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(… for now.)

Loved the ending… it delivered exactly what a good Gundam ending should deliver: a final man vs. man (or Innovator vs. Innoveda) brawl that was probably the best since Wing took on Epyon. Just a explosion-filled twelve minute beatdown. So let’s start there.

My favorite aspect of the duel was how it started with the two uber supersuits, the Reborn Cannon with its dual attack mode and twin fake GN drives vs. 00 Gundam, the evolutionary Wing Gundam with twin real GN drives… and it got dragged on long enough for both pilots to reclaim their original suits to finish the fight. Loved that… Ribbons piloting 0 Gundam again and Setsuna donning Exia. That’s the way a final battle should be– just stripped to the core, and, when there’s nothing left, they keep throwing haymakers, like Ricky Bobby vs. Jean Girard, Achilles vs. Alexander (Robot Jox reference!), Simon vs. Antispiral, Ranka vs. Sheryl, Sagara vs. Leonard, and, of course, Heero vs. Zechs.

It’s a nice touch. I enjoyed it. You earned a Maid Guy Badge, Sunrise. Kukuku.

The fight even made sense, with Reborn sniping at 00 until 00 got into melee range, and, when 00 tried to open up some beam sword whoop-ass, Reborn transformed into a melee type itself.

The Trans Am portion of the fight was a bit of a mess. Though I think I would have loved it if I were smoking pot, taking LSD, or licking toads. Or maybe all three. At once.

Though I didn’t really care for the other Meisters and Innovedas joining the fray. Allelujah had the suit in the best condition, yet he got himself completely owned by Ribbons in two seconds. I did, however, like Lockon’s resolve and how he fended off Revive Revival and fully gave himself to Celestial Being. I was also shocked that Revive’s Wikipedia page got updated with his death almost 12 hours after the episode aired in Japan… was probably more shocked that he gets his own Wikipedia page! And it’s longer than Feldt’s!!! I was shocked. What a world we live in. (Poor Taiga… who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page as of right now. You’d think her page would be as long as Revive Revival’s…)

(Though I was kinda sad he didn’t lose an eye like the original Lockon… it’s like if you’re a Gundam Meister, something is wrong with your eyes. You’re either gonna go Innovator like Setsuna, going to lose one like Neil, or have two messed up ones like Allelujah.)

Can I make a, “Is he going to name the GN drive ‘Ushio’?” joke?

Great look on Lasse as he sees Billy… now that Kati’s unavailable, instead of a Toradora comedy between Kati, Billy, and Sumeragi, I want a Macross Plus-like competition between Lasse and Billy for Sumeragi involving next generation spaceships. Veda (and Tieria) would, of course, be Sharon Apple.

I don’t like mellow Louise as much as tsundere Louise or bat-shit loco Louise. Though I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t get to see if she eventually accepts Saji’s wedding ring or not. Speaking of weddings…

Never fails to bring a character back from the dead– to get married! Just so random. It’s like a festival of minor, rank-and-file officers and their lackeys getting married in anime this season, with Patrick and Kati here and Kelb and Ethana in Druaga. Though I wanted to see who catches the bouquet… I think it would be hilarious if Seraphim Gundam intercepted it with the bouquet landing in its empty cockpit.

(Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not a scriptwriter…)

I didn’t understand this scene.

I liked the trend where we got various characters nakkid in the final episode (Kyou and Ryou for Clannad, Misaka for Index)… but not here. Leave it to Sunrise to give us someone other than Anew, Marina, Feldt, Sumeragi, Christine, or Marie… why… I just want to know why… *sob*

Still useless… but at least she now looks like a character from Tytania… so she’s got that going for her, at the very least. Though she is the evolutionary Relena Peacecraft… but was there really a need for an evolutionary Relena Peacecraft? And I still can’t get over the fact that a woman is leading a major Middle Eastern country. You can’t jump far enough in the future to make this happen.

Marie is looking pretty good with the Princess Leia do… but where are those two?

Very sweet of Setsuna that he carried her flower to Exia.

(I think he can never tell Feldt this, because if he told her that he took the time to care for her flower all the way to Exia, she would have jumped him. And we can’t have that for the same reason we can’t have Kallen, C.C., or Shirley jumping Lulu.)

I liked 00 more than Seed. Didn’t feel as ridiculous, and the battles were at least more interesting. Seed was just too lopsided and actually did bring characters back from the dead– 00, for the most part, had people stay dead. I applaud that resolve. While I didn’t care for the Thrones, moving away from the energy backstory, and the uselessness of half the female cast, 00 was still a fun show to watch and something I looked forward to on Sunday nights. There’s still a lot to captivate me, from the awesome names (Revival Revival!) to the train wreck potential to the mecha beatdowns to guessing who Tieria would hook up with (he finally united with someone alright… Veda…) to moments like Christine dragging Feldt to go shopping before a major battle. That’s why we watch Gundam. Not for morality, not for romance, not for drama, not for wrathful lolis, but for beam sword entertainment… and 00 was up to task.

