code geass r2 18

Nunnally… let me speak with Nunnally…


Let’s start things off with a gold medal comment from Myssa:

Myssa Rei: The REAL thing that bothered me, after all things are said and done, is the fact that Lulu sent ROLO, of all people, to rescue Nunnally. Granted, Sayoko is with him, but… ROLO! Though I doubt that they’d kill off Nunnally this early, sending a psychopath with a brother-complex to save your sister is something I’d think that Lulu would be smart enough NOT to do.

Bad idea jeans winner of 2008. Sending in Rolo to “rescue” Nunnally is just horrible decision-making, but I couldn’t picture Rolo offing Nunnally– the way things are setup, she has to be killed in the most gruesome way possible by someone dear to Lulu. Therefore, in some sort of horrible Sunrise-logic, Suzaku had to do it. And… uh… gratz. R.I.P. Nunnally.

For Lulu, this episode was just complete and utter devastation. I was watching the Olympics earlier, and they featured this South Korean swimmer who jumped the gun in his first swimming meet in Athens, and therefore disqualified himself. They were talking about how traumatic it was for him and how he cried in the locker room for three hours after that… multiply that by 1,000 and maybe we’ll be close to Lulu’s emotional state after seeing Suzaku nuke Nunnally. It’s beyond utter devastation.

Though I’m not sure if it’s brilliant scriptwriting or just one huge coincidence that it just so happens to be Lulu’s geass that ordered Suzaku to nuke Nunnally. Right now, he just probably assumed that Suzaku did it as part of the fight against Kallen. What if Lulu finds out that it was his “live on” command that caused Suzaku to fire PRAYER?


For Nunnally, uh, she’s dead. No kidding that this will be the final season for Code Geass. Nunnally did end up being what neither Suzaku nor Lulu wanted her to be: a pawn. Though it would be the greatest anime moment ever if Nunnally later returns as a cybernetic supersoldier (or a zombie). I wouldn’t put either past Sunrise.


For me, I’ve been wondering if Sunrise had the balls to kill off Nunnally. That’s the last card that could possibly be played– play it, and a happy (or even a clean) ending is next to impossible (I can only imagine the poor scriptwriter being told to kill off Nunnally… with eight episodes left… and somehow end the series coherently). Now it’s very curious as to where the story goes: from the spoilers, the Black Knights will turn on Lulu the next episode. Code Geass R2 is becoming an epic mess, and with epic messes, I expect an epic ending. Don’t you dare disappoint me, Sunrise.

I do get the feeling the ending might be Rivalz and Milly visiting Suzaku’s and Lulu’s graves (they’re buried next to each other, of course).

The worst part is that they killed off Sayoko. That one hits too close to home. Great, now I’m just watching this show for Kallen, Anya, the bridge bunnies, and Britannian dresses.

(Just have to console myself with the meido left in Heiress of the Phantom Thief, Ryoko’s Case Files, Princess no Rondo, and Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret. But it’s still sad to lose a ninja meido.)



A four-way OH GEASS NO tie between Orange-kun, Rolo, best friend Tamaki, and Guilford. At least for Guilford’s defense, he’s tricked into thinking that Lulu is an ample and bouncy princess. (And he’s dead now too.)

Just to drive the point home, here’s some help:

someone you met outside: Maybe, he wants something ~else~ from guilford! OMG!! Lulu(ko) decides to go the path of the anti-harem!! Replacing C.C., Shirley, and Kaguya with orange-kun, suxaku and guilford!! OH GEASS NO!!

I like how Suzaku has like fifty meme associated with him at this point. And… THEY ALL SUCK. Spinaku? Spazaku? Pwnzaku? Gimme a break. Today I just received an e-mail referring to a “Bombzaku” and another referring to a “Boomzaku.” Seriously, THEY ALL SUCK. Either come up with something better (i.e. not have a “-zaku”, “-ku”, or “-ko” in it) or just call him “Suzaku.” Not everything in life needs a meme. Just shoot me. There’s no way Suzaku needs a meme. None. I won’t accept it.


Kallen’s tears of happiness that someone remembered to rescue her. They mirror my own that she’s finally rejoining the plot, though I’m going to miss that yellow Britannian dress. Andohbytheway, when Sayoko mentioned “priority #3,” what was she referring to? I assume Nunnally is #1, and, honestly, I was surprised that Nunnally wasn’t #1, #2, and #3. So would that make Guren #3? Or is Guren #2 so Kallen’s #3? Or would it be that Kallen is #2 with the Britannian dress as #3?

(Sayoko did mention a hanger, but Kallen was kept in a converted hanger.)


I’m going to miss that dress more than I’m going to miss Guilford, Nunnally, and Asahina. *sniff*

As to what to call Kallen bring trapped in clear glass cell for the past eight episodes, I did get a good laugh from the suggestions, but I don’t think it needs a name. Clear glass cells and frilly dresses are what I use when I overflow my primary haremette storage system.

Kadian1364: But “breastquarium”… it doesn’t roll of the tongue like OH GEASS NO or similar memes. A decided lack of actual water doesn’t help either. You’re gonna have to work on that one.

Blademun: As for naming Kallens ‘cell’, its obviously a Melon Pan-orama.

Neriya: La Bustille? Bralcatraz?


I wanted it to be a bunny suit… I wanted it to be a bunny suit so badly.

(And why and how did Kallen change? I want to know these things. There’s a huge, important battle going on where Zero could be killed, and Kallen has time to change? I wanted her to pilot Guren in that frilly dress. To make it even worse, we didn’t even get a changing sequence. Damn you 6 JST. If this aired at midnight, you knew we’d be getting an eyeful.)


Yeah… Code Geass isn’t Gundam-lite.


The new Guren is very, very badass. It also reaffirms Sunrise’s strategy of having combat be between lopsided mobile suits. I’m glad Big West isn’t using this formula for Macros Frontier. Oh shi-


I’m beginning to think Guren and Kallen would be a match for Gurren Lagann and Simon. Guren has really become an impressive machine: it has its bread-and-butter (the godhand) upgraded, it has more long range attacks (its old weakness), and it has its mobility increased with Tenchi Muyo’s Wings of Light (further negating the old weakness). Plus, it still makes the pilot sit doggy-style.


