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The Summer Enjoying Chapter.

Five episodes of nothing, and then a random shot of Mako-cakes with Haruka? Out of many funny random Minami-ke moments, this has either got to be genius intentional comedy or just dumb luck unintentional comedy. Irregardless, I had to hit pause and recompose myself for a second there.

(Still, Mako-cakes peaked with the meido episode. Anything more they try to do, it’ll be like Kenshin after the Kyoto Arc.)

What the hell are you looking at?! I was looking at that first!!!

Highly disappointed we didn’t get more of the Amazing Haruka in her ponytailed swimwear. Even more disappointed we didn’t get any Hosaka at the beach– my gosh, how can you skimp on both Double Ponytail Haruka and Hosaka? I demand that the DVD version of episode six feature an added scene where Hosaka is also on the beach, and he’s fantasizing about playing in the water with Double Ponytail Haruka.

I can imagine, down the road, Hosaka becoming an Iron Chef– Iron Chef Shirtless. He’d be as popular as Derek Jeter is with the ladies, only he’s still pining for Haruka, who he just cannot talk to. Only, Haruka is a challenger on Iron Chef! Wouldn’t that be riveting TV? At least more riveting than White Album.

Need more of Haruka’s friends corrupting Kana’s friends and in turn corrupting Chiaki’s friends. Then the circle of life would be complete.

(I still like Haruka’s friends more than Kana’s or Chiaki’s. Only Mako-cakes is really interesting for Chiaki. Touma doesn’t do enough boy/girl jokes. And Kana’s friends are all better suited to be Toradora character rejects than comedy fodder. We need more Hosaka, Maki, and, yes, Hayami-sempai.)

Loved this scene, if only because Fujioka has the same look on him that Takasu has on him in the same situation– basically, waaaay over his head. And, yes, I want Toradora to sort things out by sticking Takasu in a pool with Minori, Ami-chan, and Taiga and see who he tags first. This moment will then be studied with the same scrutiny as the Zapruder film.

And was Kana jealous? Or just pissed she wasn’t the center of attention? But I really enjoyed this look on Kana’s face.

This must be what the Sunrise writing room is like. Just one person tossing out ideas like, “Hey, let’s make Wang Liu Mei spout off random gibberish as we kill her off!” or “Why not introduce three more Gundams, that have nothing really to do with the plot, and have them all die in an inconsequential side story?” while everyone else cringes in frustration.

If we made a “Soul Brothers” of Minami-ke, who would be in it? Definitely the leader would be the male banchou, Fujioka. Hosaka, Touma, and Takeru would definitely be involved as well.

(Wait, that doesn’t seem right…)

What’s the big deal? Call me back when it’s Devil Chiaki, Haruka, and the nurse in wet T-shirts. Come on, other people are out having fun on spring break while I’m stuck at the office– toss me a bone.

With this motion– Chiaki’s practicing swimming? I could have sworn it was someth– nevermind.

(Doesn’t help that the bow cha cha music is going on in the background.)

If Chiaki’s 70% water, then Kana’s 70% mischief.

(But how much water does she need to drink to undergo innovation?)

K.O.! Little Mac has taken down Kid Dynamite!

ithekro: I wonder how many animation teams are on this. One of them doesn’t like Haruka it seems…while the other one loves her.

How can anyone not love Haruka?! That’s like saying that you hate apple pie, free pr0n, sunshine, Shawshank Redemption, dogs, and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts.

(Minami-ke should be a slam dunk: Bible Black faces and an amazing body for Haruka… and it’s blotched to smithereens by Asread. What’s going on with Okaeri is basically like remaking Shawshank with Shia LaBeouf as Andy and Andre 3000 as Red.)

Vodak: So far this season Minami-ke is turning out like the NBA. You have some characters just phoning it in because of the pure dominance of characters like Hosaka.

Just the animation director… just the animation director.

CBongo: The OP and ED are deliberately positioned so as to divide the episodes into multiple distinct storylines. The timing works out pretty well given that the source material is manga. A manga chapter usually runs about 20 pages and mapping those into 25-minute anime episodes is tricky; often manga-derived anime seem like they alternate between episodes that feel long and drawn out, and ones that feel like they tried to cram way too much in.

