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They actually animated the far away shot of the orchestra, something that wasn’t done in season one where JC Staff just used stills. Still, the animation quality is sparse for a modern high definition series. In the previous season, they made up for it by not using canned orchestral performances. My feeling on Nodame Cantabile has been that it’s at its best when the focus is on the music and not on Chiaki’s and Nodame’s dysfunctional relationship (but it’s a solid second place). With that said, because you cannot hear the manga, it’s the weakest medium of the three. While it is the original and has the most narrative, they are just too many places where you have to listen, and you can’t.

So I end up trying to cue up the appropriate song on iTunes, and it’s just not the same. The anime, though, has some decent musical performances, but it’s lackluster when compared to the live action version where the producers actually brought in accomplished musicians to perform (and even had shadow conductors for all the Chiaki scenes).

Following the Beat


Beethoven’s 7th… the first movement reminds me a lot of a melody Link might play in a Zelda game. They overplayed that first movement for the live action series, and they overplayed the fourth movement for the anime (the second and third are currently crying while nursing a flask of Jack Daniels).


The OP, Sky High, uses the cutout style of the live action adaptation. But… major pet peeve… why doesn’t it just use a classical piece that ties into the series rather than some crappy jpop singing over a mangled classical score? I know they want to sell CDs, but I think they can do better than Sky High. And I’m not crazy about the ED either… just doesn’t fit the musical content of the show. Pick a fitting classical piece; spend some money on a good soloist; turn off the “No Goosebumps” sign; and let ‘er rip. How hard is that?

(It’s like watching Clannad without Megumegu and Dango Daikazoku as the OP/ED. JC Staff should have gone with Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto as the OP for the nod to Chiaki and then a cute rendition of Mozart’s What ’bout my star for the ED as the Nodame piece.)


Bar none, the best part of the episode. It’s not the fact that JC Staff sold out the original story (should have been Purigotoda-related) for their own product placement. It’s not the fact that it’s Shakugan no Shana. It’s not that everyone watching knew exactly what character it is. It’s that it looks deformed enough to be Shana-tan. URACHAI URACHAI URACHAI!

(I wanted Nodame in the scene just so we could have gotten a “Kurose” out of Ayako Kawasumi.)


I’m happy for the meido, but I’m disappointed that there’s no Potemayo. See, a real anime otaku would have had a Potemayo.


Why does he have a Nodame poster… ? Can this be considered a recursive loop?


“Help! He’s raping me!”

I see the French have their own priorities…


Sounded like Chiaki was humming “It’s the warm law of men / From grapes they make the wine / From coals they make the fire / From kisses they make the men / From plot contrivance they make Gundam”. I think at one end of the spectrum, Chiaki is a poor man’s Twenty Faces (much like how Amir Johnson is a poor man’s Dennis Rodman). On the other…


… he’s Sagara Sousuke. I’m just disappointed that the Rising Stars Orchestra didn’t end up being like the Rugby Team.


Great Nodame moment where she does a “JA-PAN!” instead of a “GYABO!”


And then there’s Tanya looking like an overdressed Yoko. When Nodame and Frank go to the anime con, I wonder if all the costumes will be JC Staff-related– oh look! It’s Shana! It’s Louise! It’s Taiga! At least in the live action version, we got a mix from Mikuru to Keroro… or am I confusing it with Raki Suta?


One of my favorite parts of the live action version is that when they go to Paris, all the actors speak French and they start running Japanese subtitles… for the first five minutes. Then they had a message apologizing for how hard it’s to read subtitles and promise they’ll use more Japanese from then on. Wusses. If subtitle reading is an Olympic event, I will be the Michael Phelps of that competition.


Ravel’s Miroirs for a whole minute… gah… all five movements available on Wikipedia.

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  1. So… Skip this if I’ve seen the live action version already?

  2. ewww…

  3. I guess J.C. Fail is doing the “Kyoto Animation defense” … but Lucky Star was just a series about nothing, at least all of that “BUY HARUHI DVDs” give it some purpose … even if it was viral marketing.

    Are they even trying with Nodame?

    All that BUY SHANA DVDs says no …

  4. I have no idea how this compares against the live action and/or manga version, since this is the only version I follow. All I can say is that watching Nodame&Chiaki again was like a religious experience. I was in a state of otaku nirvana. I can’t believe for a year and a half I had to settle for innumerable mediocre shows (other than Gurren Lagann). I guess the grueling wait and tortuous filler animes makes this all the sweeter.

  5. I will probably have to unlearn french to enjoy this season of Noda Megumi. Dreadful grammar and pronounciation. Its like they are not even trying, and my ears will feel the effects.

  6. I found it pretty funny.

    Whoa, 3 series from a season at once? Don’t strain yourself…

  7. True that series didn’t start as strong as last season was, but I still have high hopes for this. Most disappointing part was the OP. It was terrible compared to previous one.

    First ep was still really good romantic comedy. There’s so many basic school series out there. There’s a chance that I’m turning to classic music fan for some time again.

  8. Yeah, the OP didn’t match the first seasons. But the first seasons OP was one of the best I can think of. Anyway, I’m still hoping this season will ultimately be as good as the first season. Overly optimistic? Probably.


  9. Is it just me, or does Chiaki’s head look a little deflated in the first screencap?

  10. man i haven’t heard Chopin’s Polonaise OP 53 since i watched Hunter X Hunter years and years ago. I sure hope they show a (at least a part) of Tanya’s competition solo with it, nurtured by Chiako of course. Her screw up of it in epi 1 just doesn’t do it justice.

  11. All that discussion of Beethoven’s 7th and no mention of
    its previous association with anime?

  12. That meido figure on his shelf looks like Nankakyo Sakura (AKA Penguin) from Penguin Musume Heart.

  13. I’m impressed, they didn’t horribly mangle the French that badly! (Compared to normal J-English [excluding Nanoha]).

    I found this ep’ hilarious, as far as romantic comedies go.

  14. Any anime that indirectly reminds me of Dragon-Half is automatic winsauce.

  15. The french was not so bad, easily understandable but not so smooth. I think i wouldn’t do better at speaking japanese :) On the other hand, the ending in full french was ok, just that the lyrics were random.
    Kawasumi Ayako est adorable quand elle parle français :)

  16. paparaharaha: I will probably have to unlearn french to enjoy this season of Noda Megumi. Dreadful grammar and pronounciation. Its like they are not even trying, and my ears will feel the effects.

    As a parallel to Engrish, would that be called Flançais?

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