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I like to thank SNL and Sarah Palin for making it socially acceptable to go around saying “pew pew pew” in a setting other than an anime blog. Now if only she would bring up DFC and make that socially less awkward to bring up in everyday conversation.


Was going to do a quickie post at first… really not a lot to write about for Gundam 00 just yet. While watching Setsuna reassemble the gang for Gundam Hero World Tour has been entertaining… no, I lie. It hasn’t been. It’s just been typical fluff and gibberish and nonsense and “You betcha!” moments accusations… which makes it perfect for this blog.

Points of Interest


Speaking of “pew pew pew,” I’m still bothered by how lasers can be dodged. You know how fast lasers move? In vacuum? The speed of light! I’m also bothered by how lasers make noise in the vacuum of space– come on, Sunrise– I’ll forgive you for giving Kyle an identical twin, but at least the get quasi physics right. This isn’t like your first space anime either.


Wait, she’s calling Ms. Wang “Ojou-sama”?! What happened? Are we going to get some sort of flashback, or is Sunrise just going to let Comiket 75 fill in the holes?


Ten bucks says that USB key full of info will wind up on Wikileaks.


I’m regretting using the Sarah Palin jokes for Kemeko DX… I mean… wow… I’m fully expecting her to pal around some disfigured war hero by now.




How Sumeragi has been occupying her time the past four years?

(a) Alcohol
(b) Sex
(c) Sudoku
(d) Painkillers

Note: this isn’t a multiple choice question. It’s more an “arrange in order of most to least” type of question. But until I see otherwise, Misato still wins the “most amount of hard liquor and kinky sex to forget about a tragic event” competition. Damn, that sounds like more fun than a 200m swimming relay medley.


Anyone else see the parallels of 2004 and 2008 where Gundam 00 started out in a sane world in 2008 with simple logic (i.e. Iraq will be a quagmire, Afghanistan is winnable, housing prices only go up)? And then in 2008 every possible political landscape was flipped? The landscape is just as disconcerting from going from three factions + demigod Celestial Being + solar power to typical Sunrise space mecha nonsense.

(I’m leaning that the space mecha nonsense is a commentary on the Bush administration. They really should have called this Gundam W-0 like how they do the double spells in Final Fantasy.)


Wow, Trans Am mode… he sure could have used this the last episode when Exia was getting beaten up like a little sister in a public playground.

(Yes, it’s fun picturing 00 as Sunohara… and vice-versa. There’s more than enough emo facial distortions to do around.)


“Even though you had access to level seven.”

Is that an euphemism for some sort of gay sex act?


Glad to see the starting diplomat of the Rukia All-Stars well and, uh, not doing much. Anyone interested in starting a pool as to when Marina would finally be useful?


Same look that Ezri Dax had when she first saw Worf… it’s not the same now that Felt’s legal. Can we sub her out for Mei Sunohara?

(Did the new bridge bunny say, “Good to see you again” to Sumeragi? I don’t remember her being in 00… unless she was like that seven year old…)


“I know your all bummed out getting framed as a terrorist and then finding out that Setsuna is a Gundam pilot, but, hey, don’t worry– there’s a larger kick in the pants headed your way soon. In the meanwhile, you can play with this red Haro.”

(I was so disappointed they didn’t slap a blonde wig on the Haro… “WILSOOON!” errr… “LOOOUISE!”)


There’s two of them, so they’re exponentially more powerful. But they slap it on a frame with crap weapons… isn’t this like making a $200 million movie and making Geena Davis the star of it? OH SHI-

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  1. Don’t worry, Marina will be useful soon…

  2. I think the problem is that the Sunrise writers will try to make Marina useful. Omni wondered if she is going to turn into Relena or Lacus and my bet is that Marina is going to be a Relena (Lacus backed up her words with guns). Here comes more plot recycling from other Gundam series.

  3. Marina will be like Relena, but less awesome. Maybe, with luck, she’ll end up like Kycilia Zabi and eat a rocket… but given this is Gundam 00, it probably won’t happen.

    Gotta love how Sumeragi just left her fuck-buddy behind like he was nothing, though. I smell a new recruit for the A-Laws!

  4. Funny how Setsuna got the 00 to work by sheer willpower alone, and the shape the GN particles flowed out of the drives. Plus the fact that it’s green.

    They might as well call it Gundam Lagann.