It’s the Wing ending where the Gundams do not disarm but instead still act like guardians for the world. But I wanted to see some resolution between Setsuna and Feldt (if only to increase the size of her Wikipedia page). Dammit, Feldt deserves better.

Of course, this ending is open-ended enough that Celestial Being could be pressed into action again…

… and I am giddy at the prospect of a non-recap movie for 00. I immediately looked at my clock after the episode finished airing, and I set a timer for one year on my iPhone reminder app. Needless to say, I can’t wait. Only 365+ days to go…

(Though part of me is sad that this probably means we won’t be getting another real Gundam series for a while. *sigh* What am I going to blog about until then? No more Gundam? No more Code Geass? How can you do this to me?!)

(Alright, I’m taking an one year vacation. C-ya guys in 2010.)

(Kidding. Best of 2008 kicks off… tomorrow. I think. I hope. Look forward to it!)

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  1. Glad to hear you liked it. If anything, the beatdown in the last episode was absolutely fantastic. Exia vs 0 Gundam was just icing on the delicious cake. It was nice to get a happy ending for once, and the thought of a 00 movie, hell, a non recap Gundam movie makes me giddy.

    Ironically, I’m willing to put money down that we’ll see the 00 movie before the long rumored, but never seen SEED movie.

    One last thing, that scene you didn’t get? That was Homer Katagiri, Billy’s uncle and leader of A-Laws. Dude seppuku’d himself.

  2. Calling it now. This is where the Geass and 00 universes converge.

    I can dream for a double train wreck can’t I?

  3. I wonder what will happen when Setsuna tells Feldt that he lost the flower? He takes the time to take it to Exia, only to lose it after the battle (it drifts out of the cut-open cockpit at 15:37). I would love to see an angry, pouting Feldt.

    I got a little disturbed when a nakkid Tiera appeared before Ribbons. It is typically females that appear before characters (as in how all of the dead females in astral form protect Kamille by distracting Paptimus Scirocco) so does this say something about Tiera?

    I wonder how many new Gundams we are going to see in the movie? Celestial Being lost at least 2 of the original solar furnaces (Seraphim and 0 Gundam). With the lost of the O Gundam, that may also mean that the 00 Gundam may never come back. However, there is a hint of 4 new solar furnaces in the shot of Jupitor, so may Bandai continue to whore mobile suits!

  4. Katie was a ravishing bride – certainly better than Sumeragi would be. That lucky son of a bitch.

    Also, I have this feeling that they WILL end up in the Code Geass-verse, the way they’re going to Jupiter… or running into CE’s space whales.

  5. This was awesome but so hilariously screamed YOU GET HAPPY END, NOT FULL END, WATCH MOVIE.

  6. The scene you don’t understand… its where Homer Katagiri [head of A LOLs] killed himself, I believe.

  7. Homer committed seppuku because, well, he was the leader of A-LAWs, and since its honor was pretty much tarnished, it was the only thing he could do to restore some measure of it. I’m kind of surprised that it was an incomplete seppuku though, since he only did the three cuts, but had no second to cut off his head to prevent him crying out in pain.

    And Patrick? Really, I’d have thought you’d have realized by now that he JUST WON’T DIE (he is the Immortal Collasour after all), so him coming out of the battle alive is a given. Plus, as we’ve seen with Lockon and All, the Gaga suicide missiles don’t really do much damage on a suit. That, and given that he’s one of the few decent blokes in the series without something to angst about, he deserves his happy ending.

  8. 2010, eh?
    Soooo….CB is going to implode Jupiter to cause it to compress it into an active mini-star to warm their new colonies in the Jovian System?

  9. (Though I was kinda sad he didn’t lose an eye like the original Lockon… it’s like if you’re a Gundam Meister, something is wrong with your eyes. You’re either gonna go Innovator like Setsuna, going to lose one like Kyle, or have two messed up ones like Allelujah.)

    Actually, he did. There was a close-up shot of Lyle when he visited his family (and Anew, how sweet) grave plot. His eyes looked different, if you know what I mean.

    And on Homer’s seppuku: a second is only needed to ensure that the one committing seppuku would not make a sound while making the cuts. Most likely, if he had a second, it would be Mister B–Graham. But he’s currently stalking Billy, so he wasn’t available. (Why no mention about Billy?)

  10. >> That was Homer Katagiri, Billy’s uncle and leader of A-Laws. Dude seppuku’d himself.

    Had a brain fart and thought that the fat dude was in charge of A-Laws. Forgot to add that I was disappointed that they didn’t use I love you~ I trust you~ for the final ED. Daybreak Bell… sigh.

