mirai nikki is still shining

I’m just blown away. Again. No, not by the new revelation of the real identity of our favorite resident psycho bitch (though she could be revealed to be the lovechild of Taiga and Mike Tyson at this point and wouldn’t shock me)… but by the admission of a full-on bromance between Akise and Yukiteru. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone following this series, except that I always believed that Akise wanted to jump Yuki. Glad we cleared this up. Akise denies being a homo-dachi but does admit to a bromance between the two in the newest commercial whoring of Mirai Nikki, Mirai Nikki Paradox where Akise becomes the first diary holder in lieu of Yukiteru.

(Technically, her eyes are closed, but they are still bedroom eyes. I don’t care what you think.)

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  1. I was going to come up with a really intelligent comment to post here, but even after reading it a second time the only thing that pops into my head is “WHAT?”

    I don’t follow this series, but that is about to change.

  2. And to think, If you put Yuno in school days it would of been more enjoyable anime as I’m reading Mirai Nikki. Damn, who to think the a Yandere girl would be the mascot of the series. I Lol’d everytime I see her

  3. You know those are bedroom eyes, because the moment she opens then, you could see insanity.

    I just caught up with Mirai Nikki w/ chapters 36-38, so when was it that Akise denied being gay? Also, Mirai Nikki Mosiac has also been fun to read, with the adventures of our favorite bomber lady <3

  4. Site notation: White link texts on light background is not fuctional in the “I can’t even see it without highlighting it first” sort of way.

  5. I thought it couldn’t be a bromance if one of the guys is you know, gay.

    Also, wtf is Yuno? I mean, if I’m Yuuki, by now I know my girlfriend is batshit insane but that’s ok because at this point I’m batshit insane myself. So this Yuno isn’t “the Yuno you know?” WTF? I don’t see why Yuuki should care at this point. His whole plan is centered around using Yuno to kill everyone else then kill her himself, and she’s the one that came up w/ the plan in the first place so shouldn’t he just be like “ok whatever, she’s not the real Yuno but she’s still going to let me bang her repeatedly, kill all my enemies and then let me kill her and win the game.” And it’s not like he had a close personal relationship with the “real” Yuno anyway. As far as he is concerned, the Yuno next to him is the only Yuno he’s ever known. With his new somewhat insane badass personality, what he should have done is said “so?”, shot Akise, turned around and shot the two people in the car, and then did a “Just as Planned” overly dramatic pose.

  6. I fear that would be too awesome to actually happen JohnG but I don’t know that I’d put it past the series at this point. I think crazy badass Yuuki can still surprise us a time or two more.

  7. I think I just got it:
    Yuuki’s realised the “not-actually-Yuno” Yuno DOESN’T LOVE HIM, and has been pretending all along — in other words, she WILL KILL HIM.

    Or something.
    Fuck, I just want more Mirai Nikki!

  8. I’m just glad Yukki stopped being a little punk bitch! All that pussy was doing was crying and trying to let Youno fight all his battles. I think had he showed a pair balls a while ago she wouldn’t have gone so damn crazy. Although, her psychotic break is really what makes the story so good along the lines of When they Cry: Cicadas …Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

  9. glad I’m not the only one who hates yukki with a passion. Although new “badass” yukki is pretty cool.

    Have any of you read the manga Death Note? Imagine if Light had been one of the diary holders. That would be badass he would have killed everyone by now. Hes got guts and is smart unlike stupid yukki.

  10. Yukki has moral courage and compassion. He’s always willing to risk his own life to save *everyone* else, even people who wanted to kill him. And once he is god he will bring everyone back to life anyway. That’s why he’s still on Yuno’s side, cuz he has enough compassion to try to make her a better person because beneath her insanity she really does love Yukki and is willing to listen to reason. She just needs love and is insane cuz her brutal parents fucked her up.

    Yukki and Yuno are my heroes. =) 9th is cool too and Akise. If only Yukki and Akise would fuck.

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