gundam 00 s2 7

An episode built around a heterosexual relationship… the end of days is near.

(I don’t know about you, but I’m on the lookout for hellfire and brimstone. Oh wait, that’s just LA.)


Best part of the episode was at the end when Sumeragi hears that Allelujah is safe, so she has a “My reason to continue fighting” sigh. Then, without missing a beat, Lockon reports that Allelujah has a girlfriend. Classic.


I feel like Sumeragi and Marie should star in any future seasons of Age of Love: Cougars vs. Kittens. That’s the right thing to do.

(Like you wouldn’t watch that. Any show that can combine Sumeragi’s drinking, Marie’s Marieness, and quotes like “you want to humiliate a bunch of faded old crones” is worth adding to a Tivo season pass.)


Two opposing mobile suit pilots crashing onto some tropical island and then having a heart-to-heart… that never happens in a Sunrise-produced giant mecha anime. Never. It never happened between Cagali and Athrun. It never happened between Stellar and Shinn. It never happened between Suzaku and Kallen. Never. I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. Never happened in a Sunrise-produced giant mecha show before.


Gotta love how even though he was warned not to go trans am, Setsuna goes trans am. I’m still wondering at how they picked these Meisters… oh right, they pick them by finding the people closest looking to the old dead Meisters.


Highly disappointed that Saji didn’t shoot down Louise. On the bright side, Saji is still far and away the favorite for the Best of 2008 Shinji Ikari Memorial Award, so at least he has that going for him. Any scene with Saji is just excruciating… he’s like the Sage Rosenfels of Gundam 00.


Speaking of useless… Marina is making Elysee look like Tom Brady right now. I still have no clue what the writers SHINYREDFIRETRUCK!!! want to do with Marina’s plot… they hyped her up so much in the original series as being a key plot point, and, well, she did… nothing.


On the flip side, every scene with Marie just gets better and better. I’m happy that she fills out her uniform more, but the fact that she’s finally providing some heterosexual sexual innuendo in a Sunrise anime is just so refreshingly shocking. I don’t even have to watch this week’s episode of Nodame for heterosexual goodness anymore. (Okay, that’s a lie– I watch Nodame still for Nodamespinzaku.) Still, ride ’em cowgirl…

I asked a while ago for a meme to counter “OH GEASS NO,” and I’m leaning towards, “MARIE! MARIE PERCEY!” Honestly, while it embodies what I want it to embody, it’s just not catchy enough… back to the drawing board.


So each mobile suit is equipped with a sleeping bag and a super-large tent? Why would you have a large tent that could possible hold the Andy Bernard and Angela Martin wedding in a frickin’ mobile suit? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a tent large enough for one, if there’s a tent at all?

(That line about the wedding tent… and the farm… just slayed me… even if it’s a down season for that show.)


I just knew that Marie would jump in front… seriously, why don’t the guys in this situation just restrain the girls from jumping in front? It’s almost like they want her to take the bullet for them…

(Between Allelujah, Casshern, and Heero Yui, we need to work out a “Kill me! Kill me now!” Olympics. Though real men wouldn’t go for this type of scenario… they’d kick reason to the curb… like can you ever imagine Kamina or Krauser or Kogarashi begging to be killed like this? Puh-leeze.)


Felt 4tw!


You just know what when they get back to the Potemayo, they’re going to start humping like rabbits… I just want a webcam on Sumeragi’s face for when she starts hearing the mattress squeaking. I don’t ask for much.

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  1. There’s no clue as to how long it’ll be before Soma goes away again, gets killed, or turns into Relena Peacecraft….

    and the last shot of the preview? “OH GEASS NO!!”

  2. I love how my first posts get censored. :D I really don’t expect their happiness to last, though – but Sergei gets points for just letting her go.

  3. Marie, even. And we can’t forget her predecessor, Aina from 08 MS Team.

  4. Finally, all the gay overtones were broken…for just this episode. Up until the end where Tieria finds out he has a more feminine clone walking around with an even more feminine name. I guess the hetro tone can only go on for so long before the show reminds us of the sausage feast.

