Orange get. It sure is a good thing that everyone close to Lulu is being blackmailed or tricked into working for him instead of being Geassed into doing it though.

    Will Sunrise bring Euphy back from the grave and have Orange free her? I bet that’s how they’ll end the season. And then since she’s alive Suzaku won’t be crazy anymore, She can replace Nunally as the Governator. And Lulu with his one true love, Nunally, can leave Area 11 and live forever happily ever after in China.

    But alas, these things may never happen because for the next episode or two everything will center around the fact that Shirly remembers that Zero, who is Lulu (who she just became lovers with due to an all powerful student council) killed her father.

  49. Forgot everything I just read. Too busy staring at the last picture to care anymore.

  50. I vote Gino as being the Kana to Anya’s Chiaki, with Lulu being Mako-chan AND Haruka, since she’s both suspicious of him, yet at the same time… well, she took her Knightmare Frame to grab him so she could have him as a ‘lover’… and that makes Suzaku a possible Mako-chan as well, since she asked Suzaku if he was into S&M given his return to a country that hated him.

    As for Sayoko, I just figure she’s wearing the world’s best sports bra, one which keeps her ampleness from showing, so she can pretend to be the rather flat-chested woman named Lulu.

    With Shirley, she’s either going to become the Stellar to Lulu’s Shinn, or else she’s going to become the next Meer to Nunally’s Lacus… or is that reversed? Either way, I’m glad that Milly ditched Lloyd, who seems to be taking it well – I guess if he has his new Knightmare Frames and his sweet Suzaku, it doesn’t matter whether women humiliate him or not.

  51. Shirley’s lips clasp themselves around my trembling tongue. Then, Shirley begins sucking my tongue outright. As if tasting my tongue, she kisses me over and over again. Occasionally she’d suck my tongue strongly, as if she wanted to drink it all in. I felt like I was going to vomit. Girls are so icky.

    Is it odd that this passage reminds me a lot of the pacing of the Fake Steve Jobs blog?



    Honestly, I don’t think I could be more happy with the spiraled maze of nowhere that it’s going.

  52. This episode was just for the lulz. It’s the stress test for how much crack people are willing to put up with before they just shoot themselves in the head.

    …I loved this episode. Damnit.

  53. Renge would approve.

  54. Wait, did Anya bring a flying mech of a friggin’ game of hide and seek? Despite the fact that it would trigger a full military deployment? I….but……..what….if….with the…..urlk!

  55. Bob: She’s the New Rolo – she wants her nii-sama Lelouch to be all hers. ;)

  56. Anya s lulu’s childhood friend,

    beware of boxcutters >_>

  57. “At least Athrun and Kira were heterosexual… right… RIGHT?!”

    At least I think they were. ^_^;;;

    Also, Cornelia looks better now because she doesn’t have dumb poofy hair. Also… mmmm… ninja maid… Where can I get one?

    And finally, this episode makes me want to light myself on fire, because a). It’s starting to get stupid of Gundam Seed Destiny proportions in terms of plot, b). This is a totally useless episode that should not have been put, c). too many hot chicks in VERY SEXY positions, and d). FURTHER PROOF THAT LELOUCH IS HOMO. OH GEASS NO!!!

  58. I have very little to comment on.

    Entertaining, mind-breaking, and ridiculous.

  59. “Anya s lulu’s childhood friend, beware of boxcutters >_>”

    As oppose to cowering Anya, which seems out of the question. Maybe it is inverse melonpan on character to amount of crazy with Gotouza-sama.

  60. I laughed alot. That was unprecedented.

    Code Geass may be a trainwreck, but at least it’s a fun ride.

  61. Second what Spaniard said.
    What I was thinking about Code Geass (thinking… Code Geass… same sentence…) is that it’s still possible to enjoy this show whether or not you’re STILL attempting to treat this show seriously to any extent at all. It’s just obviously easier not to :P

  62. This episode has broken me. It had me almost falling over from laughter in the beginning, middle, and near-end. With Utter Shock at the end…

    There is no content, only Geass……

  63. LoL This was just great episode. Show is so on the loose that nothing can stop it anymore. I’m just enjoying the ride.:D

  64. Like many of the previous comments I did LOL at this episode. It was just so … Geass. If the rumours are true this is a typical Sunrise happy happy episode that is actually a setup for another characters BAD END.

  65. >>(And is that asscrack legal for 6 JST?)
    Jason you have just discovered the subliminal message in our favorite anime’s title. Code G-Ass!

    This episode was so ridiculous I think you should create acronyms for OH GEASS NO and starting filling your posts with OGN OGN OGN. This is so broken I’m not even surprised ten girls throw themselves at Lelouch while he’s in a closet together with Rolo.

    Oh well, at least, for the unbroken, they have Milly’s boobs. That scene might have been the one that had most logic in the whole episode.

  66. “This is going to be one heck of an interesting doujinshi.”

    OH SNAP. Jeez, you actually went there…?! You just scarred me for life ToT;;;

  67. >>First ever deus ex machina to involve ass-shaped hats.
    Cannot unsee it. D=

  68. Atashi: Cannot unsee it. D=

    Given this is Code Geass, I saw it right away. Since that’s the only sort of hat Lulu would wear for long, and that Rolo would want to get his hands on… ;)

    And it’s so… symbolic… that Anya wants to get her hands on Lulu’s, by any means necessary, until Viletta calls her off.

  69. Why the focus on Shirley? Her only role in the series is being swimsuit-chan.

    Also why did Kallen, Nina, Nunnaly and Euphy not turn up at the school at the start of this episode in order to take part?

    And finally what a great education Ashford provides, upon graduating you have all the qualifications necessary to take up such high class and executive jobs as weather woman…

  70. I’m worried about Millay leaving. Now who will continue the shinanigans and hijinks at Ashford Academy? That was where the anime should be focusing at!

  71. I’m more worry about Shirley at this point. At least Milly will be away from Zero and be safe. Shirley on the other hand, with her memory revive, I don’t think she’s gonna end well. Possible outcomes are:

    1. She keeps the memory and live. (Doubt sunrise will allow that)
    2. Lulu make her forget…again (assuming if he can re-geass her)
    3. She falls into a comma …. (at least she will live)
    4. She dies (god it would suck if it turns out that way)

    I pray with all my strength that Shirley will live through season 2…I really do. But looking at all possible outcomes, it’s hard to be optimistic about the turn out.

  72. Kyaos, Sunrise rarely kills a character without bringing him back to life afterwards, don’t worry ;)

  73. Minikui: Kyaos, Sunrise rarely kills a character without bringing him back to life afterwards, don’t worry ;)

    Outside of Gundam or the Mai-HIME/Otome series, resurrections seem to be rather rare. Especially with supporting characters like Shirley. So, given that Shirley’s mostly there to show Lulu’s humanity and give him trouble… well, they’re more likely to kill and resurrect Rolo or Suzaku than they are Shirley. Hell, even ERSTIN stayed dead… although Nina imagined Erstin saying the same things that little Neko-Jawa girl did, and the latter does have a resemblance to her.

  74. Now I hate to try to apply logic to CG, but if Lulu knew this ‘Hat Love’ thinger was going to be happening in advance and that hundreds of cute gitls would be throwing themselves at him wouldn’t the logical idea be to just, well I dunno, go to China? I mean couldn’t he just vanish for the day? Because that would let everyone down in typical Lulu fashion, no one would get his precious blue asshat and people could just go back to thinking he was a lazy failure.

    And how long till we get Curly-chan/ Knight of One doujins?

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