Just want to add that when Doumu was doing this series, they did about 1 or 2 manga chapters an episode. Now we’re doing 4 per episode. I think that throws off the pacing. I kinda miss the dead air time during the original season– now Minami-ke just feels like any other show, just plowing through trying to get a gag per minute number. For the record, I’m a fan of dead air just because in real life, you always have pauses. It’s a great cinematic device.

tidal: And why is Jason rooting for DevilChiaki x Hosaka? Shouldn’t you go for the DevilChiaki x Haruka end?

Hosaka must be involved. He’s the meat in curry stew– Haruka and Devil Chiaki are the various special spices, but Hosaka forms the base.

I may have written about this before, but I think Uchida’s manifest destiny is to work in a soap land establishment. She’s not smart, easily manipulated, and has less awareness of modesty than the other girls.

Either that or she becomes the lead writer for 00 Mai Otome Zwei Zeta Destiny Igloo.

Tomoyo… is that you?

This trademarked Hosaka fantasy slayed me. I loved the setup. I loved how the camera cut from a shirted Hosaka giving Haruka an umbrella to Hosaka shirtless in less than second.

But I loved how he gets out of the fantasy, and he’s shirtless… in front of a traumatized Maki and a slightly less traumatized Hitomi.

(Very disappointed that the weather cleared up. I suspect that God does not want Hosaka to ever talk to Haruka– it could very well be the beginning of the end, but I don’t care. I’m still rooting for Hosaka.)

(Maki’s kimochiwarui is turning into the nyoro~n of Minami-ke.)

I don’t remember ever seeing an anime series with so much unrequited love. It’s the 1992 Dream Team of unrequited love– just a feat that will never be topped in anime ever again. Look at this list of pantheon unrequited love:

Hosaka > Haruka: If his love for Haruka were a mecha, it would be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann… in Trans Am!

Mako-cakes > Haruka: Mako-cakes is so smitted by Haruka, Mako-cakes is willing to do anything to be closer to her, even if it means wearing frilly female clothes and being subjugated to Kana’s dress-up doll. And, no, that’s not a joke– that’s just a straight-faced recap of the situation.

Natsuki > Haruka: He needs to exploit Touma in order to get closer to Haruka. I would definitely sell out my little sister for Haruka goodness.

Fujioka > Kana: Fujioka trying to win Kana is as quixotic of a quest as anime bloggers trying to dissect Gundam 00.

Chiaki > Fujioka: Definitely the Christian Laettner of this Dream Team.

Riko > Fujioka: The more I think of it, the more I think Riko is Ami-chan, Chiaki is Taiga, and Kana is brain damaged version of Minori. Fujioka has that same banchou look that Takasu has… mmm…

Hitomi > Natsuki: Really bad news for Hitomi that the only male character that Haruka speaks normally and regularly with is Haruka. That’s like if your girlfriend were cast in a romantic movie opposite George Clooney. Bad times.

Takeru > Reiko: Reminds me so much of Kevin and “Stacy” on The Office.

Ninomiya > Sensei: I miss them. Like how I miss Lucky Channel. Like how I miss Code Geass. I miss their musk.



(I’d like to think Haruka has a more shapely ass than that. Please, Asread art department, shape up!)

But… banchou!!!

So much Mako-cakes, so little gender-confused humor.

Don’t you just want to wrap your arms around her?

(Oh, have a great Friday the 13th.)

21 Responses to “minami-ke okaeri 4, 5, 6”

  1. First!
    Ninomiya X Sensei wasn’t unrequited love… and Chiaki > Fujioka is more like daughter-father affection.
    Too bad that Hitomi only appeared in a single episode so far. I liked her and her sugary voice.

  2. Hosaka couldn’t be at the beach because then he would have discovered that Kana and Chiaki aren’t toddlers, and that ruin part of his fantasies.

  3. Chiaki’s all over the place when it comes to Mako-cakes…sometimes she seems to know, and is just torturing him…other times she seems genuinely clueless. Either she’s an exceptional actor, or she’s got a very selective form of intelligence.