  5. And no mention of our favorite trap? Shame on you…

  6. >>>Gotta love how even though he was warned not to go trans am, Setsuna goes trans am.

    Cause the SHINYREDFIRETRUCK is catching on, and Setsuna couldn’t resist.

  7. >>>Gotta love how even though he was warned not to go trans am, Setsuna goes trans am.

    It’s like that reverse psychology thing. When you’re told, “Don’t look now, but…” you just gotta look.

    >>>Marie, even. And we can’t forget her predecessor, Aina from 08 MS Team.

    How are you gonna compare a good Gundam show to this dreck?

    There’s a distinct lack of NBA references as of late. I feel deprived.

  8. Reminds me of the time Athrun got stranded on an island with Cagalli. But unlike Ahtrun, Allelujah got his girl right there and then.

  9. I guess Jason didn’t say anything about Tiera because it was obvious.

    Still. Sumeragi’s face was priceless

  10. “So each mobile suit is equipped with a sleeping bag and a super-large tent? ”

    It’s even color coordinated with his mobile suit and uniform!
    Celestial Being is all about being trendy over being an effective military unit.

  11. Quantam brain wave sex.

  12. Outta all the Gundam Meisters – Alle here seems to be the only non copy/paste character from Fullmetal Panic and the only heterosexual.

    I also could friggin predict every cliche that was about to happen a good 5 seconds before it happened. It must be some sworn anime writer’s oath to have said cliches follow each other in consequtive order.

    >>>>(Between Allelujah, Casshern, and Heero Yui, we need to work out a “Kill me! Kill me now!” Olympics. Though real men wouldn’t go for this type of scenario… they’d kick reason to the curb… like can you ever imagine Kamina or Krauser or Kogarashi begging to be killed like this? Puh-leeze.)

    See, Krauser would prolly have his fans take the bullet. Kogarashi is immune to all types of physical damage with the exception of that whistle – so the bullet would be ineffective. Kamina? He’d either block it with his nodachi or his spiral energy would evaporate said projectile.

    Does that count as reasoning?

  13. I’m honestly surprised that Soma/Marie got her memory back so early on as opposed during end fight in a cliched melodramatic twist.

  14. Man, this series is made of so much fail. I shudder to make the comparison, but at least Code Geass had style (Fabulous?) and the decency to give us a Surprise Plot Twist every week. Gundam 00 is just sooooo boring.

  15. kadian1364: How are you gonna compare a good Gundam show to this dreck?

    To show how a situation like this has been done better in a Gundam series by Sunrise, of course.

    Still, with the way Sumeragi reacted to the news that Allelujah had picked up a girl on a random island, I could only think of the Heavy Weapons Guy’s lines from Team Fortress 2: “CRY! CRY SOME MORE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…”

  16. I see that Billy’s curse upon Sumeragi is in full effect, no lurvin for her, not while Billy is out there somewhere going maki maki. I am not happy with this development I was so sure Louise would steal into Soma’s room for a yuri tea party, alas for the foul beast Haptism…

    Kurdistan has been Liberated, Prince Ali is now head of his own state as befits his rank and title. With any luck it will soon be Prince “Mahdi” Ali and long will his tallies of kills be, may this rushed romance doom both this Marie and Haptism.

    Also why no mention of next week’s injection of selfcest for Vowels?

  17. I just realized something.

    If the end of days is near, would that mean you’re blogging junjou romantica?

  18. She’s gonna revert back and then shoot the meister in the liver, just like in Code Geass. Then’s she’s gonna turn back up as a pregnant gym teacher.

  19. Hey Jason, you got to blog Mirai Nikki. Cause Gasai just remind it me how crazy she is than Casshern’s girls.

  20. Why would you waste the webcam on Sumeragi’s facial reactions?

    oh, wait… that might be good too…

  21. >> Hey Jason, you got to blog Mirai Nikki.