  5. Obviously they dodge lasers by having their intent-to-fire-laser sensors properly calibrated to respond a few seconds before the enemy is aware they *want* to fire their lasers.

  6. I’m sorry, but only the Maid Guy has those sensors as one of his 32 senses.

  7. > Are we going to get some sort of flashback, or is Sunrise just going to let Comiket 75 fill in the holes?

    I hope that this was intentional.

  8. Just like Code Geass, I must thank Sunrise for one thing:
    They sure can write & design good characters & situations.

    For hentai doujinshi.

  9. There’s a design for blasters that makes the “bullet” move slower than light, but it kind of requires an atmosphere – so it still doesn’t make any sense in this case. (For the curious, it involves using lasers to heat up two channels of air and then basically running a Jacob’s Ladder up them.)

  10. Let see… A-Laws (or whatever it is called) is Titan. The Earth Fed is… ,well, Earth Fed and Celestial Being have now turn into a sort of poor-man AEUG, albeit with more pretty boys.

    Add a masked man to the mix and it’s apparent that with season 2, Sunrise have abandon any attempt at originality with Gundam 00 and turn it into another rehash of Zeta Gundam.

    Can’t wait to see how they’ll train-wracked the story this time. :P

  11. Hey add someone other than just McBama on your poll, I can’t vote for either evil (lesser evil is still evil). Any third party candidate (there’s 4 good ones), or even “none of the above” is fitting. ;)

    Oh and I don’t see how you can criticize Iraq but be supportive of efforts in Afghanistan. Our foreign policy is a joke (an inside joke indeed). No sane person who cares for the interests of our country would ever suggest that occupying millions of people in 2 countries to find what used to be 50 people in caves was a good idea. No, if the war on terror was real, the borders would be secured, the ports inspected, and we would of cooperated with middle eastern intelligence agencies and used covert operatives to catch them.

    Instead it’s the eternal boogeyman for the eternal handing over of our rights for the eternal “war on terror” (really war on the constitution). Not that it matters anyways. The constitution failed within 50 years of it’s writing (was suspended by Lincoln). The only GOOD parts of the consitution are the Bill of Rights which were added by Washington who insisted. The evil federalists thought the bill of rights was un-necessary since “all other rights belong to the states” and they thought the federal government would *never* trample on state’s rights. How naive. Centralizing power *always* leads to evil tyranny. The constitution was passed in a secret convention without the authority of the states by a tiny elite. Just as today a tiny elite in our banking system just got us to hand over $1 trillion, and had the media and both candidates voting for it, and spouting their lies for them.

    It’s fun being a slave, no? ‘Course the world works for paper money anyways, fools as they are. Oops I correct myself, 90% of money now is credit. Not even paper. Just imaginary. And the government no longer “prints” the money supply, they merely type in on a computer whatever they want to create to pay for their wars, welfare, etc.

    Sorry for getting preachy. Gundam 00 rocks! Though I don’t know why but I can’t quite get emotionally attached to any of the characters as I did with Seed, even Destiny had more emotional attachment. There is no good romantic story, just some crazy blonde with her hand blown off, and while the male leads are interesting, they killed off the only truly likeable one, tho now his “twin” is back. I mean I just can’t get all attached to the “Ore wa GUNDAM da!!!” and the “VADER! VADER! VADER!!! AISHITERU!!!” psychopaths, sure you catch my drift.They’re beyond antisocial. They’re mad. Crazy. In love with machines, literally. haha. And then there’s the LITERALLY crazy allelujah haptism. So three psychopaths. I loved the omake they did making fun of that premise.

  12. Another season of masked lunatics and ansty teens 20-somethings ruining the world again with overpowed military hardware and optional physics/politics.


  13. that lazer issue again….
    i know its been long discussed before but…

    those are not lazer but super accelerated high temperature particles…
    and if you worried about the recoil, mobilesuits are heavy enough to absorb it. those things just move as fast as bullets.

  14. In UC Gundam shows all the “beam” weapons actually fire streams of particles, so they’re obviously not travelling at the speed of light. I have no idea whether this holds true for any non-UC series besides Turn A though.

  15. Trans Am mode? My car radio can do that too.

  16. I don’t know, but I’d say space in Sci-fi shows work according to a different set of laws of physics. I mean, compare the number of shows where there is sound in space and lasers can be dodged to ones that portray it “accurately”, and I’d say it’s the latter that’s the anomaly in the system.

