kemeko dx 2, you betcha!

“You betcha!”

(Episode two takes a few liberties from he manga, mainly to stretch out one chapter of source material into a full episode, and then goes into a despair-laden state… but betweem Tamako and Mei, we have a renaissance of the too young, too moe, and too onii-chan-crazed little sister character archetype. I approved this message.)


“I go with Todd every summer to hunt dangos in the wild. You betcha it’s satisfying to feel their life dripping out as I field dress them.”


“Just like Obama and Ayers.” *shakes head*


“Obama will raise taxes for the middle class, just like for Tamako the Imouto.”


“I’m way hotter than that MILF.”


“We will spread freedom and democracy to any nation that wishes for it by spreading freedom and democracy.”


“I’d drill that offshore deposit.”

(My bad, that one is out-of-character… I think…)


“Moe is pro-American. Obama, you know, doesn’t do moe.”


“This is going to be the economy with Obama. Do you want that? Do you?”


“All the mavericks in the house, put your hands up!”


“I can see Russia-made underpants from up here.”



12 Responses to “kemeko dx 2, you betcha!”

  1. “Just like Obama and Ayers.” *shakes head*

    I know it’s a joke.

    You know it’s a joke.

    But I bet (and fear) that some hate-filled opposer will take this concept and run with it. >_<

  2. I was wondering what’s going to fill that oh-no-maid-guy-is-really-truly-over void.
    And well, one shouldn’t be very surprised with all the in-jokes once he/she finds out who’s directing this.

  3. damn, by directing i meant scripting & storyboard, for this episode.

  4. Look, if you’re going to make all those Obama jokes, we demand at least one Joe the Plumber joke. “I’d plumb her, Joe.”


  5. >>“Moe is pro-American. Obama, you know, doesn’t do moe.”

    Stop making it so hard for me to decide Jason D:

  6. I like this series… kinda of weird, but has its moments.

  7. “This is going to be the economy with Obama. Do you want that? Do you?”

    How true, lol.

  8. In his defense McCain is exactly at the peak of moe either. The closest he gets is with Palin and thats not going too far.

    I drill that both on and off shore by the way.

  9. Geez, you missed the obvious one…

    *shoots terrorist*


  10. only yuri can fill the void that maid guy created…

  11. This and Casshern Sins are the only ones I’m following this season. PEW PEW PEW

  12. Took me untill episode 2, but this show is Hale nochi Guu combined with Negima….

    Oh sweet Jesus

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