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This episode was just… utter fail. I haven’t been this disappointed in an anime episode since that Nagasarete episode with the giant mushrooms. It’s one thing to stretch out a chapter of manga into a full episode (like what Kemeko DX) is doing, it’s another to try to squeeze a whole volume of manga into an episode… and then cut out all the musical performances that make it interesting.

Yes, it’s not cheap to hire an orchestra to perform, but it’s Nodame Cantabile!!! It’s like making a Gundam series without giant robots or wet blanket female head of states. This episode basically goes through the whole Pantini arc, which took a full hour in the live action version… and I felt that the live action version was rushed. Fortunately, they actually did many of the set pieces in the live action version that were skipped in the anime… and… I mean… how in good frickin’ conscience do you skip Chiaki’s epic Tchaikovsky performance at the very end? They didn’t even play the piece! Compare that to the live action special where they got renowned violinist Pavel Eret to perform the solo, it’s not even a fair fight.

The steps of the competition weren’t explained, and there just wasn’t the same tension that was there in either the manga or the live action. Just highly disappointing. I guess to re-iterate: play some frickin’ classical music!

Following the Beat


They missed a slam dunk moment for not including a JC Staff (or any) character on the cosplay party bus. Not to belabor the point, but the live action version had Keroro and Mikuru.


Suddenly flashbacks to Escaflowne… and then I remembered that Sunrise actually paid for a real orchestra to perform for Escaflowne.


Probably not a good thing if the highlight for the episode were the scenes where other men would embrace Chiaki to the chagrin of Nodame. We need to get Nodame on as the romantic lead for the remake of Code Geass… I strongly feel that’s her manifest destiny. I’d be down for a Shirley/Milly for Nodame trade.


Is string-tied underwear suddenly in vogue? That’s a good thing, right?


Nodame jacked the desert just like how you would do it in Grand Theft Auto.


I’m beginning to wonder if this “Nodame Orchestra” isn’t just some local high school orchestra. It’s just not right. It’s like trying to record Satsugai with the Wii Rock Band instruments.

(Basically, my biggest fears of JC Staff going cheap have come true. I’ll now bash my head against the desk a few times.)


Bedroom eyes… and mouth.

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  1. i was quite disappointed with this epi as well. i wish they’d played more pieces that was being shown in competition. Personally i’d have liked to hear the Dvorak Cello concerto Hajime picked for the finals. I really hope they aren’t somehow rushing this to a 13 epi or something cause it sure feels like it with this epi’s pace.

  2. It was that bad?!

    Bloody JC Staff, I can live with them ruining Toradora (anime originals by the third episode?!), but ruin my Nodame Cantabile? Hell no, they’ve gone too far. Maybe John McCain should drop a bomb on them. That’d probably earn him a few votes.

  3. “I’d be down for a Shirley/Milly for Nodame trade.”
    I agree.

  4. Whats up with the 70d thing!?

    damn jap culture

  5. I’m not quite as down as Jason seems to be about the episode, but I was disappointed that they blew through the finals like game 6 of the Celtics vs Lakers.

    “He is who we thought he was. If you wanna crown ’em, then crown his ass!” And so they did.

  6. I agree that this series really should focus more on the music. I’ve been playing in Orchestras and Symphonies for 10+ years now, and I really looked forward to hearing some of the clips, especially where two different conductors are facing off using the same piece.

  7. Its as if JC Staff has put most of their budget into Index, a sall chunk into Toradora and left the scraps for Nodame. I like Index, but Nodame deserves better.

  8. Not having read the manga, I felt that the episode was pretty good. But now I feel rather disappointed. I hope you’ll keep blogging thought.

  9. *though

  10. It’s still an improvement on the first season. Change you can believe in.

  11. I can’t believe that they’re doing this to Nodame. There’s series out there which keep getting longer with fillers, but seems that they are trying to shorten this one.
    I sill have my hopes up and I’m going to continue watching. Maybe I should rewatch the first season too, or start the live action.


  12. I’d rather have the stills back in exchange of the music. I also fail to understand the concept of rushing through a volume for a manga that isn’t finished (is it?). Are they eager to install filler episodes for lack of canon content?

    That being said, I rather like the ending song. The opening one is *MEH*.

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