“Fire it! Fire it!”

Is Nina in the top ten for most bat-shit insane anime characters? I’d say yes. So far, she has tried to rape a princess, humped a table while thinking of said princess, got off on testing a weapon of mass destruction, and just actively cheered on Suzaku to kill millions and millions of people, including a blind, crippled loli. The amazing part is that I actually had to think of it for a minute or two… “Mmm… okay, she might be on par with the Sonozakis, and she’s definitely more bat-shit insane than Miki… but is she more insane than Maika finding Ayumi on top of Haruo?”


And why is it that everytime we see Nina, she’s always leaning forward while clutching onto something?


They’re like an old married couple, except Inoue Kikuko should also have been voicing the evil lady with glasses who assists Nunnally. Plus, Cecile should always be in her red dress from now on. Let’s make that a rule.


I’m glad Sunrise took time away from the mobile suit battle sequence to give us a zoom-in shot of Urd’s cleavage. I’m glad they got their priorities straight.


The scene where Lulu is desperately typing on this controls is hilarious– he really does remind me of Keima trying to play four dating sims at once, only Lulu is failing. I bet Lulu is replaying Sunohara’s arc wondering, “Wait, why can’t I get an After Story route with Sunohara?!”


The way Gino and Kallen were bantering, I would have thought that Gino stood Kallen up for the Britannian high school prom, which led to Kallen discarding her Britannian heritage and embracing her Japanese side. Though that’s the next logical reboot for Code Geass: slapstick harem comedy. Oh wait, they tried that already… ?

(Still hoping for a medieval reboot.)


Keeping with Sunrise’s policy of forgetting characters from the previous episode, Xing-ke and the two world leader lolis (and Knight of One) couldn’t buy any screentime this episode. And… C.C…


Ougi is just useless as a leader. He might as well start working on his application for the Rukia All-Stars. At least with Sumeragi, we got bouncing melonpan. Ougi just takes valuable screentime away from the bridge bunnies.

(The random guy on the left becomes like 50 times more reliable than Ougi. Maybe Dilbert was right– management positions just remove the idiots from the productive flow. And I can definitely picture Tamaki’s job description as “transporter of coffee.”)


We need to find a way to have Anya pilot one of Lakshata’s mobile suits. ASAP. Sitting normally on a chair is doing nothing for me. (Okay, that’s a lie.) Did we ever figure out Anya’s true age? Or is yet another internet debate topic like “Is Yoko 14?”


And some leftovers

Zettai: Good question. But I think this entire blog and the comments themselves are supposed to be a big fat middle finger pointed at the communal body that people call “Sunrise” (let’s just suspend into the realm of anime-blogger-impossibility the fact that Sunrise is a giant anime company with not just one writer, one director and one animator; and let’s also forget the fact that that same o-so-shunned company bestowed us with true gems like Cowboy Bebop, Planetes, Vision of Escaflowne, SOME good Gundam shows, Infinite Ryvius and the list goes on….). Some people just find Sunrise-bashing fun, lol. Back to the question though: No, not really, darling. Macross Frontier is good, but any true fan of the Macross series would realise that it might not be the best way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of such an interesting franchise. Code Geass is an excellent show and we all love it. We have just different ways of expressing our love ; – ) I am new by the way, and I am here to make fun of the fun-makers. *bows*

You think you’re the first person to think this? Get in line, pal! The funny thing is everyone who made this argument ends up in the “open mouth, insert foot” pile. I mean… for someone criticizing this blog and its readers for not knowing the history of Sunrise, you sure don’t know the history of this blog nor its readers:

“Who’d thunk that the studio that gave us Escaflowne, Crest of the Stars, and Cowboy Bebop could also give us Code Geass, Mai Otome Zwei, and Xenoglossia… ?” (October 3, 2007)

“Sunrise is the company of Escaflowne, Keroro, Cowboy Bebop, The Big O, Crest of the Stars, and Gundam! I mean, that’s some serious firepower. I don’t know what happened, possibly derailed by excessive greed, but we got pooped on with Gundam Seed Destiny, Mai Otome, Xenoglossia, and others too depressing to name.” (January 31, 2008)

Basically, the original staff of Sunrise pretty much all moved on. Most went to Manglobe. The people who replaced them are just more interested in selling toys than telling a well-formulated story.

(And, of course, poor Zettai is completely oblivious to the tsundere for Sunrise subplot of this blog. Let’s just move on.)

Phunong: Lulu was so broken by Suzaku’s backstab that he completely forgot to confront Schneizel about Marianne’s murder (like he planned to way back when). Looks like we’ll never find out what happened that night.

I don’t think Lulu forgot. I think the scriptwriters forgot.

Tim: When Guilford called Lelouch “hime-sama” I was thinking, “wow, that’s the most accurate name he’s ever been called”

Best. Comment. Ever.

(At least for the past week.)

You win… *spins the wheel*… some Kallen fanservice! Gratz!


Lateraldeath: it should be pretty damn obvious even to lelouch that suzaku was set up. But then what’s the point of this anime if it doesn’t have over the top illogical relationship conflicts between those two right?

Suzaku killing his sister with a weapon of mass destruction qualifies as “over-the-top” right? This show has broken my “over-the-top” meter. I think the only thing that could top Kallen pushing Suzaku to activate his “live on” geass and thusly killing Nunnally would be if Nunnally were pregnant with his love child. That’s the only way things could be more epic.

(And I’m still hoping for this scenario. Maybe next episode, Rolo brings Lulu Nunnally’s diary where she writes, “I’m so happy that I’ll become a mother. I will name Suzaku’s and my child either ‘Lulu’ or ‘Luluko’ after my dear Onii-san.”)

0kami: Still hoping for a bizarre dream sequence in which they deliver a statue of Kallen made out of Pizza to C.C. and she eats it in all the right places.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Well, the funny thing is that he forgot to ask Jeremiah to unGeass Suzaku… so in a way, Nunnally’s being bombed is indeed all his fault. That, and Kallen forcing the issue – if she’d let the idiot run, he might’ve left instead of bombing Tokyo.

    Oops. At least he didn’t let a psycho run around loose who goes murderous whenever someone mentions Nunnally…. um… nevermind.

