wait, wait please tell me… and a toilet seat cover

Why do I even have an e-mail account if I do is grimace when I check every new message?

Why is it that you haven’t blogged at all about Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu? Secretly otaku rich girl that has a huge maid team with a not-so-loser guy abused by his sister and teacher? Come on! – Kasmania

I did blog about the series… I think it’s an above average series at best. Right now, I can’t believe it, but I think Detroit Metal City is one of the best series of the year. It’s brought me joy and good tidings in consistent 10 minute bunches… can you really say that you haven’t enjoyed any episode of Krauser’s antics yet? If the animation were better, it’ll definitely challenge Tomoyo Special and Kogarashi.


In terms of things I hope for, I really want another 40 to 50 episodes of Detroit Metal City. That would be fantastic. Secondly, I want the cast to keep mispronouncing “Detroit”. It’s entering “You betcha!” or “USO DA!” territory in terms of “being funnier and funnier each time I hear it” Lastly, I really, really want Satsugai as a downloadable track for Guitar Hero World Tour. Who can we bombard with e-mails to make this happen?

Krauser, Jagi-sama, and Camus would be the second best Guitar Hero band ever. The first, of course, would include an accused rapist/NBA MVP, accused ‘roider/adulter/MLB MVP, and one of the worst 8 medal winning SNL hosts ever.

Jason, i know this question may sound lame and all, but i kinda miss your thin slicing posts. so i’m just asking, when will you be writing the fall thin slicing post? – KG

Because I missed two weeks, because it took waaaay too long to get DSL hooked up at my new place, and because I’m a lot busier with real life stuff, thin slicing is bumped out possibly to Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or President’s Day.

(But this is the only e-mail I received about thin slicing compared to over ten concerning a certain NSFW Clannad doujinshi, so I’m not sure what you guys want anymore. At least Haess has been publicly shamed into not sending me any more Mako-cakes stuff.)

(As always, if you guys want any post or posts out of me, you have to e-mail me bribes.)


Thought you could use a dosage of Mako-cakes to brighten your day. Enjoy! – SSJSquall

And this is yet another reason why I’m terrified to check my inbox around other people. Amazingly enough, this isn’t even a YTAMR.

If these two goes Hare Hare Yukai or Motte Sailor Fuku, what’s going to look like? – Sister Princess

It’s going to look like the end of the world.

Look, for the record, as much as I might enjoy skewing Obama or McCain or what you think my affiliation is, I really didn’t care about the election until Sarah Palin arrived. She is, like it or not, the MILF version of George W. Bush, and that’s not a good thing. As someone who loves America, I can’t stand by in good faith.

(And I bet you can’t stand political blogging in your anime blog– but tough noggies! Sheesh, complaining about posts that you can easily not read… on a free as in beer anime blog that has zero ads… sigh.)

Do you realize that George W. Bush vetoed and blocked universal health care for children, a plan that costs $7 billion a year because it is “socialist”? How is $7 billion a year more “socialist” than spending $200 billion a year in Iraq? Honestly, I rather spend $7 billion helping children in my own country than $200 billion in any other country, but that’s just me. In either case, what the press has most Americans brainwashed into thinking is that Democrats are liberal while Republicans are conservative. This can’t be further from the truth.

The US budget went from $1.6 to $1.9 trillion under Clinton. It went from $1.9 to $3.1 trillion under Bush. That doesn’t even include the recent bailout packages. Clinton is a liberal when it comes to social policies, but he’s a fiscal conservative. Bush is the opposite, a social conservative but liberal fiscally. Sure, they both made mistakes, just that the ones that Bush made were costlier to the average American’s standard of living (though it did help the standard of living of most people in China as well as Iraq, so they should be, uh, thankful). You can check the national debt vs. GDP ratios, and every modern Democrat has decreased the ratio while you have to go back to Nixon to find a Republican to do the same.

I guess my point is this: look, listen, and think for yourselves. Chiko would have wanted it that way.

(But concerning the video, they broke the mood when McCain raised his arms above his head. That just killed it for it for me. It’s like how I can accept Marina being a leader of a fundamentalist Middle Eastern country but can’t accept lasers making noise in space. Sorry.)