  4. Hosaka couldn’t be at the beach because the beach is a normal place to remove one’s shirt. The only thing he could do is put his shirt back on (possibly an interesting reversal, but they’d have to be damn good to pull it off), or start removing his shorts (not appropriate for broadcast, and might lose some sympathy for Hosaka as harmlessly delusional)

    Chiaki and Kana’s presence is irrelevant. He’s been in a few situations now where if he was paying attention he should notice that they are not toddlers, but it’s always easily avoided by dropping him in delusion-land until they pass by.

  5. Yes! Random Sunrise bashing and NBA references! Consistently more funny than the anime this post is blogging about…

  6. Screenshot 10: Reiko uses her psychic powers to give Fujioka a heart attack. Keiko remains oblivious.

    >> I don’t remember ever seeing an anime series with so much unrequited love.

    No bromance? Natsuki > Hosaka?

  7. Chiaki’s such a broken character that seeing herself as she should be (aka: a child) is actually a memorable moment.

    That’s like being mesmerized by green grass…

    Not in a great mood today, so let’s start a war:
    Mako-chan >>>>> Hosaka-sempai

  8. I too miss the effectiveness of Doumu’s style Minami-ke. The writing for the series now seems fine and their timing has improved greatly since last season…but their artwork is nowhere near perfect. Haruka isn’t Amazing in half her shots anymore.

    Also the effectiveness of the lighting and effects is missing half the time now. As you say the meaningful pauses that allows the joke or sutuation to sink in before the punchline or the next skit starts. Also the “additional” running gags or treatments Doumu gave the series made it more enjoyable that the straight manga adaptation angle. We once supposed what would have happened if other studio’s animated this show each season. I’ve come to conclude that the KyoAni version would have been almost identical to the Doumu version save for having a slight difference in references to other shows/materials.

  9. “Screenshot 10: Reiko uses her psychic powers to give Fujioka a heart attack. Keiko remains oblivious.”


  10. No mention of the fact Mako-chan has five changes of outfits and matching hairclips, or the way that the animation teams ALL love him to the point where he’s drawn the most consistently. Or Mako-chan blushing after Chiaki blowing in his ear with that whisper.

    What’s next? A Maria+holic post which focuses on Yonakuni-san?

  11. I imagine that will come around in the next Minami-ke blog since the massive Mako-chan episode is 7 rather than 6.

    Though Mako-chan’s blushing at Chiaki’s whisper indicates that there is still some Makoto in that skirt…and he’s nearing puberty.

  12. ithekro: he’s already had several matching hairclips at this point – for the purple outfit pictured above, among others. And yes, both he and Chiaki are discovering puberty, to judge by Episode 8’s blush-response, as well as how he reacted when Chiaki tried to strip him… as innocent a gesture that is, and for the reasons he’s got to fear being stripped. The fact that they had that particular conversation in front of her suggests she knows Mako-chan’s true identity, but is being tsundere.

  13. It’s a good sign when a post about a show I lack the time to watch is still immensely entertaining.

  14. Oddly Chiaki holds her pose a lot in this series while people talk about her or something she shouldn’t know…right in front of her. It is like it is a private conversation that happens out of space and time…yet doesn’t. She does this in the pool while the group plots to take the hose from her. She just stands there…not moving with a spaced out look on her face.

    I await both the next few Minami-ke posts…while some shows were kind of slow…Mako-chan got a nice one, Hosaka gets more screentime…and Natsuki is a complete idiot…in a funny way.

    Three more left to air at this time…plus one know OVA on the way.


  16. In the ED, Haruka IS amazing. The last pic though, not so much. What happened to our wonderful Flotation Device-Haruka? I need more FD-Haruka goodness.

  17. A lot of the time I almost miss some of the jokes around Touma since I forget he’s really a guy. Wait. Umm…

  18. Way early 11 thought…did Makoto just…Chiaki!?

  19. Are you talking about Valentines?

  20. Also, it should be noted that Riko shows promise as the first Female Hosaka we’ve met… barring the stripping part. She’s got the fantasies down pat. Also, Stripey probably is envious of Fujioka right now…

  21. Um, yes. The delivery of said chocolates to someone other than Haruka-neesama.

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