  17. Forget the physics, let’s think on how Setsuna can be such an idiot or more when he found Sumeragi. Billy could’ve asked him the names of the rest of the gang, how many Gundams they have and every little detail of CB, and the idiot could’ve answered him.

    Great job, Setsuna, why don’t you just enter the Security Agency and tell every living soul on Earth where the hell is CB?

    And the 00 only activated because couldn’t bare to listen more of Setsuna’s BS.

  18. Am I the only one who thought that Felt looked like a guy in that screenshot to the point that I was wondering if someone genderflipping had been going on?

    … No?

  19. Maybe in this Gundam, they’re shooting GN particle beams rather than light-based lasers? …Actually isn’t that the case? Didn’t they mention in the record Saji read that the Thrones used false GN particles which had harmful damaging side effects, and THAT was why Louise’s hand couldn’t be healed after she ate laser–because she ate False-GN particle laser?

    @AthenAltena: No, you’re not. It’s the chin. I think Mako-cakes looks more feminine than she does in that screen shot.

    >>Sunrise just going to let Comiket 75 fill in the holes?
    I certainly hope so, with great desire and hoping.

  20. How Sumeragi has been occupying her time the past four years?

    (a) Alcohol
    (b) Sex
    (c) Sudoku
    (d) Painkillers

    I bet you A and B is what she do every day

  21. >>Am I the only one who thought that Felt looked like a guy in that screenshot to the point that I was wondering if someone genderflipping had been going on?

    Ok, I wasn’t alone. Good.

  22. @Kadian1364: Overpowered physics is right. Sunrise needs to get back to school. Dead organisms stay dead and you cant hear anything in a vacuum.

    There is a doujin on the net… where Ms. Wang sets up Nena to have her cherry popped. S&M play wont be too far-fetched.

  23. >>“Even though you had access to level seven.”

    Is that an euphemism for some sort of gay sex act?

    If it were Tieria and Setsuna the concerned in this conversation, I wish.

  24. Man, bad crap happens all the time, and yet no crazed, hawt strategist comes knocking on MY door…

    Frankly, if it worked like that, it’s not the terrorists who win – we ALL win.

  25. Ah! about the lasers.. remember in the final of first season when Lockon was tryn’ to shoot down Gauron….. he said ” oh! a heat signal whatever!”, so, he knew that somebody was tryin’ to stick a lasser in his ass, so maybe its possible to evade it. And don’t be so strict with the “speed of ligth” thing, lets think that its some kind of laser that can’t reach the speed of ligth, or even George Lucas will be pissed off.

    The only shoot that i’ve seen ’til know that can’t be dodged its the green “jewel” of Krauser II. Two shots, two kills … so far…

  26. >> Are we going to get some sort of flashback, or is Sunrise just going to let Comiket 75 fill in the holes?

    > I hope that this was intentional.

    I much prefer it this way.

  27. I am going to have to say episode 20.

  28. Hrm, I haven’t seen any mention of Kurozuka. Then again, i don’t remember there being a thin slicing for this season. — Anyway, you might like it … peep the first episode.

  29. Same look that Ezri Dax had when she first saw Worf…

    yea good times. Worf had a good foot and a half on dax #2 so the whole thing just made me laugh.

    and yea space is quiet, only shows i can remember taking that into account are Babylon 5 and crest of the stars.

  30. The one thing I noticed in this episode was…. that Nena was fat. Yes, a Rie Kugimiya character whose character is now fat. At least Mizore has a hot stalker body to back up those perky purple things.

  31. Er hasn’t it already been said that the “lasers” are more like super heated particals or in 00, GN partical beams? Whatever the case, the “beam” guns don’t shoot lasers.

  32. Just one question.

    I’ve been watching Mobile Suit Gundam lately (at episode 37 it’s freakin awesome). That was back in 79, with like low budget even for that time – and why does it blow Gundam 00 right out of the friggin water? Like by the time Ramba Ral came in with the Gouf – I beleive it was episode 8 or 9 – by that time it was better than 00.

  33. The same reason why X Wings and Tie Fighters can dodge lasers

    Shooting a moving object is harder than it seems. If you’ve ever played laser tag, you’ll know what I mean

    Besides, they aren’t lasers, silly

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