Hayyyy. I found some Yoko & Nia cosplay you might like :o – Ilya

Thanks for sharing. I liked the Ranka one the most… what ’bout my star???

And bricks shall be shat. – lol_matt

See, the way I interpreted that image is that they’re Tomoya’s harem, and Tomoya is just about to bring them goodies to eat. I would definitely lump Sunohara as a haremette… though seeing both Tomoyo and Kyou strapless has definitely caused all the blood to leave my brain, so your mileage may vary.

(Whatever you do, don’t try to imagine the make-up sex after Tomoya and Sunohara beat the crap out of each other.)

I’m guessing this is the 5th email asking you to blog [Kannagi]? – Beowulf Lee

Nope, first and only. This is the show that’s dominating the image boards now, but Chaos;Head is dominating my inbox. I’ll have thoughts on both on a thin slicing post… I might even shrink all the images so you can read the post while waiting in line for Black Friday on your iPhone, your G1, or your BB.

I’m not sure if you decided on the full list of new shows to add on the blog since I never saw a final list. But I found something interesting about one of them. Particularly, ‘Today in class 5-2’, alternatively named Kyo no Go no Ni. What makes it interesting is the same person that worked on the mangas and TV series for Minami-ke has a hand in creating this show. AnimeNewsNetwork has him listed as the ‘original creator’ for the TV and OVA on both. – Josh

Both Minami-ke and Today in Class 5-2 are by the same mangaka but different, but the studios are very different. 5-2 is being done by XEBEC– and– well, seeing how XEBEC’s last “successes” were Kanokon and To Love Ru… how exactly do you shift gears from massive flotation devices to DFC?

(Speaking of flotation devices, I saw the preview for the upcoming episode of TLC’s What Not To Wear where the hosts go down to “hoochieville” and shout things like “They’re like flotation devices!” It airs next Friday.)

I figured, of all people, YOU would appreciate this. yes, the link does not lie… Wii Fit… with MAIDS ^_^. Good luck with the move! – Apocwar

I’m still waiting for the 24 meido + me World of Warcraft raid group. Speaking of which, I didn’t realize that the Lucky Star OVA was an hour long… that’s just a bit too long for a twittered post when I have a big backlog of posts, so I’ll file that for a rainy day post. But it’ll come someday, even if it’s 2011 and President Palin is ordering the marines into Russia.

This AMV is brilliant. Such a nice final farewell. – Spaniard

I like the choice of music. Watching this video, I’m going to miss typing “OH GEASS NO” and “ALL HAIL BRITANNIAN DRESSES!” Good times… good times… until Suzaku penetrated Lulu.

Thanks to everyone who sent in an e-mail recently, but I just don’t have time to respond to them all. But thanks for all the delicious fanservice as well as the, uh, uniquely broken links.

And long story short, surely you know this Japanese TV show 女装パラダイス amarite? I can’t believe you haven’t made any post about this(or maybe you have but I missed it). According to you, otakus(both male and female) like it. – iamkingkai

A TV show where people try to guess the gender of the participant… I feel like I should be getting royalties from the show or something. I also have a “sports star or pr0n star” idea… let’s start with Amara Sy and Ashley Lelie. By the way, iamkingkai isn’t the first or only or last person to let me know about this TV show…

Hey, check this out. This video may be the best way to break your female readers, since you said that was your goal. And also break your male readers even more. I know I have. – Chucky

Yep… these are my readers. And a toilet seat cover.

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  1. 1st

  2. First post~
    Re: Youtube:

    And, if you don’t like the political discussion, SKIP IT. Y’know what I was thinking when I read the “10 Things for McCain…” post?
    “Wow. So that’s the angle you draw lines at for a blushing face…”
    (I blame my art/design class for that.)

  3. DAMMIT!

    ..well, mine was the first post with relevant content?

  4. I don’t get the whole fuss in the net about Kannagi; yes the animation is great, but the whole premise is average. I mean, it’s fun, but being regarded as a great and awesome series seems a little bit overboard (and we are just at episode 3!). It’s just OK.