  2. And next week we get Rolo-bitch slapping!

  3. Not everything in life needs a meme. Just shoot me. There’s no way Suzaku needs a meme. None. I won’t accept it.

    So you’re using a meme to tell us to stop using memes.

    Yep… this is our blogger. >8D

  4. And why is it that everytime we see Nina, she’s always leaning forward while clutching onto something?

    Might have to do with the giant stick up her ass….. not complaining though.

  5. I enjoyed this ep quiet alot actually, lots of mech fights and what not are my kind of thing! Did anyone else think “Trans-Am” while looking at the new Guren dart all over the place?

    Also, when Lloyd is screaming at the display “Thief” at Guren, did he not steal it in the first place? is all I have to say! :D

  6. Too bad we didn’t get Lulu screaming “USO DA” and chasing Rolo with a machete.

  7. Oh My God! They Killed Sayoko! You Bastards!

  8. Finally Kallen…my sweet Kallen is free! But now Nunnally is maybe sort of dead? But Sunrise needs to bring her back to have that spin off series! There is still hope!

    My biggest grip with this episode is not finding out who does survive, not seeing any of the other battle (like it matters anymore…), and WTF happened to Master Lulu and his god like strats? Zerg rush doesn’t always work…


  10. stupid Lulu, you killed Nunnally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just DIE!!!!!!!!1

    “I’m so happy that I’ll become a mother. I will name Suzaku’s and my child either ‘Lulu’ or ‘Luluko’ after my dear Onii-san.”
    i dont need the nightmares…

  11. Regarding Nina- unless she can change into a monster I think Maikas brother-complex is still the hieght of hilarious insanity for our amusement.

  12. I’m calling shenanigans.
    NO way do they kill off Sayoko. Nunnaly yes, I could believe it. Sayoko, on the other hand, uses ninja moves while wearing a thong-she ain’t going down like a punk.

    A C. Geass episode with out CC is a C. Geass episode that could have been better.

    Seriously, Lelouch sending Rolo to save Nunnaly is the biggest plot hole yet. I mean he knows that Rolo killed Shirly; even if he doesn’t know exactly how effed up Rolo is, he still should be able to realize that Rolo is not exactly reliable. And its not like he’s the only guy Lelouch has available. Put Rolo on the front lines against some of the Knights of the Round.
    Every episode Lelouch looks less and less intellingent.

  13. Code Geass R2 is becoming an epic mess, and with epic messes, I expect an epic ending.
    I wouldn’t count on it. With 8 episodes left I’m calling some kind of cop out deus ex machina ending.

  14. YES! Jason, that made my night you making me an honorary TAMR! Though in all fairness, I really thought I was trying too hard for it.

    And I am a fan of the use of emo facial distortion this episode. A major fan.

  15. What was that spoiler ended I use to give people…Oh yeah

    “They all got married, died, and lived happily everafter.”

    Come on Sunrise…I dare you to use that one.

  16. At least when Nunnally pulls an Orange-kun on us and returns, she won’t have problems with her depth perception when they stuff her into the biggest, most powerful Gundam/Mech they have … ^^

    Or Lulu just dresses Rolo up as Nunnal … oh shit …

  17. I wanna know why the acronym is “F.L.E.I.J.A.” when THERE ISN’T A “J” ANYWHERE IN THE FULL NAME!

    Also, I’m of the opinion that F.L.E.I.J.A. either completely obliterates whatever it engulfs or transports the stuff to some other reality.

  18. On the note of Mai Otome, I also considered it a rather bad series, only good for its fanservice until I actually bothered to read the manga it is based on.

    After that I was actually impressed at how Sunrise took such a horrible manga (Mai Otome manga probably Tops in my Top5 of worst manga) and converted it to a semi-decent series.

    The manga’s story is much worse and its MAJORLY different of the one in the anime (different main character, different vilains, different story, different ending, heck only the universe and the cast is the same, everything else is different…)

  19. So… While Nunally dying was pretty tragic, I don’t know what it says about me that I was more excited about Kallen bending over once again, or Sayoko biting the big one. Allegedly.

    Dearest Snagger Derailer,

    I send the perfect people to do the job too.


  20. Damn you SUNRISE, damn you if Nunnally and Sayako weren’t killed on that attack. I can accept that Mr. Impossible survived the beam attack on Gundam Seed (after the epic manipulation on the Special Edition III), and I can accept how Mashiro’s maid survived that jump from the cliff; but I won’t accept that something miraculously saved them. Nunnally is dead, Rollo was going to kill her anyway, so let her rest in peace.

    Lelouch’s face was priceless…

  21. Maleficarium, Mai Otome is a Sunrise original … the Mai Otome manga is a sub-product of the anime and not a adaptation.

    I am not going to argue about tastes but I have a rather sweet spot for the Mai Otome manga (Hell yes, Manshiro !!!) as I will not touch the anime with a 10 foot pole after I read the episodes summary of it.

    Also on the subject there is the fact Mai Otome is a “sequel” to Mai HiME but at least the manga got the “its a sequel” sequel part right as Sunrise is STILL making the links to it.

  22. When orange first appeared with his “un-geass” many of us thought “YESSS! That damn Suzaku (spinzaku,gayzaku,meemzaku lol) can finally BURN IN HELLLZ!!!!!” But NOOOOO, not only did lelouch forget about that, but he sends ROLO to get Nunnaly. Well, he can play chess so that doesn’t count…right? Oh, and looking upon ep.19. The awesomely weak and unatheletical lelouch is PUNCHING/Slapping/etc ROLO and oh wow… throws a cellphone! Very threatening…

  23. I really have to wonder how this show is going to end now. Back when the show first started I had hope that it would take the Death Note main character, “Super smart(can play chess), gets power to control/kill people, decides to use said power to remake the world the way he wants.”
    And one up DeathNote by giving us a good end, with giant robots.

    Alas, with Nunally’s death all hope for that is gone.

    So MY NEW THEORY: The show will end with an epic battle in the C zone, and in the end lulu will get one wish, and that one wish will be “to set right what once went wrong”. And the last 2 minutes of the show, when the credits are playing, will show a new world where Lulu’s mom never got killed, the empire never went crazy with power, and everyone is having crazy high school hijinks at Ashford, even the Knights of Round. And the very last second will be a shot of C.C. watching.

