behind the music: sheryl nome (macross frontier 18)

The symbolism… can it be any more direct?

(CDs in a space-faring colony of the future… I find it hard to believe that humanity is still using CDs when we have access to iSlugs.)


Just complete and utter devastation. She really is following the career arc of Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan. It also shows how fickle people are with their celebrities, but wouldn’t someone else recognize her by now? She had to be in disguise to leave her penthouse earlier, now she just waltzes out? Just because you are no longer popular, it’s not like people forget what you look like. I just hope TMZ was on scene catching her breakdown on tape.


New OP, Lion. I kinda miss Triangular… this new one is a bit too busy for my tastes. And it’s just mostly recycled footage with fancy AMV effects tossed in, though having both May’n and Nakajima sing is a good idea… a better one would have been just to have Sakamoto voice Sheryl from the beginning.

(Maaya’s just completely wasted as Morte on World Destruction right now. Every episode of that I watch now, I keep thinking, “She should be singing with Ranka!!!” This is almost as bad as trading the Al Jefferson box set for Kevin Garnett.)


I think at this point in my anime blogging, I should receive an honorary degree in gender studies just because of all the gender confusion that I’ve witnessed over the years. My gosh, I can’t even think of the last Hollywood TV show I watched with gender confusion, yet it’s everywhere in anime to the point that I don’t even think Maria+Holic is that broken.


What’s with Klan’s outfits the past few episodes… ? I… uh… swiftly approve.


Sorry about that. I was gone for fifteen minutes trying to see if Dr. Klan takes my PPO. I want her as my new primary physician. Nevertheless, I much rather have her starring in her own spin-off series, Dr. Klan, Medicine Woman where after the events of Frontier, she quits SMS and opens a small medical clinic in Frontier San Francisco. For whatever contrived reason (we’ll work on this later, but the details aren’t important), she gets an extremely well-endowed elf as her nurse. Watch the sparks fly when Michael visits her clinic for impotence drugs…


The most important topic of this post: Micronized Klan or Macronized Klan? Vote! Choose wisely… I think this might be more telling than the Myers-Briggs personality test.


Not enough for a Ranka-puppy is cute montage this episode, but I like her new dress. Strapless + choker 4tw!

(Please, no “Wait, is this Derailed by Darry or a fashion blog?” comments. Thanks.)


Grace is pure evil. She reminds me of some sort of throwback Soviet Baroness.


Shopping before big battles worked so well for Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00, and Code Geass R2, why not try it here… though I’m glad Sunrise hasn’t taken it to the next level with Rolo fighting Shirley for some frilly dress that’s on sale and then shooting Shirley because Rolo wanted the dress to impress Lulu… oh shi-


Ranka’s biological mom as Sheryl’s adopted mom… ? Feels like a plot point for 90210.


The battles have also completely regressed. We’re back in the Code Geass / Gundam one-side pwns the other mode.


Why is Mikoto Itoshiki kidnapping Sheryl?


Sieg Zeon!


I liked the Prime Minister basically selling out his military by deploying them as sheep for the slaughter. It’s the ultimate Zapp Brannigan move. Kudos. So far in this anime, we’ve got both the snoo-snoo women and the Zapp strategist. All we need now is the pilot who lacks depth perception.


Seven days… seven days…


With that beret and that bow and how she went “USO DA!”… I was hoping for the return of good times… very good times…


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  1. Macroized Klan. The lolis do nothing for me other than make me wonder, “Where in the world is this kid’s guardian?”

  2. that last image almost made me crap my pants

  3. “Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai. Gomen nasai…”.

    Yes, I’m broken for “Cleaver Girl”.

  4. Isn’t there a totally new Higurashi now but it’s no longer in Hinamkillerloliville but a whole new mystery and cast set up on some island somewhere? I forget the Japanese name, but I remember it translated to “When The Seagulls Cry”

  5. >>>The symbolism… can it be any more direct?

    What does 50% off Sheryl Noam CDs have to do with Sheryl Nome?

    Does anyone else find it disturbing how much Ranka likes slaughtering her own bug children?

  6. I’m very upset that macronized Klan was done on low-res crappy oekaki paint. I woulda saved it too.

  7. we need to get Ranka, Sheryl and their biological/adopted mom in my room now!

    Hell, i’ll even let Rolo in.