  22. Sorry, but I meant the latent chapter lol :P

  23. Hail Marie, full of grace…

    The Oh geass no! moment now goes to Kannagi “it’s Sony” and the semi-god pantheon. Try to surpass that…

  24. jason is going to be so happy with ep8 of 00

  25. xellos: My comment, which is still being moderated… suggests Sunrise reads DbD, which is why they made episode 8 so… well, it’s designed to break Jason. But man, Louise is HOT in that dress.

  26. @haesslich,

    yes, lousie looks good in that dress buy tieria looks better in his/hers/it/whatever

  27. He does NOT. Gothic Lolita Louise was so hot, Setsuna was offering her a ring. Tierua only got Insane-kun. You’re just severely broken.

  28. jason will have to put up a poll

    who is hotter

    Lousie in gothic loli getup


    Tieria in a Dress

    i vote Tieria

  29. I still say Gothic Lolita Louise wins – she’s cute, she’s rich, and she’s hot in that dress. Hot enough to get an engagement ring from Setsuna even though this is only the second time he’s ever seen her.

    Tieria in a dress only got Ribbons. And Ribbons is insane.

  30. But I’d say the chances of Louise going nuts is pretty good as well.

  31. I think putting Tieria in a dress was to obvious of a play for sunrise. I mean they should keep their homoerotic undertones way more subtle… Wait never mind I watched Code Geass too and saw Rolo. I wonder if ribbons is just as doomed, of course this being a sunrise series he’ll probably die in a couple of episodes and resurrect to find that he wasn’t the main bad guy but a pawn of someone who’s been there since episode 1 but everyone forgot about since he was obviously unimportant but really he’s been pulling the strings the whole time. In other words you need run on sentences to explain sunrise plot. Wait what did that have to do with girls in dresses. I’m going with Louise because she’s female and I feel at this point that makes a difference.

  32. Why the hell didn’t Tieria shoot his clone?! Like – you don’t even have to listen to the thing, once you run into a blatantly malevolent clone of yourself – JUST SHOOT IT.

    Patricks back! I knew he didn’t die – and his sheer stupidity has grown so huge that he dosen’t care if people give him insulting nicknames and they stick.

    Who here could watch the Wang Lu Mei being the last boss curve ball from a mile away?

  33. if you are going to go with the least suspect as the final boss, it is obvious it will be Marina.

  34. “if you are going to go with the least suspect as the final boss, it is obvious it will be Marina.”

    Correction, cyborg/zombie/mind-controlled Marina.

  35. Does Jason not care about us any more?

    I need my (almost) daily DbD fix!

  36. or at least a Clannad 8 post. “The ultimate combination!”…of death

  37. Real life got him in his sleep, I’m sure. D:

  38. Me thinks Jason may have finally had a run-in with Chris Hansen. It’s that or he stumbled into the crossfire of a Prop 8 protest and got impaled by a stiletto pump.

  39. maybe Jason has been kidnapped by Bandai to help write their scripts?

  40. “maybe Jason has been kidnapped by Bandai to help write their scripts?”

    More likely Sunrise.

  41. I can only hope Jason hasn’t fallen into a trap…

  42. >>[i]“if you are going to go with the least suspect as the final boss, it is obvious it will be Marina.”

    Correction, cyborg/zombie/mind-controlled Marina.[/i]
    It will be revealed that she was blind and crippled* when she was young due to over-exposure to GN particles, so Ian re-created her so she could live a normal life, and she has a mini-GN Drive for a heart. Billy found a way to remotely control GN Particle emissions, so he uses the ones inside of her to attack the Meisters.
    *Since this is sunrises eco-series, she will be crippled in exactly the same way as nunally.

  43. I only hope our words can reach him now…

  44. I still say he watched episode 8, and that ballroom scene broke him so hard that he’s been unable to post for one reason or another. Or else he’s changing his name to ‘Jasmine’… ;)

  45. It could be worse. It could be like Haruhi season 2, where eventually the fans give up waiting and start generating endless gender-swapped fanart, like Jason-ko. Oh wait, we’ve already got that. Now I’m scared….