  24. (Note: I noticed I made a error, I meant the Mai Otome anime is not a adaptation of the Mai Otome manga)

    Now ….

    “And one up DeathNote by giving us a good end, with giant robots.”

    I always find that amusing … you cannot have a moral ambiguous main character in a black and white world since it does not work that way.

    Light had to die because he was nothing but a mass murderer with a excuse, there would never be a “prefect world” (unless your idea of a perfect world is people dying because someone decided they should die) … he did not eliminated crime (that would be impossible) and had knowingly killed innocent people (funny how “crime” does not apply to his actions … god complex much?), there would never be a good end because the very nature of the protagonist prevented that from happening.

    And there is were Code Geass fails, Light was moral ambiguous and so was the world around him … but Code Geass is a cookie cutter “black/white” world with absolutes … it did not started that way but it certainly became that way.

    That is why Lulu as a character fails, that is why Suzuku as a character fails … the others work because they are in the black/white morality scale, except Kallen that is a idiot.

  25. As strange as this might seem, and many of the regulars here might be scandalized, but I found this turn of events relatively… Logical. Though people think that Geass seems to rely too much on plot twist after plot twist to keep the viewers watching, the destruction of the capital of Area 11 (as well as the people in it, including people important to Lelouch like Nunnally) I think neatly sets up the End Times (to borrow a relatively new term in 40k) for Zero. As foreshadowed by the bloody king surrounded by toppled chesspieces, there’s only one way things are going to end for him: he’s going to be alone.

    The very person he’s been fighting for is gone, and I don’t think there’s anything worse than watching your supposedly-best friend-turned-worst-enemy off your harmless and sweet little sister. What’s worse (and it’s rather best if he doesn’t find out), it’s indirectly HIS FAULT (due to the ‘Live’ geass he cast on Suzaku in season 1).

    That aside, it seems that we were right about one thing after all: Rolo was going to kill Nunnally, and was probably going to think of an excuse for doing so, just so he can keep his oh-so-important Nii-san to himself. That… is disturbing, but par for practice in the world of Geass. It’s not a world of fields full of flowers, and never was.

  26. Sayako seems to of been watching too much Strike Witches as she went into battle wearing just stockings and string pull underwear. At least she died with her hat on.

  27. Myssa Rei: I was predicting this for a while myself. It’s sad… but not surprising. Plus it completely buries the whole ‘Gundam SEED Third Faction’ ending that people were looking forward two – between the last two episodes, any chance that Suzaku and Lulu WOULDN’T kill one another or find some way of overcoming past differences was eliminated, especially after their half-hearted attempts ended in Shirley’s death and Suzaku’s Schneizel-helped betrayal.

    Now… I’m hoping Nunnally is REALLY dead, since otherwise it’ll feel cheap. Plus then Suzaku and Lulu have fewer reasons to scream imprecations at one another, and Cornellia’ll have no good reason to leave Britannian service (Suzaku using a Britannian weapon to kill her other sister as well as her loyal knight).

  28. Another waste, the Valkyrie squad gets wasted by Kallen before we can check out their melonpan. They sounded young and cute. Knowing Britannian clothes designers, their pilot suits would have been flattering…

    I can’t see Lelouch getting a happy ending. He took his anger out on a lot of people and lost a lot of important people. I wonder if Millay is one of them? The blast looked like it only touched the government building and the main Tokyo Settlement. Millay looked like she was running around somewhere else.

    And the last time Lelouch should have realized that he was the cause of someone’s death (Shirley’s), he took it out on a group of defenseless scientists. Knowing that he was the cause of Nunnally’s death (either by Suzaku’s “live” command or the alternate Rolo killing her) won’t stop Lelouch from taking it out on someone else.

  29. For Nina this was a triumph. I made a note here “BOOM SUCCESS.” It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. Nina Science: We do what we must because we can…

    I think we will seen Nunnally alive and well in good time I did not see a body and I am not falling for that ever again. Sure Nunnally will have a mask but it will still be Nunnally…

  30. I dunno Haess, it looks like Cornelia was actually HAPPY when Schniezel picked her up in the preview. Unless she DOES find out about the screwy and sad sequence of events that ended with the nuking of Area 11’s capital, I don’t know if Cornelia’s going to defect anytime soon. We’ll have to see next week.

    Speaking of next week, the house that Zero built is coming down. The Black Knights are set to betray him, though it’s a wonder where some of the supposedly ‘loyal’ members will stand in all this. I’m thinking of course of Kaguya, Kallen, and Lakashta. Todou and Chiba, well, they’re in for the promise of Japan being granted independence… which can be the probervial carrot to be dangled in front of their noses by Schniezel.

    Also, has anyone found it amusing that Ashford SURVIVED the blast? By the looks of it, it just missed the tac’s radius by just a few hundred feet. That’s close. Way too close. As in ‘exterminatus versus perdita’ close.

  31. I think another important thing overlooked in this episode, is that group of fine ladies restraining Lulu… They may not have reached random NANI MAI HUNNI? status but there could have been potential. Such a shame. tsk tsk tsk

  32. The second screencap is an accurate representation of my face after this episode. Except there was more head clutching and silent screaming involved.

    The only thing that makes me wonder if Nunnally is really dead is that she didn’t get any last words. Shirley got to speak with Lelouch, Guilford urged Lelouch-as-Cornelia (fanart where?) to live on, and every other minor character that died this episode got a line. Only Sayoko and Nunnally kept quiet. Doesn’t this violate some sort of cheesy scriptwriting rule that the staff has to abide by?

  33. I like how even eight episodes later in the same dress in the same cell sits the same sexy Kallen. Im more interested in her hygene for the past 8 episodes that her changing. Also I believe that the live-on geass will kill lulu. So if anyone is going to be visiting a grave it would be Suzaku.

  34. Im torn in between calling this the best episode ever and holy shit Sunrise just made Euhpie’s massacre looked like nothing now. Code Geass has taught me a new emotion: a mix of excitement, euphoria and sadness rolled into one.

  35. “I think we will see Nunnally alive and well in good time. I did not see a body and I am not falling for that ever again. Sure Nunnally will have a mask but it will still be Nunnally…”

    My thoughts exactly. I don’t care if a nuclear weapon is supposed to obliterate all matter within its blast radius, if I don’t see a body, I’m not buying it. This is Sunrise after all. It pays to remain skeptical.

