has craptastic dsl modems

Finally got DSL working tonight. “Lowest bidder” doesn’t even begin to describe the quality of DSL modems that uses. While I’m happy I no longer have worry about Comcast’s new AUP, I am going to miss the 6Mb/s speeds that I got with them. Hopefully I can get back into blogging soon.

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  1. Oh Jason how we have longed for your CG 25 post! Constantly hitting refresh and not showering. Everytime I see Luluko in /a/ I think of you.

  2. BTW! I hated Verizon’s DSL modem’s too. SO I bought my own.
    All you have to do is give them a call and have them update their MAC address on file (maybe setup PPPoE login too on the modem or router depending on how it’s configured. Give them a call). That’s another option if the modem is really craptacular.

  3. Looking forward to your ever relevant Geass and Macross reviews, as well as the thin slicing.

  4. Thin slicing is going to be delayed, maybe until the end of October since I’m about a solid 2 weeks behind now due to the move. It’s really going to be a warm, creamy slicing more than a thin one at that point…

    Gonna do my best though!

  5. Good to see you again around here Jason.

    It has been a crazy week since Macross F and Code Geass R2 finished; especially with all the people going nuts with Geass R2 25 finale.

    Is up to you my friend, sadly I’ll be out for three days, then for 5 days and fianlly back for another 5-day-business-trip.

    read you soon…

  6. You better watch Clannad After Story 1; great screencap material.

    Good luck settling in your new place.

  7. >> Jason Oneesama: Gonna do my best though!

    Do your best deshou, k?

  8. Actually Jason, you’ve got a HECK of a Backlog to look forward to, including but not limited to the following:

    Macross Frontier 25
    Code Geass R2 25
    Lucky Star OAV

    And that’s not even including the new premieres like Gundam 00 S2, CLANNAD AS, ef~ Tale of Melodies, and Kemeko DX, or the possible sleeper hits like Kannagi.

  9. Welcome back.

    Take your time with thin slicing, but for sure, this season is amazingly good.

    the first episode of Clannad was really poor compared to ef, Kannagi, A Certain Magical Index, Yozakura Quartet, Casshern Sins, Skip Beat … those are my favorites so far, but there are still many other series that could turn out good, whose first episode was so-so (like Clannad xD ) and almost none which I decided to drop already after one episode (only Akane-iro and Linebarrels). The last seasons I dropped almost everything right away xD

    PS: ef looks so much better than clannad for screenshots. The opening alone is a real piece of art oO;;

  10. >>>Gonna do my best though!

    The weaboo part of me wants to tell you ”がんばってください!!!!”

  11. 6MB/s with Comcast?
    must mean my internet is a piece of crap..

    anyways welcome back C:
    i look forward to you blogging ef ~ a tale of melodies ~

  12. I’ve been thinking, sure this anime season is full of good shows, but which ones are good blog material? Like the writers at ANN say, there’s 43 different flavors of “boy meets girl”, not exactly thrilling stories we need our lovable broken blogger to spent his time talking about. Sure there’s Clannad Something, Gundam 00 takes Macross F’s spot for epic space opera, but is there anything close to replacing R2? Maybe blog Linebarrel just for the lulz (Gonzo’d at the 1st ep)?

    Anyway, come back soon Jason! We miss youuuuuu!! <3 <3 <3

  13. I really didn’t know untill the day before yestaday that there was an anime for To Aru Majustu no Index…. that’s pretty cool since the first 2 volumes of the manga were good.

  14. Gundam replaces both Geass and Macross. which leaves room for something new like more minami-ke or chaos;head or something else weird and or broken.

  15. Good to see you back. This season looks rather promising, looking forward to that thick slicing of yours.

  16. As many other people have been saying I really like To Aru Majustu no Index, it might as well be Shakugan no Shana 3, but I liked that series. Plus Shizuka Itō is voicing Kaori Kanzaki and I’m hoping for something as tsunderelicious as Hinagiku from Hayate. I can dream right. Good luck getting caught up although I must say the shock of Code Geass has finally worn off.

  17. What, there are people in the world who use the equipment ISPs send out?

    Opened up Clannad AS 1, got a nasty surprise realising it was 4:3 again, then decided to watch it later. Unless things turn out to be particularly gripping I may just wait for the widescreen releases this time round.

  18. Good Luck, Jason.

    May your Internets flow sparkling.

  19. Yes, I too have been longing for your posts Jason. My days haven’t been complete without reading your posts. Good luck on the thin slicing!

  20. Welcome back! Are you still in the Bay Area?

  21. HE LIVES!!!
    As a fellow DSL user, I feel your pain.
    Can’t wait until you thin slicing post,
    maybe by time you get started on it
    シカバネ ヒメ 赤 will have gotten subbed.
    I’m still in shock that NO fansub group has
    gotten around to subbing this yet.
    It has almost been a week!

    either way,

  22. you went with sonic? I actually thought about then but the AT&T people give me a better deal. And anyway sonic basically use AT&T phone line for their dsl anyway.

  23. Mmmm, warm & creamy slicing…

    Wait, what were we talking about again?

  24. Welcome back. I would have wanted to see the look on your face when the Code Geass placeholder post has nearly 100 posts as of now. In any case, we can’t wait for you to start blogging already!

  25. whoa where do you live? i mean the internet connection they offer sound pretty crap i mean dosen’t america get the best including internet offers?

  26. ha ha! i got cox DSL, i never have any problems with my internet! It WAS really bad when i first got it though. The cox cable tv has some problems for me though…. the digital channels sometimes randomly die. :(

  27. Hey, at least you’re with good people, now. Sure, other services might give you more speed for your dollar, but they also give you more buttrape. The bad kind of buttrape.

    I’m happy for you.

  28. Considering how large America is, the connection speeds, service quality, and avalibility vary from state to state, or county to county in California (it being larger than many European countries).

    One “can” get the best, if one is willing to pay through the ear for it and happen to live in an area covered by the best.

  29. Jason still alive??
    I thought:
    A) was kidnapped by traps
    B) he was killed by ‘death by moe’
    C) became Jason-ko and eloped with sixten

  30. D) all of the above + more

  31. If he was still in the Bay Area, I would have expected all that to make the news. It’s just too news worthy.

  32. >> D) all of the above + more

    E) He spent all that time trying to find an artist willing to draw Obamako and McCainko symmetrically docking.

  33. >> E) He spent all that time trying to find an artist willing to draw Obamako and McCainko symmetrically docking.

    That… that might actually be pretty hot…

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