  46. Jasmine Miao no Seitenkan chapter one will be up shortly. Also,


  47. His dreams finally came true it will take a while before he reappears.

  48. so the prevailing theory on the Disappearance of Jasmine Miao is that Jasmine was so broken by Ep8 of Gundam 00s2 that he into a TRAP by Sunrise.

  49. Hoookay

    Lets spawn some sort of parasitical tumor-blog from this ep review on stuff he’d normally review.

    There’s a good 3 eps of Clannad, 1 ep of Gundam 00 (soon to be 2) worth of material that’s accumulated so far. Might as well throw a Power Ranking in there.

    Anyone up fer it?

  50. “Broken By Jason”? Oh Geass Yes, please.

    I want to write the trap clannad episode!

  51. I can TRY to fix Jason by sending him pictures of All Woman Chiaki in a Devil Outfit (which is basically a teddy)… which is basically her looking like Haruka except with the ahoge, along with Angel Chiaki (which is like her current self, but a tad younger) which appeared in Chapter 100-ish of Minami-ke, but I have no guarantees this will fix things. It might actually backfire, given that Mako-chan gets forced into one of Chiaki’s dresses which she wears to hide her lack of bust, in the next volume.

  52. I dont think that will be enough. To be away this long we need to get him symmetrical docking material stat. I don’t know how much longer he can last.

  53. I’m sure he’s just fine. He’s training in the mountains right now perfecting the next level of his trapjitsu. Refining his new memes to a razors edge, and eating three to four mens share of turkey and dressing.

  54. Haess, can you UL those pics somewhere?
    For evaluation purposes, of course.

  55. Jason was kidnapped by Sunrise. Due to his vast knowledge of Sunrise plots, they are going to force him to write the scripts so things they might have missed are sure to get re-incorporated.

  56. He’s probably working on a thin slicing halfway through this fall season…. I hope… please?

  57. I thought we agreed it was going to be delicious thick creamy slicing.

  58. I think at this point it counts as cutting the ham in half and eating that.

  59. Jason’s gone off to make a fire truck pr0n site…

  60. Sunrise has captured Jason to turn him into Jason-ko and dominate the Epic Trap field of the anime industry. THEN they’ll have Jason-ko write the scripts.

  61. We need a new post. We’ve hijacked this one already. We need something else to hijack.

  62. You KNOW he’s going to remark on all this in his next post with a good ol’ YTAMR.

  63. I’m pretty sure at this point Jason is just laughing at our guesses.

  64. That seems more than likely.

  65. *gasp*

    Need moar NBA references… something witty about Stephon Marbury would be enough!

  66. So which one of you acted out some sort of personal vendetta for having been “broken” by Jason.

  67. Yeah, this feels like something more than a simple lack of time to blargh. Is he responding to emails?

  68. Oh noes, dont tell me Jason is trying to get to lvl80 on [expletive deleted]

  69. Maybe his computer broke down or something, that’s the best we can hope for =/.

  70. Maybe he was chosen to help save the universe in a do or die situation.

  71. Maybe as he was walking down the street, someone stuffed a bag of crack into his pocket trying to run from the Police, they saw him with it, and arrested him.

    Srsly, first my subbing group takes forever to post episodes, and Jason gone? Is there a secret anime convention somewhere?

  72. Jasmine’s been avoiding me ever since I confessed my love to her. I wonder if she hates me now.

  73. Maybe I should claim this blog in an effort to permanently derail it from being a trap-only production so we can focus on what’s really important..

  74. Maybe I should claim this blog in an effort to permanently derail it from being a trap-only production so we can focus on what’s really important..

    What is more important than traps?

  75. Hmm, if his computer broke down you think he would go to a library to watch anime or something. I can’t imagine someone going two weeks without anime. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible.

  76. Do it. Whatever it takes to get my fix of trap nekomimi meido melonpan. Coup Jason.(I’ll get started protesting at the airport – who’s with me?)

