kemeko dx 1, sarah palin edition

“You know, for sure, I’m going to take on the liberal blogging elite in my own mavericky way.”

(There’s no need to do a real post for this series. It follows the manga almost exactly, much like Detroit Metal City. If you like the manga– and I do– definitely watch. Otherwise, if you just like wacky action with loads of fanservice, give it a chance. Plus, the OP is Spinazaku good.)


“I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news too.”


“Behind every Joe Sixpack is a woman with breeding thighs.”


“I can see a cat… a frying pan… Gekka…oh! A doggy! And I can see Russia!”


“There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t support other women and don’t reward their husbands with threesomes.”


“We’re going to stop the evil appliances in a mavericky way!”


“Marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.”


“Well, let’s see. There’s– of course– in the great history of anime, there have been great anime about childhood friends who meet up 10 years later.”


“You may not want to hear what I have to say, but I have some straight talk for you.”


“Like every other anime fan, we are ill about this.”


“You know the difference between a bulldog and Kemeko? Lipstick.”

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  1. “Behind every Joe Sixpack is a woman with breeding thighs.”
    Oh, Haruhi, Yes!!

    “There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t support other women and don’t reward their husbands with threesomes.”
    Thats from the Haruhi Bible. Mikuru 3:69

    “Marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.”
    xpecially if both of them are yuri/loli/trap… wait… what the hell?????

  2. Holy crap! Derailed overload! After the long withdrawal, we are getting our fix back in spades! 3 posts and more to come! I am just waiting for Macross Frontier and Clannad now.

  3. Aren’t the breeding thighs usually in front?

  4. so mccain/palin 08?

  5. The mecha pilot is hotter than I expected. I was expecting cute, not total hotness.

  6. >>> The mecha pilot is hotter than I expected. I was expecting cute, not total hotness.

    Welcome to the world of anime RomComs.

  7. This one was… uhm, yeah. I think Jason already captured the REAL essence of this show above.

  8. I hate Palin with every fiber of my being, but damn was that funny.

  9. Hmm, Chiwa Saito, Rie Kugumiya (Wow, she’s EVERYWHERE this season), and Kawasumi Ayako? Uh, I love the VAs, but I’ll pass on this one Jason.

  10. Let’s hope it doesn’t get dropped like the scanlations -_-

  11. You know what I wish after I get tired of reading the daily political news and commentary? I wish my daily anime blogs would be full of more tiresome partisan humor.

    > “Marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.”

    You’re over the line with that one.

  12. Awesome show is awesome.

    Hayakawa. Is. God. It’s like someone spliced Yuki’s and LOL Fang-tan’s genes together and the result was raised by Dokuro-chan with hilarity predictably ensuing.

    But Hayakawa aside, I must say this series has some of the most asthetically pleasing melonpan in recent memory. Izumi, MM, and Sanpeita’s mom alone are enough to hold down that title. And considering the recent CLAMPdown on realistically built women, it’s nice to see a series being so generous on the thigh meat. Keep it coming.

    One question bugging me, though. What’s with that puffball on MM’s head? Is she like part moogle, or what?

  13. So here’s something interesting. I did a google image search for ‘kemeko dx’ and the very first result was of Mako-cakes on and the page it came up with was on this very site.

    The image:

    The page:

    Jason, I’m not sure if you should be proud or appalled.

  14. If we must have “guest bloggers,” what say we bring back Kogarashi? I’d also settle for Kyouka from Kyoran Kazoku Nikki.

  15. I don’t like the fact that Kemeko’s voice is the same as MM….. I always imagined her with some amazingly tiring voice (something that would suit to her character), so now it does not feel as weird (and disgusting btw) as when I was reading the manga…. and it makes you always remember that MM is ALWAYS INSIDE OF Kemeko, which is kind of relaxing if you know what I mean… cause in the manga, they were two 100% different persons for me, and we Kemeko was more present than MM (which wasn’t good for my mental state…).
    So I guess the most important point for this adaptation is the voice.. “Anaaaataaaaaaa~~~”….. -_-

  16. Actually, not only are Kemeko’s and MM’s voices not the same, but they’re not even done by the same seiyuu. Kemeko is done by Chiwa Saito (Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou, Becky Miyamoto from Pani Poni Dash!) and MM is done by Haruka Tomatsu (Lala from ToLoveRu). Where the confusion is is that the range of the Kemeko performance is all over the place, from deep and GAR during battle to light and playful during the last scene (go~ha~n…), but it’s all the same actress doing the voice. MM has a considerably more limited range.

  17. Welcome back!

    You need to be blogging Clannad: AS. Let’s just say that episode 2 and Sanae may have knocked off Akiko for best MILF!

  18. And what do I learn from this ????? a wonderfull lesson that is : “do not watch new seasons animes when your drunk”……. sory sory my bad………. just dont care about what I said -_-” …… now I feel kind of ridiculous

  19. This season looks to be full of hopes and dreams.

    On the contrary, some shows are better off being watched drunk. But probably not this one (unless you already have the manga memorized).

  20. Sanae’s got it going (nekomimi meido style).

    Akiko’s main thing about remaining on top is that she might be putting out still.
    Sanae clearly has a manly man already.

    Other than that, Sanae wins the MILF war.

  21. @ Giant Humanoid Robot
    Yes I do have memorized the manga quite well and anyway the first four volumes are 2 meters far from me now……
    Yeah some animes like Maid Guy are better while drunked, but watching the first episode of an anime when drunked isn’t very intelliget……..

  22. Hmm… Good fight scenes… although that trashcan robo suit does dissuade me… No. More reviews, and then I’ll watch. Seriously.

  23. I almost started crying while watching op first time. Luckily, main thing was quite good and I got a couple good laughs. Show has somewhat same kind of feeling as with Seto no Hanayome.
    Which reminds me. Still no complete subs of Seto no Hanayome!?

  24. I like have well done the fight scenes in this anime are even if it against large household appliances. I also rather enjoyed the hawtness of the pilot of kemeko everytime she appeared. In a way I think I found a series that fulfills all my needs in a nice neat little ball.

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