    However, the episode itself was one of the most entertaining episodes of Code Geass I recall seeing in a loooooong time. Maybe it was a case where everything else building up to this episode was so terrible in comparison, but I loved Kallen’s return to the battlefield, killing off the Knight of Irrelevant, and generally kicking ass. Something about big important battles, souped up mechs, massive beam spam, and loud explosions gets me excited.

    Or maybe I’m guilty of lowering my entertainment standards just to preserve my mental sanity through this summer anime season. Man, this shit is crazy.

  36. “Only Sayoko and Nunnally kept quiet. Doesn’t this violate some sort of cheesy scriptwriting rule that the staff has to abide by?”

    Yet more evidence that this might not be the last we’ve seen of our favorite handicapped-loli-governor and thong-wearing-ninja-meido. Sunrise might produce a body in the first 30 seconds of the next episode to cleanly resolve this cliffhanger in an anti-dramatic manner done in the past, but let’s not act like we were all born yesterday.

  37. “Looking forward TO” even. Damned mind wandering.

    As for bodies… Nunnally may be alive, but expecting a body in those circumstances is like expecting Charles or Schneizel to NOT go and indulge in a “Just as planned!” moment, or not expecting Lulu to react reasonably instead of going emo. Basically, it MIGHT happen… but the universe is more likely to suddenly come to an end tomorrow.

    Seriously, what’s left after you tear a body apart atom by atom? Quarks? How the hell are you going to tell Nunnally’s subatomic particles from Sayoko’s, or those of something that was concrete until just a few hours ago?

  38. At the rate Sunrise is killing off the female characters, I hope that Lulu and the others can asexually Reproduce (-_-;) They Like kill 3 girls for every one guy. They killed Shirley, Nunnally, Sayoko, Those 4 random girls who captured lulu…I mean Like , What The Hell?!

  39. damn…Sayoko is dead?!! wtf-ness?!!!
    i was silently cheering Sayoko to get the hell outta there and let Nunnally die..too bad, din happen…
    now with the Black Knights set to betray Lulu and Lulu going bonkers, its gonna be a legendary ending.

  40. Sunrise has a deceptively easy ending panned out for them. You might think “whoa how to end in only 8 episodes,” but it’s pretty easy to do nuclear holocaust in that span of time if you ask me. Toss in Nunnally’s revival as robo-loli: half-machine, all-DFC and you’ve got yourself a winning combination in my opinion.

  41. He sent ROLO to go save Nunally
    He sent Rolo!!! a psychotic with an older brother complex to go save Nunally.

  42. If only I hadn’t seen those spoilers on niconico before watching this.
    Amazing, but I share the remorse of the loss of Sayoko, the ninja meido.
    Nunnaly coming back would make sense in a Sunrise sense but I think it would be better if she just stayed dead for plot sake.. makes things more interesting IMO.

  43. The ending.


  44. you know, i had always thought that Schneizel at least thought of his siblings as important, believing in Euphie’s innocence and all. He should know that if Suzaku shot the gravity nuke Nunnally would die. Yet he didn’t stop The Humper from begging Suzaku to shoot. Which proves that he for some reason values Suzaku’s life much more than his sibling and Tokyo settlement citizen’s lives. Guess they really can’t place values in half sibling love in the Brittanian royal family. The only real love the royal family has shown each other so far is Lulu and Nunnally, and Cornelia and Euphie.

  45. “At the rate Sunrise is killing off the female characters, I hope that Lulu and the others can asexually Reproduce”
    this is further evidence that the fangirls have taken over the writting team… they are killing all the girls!!! Kallen is next and maybe even CC!!!!

  46. I thought it was funny that there was an instruction manual for the new Guren


    That picture of Kallen is officially picture number 100 of her in my image folder!

    I also have zero pictures of pretty much every other member of the Black Nights, so I take it as a sign that they are worthless.

  48. I’m waiting for Lulu to turn into a badass KF pilot while clutching Nunnally’s cellphone and replaying her voicemail greeting over and over…

  49. Nunnally doesn’t have to actually be dead to support a Lulu-finishes-going-nuts ending. Just Lulu needs to think she is. My personal prediction (I skipped the spoiler post so these might not be consistent with What We Know Is Going To Happen) is that Sayoko whipped out some ninja toy to protect herself and Nunnally from the nuke.

    And timing-wise, she needn’t have her survival revealed right away. I see her showing up immediately after the last die is cast and it’s too late for Lulu and Suzaku to change whatever doom they have in store for each other.

    Also, did I miss something or would Rolo have been in the blast range? What saved him (assuming that was really him on the radio with Lulu), and could it also have saved N&S?

  50. I will forgive Sunrise for their ridiculous plot twists, plot holes, train wrecking, Mai Otome, and other recent bad stuff… if they turn Jupiter into a Lucifer and everyone on Earth teleports to Ganymede. Errr… that is, everyone dies. What am I saying here now? Oh yeah, RIVALZ AND CLOVIS, VAMPIRE KILLING BUDDIES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Sayoko probably used the Replacement Technique.

  52. (Still hoping for a medieval reboot.)

    LOLZ, Dude, did you do that on purpose? Coz yanno, there’s a new Code Geass manga spinoff called Code Geass: Tales of an Alternate Shogunate.

    Probably next to Asuna Kagurazaka, I want Nina totally destroyed by wooden paddle.

    Anyways… Code Geass? DONE. I’m just gonna wait from Gundam 00 while weaning on stuff like Sekirei, NogiHaru and ToLoveRu. Just wake me up when they release a Shinkiro model kit. Stupid model kit people… they make 4 to 5 lame variations of Lancelot, and none of either Shinkiro or Gawain? It’s just like Maid Guy or Birdy getting shafted in terms of fansubs while mediocrities like Sekirei or what have five or six groups speed-subbing them.

    More of an epic failure than Gundam Seed Destiny? We’ll have to see to find out.

  53. The problem with Sunrise is that we have no idea if Nunally really is dead. For instance, even if they actually killed her off and produced a body next episode, we’ll still be waiting for a Code Geass OVA to tell us that she’s till alive for months after the series ends. Then again she could just come back alive and there’d be absolutely no discussion much like Ogi and Viletta.