    How is $7 billion a year more “socialist” than spending $200 billion a year in Iraq?

    Or owning stock of the whole US financial sector.

  5. NOOOOOOOO………….

    “Call him Papa”


    OH GAWD NOOOOoooooo………

  6. … Wait, hold it. Despite my eyes BLEEDING at the CCS cosplay, I noticed… That the Yoko cosplayer actually mis-cast? There’s no melonpan on that one, NONE. Just, uh, as close as DFC as you might get in real-life.

    Yes, I am no longer making sense. But then again, the global market making a freefall can do that… And I haven’t really slept well for the past two days.

    And maybe fatigure REALLY is getting to me, but is that a slip of a side-boob in the Mako-chan pic? O_O

  7. No one is pimping Hyakko? The second funniest series this season, imo. (DMC beats is, but it is close)

  8. Oh, and one more reason for me to shake my head at moe-philes:

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Sorry Akiba-kei, we will never see eye-to-eye. Moe does nothing for me.

  9. Publically shamed? It’s more that there’s no new Mako-cakes animated to SEND. Oh, and Chapter 43 of the Minami-ke manga’s been scanlated… which is the Mako-chan tries to ‘out’ himself as a guy. And Doumu made him even MORE girly than he was in the manga…

    Myssa Rei: You’re looking too closely at the picture. No sideboob, but the chest area is shaped in a way to suggest there is more than meets the eye there.

    By the way, you wanted a rant? I am ranting elsewhere, and employing physics. Remember what the Imperium says about zeal.

  10. >>How is $7 billion a year more “socialist” than spending $200 billion a year in Iraq?

    You seem to be confusing the meaning of Socialist. Socialism in short is kinda like The people work for the state, and the state provides for the people. You should look at Karx Marx. Social Security is a Socialist Policy. And Universal Health care is a Socialist policy. Basically the reason why Universal Health care is Socialist is because it takes away from private organizations and it creates a State run health system. This is just a generic Universal Health care system (like Europe). It generally goes against free enterprise. Ironicly I believe Hillary’s Health care plan which tried to unite health care for all while preserving the private sector’s enterprises (while Clinton was president) fell through because of rumors spread that her health care system was socialist. Anything with the word Socialist is generally frown upon, even if it’s good, bad, or not even Socialist. Labeling a Bill Socialist will make it fall though.
    The War in Iraq has nothing to do with Socialist policies at all. [Note, I do not say I encourage/discourage any views or point. Only saying you’re statement is incorrect].

    Sides that I love the AMV, and I miss Mako-cakes already…

  11. TTGL Cosplay ad Kannagi?
    multi subjectional relevance! >>

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    [i]I don’t get the whole fuss in the net about Kannagi; yes the animation is great, but the whole premise is average. I mean, it’s fun, but being regarded as a great and awesome series seems a little bit overboard (and we are just at episode 3!). It’s just OK.[/i]

    Personally, I don’t understand why people are going so nuts about toradora (it’s crap people, face it) while a gem like kannagi hasn’t been paid greater attention.

  12. I can’t see what the fuss about Kannagi is; I’ve read some of the manga and watched a few episodes, and “great” is certainly not a description fitting to it. On the other hand, I’ll agree with Staberinde about Hyakko, certainly shaping up to be one of the best comedies this season. So far, other names to watch seem to be Kurogane and Toradora, and if there’s any fans of ToA here, the anime’s quite faithfully reproducing the story, positively surprising me with much better production values than I originally feared .

    (Knowing this place, I know I need not mention the new Clannad.)

  13. So considering how some people think that Hyakko is funny I am just wondering whether it was because I watched it at 3AM and I thought it was the complete antithesis of funny or that it gets exponentially better by the second or third better.
    I thought the first episode of Jigoku Shoujo was funnier. Then again, the show got so ridiculous, its funnier than most of the intended comedies this season.

  14. @MrChantastic: It gets better. The first episode was boring, the second was so-so, but I really liked the third one.

