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Finally! It’s time for toyb– err– Anim–- err-– Derailed by–err– blog好き’s contrived yearly awards! I bet the excitement is overflowing from you like GN particles!

Since 2002, this blog has posted its “Best of” awards. This year, I decided to do things a bit differently and wait until remaining Fall 2008 debuts finish airing, so it’s a fairer judgment, and it went down to the wire (no surprise a few series from Fall 2008 made it to the top ten). Any show that first started airing between December 2007 and November 2008 is eligible. I make this distinction since a few Winter 2009 shows started in December 2008 (like Maria+Holic, which would be eligible for 2009).

I will be listing my top ten shows for 2008, and the final tally should be no shock to people who follow this blog. One thing I do differently is that unlike other lists that depend on pretentiousness and snobbery, blog好き’s list is all about entertainment. Just a visceral, if you have an episode of every single show available, which one would you watch first? You don’t get artsy or style points from me, but you do get points for having hawt meido.

Now, without further ado, the individual achievement awards, and, as always, we start with the most prestigious…

Best Meido of 2008

Winner: Kogarashi, Kamen no Maid Guy

A man wins Best Meido. The end of days is near.

Runner Up: Tome, Daughter of Twenty Faces

Best Animal-Eared Meido of 2008

Winner: Eineus, Macademi WAsshoi

I had a hard time deciding, since both Eineus and Miura are both clones of each other. Both are in the ultra-dependable combat meido type (i.e. Tachibana-class) and both even wield the same weapon (a broom-spear). Miura comes from the better fanservice anime in Kemeko, though Macademi isn’t bad either. But I give the edge to Eineus, the inumimi meido because she is a true animal-eared meido whereas Miura has an animal cosplay fetish. Though the episode where Eineus gets turned into an usagimimi meido isn’t bad either.

(Guys, is it too much to ask for you to finish reading this post before you go hunting for that Macademi episode? Thanks.)

(Oh, who am I kidding? It’s episode two.)

Runner Up: Miura, Kemeko DX

Best French Meido Pair of 2008

Winner: Marianne and Lucienne, Ryoko’s Case Files

They are French, they know how to use RPGs, and they can drive an M1A1 mainline tank. Should I be more terrified than turned on? Mmm… I’ll give it some thought.

(Sadly, they don’t join the series until the second half. If they appeared sooner, I’m pretty such more people would watch this show. It’s honestly not bad… “Ryoko’s Case Files isn’t bad!” – blog好き. There’s my money quote.)

Runner Up: Nai!

Best Hopes and Dreams of 2008

Winner: Kallen, Code Geass R2

Four years ago, as part of the last collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the Player’s Association, they agreed that each team could waive one useless contract without a luxury tax penalty. It was dubbed “The Allan Houston Rule” because it was thought that the Knicks pushed for this rule to save fifty gazillion dollars or so left on Allan Houston’s contact. And what happens? The Knicks waived Jerome Williams instead causing a mass flood of “only the Knicks could screw up The Allan Houston Rule” jokes in the NBA blogosphere.

What has that have to do with this post? This is blog好き; I don’t need a reason to bring up the NBA. In honor of a certain anime character, I renamed this category for this year, but– amazingly– she doesn’t win it! Ouch. The winner? Miss Kallen Kouzuki, who gave hope and dreams to all Elevens with her melonpan. She also came closest to tempting Lulu, but Lulu couldn’t betray his first and only love for her– good for him, but bad for us fanservice-wise. They also had a practical usage in hiding the ignition USB key for Guren Nishiki. But their most important use: balancing out all the OH GEASS NO! and all the bromance moments between the male cast members. For that incredible feat, Kallen wins Best Hopes and Dreams.

(And, yes, Bunny Girl Kallen has surpassed Bunny Girl Haruhi.)

Runner Ups: Shirley, Code Geass R2; C.C., Code Geass R2; Ami-chan, Toradora; Haruka Minami, Minami-ke Okawari; Tome, Daughter of Twenty Faces, Sheryl Nome, Macross Frontier; Fubuki, Kamen no Maid Guy; Michiko, Michiko to Hatchin; Tiffania, Princess no Rondo; Izumi, Kemeko DX; Kaori Kanzaki, Toaru Majutsu Index; Feldt, Gundam 00 S2; Tear, Tales of the Abyss; Birdy, Birdy the Mighty Decode; Chika, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, Horo~n, Spice and Wolf; Miya-Miya, Hidamari Sketch x365; Entire Cast, Kanokon, Entire Cast, Strike Witches

Reverse Lifetime Achievement Award: Lina Inverse, Slayers Revolution

Best Kiss of 2008

Winner: Senkawa and Nagasuki, Birdy the Mighty Decode

All I can say is that with one kiss, they (1) saved the world (2) caused the utter destruction of Senkawa’s body and (3) led to another transgendered scenario of Senkawa sharing Birdy’s body. Though the one that should have won is Taiga and Takasu on the bridge… oh wait, they didn’t bother animating that.

(And I’d toss Chiaki and Megumi in consideration also, just because there was a real chance we’d see Megumi rape Chiaki while she was in a Mozart cosplay.)

Runner Up: Chiaki and Megumi, Nodame Cantabile Paris

The Ecchi na no wa Ikenai to Omoimasu Award of 2008

Winner: Kanokon

I kept saying that Kanokon should just drop all premises of “plot” and “story” and openly embrace the H. (Much like how I telepathically convinced Sunrise to drop “plot” and “story” from Code Geass R2 for a masterful train wreck.) And– the DVD specials were nothing but softcore pr0n! Close! Though what made Kanokon extra sweet was that whenever I watched it, I kept picturing Mahoro going “Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu!” Ayako Kawasumi should have tossed it out once just for olde thyme’s sake. (The Rie Kugimiya equivalent would be her voicing Rei in a JC Staff adaptation of High School of the Dead … just total discombobulation and disorientation on my part.)