    If Haess takes over Dbd, can we get a Haesslichko doujin series too? With Myssa Rei as the antagonist bishounen?

  77. “So. Many. Uses.”

    I think some will get that, others will not.

  78. No, no don’t you see? Jason is trying to artificially make this post have more comments, so as to…boost the popularity of gundam 00.

    Yeah that made no sense to me either.

  79. Ink: If Haess takes over Dbd, can we get a Haesslichko doujin series too? With Myssa Rei as the antagonist bishounen?

    Sorry, I don’t do trappiness. That was Jason/Jasmine’s schtick. Mine is melonpan and comedy/drama shows. And a bit of tsundere heroines. Expect more Hayate posts, when that comes out, more Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and more ToraDora as of now. But first, I have to figure out how to get his login and PW.

    Niles: Melonpan’s good in moderation. And those pics of All Woman Chiaki I promised have been caught up in the spam filter.

  80. So, we’re gonna start infesting his blog like Zerg on a command centre?

    And oh sixten, methinks you’d take notes from Ink’s post. Could be…oh I don’t know…useful for future references…

  81. Hmmmm… I wonder what happened to Jason. Maybe he found a life that is more that traps. OR… Maybe, he’s on the way to being a trap himself!!! *pictures jasonko in head… vomits almost instantly*

    The path to being a trap is hard. Its taking all of his time and effort to do so…

  82. Go JASON!!! I’ll be cheering for you!!!

  83. Someone You Met Outside… you know that Jason-ko already exists in online form, right? Just ask sixten.

    And, how would you know the path of being a trap? Prior experience?

  84. Hate to double-post, but… that eerily reminds me of how the guy (yes, GUY) that draws/writes “Luann” in the funnies section knows so much about the modern life of a teenage girl… *shudder*

  85. Sixten is an aspiring young comic artist and a great fan of anime-blog cult hero Jason. When Sixten declares his love for Jason — who is not actually a Jason so much as a nekomimi tsundere Jasmine — the confused catgirl runs away to avoid dealing with her feelings for Sunrise. This causes a massive hoohah as Jaso- Jasmi- as the cult anime blog shuts down and readers begin rioting and flooding a Gundam 00 post with comments.

    Enter Haesslich, Melonpan Extraordinaire, who recruits the help of Sixten as well as epic reverse-trap double Myssa Rei in order to track down everybody’s favourite tsundere for Sunrise. Love! Traps! Fanservice! NBA references which nobody else gets! Characters returning from the dead! And featuring a special cameo by lolikitsune;

    This holiday season, prepare to be broken by Jason/Jasmine/Jasonko/tsundere nekomimi meganekko.

    “S-stupid Sixten!”

    Prepare, for Miao Sensei Tobashisugi 2: The Disappearance of Miao-Sensei.

    “Oh, Geass…yes, these are my readers.”

  86. If only……

  87. Maybe Jasmi-taro was chasing a Shiny Red Firetruck for so long on foot that s/he is taking his/her sweet time getting back.

  88. He chased a Shiny Red Firetruck all the way to Japan. He then used his money to buy a toliet seat cover, so he can’t get a plane ride home.

  89. Here’s hoping Jason found a new happiness feeding children in poor nations. Or feeding children in poor nations to baby-eating regimes.

    Or something like that anyway.


  91. @Ink

    Oh god, I think I got tea on my key board from laughing too hard.

  92. I believe the world is spiraling toawrds its doom. Jasmine, already relizing has set out on a journey before the end to find the perfect melonpan(so I hope). They journey will take weeks and baffle many before a long awaited return and explanation. Followed by a attempt to form a super crime team to save the world.

  93. This disappearance of Jasmine Suzumiya. I never thought I’d see the day, or the chaos that ensued.

  94. As long as we’re going nuts here, I feel it’s safe to say the obvious and that we’ve completely derailed Derailed by Darry. I think we might as well call this blog Derailed by Readers

  95. All of you have been broken so thoroughly there is no hope.

    ZETSUBOU SHITA! Broken readers have left me in despair!