    The delivery and pacing were way better and we got introduced to some of the quirky supporting cast. Like the proudly bisexual class rep. who wants to be next Student Council President with a program similar to Roy Mustang’s. And Mad Scientist Hocchan with mecha Torako.

    If the trend continues or they just keep the quality of the third episode it will be a very good comedy.

  15. err… kannagi IS awesome…( really sorry but had to say it.)
    Nagi’s VA got me to watch Gundam00, to which I promised, after SpinZaku “penetrated” Lulu,never to watch Mecha and Sunrise shows till 2009 until the NightmareOfNunnnalyOVA XD. just shows my resolve.gah.

    Hyakko made my sides hurt and had me choking on my lunch, my sister nearly had to call ***, true! Here I was thinking Aya HIrano sings like thrash, but still listens to every song and watches every show.

    ToraDora! is quite satisfying, even though my TaigaRyuuji canon will never be fulfilled.

    ToAru got me hooked because of “A CERTAIN MINAMI SISTER FTW” character. I have never been influenced by pBear!!

    Chaos;Head is euphoric(?) and ebullient(?) and other big SAT E words that is associated with ef2, which I Entreat you to blog. (in short I wait for it like a RankaFanboy in a MacrossConcert that will never happen.)

    ClannadAS shall be rated after Tomoya breaks up with Nagisa and settles for the harem way of life.

    Ending with WTH to Funimation for Licensing Shikabane Hime (iWubMessingWithAuthoritySoWhat) so fricking early. Too bad. IwasHopingForSomeMakiOuriActionFansubbed.T-T*shoots self*

  16. Haesslich: Well, I DID mention that I’m missing more than a few hours of sleep at this point. Also, normally I’d just love to visit a place where you’ve posted one of your essay-length critical observations, but sadly that would probably only lead me to me getting more unhinged. It was bad enough when one of my younger male co-workers, who was clued in to my status as ‘elder’ anime nut (far beyond Christmas Cake status at this point), forwarded a pic of a character he thought was cute.

    Needless to say, I slammed my face into my table when I saw that the said character was one Watarase Jun. Poor sod, I fear I’ll have to introduce him to the Kurogane Doctrine soon…

    What was I talking about? Ah, yes. Rants. Thanks but not this time, I prefer option 3, which is to say, the oblivion of sleep.

    As for my personal picks this season? Aside from the obvious CLANNAD and Gundam 00, there’s also Hyakko and Kannagi. I like comedy and slice of life. Yeah.

  17. Myssa Rei: At least there’s hot melonpan on page two. *and seran wrap*

    and I’m just not sure how to feel about the harry potter cosplayer… can gender swapped hp slash be too far behind? Knowing the interweb this horrible thing already existed two to three minutes before i thought of it.

  18. Oh right, I forgot about Chaos;head. Looks interesting, if only because the main lead seems to be off the rockers, down to an imaginary friend. I was hoping all the weird crap was taking place solely inside his head, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. And there’s also ef; the first one was great so I’m hoping this’ll be too.

  19. *screams and runs for the hills*

  20. While we’re waiting for the thin slicing I’m going to add that I’m liking Casshern Sins so far. It reminds me a lot of Mushishi and the first part of Kaiba in that Casshern’s wandering around punching robots is just a vehicle for presenting the side characters waxing philosophic, and not knowing anything about the original series actually seems to help with they mysterious feel so far. Plus I think the animation direction is the best I’ve seen so far this season (but I still haven’t started Clannad or ef yet).

  21. What I don’t understand is why people argue about which series is better. Can’t people accept that it’s a subjective analysis? You can make good arguments for any of them, but in the end, it’s impossible to say a series is good or bad, unless it’s at one of the extremes of the scale.

  22. >>>How is $7 billion a year more “socialist” than spending $200 billion a year in Iraq?

    Because making war is a specific enumerated right of government under the Constitution. If we have learned anything from TennCare, Hawaii’s universal health care plan and even Medicare, it is that government sponsered health care does not work.

  23. Only two or three minutes ago, Kaze? It probably existed two or three minutes after the first book was released. Like a decade ago.

