gurren lagann on sci-fi, again

So I finally get Sci-Fi channel in HD… and… much to my dismal, Gurren Lagann is airing in SD. Though if it’s any consolation, Samurai Girl is airing in HD on ABC Family. One channel, whether Sci-Fi or CN, one of these days, will have to showcase a proper anime in proper HD splendor. (I vote for Clannad, which has as much of a chance of happening as seeing an NHL franchise in Tokyo.)

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  1. I can’t think of a romance anime since Tenchi Muyo that has aired on t.v. here.

    The idea of a hockey team made up of nothing but 5’7/150 lb asian guys amuses me though.

  2. Moribito is on CN in widescreen and has been good so far. I don’t mind the voice actors for any of the main characters. Some of the ones for one or two of the supporting characters I have to tolerate, though they aren’t horrible.

  3. No, not just widescreen. I’m referring to 1080i, which I haven’t seen any anime in yet. Though the commercials are in 1080i…

  4. And this is why I torrent.

  5. Do you have your sound turned on? I can’t listen to the Gurren Lagann dub for more than a few minutes. They took the manliness out of Kamina.

  6. Obama will bring the HD revolution

    Change we can believe in!


  7. I don’t want to see any anime on any american channel, the english dub butchering is a disgrace and a flat out insult to the japanese VAs and the producers of the anime.

    i’ll just stick with directtv and my direct channels from japan.

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