    … I don’t know if even Haruka’s melonpan could cure all this brokenness I see.

  96. All of you have been broken so thoroughly there is no hope.

    Let he who is unbroken break the first stone.. or… something like that.

  97. Niles: There’s a difference between ‘broken’ and ‘Jasmine Miao’. I’m in the first category – Jason’s gone into the second, I fear, having leapt into the abyss with a giggle and a hankering for a nice sundress.

  98. He probably watched the ep8 of 00, Exploded with uncontrollable laughter that left him paralyzed in front of his computer. Then 3 days later he is discovered unconscious, rushed to the hospital, where they inform his loved ones that he has fallen into a coma with no signs of recovery.

    LITTLE do we know, that he is HERE in the WIRED, with us, reading every comment. And feeling that it is now too below him to respond to our petty words when he now commands the very power of the internet as if he was God of it.

    or maybe he’s just been busy and plans to do something crazy special and until then is watching as we go crazy wondering what happened.

  99. Now, to derail this thread with another Awesome Kogarashi Moment:

    Only Maid Guy would cause developers to create an entire physics engine devoted to reproducing boob-bounce for its games.

    Fubuki must be honored.

  100. if we are going to divide up DbD,

    i can help with symetrical docking and as a proud browser of /d/ i can supply even supply traps and tentacles.

  101. Futas aren’t traps. (At least I don’t think they’re considered traps)

  102. Traps are usually crossdressers/transvestites that are good enough to have people fall for them as if they were truly female, in the non-reverse case. (hence the name “trap”)
    Futanari are not crossdressers in that they are not dressing in an “opposite” sex’s clothes; they have no opposite and are their own gender, somewhere in the middle. “Hermaphrodite” could be a slightly more harsh, yet similar word, for what Futanari is.

  103. We should be cautious as traps is becoming a major business. I feel that a distributor sells traps somewhere at there, hence traps becoming so common Idiana Jones cant survive. He must of relized observers existed and captured their leader. Little did he relize he had capture a trap himself, Jasmine.

  104. Amnesia?

    He coulda totally have amnesia and think he’s someone else, which is then promptly taken advantage of by the other characters.

    Dunno who the other characters are – it’s just a shot in the dark. . .

  105. I think Jason is dead. He lost to much blood from his nose while looking at Tomoyo and unfortunately Kyonko, a victim of his own traps.

  106. >>Amnesia?

    He got hit by a Shiny Red Firetruck on its way to a Fire and got amnesia.
    Right now he is living in a hospital under the name Jerry, A boy who loves Chess and Ramen.

  107. Jason, we need you..
    Come back..
    No posts in 2 weeks?
    Something must’ve happened..

    Laid off by the oh-so-recently-declared “recession”?

    We need your wisdom!
    We need more brokenness! can never be too broken.

  108. Sorry for double-comment but..

    Where exactly is Jason? >:L

  109. >> Where exactly is Jason? >:L

    Pick your favourite from the previous hundred comments, or some combination thereof.

    Maybe Jason should put up a poll on it…oh, wait.

  110. Maybe he’s given up anime blogging and turned to a life of trap based crime? I saw this on CNN’s website:
    PARIS, France (CNN) — Four armed robbers — two of them men disguised as women — walked into a luxury jewelry store in Paris and swiped an estimated €80 million (U.S. $101 million) in jewels, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

  111. Another month of this and this thread will develop a ghost and take over dbd.

  112. lol @ giant humanoid robot

    I need some fresh post soon or I’ll..I’ll.. REFLUX!

    *Falls on the floor and cringes up into foetus position*

  113. Alright guys, I have an idea. I’ll contact this guy Xerlic who’s in jason’s friend’s blogs list and ask if he knows what happened to him. Wish me luck.

  114. I noticed Jason’s account on YouTube shows activity within the past couple of days, so it looks like there’s nothing seriously wrong, at any rate.