    BTW, why did Anya have a Geass moment when she locked with Lulu? I thought people only got that when locked with CC… HMMM did Lulu secretly gain CC’s immortality?

  54. Cbongo: Ah… the Shakespearean Tragedy Ending. That’d be a nice thing to see… especially if Sayoko pretends to be Lulu the rest of her life, to keep Nunnally from realizing Lulu’s dead.

  55. Well I figured that Nunally will probably come with Sayoko in the last episode. because this is sunrise. They don’t kill off the main characters until the last the last moment. Besides, not like Shirley was that important in the first place.

  56. when was the last time sunrise did a bad end? From the studio that brought back to live *everybody* in My Hime and only killed one person in Otome … I don’t believe they will do anything else than a happy end until I see it.

    And, did we see how Ougi and Viletta survived actually? Seems like jumping from cliffs never ends deadly in sunrise series, even with those rocks in the water oO

    >So MY NEW THEORY: The show will end with an epic battle in the C >zone, and in the end lulu will get one wish, and that one wish will be “to >set right what once went wrong”. And the last 2 minutes of the show, >when the credits are playing, will show a new world where Lulu’s mom >never got killed, the empire never went crazy with power, and everyone >is having crazy high school hijinks at Ashford, even the Knights of >Round. And the very last second will be a shot of C.C. watching.

    That sounds way too likely for typical Sunrise fairy tale-endings … I hope you’re wrong XD

  57. I’m going to guess the Bunny girl Kallen picture is post-glass cage Kallen, as her breasts seemed to be enlarging each episode while in that dress. This bunny girl outfit shows just how much she’s grown since the start of the season…

    If they kept her any longer she wouldn’t even fit into a bunny suit anymore and have to switch to working at Hooters.

  58. I’m just wondering what kind of warhead was that? I thought it was some kind of nuke, but it seems like a Plasma yield bomb.

  59. Jacen: From what I’ve read so far, the FREIA is indeed that, a nuke, but a CONTROLLED nuke; it’s essentially a fusion-collapse device that has a sakuradite-empowered field to inhibit its blast radius. Sort of like one of those black hole weapons you’d expect in Super Robot Wars.

  60. Whoops, kind of a mis-interpretation of mine there. Apparently, what I initially said is correct: it’s a nuke with something inhibiting it’s blast radius. What I neglected to add was the fact that, after it’s EXPLOSION there’s a secondary IMPLOSION that occurs.

  61. when was the last time sunrise did a bad end?

    Stargazer’s ending was pretty dark, and MS Igloo depicted the losing side of the One Year War, although admittedly the ending wasn’t as much of a bloodbath as say, Zeta Gundam’s. Incidentally, between their various OVAs, Gintama, and Keroro I don’t see any reason to be worried about Sunrise’s future. I don’t see any clear decline between their past and present quality unless you selectively ignore all their old stinkers (F91, Brain Powered, Chouja Raideen just off the top of my head) and half their recent output. At least Geass manages to be really entertaining while trainwrecking its way to the finish line, Brain Powered puts me to sleep every time I’m dumb enough to try and watch it past the OP.

    As for Nunally… you can’t analyze her fate by thinking “what makes the most sense based on the show’s internal logic to date?”. That’s how normal shows operate, not Code Geass. The real question is, “would it be more dramatic to kill her permanently now or have the Emperor go ‘All Your Nunally Are Belong to Us’ to Lulu and Suzaku after they spend a bunch of episodes being emo?” By the standards of Code Geass ass-pulls, it wouldn’t even be as bad as Mao or Orange-kun.

  62. I dunno, I found Brain Powerd okay… Then again, I’m easily pleased, or rather, I don’t have much time outside of my work to feel critical about what I’m watching. So why should I, when I could enjoy it instead?

  63. Oh, and official site lists ALL the people caught in the FREIJA/FREIA/lol engrish blast as missing, not dead. If they’re not willing to give a Word of God declaration that Nunally’s dead like they did with Lockon 1.0, I’m not buying her as a goner just yet.

    Then again, I’m easily pleased, or rather, I don’t have much time outside of my work to feel critical about what I’m watching. So why should I, when I could enjoy it instead?

    Eh… after reading this over several times, I think you have the opposite tack on this than I do. Personally I like or dislike shows based on pure gut feeling and later I spend time thinking about it to come up with reasons to rationalize my instinctive opinions. Shutting down my critical facilities isn’t going to make me like (or dislike) a show more, just be more shameless about it.

    Brain Powered is a show where I get bored after about five minutes and find myself losing interest, pausing to do other stuff, and then forgetting about it. That never happens with Geass, no matter how much the writing’s gone off the rails when analyzed objectively.

  64. Due to the fact that I keep reading Jason ripping on Code Geass, even I am jaded now as by right I should be enjoying my subpar deathnote/mecha anime.

    I used to like this show, even when Jason pointed out every single plot hole and scenes where moar fanservice should be inserted, but now, I’m just jaded.

    p.s. Female casualty rate in CG is kinda high. Maybe due to unbalance(balanced?) pilot gender ratio?

  65. hinode: Oh, I’m known by people as the ‘one’ without expectations. That’s pretty much why I can enjoy practically any show on air (yes, even fanservice dribble like Kanokon). Also, given my line of work, I don’t have the luxury to overanalyze a series. So I just, y’know, watch. And so, I enjoy what I watch, logical plot holes be darned. Works for me, though everyone else’s mileage might vary.

  66. “Is Nina in the top ten for most bat-shit insane anime characters? ”

    I would say she’s #1 given that she doesn’t actually have any mental illness like many insane anime characters, and she has no idea that she’s crazy and doesn’t seem like she will ever show any remorse. Even Shion realized deep down she was crazy.

  67. Hey, didn’t you guys see Nunnally’s death as… anticlimatic?

    If, and only if, she is still alive, Charles was probably involved. I mean, that would justify his 4 seconds of screentime on this episode.

  68. “Is she more insane than Maika finding Ayumi on top of Haruo?”

    You had me there. I mean, Maika is like the epithome of imouto love, the way all little sisters should be… shit, I’m thinking aloud again. Excuse me, I have to go take my pills.

