five images: you can’t censor their love 3.0

Continuing the popular series. Maybe related to this also.

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  1. Lord mercy the pics are godly Jason, damn man you had to show that last one wow…

  2. for a sec, in my bunny suit addled mind, I had thought we were being treated to a Haruhi/Mikuru/Kyonko threesome.

  3. Spanky: I DO have that doujin you’re speaking of though. It exists.

  4. Mmmm, the first one is pretty nice.

    Could have done without catching a glimpse of Lulu’s wang in the last one though.

  5. perfect way to start a day…sort of

  6. @Myssa Rei
    I WAS thinking of that one…. not that that kind of thing floats my boat, it’s for…. academic purposes.

  7. Spanky approves. And I’m not talking about the guy leaving a comment right above me.

  8. What timing. I just watched the Lucky Star OVA last night and was reminded of Kagami waking from her dream. That rascally Konata…

    And thanks for more Saya and her DS-crushing ass. ^_^

  9. Oh ho… and I think this series will soon need a tag of its own. You know, so researchers can find their relevant data sets quicker.

  10. This is another exercise of ‘spot the trap/-ko’ isn’t it? I spotted at least one…

  11. A non-broken post? Didn’t think you had it in you.

    Though one of those pictures doesn’t belong. Just couldn’t do it, huh?

  12. I think we need a new “cannot censor” tag for this kind of stuff. :D

  13. What series is the first image?

  14. Good Jason. You didnt screw up this post like the last two. With this, I am going to have to give you a passing grade. *ticks sheet of paper*

    and now…
    *reviews in MUCH more detail*

  15. I brought up the song rasberry swirl in media player as soon as i read the title in my rss…. all good stuff, and lulu doing a krauser pose and pretending to like bunny girls is pretty damn funny.

  16. What series is the first image from?


  17. Hmm…Kallen and C.C doing the nasty, ok, got to check that one off my list (a long one…)…^^

  18. @kaze : all good stuff, and lulu doing a krauser pose and pretending to like bunny girls is pretty damn funny. @
    no he is actualy saying “you two get out of here”…. sorry to destroy your dreams

  19. all is good man… all is good…

  20. >>> no he is actualy saying “you two get out of here”…. sorry to destroy your dreams

    Mmm, that certainly makes my dreams. No need for Siscons in there…

  21. Damn… what I wouldn’t give to be in the uke position of any of those girls…

  22. pretending is the operative word. he’s just going to turn them around and pretend they’re both suzaku.

    “lulu has no friends! lulu only has slaves!!!!”

  23. last 2 r teh bestestttt

  24. Where did you find the last picture?

  25. Can’t help but notice a trend on this Lucky Star stuff. Not, of course, that I’m complaining.

  26. zoupzuop2: Of course, given the fact that there was a SERIES of Megami posters that progressed from Konata and Kagami’s wedding to their wedding night unto the morning… Until it was revealed in the last poster that it was all HIYORI’S IMAGINATION…

  27. I must applaud you Jason. You’ve been so successful in breaking your readers, that no one (maybe just me) even notices/mentions that all of your “five images” posts:

    actually have six images?

    So broken are we that 6 = 5. Wow.

  28. The last oen was teh best of all. Thanks Jason.

  29. I was not aware of the series. Links plzkthx?

  30. jason, destroying purity and abstinence, breaking his readers one by one

    but not me

  31. >>no he is actualy saying “you two get out of here”…. sorry to destroy your dreams

    So, no threesome then?

    >>jason, destroying purity and abstinence, breaking his readers one by one

    but not me

    That is a blatant lie. If not, then it’s just a matter of time before you’re one of us.

  32. I love KonotaxKagami~n pairing so much. Thanks for the image jason!

  33. Being stared at by my co-workers is fun!
    Thanks, jason.

  34. maybe it’s 5 images and then a broken image? with the broken image not counting towards the total?

  35. Title image and 5 images. Is the title image even listed in the tag? I don’t know who they are are what series they might be from.

  36. Well, at least people can take comfort in the fact that there is no trap this time.

  37. @Myssa Rei:
    Are you positive you want to risk assuming that until we get a definitive confirmation of the first one’s origin?

  38. Giant Humanoid Robot: Unless Jason is into Futanari now, I seriously doubt it. That pic could be found in Pixiv though, but when I (I have an account, ha ha) checked it nothing really leapt out and said ‘trap’. Heck two of its tags were ‘bishoujou’ and ‘les’.

  39. DAaaaamn~!! The first one is my favorite, but I’m very curious of where or what it’s from.

    Many thanks for these!!

  40. The inner pervert is awakening.. God Bless these pics, heck I’m gonna check out the C.C.XKallen doujin in Fakku right now. And the Nanoha too!

  41. Oh God, no, Nooo! Konata and Kagami would never do that! Never!

    Kagami is just tsundere, that’s why she doesn’t have a boyfriend! T_T

  42. The fool hath said in his heart “Thou ought censor thy love.”

    >>>Unless Jason is into futanari now

    …You’re kidding, right? As if the numerous pictures of luluko and mako-chan weren’t obvious enough?

  43. Tidal: Gee, we’re aware that the first one is a genderflipped Lelouch, and the other is a guy trying to pass himself as a girl.

    I think that the time Jason actually goes for actual futanari (which by definition is a girl who ALSO has the tubing of a guy) is… Horrifying.

  44. >>I think that the time Jason actually goes for actual futanari is… Horrifying.

    Not that he’d go for it himself, but I think he’s capable of posting it in the name of further breaking his readers. Looks like he’s done it before (#15).

  45. I think horrifying is a good way to describe this blog in general.

    And what’s with the poll? There’s no third choice for ‘dung pile’? I had to vote for McCain because it was the closest one to what I wanted.

  46. Poll results looked really shocking – 79% of Derailed’s readers are for McCain???

    Ah – just some bad formatting. Only 21% are for McCain.

    Waita second – 21% of Derailed’s readers are for McCain??? Good God people, he supports the folks who would want to ban this current post and jail those who enjoy such posts. Why do so many people insist on voting for people who will actively try to HURT them?

    I despair. Eight years and still 21% support…

    Joke votes, right?

    Thank god for the pretty pictures. Happy again.

  47. When one is given two bad choices, (the remaining parties are even worse right now because they go to even farther extremes) and abstaining isn’t a viable option, you go with either the lesser of the two evils, or the crook you know.

    Then it comes down to what one considers evil, and then which is worse. What sort of policies effect you and/or the country more. Is the thing you are worried about really more an inconvinience thing than a real life/death, country is going to fade from history type issue?

    Too bad we don’t have a “none of the above” option to voice our detest of the options we are given. Abstaining doesn’t showup on the books as an abstain, but more as a “don’t care” vote.

    Hopefully the “move” will end soon so we can have our blogger back. I do wonder if he’s wait for HD Clannad before posting about bounciness and thighs.

  48. I gotta agree Kagami probably isn’t as gay for Konata as I personally think Konata is for Kagami. Though, I can see Konata at least like dreaming or daydreaming on this or something.

    Or something. Still wanna knwo what the first picture’s characters are from though <_<.

    And stuff.

  49. I know this is a bit late and ll, but Jason, you’re really missing in all of the CLANNAD filled brokenness, I’ll be looking forward to that post and more.

  50. Also, speaking of everyone’s favourite shows here (ok maybe not) it has just been announced that Ecomonics 101 is getting 2nd season:

  51. I think Kagami is just being in denial, i bet she has wet dreams about konata every night…

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