gundam 00 s2 4

The touchy-feely episode.


Why do we fight? That’s a good question. I’ll ask it to the modern day oracle: Google.

Oh seeing eye, why do we fight?

Most of the initial results are dominated by a political movie, which is about the Iraq war, so I’ll go with energy. That’s certainly valid in Gundam 00, but in 00 S2, there’s no more energy squabbles since everyone can use fake GN drives.

Why else? Got a result for inflation. I wonder if what’s happening to Marina’s country is a parable on the current stock market.

And finally a Stars Wars link that links back to good ol’ galactic propaganda. It sounds sketchier than Celestial Beings reasons…

(Why do I blog? Easy, because I enjoy reading comments like this one from Krozel, “Maybe useless for us, but you know… she may be pretty nice deliverin’ powerful blowjobs. Everything can happen inside the gundam cockpit”. It’s too early to break out the good ol’ YTAMR.)


Wait, the Haro is rolling? This blows my mind. I don’t have my Gundam Seed DVDs handy, but didn’t the Haros in that float irregardless of space or earth operation? Sunrise getting physics partially right… what next? A love story?


Guess not, at least between Setsuna and Marina. Loved how the new girl just bluntly asks while both Setsuna and Marina shot back an answer faster than 00 can fly in its super-duper trans am mode. If there’s going to be any romance, it’s going to be amongst the four Gundam Meisters… Duo Maxwell would have wanted it that way.


Let’s start taking bets on whether or not Feldt (I’m converting to the new spelling) will hook up wtih Lyle. I’m saying “yes, but after episode 12”.


There’s a lot I liked about this scene, but I have to admit I would have liked it more if it were the original Lockon with the underaged Feldt. I can’t crack Chris Hanson jokes now. Anyway, I loved the “Why don’t you come up to my room later?” line. But I loved the “I don’t want to be compared to my brother” line even more– what kind of comparisons? Accuracy ratings? Personality? Sexual prowess? We need charts, graphs, everything. Get to it, Feldt.


I think odds for Lyle and Feldt hooking up are 50/50. What would odds be for an Allelujah, Sumeragi, and Marie/Soma threesome? 10-to-1? Sumeragi isn’t that hard since Allelujah can just get her drunk, but getting Marie/Soma to agree would take a bit more work. Plus, there’s never been a threesome in Gundam history that didn’t involve tons and tons of steel. Delta attack!


She seems a lot more effective this season. I’m shocked. It’s like if the NBA regular season started next week and Stephen Marbury turns into 2006 Steve Nash.

(I still believe strongly in my theory that more cleavage = more effective commander.)


I’m rooting for “Mr. Bushido” to rip off his mask to reveal that he’s Toradora‘s Taiga. Though I do like how Graham has suddenly morphed into Tom Cruise from Last Samurai in how he discarded his Union heritage and thinks he’s Japanese. I wonder if he has a Gero-chan cell phone strap.


Why does this battle remind me of one from Gurren Lagann, specifically the Adiane fight from 12/13? Though Lockon didn’t snipe 00’s hair to shoot Adiane though.

(And there wasn’t an epic “Just as I planned face” from the beach scene… I’m getting withdrawal symptoms again… let’s just move on.)


They kind gave everyone a reason for fighting, except Feldt and the new girl… and Tiera kinda copped out of it as well. Even Commander Data is more loquacious.


The Palin runs strong on this one… you betcha!

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  1. Lyle’s definitely no Lockon – look at how Feldt immediate rejected him. :P And… “Mr. Bushido”? I guess Sunrise reads forums too…

  2. I was drinking some water when I heard the “Mr. Bushido”. Had to wipe the computer screen afterwards.

  3. Why not “Mr. Virgo”?
    Oh, poor Billy… Why not drag him into CB team? They can offer shiny suits, research equipments, and Sumeragi would be more than glad to offer xxx service.

  4. As much as I found Graham’s new moniker funny (given how 4chan previously dubbed the paper-thin disguise Bushido Bob many weeks beforehand), I found it doubly funny how, against all sense, Marina is going back to her country. Wait, you were imprisoned by the Federation, then was broken out of prison by a force that pretty much everyone else thinks are terrorists, and expect the same to NOT happen again?

  5. I guess Mr. Bushido finally got over his flagphilia? Actually I was rather surprised his suit’s design wasn’t a flag redesign when Soma’s unit was very reminiscent of the Tieren.

  6. What about Sumeragi’s new uniform?

    I think she would be a more effective commander with exposed muffin top. Lyle’s and Allelujah’s expressions were along the liens of “Oh yeah, I’d like to put butter on that.”

  7. Dang Graham…. that mask….that name…it’s so hilarious. I’m half expecting him to pull out a sword and slash at someone with the Yoshimitsu (Soul Calibur) garb he’s wearing. This whole thing is just too funny.