  8. “Ranka’s biological mom as Sheryl’s adopted mom… ? ”

    Err … that is Ranshe Mei, not Dr. Mao Nome. Mao is the one in the middle of the picture.

    So no, she is not Sheryl’s adopted mother….

    And there is a huge amount of typos as errors, not just the “Noam” … in that picture screen it said:

    Write is
    The 117th
    Thvestigetion convoy

    Project Leader
    Dr. Mao Nome

    Jont Teseoth
    Dr. “Ranshe Mei” <-this is in Chinese characters
    Dr. Grace O’ Conner


  9. Anyone notice the plans that the second page of the “plans” Luca wrote up is part of the After Effects EULA?

  10. Are we sure those are just CDs? Could they be Blue-ray-ish HDVD+ quality music videos disks?

    Or maybe the 2050s went retro like every other decade does and went back to the style of the old CD case for whatever they actually use for music storage media that can be sold in bulk.

    Also there is a third Higurashi set coming out soon (Rie I believe) dealing with the aftermath of the mystery.

    Plus there is work being done on a second series Umineko no Naku Koro ni, described earlier as a new cast, new mystery, on an isolated island. The third arc is to be released on disk within next two weeks. (I don’t have these).

  11. it was 30% off and now is 50%??
    dont care, i will wait for Ranka’s cds to come out…

  12. You dare choose? Klein is Klein – that’s all there is to it. She’s cute no matter what form she wears, be it Haruka Neesama outfit Macronized Klein or Konata Dressing Up Miclone version.

    Oh, and you forgot to mention that Sheryl is dying from Vajra AIDS and has been cut off from her anti-Vajra AIDS medication… which is why Alto’s brother is taking her way to stuff into a kimono. Or something like that.

  13. New poll looks pretty close, 51-49.
    I would have thought the loli appeal to be overpowering.

    Seriously though Klan is by far the best part of this series, followed closely by Sheryl, then Michael, then Ozma, then the rest of the cast, then Ranka.

  14. i would usually go for macro Klan…
    but in this case, micro Klan is way better!!

  15. indeed why should we have to chose. sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. all Klan is good Klan. Yes we Klan!

  16. Macronised klan is more winsome. Giant boobie pillows!

    Though i do have to admit that micro klan has been exceptionally cute the last 2 episodes. And she wears thigh highs….mmmm….

  17. “but in this case, micro Klan is way better!!”
    i am still trying to figure out if it is because of the DFC or because she is a loli that i like her… or maybe is both!!

  18. When GARby says to go shopping, you go shopping if you know what is good for you…and at 80% off I can see the logic.

    Making us choose between Klein and Klein is down right evil…

  19. “She’s the Man” Is a great American gender-bender comedy with otaku fingerprints all over it. In fact there is a manga with almost exactly the same plot.

    As for the “CD’s”, Holographic memory prototypes use a disc about the same size as a standard DVD, that just turned out to be the most efficient arrangement. Considering that the majority of old and current data storage devices use a similar configuration, it’s not such a big leap to imagine that future devices will do the same.

  20. Im going to keep this short and simple…

    2 Internetz to the first person to show Sheryl in that outfit holding a cleaver in her hand and laughing like Rena….

  21. To tell the truth, Ranka singer sounded slightly out-classed against Sheryl singer in the new OP. The reason is that this is not the Ranka style song. In song like ‘Aimo’ or ‘What about my Star’, Ranka’s singer is at her home turf thus outperforms Sheryl there, but in fast paced song requiring versatility and technical perfection, she is showing her shortcomings.

  22. My gosh, I can’t even think of the last Hollywood TV show I watched with gender confusion,

    The youngest kid on “The Riches” is a crossdresser: it makes me wonder how the actor who plays him is going to turn out after wearing a hairclip for pretty much the entire show…

  23. Macronized… She, a good loli makes not. Heck, I watch Strike Witches, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like shapely women as well. It depends on the whole.

  24. I think I watched the old OP the whole way through once. I really didn’t care for it so I guess anything is an improvement. Although I certainly think that Lion is a better song. Plus the whole lets team up and sing theme makes the Ranka x Alto x Sheryl ending more plausible.

  25. The Jason ending:


  26. 1 Vote for Micronized Klan!

  27. Could this be considered a Klan War?

  28. MACRONIZED KLAN! 3 words: Melon Pan Bed

  29. Macronized Klan++

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