    About the show itself, me thinks Shakesperian ending is coming all the way. I mean, it’s so easy to realize, at this point, that the Geass scriptwriters read Macbeth in an acid trip, it’s not even funny. The only change I see is that Suzaku, the supposedly good boy, should die too, since he’s just disgusting at this point.
    Oh, and if you want a meme, what the hell, call him Susie.

  69. “And from now on I shall be known as Susie the Knight of 7.”

    I’m in favor of this motion.

  70. I second that motion.

  71. >>About the show itself, me thinks Shakesperian ending is coming all the way. I >>mean, it’s so easy to realize, at this point, that the Geass scriptwriters read >>Macbeth in an acid trip, it’s not even funny.

    Well hey, someone agrees with me for once. I’m still voting for that ending but like everyone else, I see the “everyone is brought back to life” ending as more possible. “THE NUKE BROUGHT THEM TO JUPITER!!!” … -sigh-

    Vampire guy: I’ll take away your most important thing!
    Lulu: T-this position-!

    .. this made me lol more than it should

  72. Oh dear…

    Any other reaction about such a massive event beyond that is reserved for a series that takes its plot seriously.

    Right now I can’t see Lulu doing anything other than wandering off to the middle of nowhere to brood, leaving everything else to crash and burn. Yet the next episode preview has him raging at Rolo, and there’s at least 5 episodes to fill after that.

  73. FREIJA/FREIA/lol engrish

    It’s “FLEIJA”, actually (well, to be more accurate, “F.L.E.I.J.A.”). “Field Limitary [might be ‘Limitory’, the a/o is just slightly too blurry to be able to tell] Effective Implosion Armament”, with the “J” in “F.L.E.I.J.A.” not even acceptable as engrish but just being thrown in there for the hell of it, it seems. As well, it seems they’re using a (possible) variant of Germanic or Scandinavian pronunciation for the name, as the “J” is not pronounced as a J, but rather as a Y. (Which is why it sounds like “Freya” [or “Freyja”]; in fact, after examining some of the terminology used on the following screenshot, it’s fairly obvious that the warhead is indeed supposed to be named after the Norse goddess Freyja. Hint: the terms are Folkvangr and Sessrumnir.)

    The screenshot (courtesy of Random Curiosity)

  74. Heavy Strategic Anti-strongpoint Neutralize Warhead?

  75. Why didnt Kallen just rush over and bash his gun in before he fired the nuke? They didnt know it was a nuke, he was only a few feet away, and she has 5+ ranged attacks and superspeed. But then again, standing there in the headlights then dodging incoming missiles seems more logical.

    And finally- Nunally was my last hope for a good ending too. Theres no way that the ending I was hoping for will come true.

    And for future episodes I’m guessing Suzaku and Kallen change teams. Is there now 3 teams? Britannia, OotBK, and then Zeros loyal followers?

  76. And apparently the official name is Guren Heaven’s Eight Extremities Type, which is some sort of reference to the points of the compass in Japanese tradition yada yada yada yada yada…

    I hereby nominate it to be renamed Guren ZOMGWTFPWN Type.

  77. And score one for a Knight named Sue (or Susie).

  78. As to what to call Kallen bring trapped in clear glass cell for the past eight episodes, I did get a good laugh from the suggestions, but I don’t think it needs a name.

    Somehow I missed this. Am I too late for Tits and glass?

  79. Kabitzin: Yes. Go rewatch every episode after Kallen got captured for your regular shots.

  80. Ithekro said:

    The ending.


    Oh GEASS Yes.

    “To: Lelouch

    I’m waiting on the roof.

    Euphemia Li Britannia.”

  81. “To: Lelouch

    I’m waiting on the roof.

    Euphemia Li Britannia.”


  82. Well of course Nunnally isn’t dead. She was just sent to THE NEXT DIMENSION.

    I’m serious. dead serious.

  83. Well of course Nunnally isn’t dead. She was just sent to THE NEXT DIMENSION.

    Or perhaps the SHADOW REALM. XD

  84. “So MY NEW THEORY: The show will end with an epic battle in the C zone, and in the end lulu will get one wish, and that one wish will be “to set right what once went wrong”. And the last 2 minutes of the show, when the credits are playing, will show a new world where Lulu’s mom never got killed, the empire never went crazy with power, and everyone is having crazy high school hijinks at Ashford, even the Knights of Round. And the very last second will be a shot of C.C. watching.”

    Big O! much?

    Well, my theory is that Code Geass is just a set-up to Big O, and that the “Event” was Charles remaking the world. Would that cast Roger Smith as a descendant of one of the characters? Would that mean that Diethard got amnesia, renamed himself, and became Schwarzwald?

    Or, it could be my rabid belief that Sunrise MUST make a reboot for “The Big O!”

  85. That ep was quite the ride. What exciting new developments. I had an inkling in the back of my mind when Suzuaku was getting trounced that his geassing was going to come into effect. That was brilliant.

    Quite the body count Code Geass is piling up, Sunrise loves to kill off characters to advance the plot.

  86. I’m just waiting for when Rolo poses as Nunnally to soothe Lulu’s soul… :D

  87. Just so you can get over Sayoko being dead, you gotta admit there’s still a possibility that she used her uber ninja techniques to get herself and Nunally out of that dire situation yes? Well back to the main reason why I posted a comment. Try reading this doujin, it has a maid in it what’s more to ask? I leave it to you to find it in the net, the title’s Maid Bride. If you already know of it, I just wasted my time with this XD If not yet, then good. Just a little preview before I close my post.

  88. Is funny how a lot of people are saying that Nunnally is alive because of a Space Transfer of FREIA. All that is pure crap. Is impossible for Nina to develop something like that; how could she know? If SUNRISE is really pulling that bullshit like that on us, I’m quitting anime that day. Come on, think a little bit, Nina wanted to kill Zero, not transfer him no another place. She want him DEAD, is that clear?

    I’ll stop reading all that nonsense and wait for next week’s episode; maybe we can get a better theory of what that weapon can do, and not some wishful thinking crap.

    Nunnally is DEAD. Get over it.