    Myssa Rei: the physics textbooks ate out along with someone’s ideas about a flying mechs with treads. As for ms, I’d have laughed instead of smashing my head on the desk with the Jun pic, let him enjoy it for a week or two until he either discovered the truth on his own… or dropped the bomb on him while having a camera ready.

  24. >> Roy & arnoldstrife

    War to defend your borders is one thing, but when you invade another country, you basically governmentalize that whole country. And just because it is in the Constitution doesn’t mean it’s not socialist– every power the government has is a socialist power! But that’s exactly what I’m referring to in my argument– people are just braindead to the socialist thing and can’t look, listen, and think for themselves. Really? $200 billion for Iraq is a much better deal for America than $7 billion for health care for children? Really? $15 billion for the Osprey program is a much better deal for American than building 15 gigawatts of solar capacity? I mean, don’t be fooled. Even though you guys are all broken, you’re still smarter than the average person.

    >> What I don’t understand is why people argue about which series is better. Can’t people accept that it’s a subjective analysis?

    Because it’s fun to argue about BCS rankings.

    >> On the other hand, I’ll agree with Staberinde about Hyakko, certainly shaping up to be one of the best comedies this season

    My favorite part of Hyakko is Aya Hirano doing a Mikuru-like overwhelmed role. It’s like seeing Rie Kugimiya voicing a well-endowed character or Ben Affleck cast as Hamlet.

    >> Yes, I am no longer making sense. But then again, the global market making a freefall can do that… And I haven’t really slept well for the past two days.

    I’m surprised no one has yet made a Yakitate!-like manga about credit default swaps. I’d read that…

  25. That TV show absolutely dumbfounds me. Not because the guys make such convincing girls but because they actually agreed to go on the show in front of their peers and teachers. I can’t decide if they are exceptionally brave or were just bribed with large sums of money/ whatever it is that Japanese kids will do anything for.

    I definitely agree that DMC is one of the best shows of the year. Unfortunately I find it very hard to blog about. Every time I try Krauser just keeps taking over my keyboard and typing at speeds of up to 11 rps (rapes per second of course).

  26. So I used to laugh and chortle at the Myssa – Haess – Jason Holy Trinity of Traptastic Brokenness, until halfway watching a Taiwanese variety show I realised the truth:

    I was just as broken.

    The link is http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/im2W-LTHAec/, but being in mandarin with no subs I doubt anyone can understand it. There’re five of them, if you skip through the video, and some dancing, some strutting, some talking… the third one’s pretty convincing.

    God damn it, Jason. Damnum, Myssa. And Tzeentch eat your Mako-Cakes, Haess.

    It’s time to change the url. We’ve all been broken by jason.

  27. Ewww. Trashy J-pop shows, anime fans agruing over Kannagi and Toradora, and Bush as MILF.

    Enough nightmare fuel in this post and comments section to last me ’til the next presidential election.

  28. >>>> And just because it is in the Constitution doesn’t mean it’s not socialist– every power the government has is a socialist power!

    Waging war is not socialist. It a legitimate function of all governments. Socialism involves the transfer of wealth from those whom you deem has too much to those whom you deem has too little. As a socialist government, you take my $$ (and my right to spend it as I wish) and give it to someone else because you think I have too much (and the other person has too little). From each accordng to his own ability, to each his own needs. That is not liberty. That is tyranny.

    >>>> billion for the Osprey program is a much better deal for American than building 15 gigawatts of solar capacity?

    If I knew we would never have to use our military force, I would agree with you. You have the same mindset as the French did about 80 years ago. They had a strong military but they failed to invest and modernize it. As I recall some unfortunate things happened to the French government about 60 years directly due to this lack of military funding.

  29. >>What I don’t understand is why people argue about which series is better.

    Because hearing other people’s arguing you might decide to check out and enjoy a show you would otherwise overlook. And by arguing about your own you might do the same for someone else.

    And because it beats bitching about politics.

  30. My problem with universal health care is that all social programs end up costing way more then they are initially supposed to and universal health care will be yet another example of that. If we look at Hawaii, last year they signed into law a government provided universal health care for kids bill but had to stop the program after only 7 months because it became too costly. They found that people with health care dropped it for their kids because the government was giving it away free.