  115. Now that you mention it, it says he was on 2 days ago.

  116. You think he’s been SO broken by something on the interwebs, he’s stopped blogging?

  117. If he isn’t totally broken beyond the point of blogging, I can probably go onto Danbooru to find something that’ll do the job. Now to figure out how to take over this place…

  118. Bring me along for the ride, Haess. I’ll be the Suzaku to your Lelouch…

    Oh dear God I just did not say that.

  119. Allow me to take this hypothesis to its disturbing conclusion. What happens when one becomes broken beyond broken and emerges out the other side? Why, one becomes whole, of course! If that seems unlikely, then just consider a split personality caused by amnesia, with a distinguishing physical characteristic that conveniently allows us to tell the difference between the two. Such a persona would hate traps, melonpan, bullies, Malcom Gladwell, the NBA, and pretty much everything that makes the internet fun, and would naturally avoid this blog.

  120. >>You think he’s been SO broken by something on the interwebs, he’s stopped blogging?

    Or it could be that he is finally trying to quit traps cold turkey and he’s trying to avoid us, his enablers.

  121. Jason should be scared right now, his online activities are being monitored by some of his stal…fans who can’t get enough of him. Maybe He’s just taking a break and see how people would react to this addiction. we got DbD’d!

  122. The way this thread is going, I’m reminded of this scene.

  123. I’m getting worried… :|

  124. >>I’m getting worried… :|

    No kidding..
    I’m getting worried too (as a lurker of dbd)

    Jason we need you :(

  125. You cannot break the broken.

  126. Come back Jason, so I can lurk some more :<

  127. Ithekro: Sure you can – you break them into smaller pieces, like Kana did to Mako-chan… to the point where he was dressing up as a girl WILLINGLY, and not just for Haruka anymore. Like that costume parade… complete with knee-high socks and makeup.

  128. Episode 8 broke Jason.

  129. Well I don’t think/hope anything is wrong with Jason but I hope that his unnanounced hiatus does end soon and we can go back to ripping on Gundam 00…

  130. And Episode 10 just blew a few things up, and may unbreak Jason… or might not, since it’s a return to the status quo.

  131. It’d be great if papa Bear actually died. Though it’d only balance out yet another “resurrection” of sorts.

  132. Well, the first post to this topic was #167840
    and mine should make #168008
    so there has been 168 posts.

    Anyone want to make bets on what post # he comes back on?
    I bet for #168033

  133. We need a forum. Anybody savvy/bored enough to start one? We could just… carry on without him. He was good. He was brave. But if he fell to the broken side of the traps we have to go on without him, or risk breaking ourselves as well.

    I’m going for a holiday shortly, so I’m not going to start something then disappear (like our dear Jason). But if he’s -still- not back by the time I’m back (and we start necroing the comments thread in the previous posts) does anybody want to start Broken By Haess? Ithekro?

    Come back soon, Jasonkoneesama. But if not, we will always remember you.

  134. Scratch that, something is wrong with the free hosting service, so can’t use the forum D:

  135. What if he got a girlfriend?
    That explains everything

  136. So last night I dreamt that Jason had returned with multiple 5,000 word posts. I’m not sure which is more depressing: waking up to find that isn’t true or the fact that I’m having DbD dreams…

  137. look on the bright side, you are not dreaming about jason-ko.

  138. I’m not dreaming about Jason-ko yet. But reading that right before going bed, I probably will be now. Sigh….

  139. After reading all the comments here, I must say two things.

    1.- Jason, we miss you. And we need you. Only you can command this ship through the Sea of Brokenness. Lieutenant Haess thinks he is skilled enough, but his coup d’etat will only lead to our demise in the Triangle of OhGeassNoLand.

    2.- I love each and every one of you. You are so sick and broken beyond any possible cure faithful to this internet-based Jasmine Miao’s shrine that manly tears come to my eyes.

  140. Kekkon Shite Kudasai!

  141. My goal for Derailed by Darry is to have fun. It’s not going to be just summaries, just news snippets, just anime fanboy emo, or just pretty pictures. I have always believed that if I have fun writing, then it’ll probably be fun to read as well, and that once this stops being fun, I’ll stop.

    and that once this stops being fun, I’ll stop.

    stops being fun, I’ll stop.