  89. I’m siding with hinode on this one. Unlike Luciano who has the big red DEAD mark over his picture, all of their statues are unconfirmed. Why wouldn’t Sunrise just state outright that they wouldn’t be coming back? I just can’t add them to the dead count.

    Even if FREIJA wasn’t some sort of magical device, perhaps it’s possible for Charles, like V.V., to transport them (at least, Nunnally) out of there? Though for what reason, who knows.

  90. If SUNRISE is really pulling that bullshit like that on us, I’m quitting anime that day.

    This is the same SUNRISE that declared Lockon Stratos dead… but then announced that there’d be a Lockon Stratus in Gundam 00 Second Season. Even if it IS his identical twin, who somehow has his magical sniping skills, they weaseled him back into the show. You may as well quit anime this very moment and stop posting, because SUNRISE loves to prove you wrong.

    Hell, they even JOKED about it in the first PV. Remember the Zombie joke?

    “How’re you still alive?”

    “I’m not.”

    “… a zombie?”

  91. Habeas Corpus. This is anime. Plus, this is a SUNRISE anime — people have already been noting little inconsistencies with the little ‘escape shuttle’ sequence featuring Nunnally, Sayoko, Rohlmeyer, and Rolo, and add all of those up, one can actually come up with a COMPELLING argument that it would be far too early to count the little princess out yet (also, the official website has marked most of those caught in the pink light as ‘MIA’, unlike the Knight of 10 or Guildford who are tagged as ‘Killed’).

    However, for all intents and purposes, peoples’ perceptions ultimately influence their actions, and nearly ALL of the cast thinks she’s dead, so she might as well be. Cue the drama, gnashing of teeth, and pathos.

  92. I was laughing maniacally as Gurren LagannSEITEN deployed and started to kick ass. There was nothing but pure mecha-death ecstasy at that moment. Any deployment of that mecha will now be over-the-top….
    (Thief? Serves Lloyd right for not taking the enemy mecha he over-tinkered with when he left the base. They would have obliterated Zero if he did that.)

    But… At the end of the episode… They…Killed…. Off… Alot….
    I am seriously in shock.
    (side fact – if Lloyd took Guren SEITEN, Kallen wouldnt have got it back, Zero would have been pwned, and that nuke-like substance wouldnt have been fired. Its his fault. Yep, Shifting the blame always works…)

  93. heh, maybe Kogarashi popped in from the next show and scooped Sayoko before she got blew up…hey now thats an idea!!

  94. Why so serious, Lulu? SMILE! =D

    (got that link from someone else)

  95. Bah! I forgot how to use link tag properly, but that worked out somehow

    /me failed >_>

  96. God damn my browser just ate so much text! Aaargh!

  97. Ok second try: Seems that if you add some GurrenLagann look to you’r mech, it’s power lvl breaks the heavens. Now Kallen just needs to practise some awesome comments.

    I laugh every time I see Zero in his mech. So you can’t move and you shield is at full power while enemy is drilling it. What can you do at that kind of situation. Well, you can type like you’ve typed never before. Best part was, when he used right keyboard with left hand and left with right. There’s a possibility he might be sendind commands with that board, but I think someone forgot to install user interface and real controls.

    And to fav topic: Nunnallys death. I wasn’t conviced about that. This is Sunrise. If you didn’t see death, it didn’t happen. And with some cases it didn’t happen even if you saw it.
    Nunnally was sitting with Sayoko in escape vehicle which had one to million change of being hit if it’d launch. Rolo was near and he survived. Nunnally’s cellphone and locket weren’t atomized, so how about her? Well Rolo could have killed Nunnally, but I think they’d shown that. It was Rolo who said that Nunnally is dead, but I dont trust that a**hole.
    Btw Lulu’s starting to forget a lot of pretty important stuff. Like Kallen, Rolo killing Shirley ect. I’ll just wait for first minutes of next ep to ruin my Nunnally theory.

    At this point I hate Nina so much, that I like hating her. I got no real problem with Suzaku, but god damn Nina. If only my hate would end with Euphie coming from heaven to strangle her when she’s trying to kill Lulu. Ah…

  98. “I’m going to miss that dress more than I’m going to miss Guilford, Nunnally, and Asahina. *sniff*”

    Maybe Haruhi will grace you and put Mikuru in that dress for her senior ball.

  99. Nunnally is DEAD. Get over it.

    So was Superman, aunt May and others.

    And besides my “Macbeth on crack ending” theory, I don’t really care about the ending, as long as we get to see Kallen raping Lulu as graphically as 6 JST allows the producers.

  100. Nunnally is alived. Sayoko used her special ninja technique and teleported Nunnaly in the farthest area possible as Sayoko engulfed by the FLEIA.
    Charles seems expecting her arrival and obtained Nunnally.

    FLEIA killed the ff:
    Sayoko “live for your brother’s sake, he is Zero…”
    Asahina “mentioning something about Zero”
    Guilford “live hime-sama”
    The bitch assistant “Why FLEIA is used in this area ?”
    and the rest of people in that area

    Next episode
    Rolo will die.

  101. And see, rather than watching Code Geas, I just go and read your posts on it. There’s enough information on each episode for me to get a general feel for the story. Do I have a coherent understanding of the story? No, but I don’t think I’d have a coherent understanding of the story anyways even if I did watch it. So I might as well save myself the anguish of actually having to watch an episode and just read your post and episode summaries on wikipedia.

  102. Rollo will get a big can of whoop ass next episode!

    and for talam..
    “Reading” episode summaries is nowhere near the experience of watching. You won’t feel the thrill of the sunrise melon pan extravaganza. The tension gripping you when Kallen drives the guren, the lightning fast panty shot of sayoko, the subtle fanservice each episode, the bridge bunnies, and don’t get me started on their POW treatment.. None.. nada..

  103. OH I almost forgot about the Valkyrie bunnies!

  104. Ep 19 just came out. That was unexpected.

    Ep 20 preview: Kaguya looks like she’s about to join Rena in the Emo Face Distortion gallery: “Uso… uso da… USO DA!!!”

  105. This may be heretical, especially since I like to read this blog, but I tend to ignore bridge bunnies, panty shots tend to annoy me a little and fanservice as a whole I tend to skip. Generally speaking, unless it meaningfully contributes to character or plot or there’s interesting dialogue, I tend to just skip through it.

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