  31. > “it is that government sponsered health care does not work.”
    Although I’ll stay out of the discussions concerning foreign policies – American ones in this case – I’ll welcome you to come over here, have a look around, and say that again. Universal healthcare is a very viable idea (although I must profess ignorance on how you have tried to implement it over there) and people would demand your politician’s head on a platter if you as much as suggested dismantling the system.

    Personally, I feel that one of a government’s biggest tasks is looking after its people. Besides taking care of their basic education, I see looking after citizens’ health as something it is simply obliged to do.

  32. Sigh.

    Only one passing mention of Casshern Sins in the comments, and nothing about the admittingly slow but moetastic To Aru Majutsu no Index and the awesomeness that is Kemeko DX.

    I don’t know you anymore, Jason-ko.

  33. Yes, universal health care is working great in a good deal of first world, democratic countries.

    @ Roy Mustang
    >>Socialism involves the transfer of wealth from those whom you deem has too much to those whom you deem has too little. As a socialist government, you take my $$ (and my right to spend it as I wish) and give it to someone else because you think I have too much (and the other person has too little).

    Isn’t that paying taxes?

    >>You have the same mindset as the French did about 80 years ago

    Are you really comparing 2008 USA to 1938 France?

  34. Oh BTW, the Osprey is a joke.


  35. >>>although I must profess ignorance on how you have tried to implement it over there)

    We have universal health care for those who are unable to work and those over 65. It’s called Medicare. We also have de-facto universal health care for kids through various state Medicaid programs. However many parents do not utilize this health insurance because most kids are healthy. Medicare is failing miserably and is projected to go bankrupt within the next 20 years. State medicaid programs funded by matching federal funds and housing boom property taxes are in the red right now because of the housing bust. It’s going to be a bloodbath for many states to fund their medicaid programs.

    I love Finland. Your mountains are so lofty and your treetops are so tall. How much is your payroll tax for your social security programs? What kind of income tax bracket structure do you guys have? Do your doctors get anywhere near $200K/year or are they expected to earn less because of free public medical education?

  36. I’m not going to delve into politics, but it would be nice if you had more DMC pots =D

    I have yet to watch it, but I greatly enjoyed the manga.

  37. It’s going to look like the end of the world.

    I’m actually looking forward to the end of the world if for no other reason than to read you thin-slice it.

  38. Well, to those who were discussing Toradora and Kannagi: I like both. >_>

  39. I showed that Clannad spread to my wife (not an anime fan). She immediately remarked, “He’s gay, isn’t he…”

  40. CBongo: I showed that Clannad spread to my wife (not an anime fan). She immediately remarked, “He’s gay, isn’t he…”

    I hope she was talking about Sunohara Youhei and not Tomoya.

    PS: Myssa Rei: if you haven’t already dropped the bomb on that coworker yet, I have the PERFECT idea on how to do so. Take one of the HCG’s from Re-Lucks and show it to him. That ought to drive the point home, Suzaku-style.

  41. Include me in the list Kannagi of fans. It’s just a well animated show with a good seiyuu cast, humour that is actually funny and likable / original characters. Considering a lot of the staff were involved with Haruhi I guess thats not really suprising.

    I prefered Toradora when it was called Hayate.

  42. HikkiZ: Ryuuji isn’t a combat butler, and Hayate got hit less by Nagi than Ryuuji does in the anime… but Ryuji in the novels doesn’t get hit at all, for the most part. Glared at, though – but he can glare too and back her off.

  43. Like the picture of Clannad, but why Sunohara? Tomoya is the only pimp in the series. After watching the 4th episode, I can’t see Sunohara getting a girlfriend at all, which is quite sad to me. :(

  44. …. I had a beautifully written post explaining in simple details all the aspects of the arguments going on, but then the security question thing ate it all…. so instead, I’m just going to say I find what Roy Mustang says to be true and just the key points I was hoping to say earlier.

