2 childhood friends; 1 bed

March Madness + Obama on Leno = filler post. Marvelous.

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  1. Well at least it not 2 girls n 1 cup you was referring.

  2. Does Kemeko Deluxe end at twelve episodess? Because thats all I can find anywhere. Either way, hilarous show.

  3. I was expecting… more… How come your bromance post had over 1,000 words and a post dedicated to two hot, nubile girls sharing a bed is struggling to get 10? I’m deeply troubled.

  4. @Dustin: That is because all the blood your brain will need to wax philosophy on this somewhat arousing picture would have been directed elsewhere. A-hem, if you know what I mean.

  5. Time constraints, Dustin. Compare how long you’ll look at a picture of Simon and Kamina, and then compare it to the time you spent er…studying this one.

  6. Side note: Action Miedo Mori in Haruhi-chan 12. (Life-sized Chocolate Mikuru in 11…new moe mode?)

  7. M.M. looks so sad…

  8. i am not sure what the post is about but they should get a bigger bed to fit in more friends.

  9. It’s amazing that, although EmuEmu is made of so much win, there’s still enough win for the rest of the [female] cast to be amazing.
    But the Sanpeita+M.M. date episode did it for me. She’s the one.

  10. Oh and just a couple of things I forgot:
    1.- Welcome back. Everytime I rewatched Minami-ke, I missed you (yeah, slowpoke.jpg, but I thought you were gone for good).
    2.- You better write a post about marimite. A really good post.

  11. I think you need a bigger bed just for the 2 of them. All the melonpan and not enough space.

  12. Too much unused space in that bed. Cramp another one there plz. @_@

  13. @spikky & tidal

    I see, I am now much more enlightened on exactly why a picture says a thousand words.

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