  8. Mr. Bushido??? they ran out of “cool” names they like at sunrise?

  9. Three things I like to mention,

    1. It was funny how fast Setsuna and Marina shot back at Milena that they are not lovers. (sure as hell in the last episode prove otherwise :D ) I think Milena will be speaking for the audience for now on is my opinion.

    2. Mr. Bushido?, Why don’t we just call him Tom Cruise for the rest of the season cause I seen better mask men then this guy. I got a good name for him and the name is “Graham Mask Cracker”. Mysterious and delicious at the same time

    3. LOVED Sumeragi’s CB outfit. Nice to see some stomach meat for now and then, but I guessing you are a breast man, are you Jason?

  10. Uniform too small…. mmmmmmmm

    btw, Jason, have you checked out Macademy Wasshoi yet? theres a meido there with dog ears and tail.

  11. Why did Feldt need to get a new set of uniform for Sumeragi? I agree with Ian that the current one fits her extremely well! DX

  12. No pix of Sumeragi in new power ranger uni? Blasphemy.

  13. I vote for the “too small” uniforms for the rest of 00 female cast.

  14. You can’t blame at least two of the Meisters making moves of the heterosexual kind. And would you consider Marina a woman or a wet blanket? That makes the straight/homo Meister ratio at least 3-to-1, with Bushido Bob’s ballot pending.

  15. Strange enough, this season had started way better than the flawed S1, at least Setsuna and the Meisters aren’t as idiots as 4 years ago. Marina will be useful for once, or we’ll have Relena 2.0 all the way. Damn, even Allelujah is getting the uphand on Sumeragi. By the way, I also vote in favor of the smaller uniforms for CB’s ladies (even one for China-Boobs)

    Graham Cruise… er Tom Aker… Mr. Flag… whatever the case, he may better casting up to be the next Masked Rider than being here.

  16. NOTE: Fuck WordPress/Firefox/Whatever is responsible for not saving posts if you forget to enter the spam protection.

    I vote that Sumeragi, in her new uniform, should be the focus of every scene she could feasibly (and I’m talking Sunrise feasibility here) be in for the remainder of S2. If that requires her to spend all her time floating in the magic Veda/Cerebro room then so be it.

    I also found it rather humorous that Sumeragi chose to display her delicious assets to the entire crew rather then quietly informing Feldt that her uniform was too small and asking her for a new one. Considering Sumeragi is supposed to be an uber strategist one might conclude that she purposefully engineered the entire encounter in order to obtain more male attention. Allelujah had just dropped his “there’s someone else” speech on her and no one else was paying her any mind so it makes sense that she’d turn up the sex appeal to try and regain some measure of confidence and self-worth. Or…she could just be an idiot.

  17. “but didn’t the Haros in that float irregardless of space or earth operation?”

    Seriously…. Irregardless?

  18. Yeah, I agree with the previous comments as to why did’nt you post any Sumeragi pic on her “too tight” CB uniform…
    Also, didn’t Trans-Am mode supposed to leave the Gundams weak after being used? Then why the hell are they using Trans-Am in this episode like there’s no tomorrow AND can still put up a fight immediately after using it?
    Sunrise may have gotten some of their “physics” correct, but they sure did mess that one up.

  19. Delicious looking smaller uniform for Sumeragi..
    Go Feldt, get her an even smaller outfit!!

    oh and seriously, i broke my chair laughing when i heard the word Bushido. seriously

  20. Couldn’t help but rofl when Setsuna and Wet-blanket both instantaniously answer “no”. I expected WB to at least do some generic stutter or something.

    One more thing.
    He went from a pesudo-Mu La Flagga who can take on a Gundamoo with his generic Flag – to a raving crappy last boss for Setsuna. . .Now he’s some retard with an oni…..fetish…..

  21. Who would have thought that “jiggling-under-enemy-fire” would happen as early as the 4th ep? xD

  22. This episode didn’t remind me of Gurren Lagann at all. Actually it reminded me of the middle 1/3 of Gundam SEED Destiny… *shiver*

  23. Poor Graham only wishes he were japanese (this change was kinda sudden, were there any signs?)

  24. Bushido Bob…. okay I laughed at that.

  25. I was looking up seiyuu on ANN and noticed some, uh, interesting names in the cast list and I thought I would share them:

    Bring Stabity, Hilling Care, Anew Returner and Revive Revival.

    WIth names like those, I’ll be shocked if they aren’t all mobile suit pilots of some sort.

  26. Lolwut?

  27. >>>Bring Stabity, Hilling Care, Anew Returner and Revive Revival.

    Just when I thought the studio had stopped with the pure trainwrecking, I learn I have something to look forward to. Good money’s Bring Stabity being a raving lunatic, Hilling Care is an epic trap, and Revive Revival being Sunrised at least twice. At least.

  28. @Kadian1364 (09:17:03, #167511

    I know there’s a couple of “hanging chad” and “intent of the voter” jokes in there somewhere, just can’t put my finger on it…

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