    The conservative opinion on the government’s duties has always been that it should have as few responsibilites as possible, and that it’s primary duties are law enforcement, military, education, and keeping businesses in line. Personally I don’t dislike Medicare. I dislike Medicaid (the one you keep hearing about getting abused all the time), Social Security (the only real thing FDR did wrong), and the concept of a fully government run health care system.

    The problem that too many people don’t realize is that the government is TERRIBLY inefficient when it comes to managing anything. Any health care coverage the government could provide you, you could provide for yourself or even other people for MUCH cheaper through a real business or non-profit organization. If you want to see an example of government inefficiency with funds, look at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    Now, I don’t know much about the Osprey program, but didn’t Cheney try to kill the program several times?

    And as for the war in Iraq, (once again I’m regretting it ate my original post) I’ll just say the original intent was to PREVENT them from obtaining WMDs. Also, most politicians at the time supported the idea of invading Iraq and agreed with Bush that it was a good idea to do so. Many of those same politicians now are trying to deny that, but many of them supported the idea even before 9/11. Here’s a compilation of recordings if you don’t believe me: http://duomaxwelldoesddr.googl.....ocrisy.wmv

  45. I have no idea whether it’ll become stale as things go on but right now I’d call Kannagi one of the funniest anime I’ve ever watched. Nagi’s a real character.

  46. Wow, Jason it looks like you need a new poll Kannagi vs. Toradora. Half of these people are talking politics and the other half is Kannagi vs. Toradora.
    I cast my vote w/ Toradora. I like the Dual impressions (Inner personality vs. Outer Appearance) that each character has. I also read the Novel and I know of future characters too. I hate how it’s rushed (1 Entire novel in like 2 eps, They skipped TONS of character development) but I understand that they are trying to introduce the other main character.
    Kannagi while good seems like Wagaya no Oinari Sama but with better art. I read the manga and it just seems to be like an average series.
    Also Hyakko is a great series

    Well now my 2 cents in politics (and damn your blog has gotten quite political). Personally right now I’m looking at the economy more than than the war. I think the war is wrapping up at the moment and no need to poke at the past. Either the Iraq sign the pact w/ us and we get a set date to pull out (Preferred) by December. Or we get forcefully ejected December and we pull out anyhow as the UN Mandate ends. Well it’s their lost.
    Really what I’m looking at is the economy. The Iraq war has cost us about 600 Billion dollars. We however just used 700 Billion dollars for a Bail out plan, and we spent several more on various other things to pull the economy. Apparently there was a poll somewhere but for this election most voters are looking at economy instead of war in this 2008 election (I hope you guys are all voting).
    I want universal health care but I’m not sure how it will play out. Health care is EXPENSIVE. I’m not sure we can afford it right now. Lastly, I hate Green power. It’s completely overrated. I have a 10 page research paper on why green power is horrible and destroys the environment. I used to carry a copy of this every time I went to school and I converted many. I got a perfect score from my professor and made him a convert too, lol. I’ll email you a copy… feel free to go through it if you want.

  47. Haesslich: You meant De: Luxe, the PS2 port? Well I hate to break this to you, but De: Luxe is all-ages, so while there IS a Jun path for the game (since it’s an enhanced remake), there’s no HCG. Try some more Haess… Those HCGs with Jun in them are ACTUALLY shops of Sumomo (I should know, I finished the darned game and it’s ungodly amount of event CGs).

  48. What does the first couple of bars of “From Russia With Love” have to do with cross-dressing anyway? At least at the end of the video there was a little bit of “Dude Looks Like a Lady”.

  49. I can’t wait to see the thin/thick & creamy slicing. Whether Toradora or Kannagi ranks higher, I bet on Haess’s entire trap folder than there will be large flame wars.

    In the meantime, I’ll er…watch both shows.

  50. Myssa: no, I said re:Lucks and I meant that. That was the fandisc game which the OVA was based on, and the player could either have Jun in female mode due to the magic… or male mode. De:luxe came out in 2007 after the anime and was how the OVA was released – that may be what confused you.

    That’s why I offered proof of Jun’s and Mizuho’s manhoods back when Jason was denying them: I had stumbled across the HCG while googling for info on the source materials. I can give you the relevant files to enlighten you.