    I’ll stop.




  142. I just hope he’s OK

  143. It could just be that his computer died, has anyone tried spamming his email yet?

  144. -Plays dirge-

  145. He probably watched “1 man 1 jar”.

  146. Where are you Jason-Sama?
    I’m starting to become whole again. ;_;

  147. need moar Jason : o

  148. Because the poll showed that most of us haven’t payed money for anime in over a year Jason got a C&D letter to stop blogging.

  149. >>>Because the poll showed that most of us haven’t payed money for anime in over a year Jason got a C&D letter to stop blogging.

    lol, Their reasoning was “blogging in a way that makes people want to watch anime without paying.”

  150. Is anyone else enjoying the irony that the tag line for this blog post has “The end of days is near” in it?

  151. I observe the irony.
    But I do not enjoy it.

  152. If the end of days is near then i don’t want to know who just had a heterosexual relationship.

  153. If the end of days is near then i don’t want to know who just had a heterosexual relationship.

    …Wait, Sixten got lucky? OMG

  154. This is in response to ‘Beowulf Lee’ who posted a comment on my blog about a week ago. Figured I’d cross post it here since I’m not sure if he’ll see it.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much information for you. I actually haven’t spoken to Jason in years. He used to run an Aa Megami-sama website called sake, bugs, and angels, and I am one of the mods on the forums.

    The site died when his interest shifted from SBA to Derailed by Darry, but a couple of the forums veterans still haunt his forum. Jason himself hasn’t posted since March of this year, but I’ll do my best to try to contact him through there. I also have an email address, but last I corresponded with him thru it was a year ago.

    I’ll let you know if I hear anything about him.

  155. I don’t post here very often, but I do enjoy Jason’s entries and the comments that follow.

    Here’s hoping for a comeback! :)

  156. Let me first begin by saying that if he isn’t just being tsundere and really doesn’t want to, nothing we can say or do will make him come.

    We’ve tried to contact him, we’ve sent him photos of traps. He’s still alive – or his youtube has been hacked. Either way, I think it’s unlikely our actions will coerce him into doing something he doesn’t want to. If he walks away from derailed, so be it. If he’s under hiatus, he’ll come back when he’s ready. So maybe we should stop this paparazzi-esque media flooding, and just wait for his return.

    Now, to start on my Jason-pocalypse fanfic where everybody is a trap, a meido specializing in melonpan or a gundam pilot (but I repeat myself.)

  157. If everyone is a trap, isn’t being a trap redundent? It means that gender fashion would have reversed, but there would be no traps since everyone is the same, thus it comes to reason that everyone would know (or would in rather short order).

    Now the meido is desired.

  158. What is his YouTube name?

  159. Well in all seriousness, with the way the market is going, he may just be really busy in meat-space keeping or finding a job. Traps don’t pay the bills and keep a roof over your head.

  160. His youtube is derailedbydarry

  161. Hmm… isn’t it strange that he made his YouTube account just this year?

  162. and no traps

  163. Maybe he always dreamed of becoming a meme.

    And now he is one.


  164. It’s obvious that he have used up his savings to fly to Brazil and get a sex change surgery. He got broken beyond all hopes.

  165. Jason, where are you?
    We need your uber-nice blogging skills back :(

  166. Nobody noticed the byline under the blogtitle changing? A few days ago it was the “Just Shoot Me…” phrase, now it’s “Reveling in Brokeness”.

  167. The byline changes randomly everytime you visit actually. It’s been like that since the site layout changed way back when.

  168. I posted a few days ago, and for whatever reason, it decided that it “needed approval form a moderator”. It’s just been approved, so he is reading these >_>

  169. Disapperance of Jason reminds me of The Truman Show. This calls for another hunt

    Love the bitchslap part in recent Gundam 00 Episode.

  170. Probably Jason won’t blog anymore. Expect new things next year…

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