    >> Calling it now. This is where the Geass and 00 universes converge.

    I’m hoping for Nadesico, personally, since I felt so gypped by Prince of Darkness.

  11. Stripping it down to Exia VS 0 Gundam was a stroke of genius, especially considering the scriptwriters of Sunrise.

    And I’m happy that the Immortal Colselaw lived :D

  12. Ah, it was nice to see Armuro back in the RX-78 2 Gundam………….. oh wait……. this is 00 Gundam. I actually forget when a gundam series was this good in a long time. Still I would to know if they gonna use the 00 Raiser in the movie. Hopefully Feldt will try to seduce Setsuna in the recap.

    *sigh* Now what to watch in the next six months? :(

  13. “Ironically, I’m willing to put money down that we’ll see the 00 movie before the long rumored, but never seen SEED movie. ”

    I’m willing to put money down that we’ll see the 00 movie before we see a second season of Haruhi.

  14. hey… no “THIS IS HOW CELESTIAL BEING ROLLS” joke? How could you!


  16. Would be awesome if Gundam had aliens in the movie… either that or a true science fiction Stargazer type movie with space exploration.

    Did anyone notice the very blatantly obvious Innovado-looking guys in the ending scenes? There was the Anew looking one sitting in the UN, and there was the Ribbons looking one standing by Marina at the end.

  17. > I didn’t understand this scene.

    I understood it as a grown man in shame for having soiled his Tatami mats. Why not? It makes as much sense as everything else in the episode.

    BTW, love your new site layout. Can’t say I’ve seen any other blog that’s cleaner and sleeker.

  18. I can’t believe you think 00 is better than Seed (atleast if you don’t count Seed Destiny)…

  19. Epi: It’s one of those tiny bits of information apparently only available in the Gundam 00 sidestories 00F and 00P, set before the start of the first season. The short is, VEDA has been seeding the Earth with Innoveda terminals (and that’s what they really are, a way for VEDA to observe the people of Earth since it can’t do so itself, being a computer and all) for years. It’s assumed they’re all under Tiera’s control at this point.

  20. There are definitly better Gundam series out there.(Zeta and 08th MS Team). They aren’t just better in comparison to other Gundam series, but as anime in general.

    Either way, to me at least, S2 did a few things better than the first season (the Gundams didn’t always utterly thrash the other side for starters). And as Jason said, I too rather looked forward to each Sunday evening.

    As for the final duke off, while I surprisingly enjoyed the two other Gundams pooching the last two Innovators while Setsuna took on Ribbons, I still don’t know where the Exia came from. Wasn’t it completely trashed at the beginning of this season and ditched for the 00? Just wondering.

    Bleargh, this is one of the last series of anime I’m currently watching thats finished. Any suggestions on others out there?

    Finally – Patrick totally survived another un-survivable Sunrise “death”. He’s up in the ranks of Mwu being shot down by a positron beam in space and Guilford beng desintigrated.

  21. yeah! i saw that girl like Anew sittin in the UN meetin…. it’s just stupid if she’s really Anew… but wait a minute……. it’s sunrise!!

  22. Oh! and i need to say that 00 it’s not better than seed, but 00 it’s a LOT BETTER than seed destiny. In seed they’re no livin dead

  23. How was this LESS ridiculous than SEED? Archangel got slapped around by 4 Gundams while entire nations firing nonstop at the four 00 meisters for hours can’t even scratch some paint? I mean the only thing more ridiculous than this show is Tytania cause Tytania is like Gundam 00 where the meisters only have their hideous laughter as weapons.

    Granted once you realize you are in an alternate Gundam universe the sense of tension always gets lessened, but these meisters are on Wing’s level of confidence x 1337hax. But whatever, I had enough of innovation, seed mode, or whatever bullshit Sunrise wants to call their incredible ability to destroy any illusion of a fair fight in their toy commercial with a low budget fanfic story slapped into it.

    I went in thinking 00 was going to be the smartest Gundam yet, but it’s really just Wing with a yaoi-er HD coat of paint.

  24. This was Gundam 00 to you… ohh Jason, what are we going to do without Gundam?

  25. It really nice anime, it think it’s better than gundam seed destiny. Honestly the flaw is just living dead keep pooping up during series. Call star from RE to kill them for good @_@

  26. I haven’t watched the previous Gundams and I don’t plan on watching them. Gundam 00 was amazing, it wasn’t on par with Code Geass Awesomness, but it was trully great, the ending was, for once, happy and I feel comfortable, not like with Code Geass, I was depressed for a month because of the ending… I mean it was a GOOD ending but not a HAPPY ending… and I think the ending is the most important thing in an anime… anyways Looking forward to the movie, too bad it’s so far away.. who’s gonna wait.. Nice blog

  27. And the movie ending really sucks. Sucks. One word to
    summarize it.

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