    P.S. – someone had epic post deleted. If logic doesn’t work… complain.

  51. And I don’t have a trap folder… while Myssa’s Kyonko folder approaches several gigabytes, iirc. You must be thinking of Jason, whom I sent almost as much Haruka as Mako-chan. Lot of Haruhi posters, though.


  53. Haesslich: Ah, it’s funny how fatigue makes a person miss things. Checked it out, and you know what? The fan disk cracks me up, but in all the wrong ways. I think it’s even worse than August’s, or Circus’ (the companies, Circus more infamous for making the DaCapo series of games) attempts. The ungodly amount of event CGs returned, but that was expected… Blah, it doesn’t really add much (Happiness, really, is pretty bland without Jun in the picture), though there IS the shock factor of the event CGs of Jun’s path. Yikes.

    And you seem to be overestimating the size of my Kyonko image folder. My Touhou folder STILL trumps it by a massive margin (15 gigs to 2).

  54. Myssa: That’s still 2 more gigs than I have. And the fandisk’s main ‘draw’ would be the… Jun path. For all those people who requested it, they got it – in both flavors, no less. Iffen you want, I can find one of the HCG’s out of the pack I have to break your kouhai with. To make absolutely, positively sure he knows this is really a guy he’s crushing on.

    Or it could push him straight into the Kurogane Doctrine, or the Jason-ko one (“I don’t care anymore! There’s no way there’s a…”)

  55. I think the question that you should be asking is ‘how did I know/remember/estimate how big the Kyonko folder on Myssa Rei’s hard drives is…

  56. I have no dedicated image folder. Am I the only one? ._.

    Re: Kannagi: It has a snazzy, upbeat dancing OP, a voice actress with a million voices, good comic timing, fluid animation, and no one in the cast is pissing me off. That’s all I need. I’ve cut down to about 1 – 1.5 shows per season. Kannagi is my fall show (and DMC is the half).

    Also, I am eagerly awaiting the inevitable Tissue Princess performance of the Kannagi OP.

    Wouldn’t that require an actual “good guy” to empathize with? Unless it were a Yagami Light-type who destroys his enemies with his Broke Note…

    As for the cosplay page, the first time I skimmed through it, I assumed everyone was a trap. I guess I’ve lost the ability to distinguish between reality and illusion. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Hinamizawa…

  57. Gah… all these tries and I still cannot use blockquote properly. I should experiment on some HTML of my own. The blockquoted part was referring to the idea about a credit-default swap anime. Maybe if it were one of those shows where people get killed off… Kaiji, Hell Girl, whatever.

  58. Forgot the most important part… I know I’m going to regret this. What is the significance of the toilet seat cover?

  59. Niles: It’s a reference to a prank Tomoya played on Sunohara, where Tomoya mentioned that it wasn’t like Sunohara to be so ‘fresh’ during the mornings. So he suggested adding “…And A Toilet Seat Cover” to every sentence to conteract that ‘freshness’. Needless to say Youhei fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

    Haesslich: Yes, well, it was pretty vanilla for a fandisc (in other words, purely fan-milking), Jun transexualization aside. *shrugs* I’ll drop the anvil on my co-worker myself, after I upload some event CGs to my site image folder. ;) We’ll see if it breaks him, or sets him straight in that it’s best to invest some skill points in Search and Spot, as well as Disarm Trap… :)

    Kurogane Doctrine or Jason’s Mantra, either way it’ll scar him in oh so many delicious ways.

    And I was overexaggerating about my Kyonko/Haruhi Seitenkan folder; It’s actually 3000 or so FILES, and it’s barely 1 gig, which, again, is nothing compared to my Touhou archive (which REALLY is 15 gigs).

  60. Myssa Rei: Do you have the one where Jun’s… ahem… showing his sexuality as he’s finally getting some? I’d recommend that, for maximum impact – pun intended. And if it’s barely one gig, then you’ve got a bunch of smaller PNG and JPG files rather than large, wallpaper-size or poster-sized pictures.

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