Runner Up: To Love Ru

Konata Memorial Girl Who Makes Other Girls Around Her Uncomfortable of 2008

Winner: Hayakawa, Kemeko DX

Hayakawa is the female version of Hosaka. Only she’s into girls. I think. Good enough for me… dozo! Here’s a starfish award!

Runner Up: Shinra, They Are My Noble Masters

Best Use of Geometry 2008

Winner: Thompson Sisters, Soul Eater

Unless it’s a sports anime, I’m not a big fan of the “I wanna get stronger!” genre (i.e. everything from DBZ to Pokemon). However, I did stick around in Soul Eater for a while… mmm… wait, what’s this award again? Oh, yes, I loved the Thompson Sisters and Death the Kid dynamic, if only because of all the geometry references. Poor guy should find a good psychiatrist… or at least a good slide rule.

Runner Up: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle!!!

Most Reliable Imouto of 2008

Winner: Rin Itoshiki, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Rin was extremely reliable to provide the same joke and the same fanservice over and over again… just like every other character in the SZS universe to that point that they made fun of that itself in the final OVA.

(You can make an argument for Mei, but she kinda broke down seeing how pathetic Sunohara was. She was more reliable in the original Clannad. Mikan… well… she was an early favorite but To Love Ru itself became so unreliable. Though I loved how Clannad After Story took To Love Ru‘s time slot in the TV schedule for a few markets… I can imagine some poor otaku in Tokyo queuing up his VCR expecting Lala panty flashes but instead getting Sunohara emo facial distortions.)

Runner Ups: Mei, Clannad After Story; Mikan, To Love Ru

Most Exploitative Little Girls of 2008

Winner: Strike Witches

I gotta be honest. Even though Chuck Yaeger and the rest are rolling around in their graves, I didn’t not not enjoy the Strike Witches outfits. It’s one thing to fly around in plug suits like Sky Girls… it’s another to have attachments that throwback to vintage WWII aircraft… with magical girl ears… and forced to wear panties while in combat. Their ability to keep their clothes from being torn during combat is only surpassed by Marina leading a Middle Eastern nation in ridiculousness.

Runner Up: Today in Class 5-2

Best Seiyuu of 2008

Winner: Inoue Kikuko

Name me one seiyuu in 2008 who did nailed a major heroine role… and also nailed a major villainness role… and then did both for another role. And then, for good measure, went on Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as herself. Inoue Kikuko, that’s who. Let’s see… the adorable Sanae? Check. The bat-shit loco Grace? Check. The timeless Belldandy? Check. Demon Belldandy?!? Double check. And, of course, an infamous interview on ZSZS while a character was reading a Code Geass yaoi doujinshi? Check. I’m very happy to give Best Seiyuu of 2008 to “Jyuunana-sai desu!”

Runner Up: Megumi Nakajima, Macross Frontier

Best OP/ED/Insert of 2008

Winner: What ’bout My Star, Macross Frontier

There’s only two things you need to know about this song. One, it led to the greatest moment of Macross Frontier, the sing-off between Ranka and Sheryl during the recap episode. And, two, it led to one of my readers singing, Obama Star. Needless to say, that song either brought immense happiness or humongous murderous intent. Greatest. Insert. Ever. In fact, I’m listening to it right now… dollars how much fake?

Runner Up: Dango Daikazoku, Clannad After Story

Best Special Ability of 2008

Winner: Takumi Nishijou’s Delusion Attack, Chaos; Head

In Chaos; Head, they fight with delusions, but what makes Takumi’s special is that he turns everything around in the final battle and attacks himself with a generic harem anime delusion to defeat the villain. Genius. Tatsuhiro Satou would be proud. Let’s add Chaos; Head to the list of anime that would have been better with an alternate school romance harem comedy version.

(And, yes, the only reason Horo made runner up is because of the worst recession in a generation. We need her to get us out of this frickin’ economic quagmire. Or she might sink us further by devising fruit-backed security derivative products. I’m cool with either…)

Runner Up: Horo’s Economic Sensibilities, Spice and Wolf

Best Engrish of 2008

Winner: ROCKY CHACK, Ringo Hiyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song

I wrote this January 9th, 2008:

Ringo Hiyori (”Apple’s Weather”)… it’s only the ninth day of 2008, and we already have a winner for Best Engrish of 2008. It’s going to be tough, tough to knock Ringo Hiyori out of the pole position, even if there’s still ~97% of the year to be had.

Needless to say, nothing dethroned dem apples.

Runner Up: Aya Hirano, Unnamed World

Best Sad Girl in Snow of 2008

Winner: Tomoyo, Clannad ~Another World~

Loved, loved, loved the Tomoyo OVA. I still think it should have been three episodes (one for lovely-dovey, one for the difficulties, and one for the break-up), but I’m glad we got any episodes. Fantastic sad girl in snow moment for Tomoyo after Tomoya’s graduation… but only for a moment.

(And please don’t confuse this category with “Dead Girl in Snow.” Thanks, I appreciate it. Remember, “sad” not “dead.”)

Runner Ups: Noe, True Tears; Taiga, Toradora

Best Mecha of 2008

Winner: Kemeko, Kemeko DX

Kemeko has all the weaponry of death that 00 Gundam has. Kemeko has all the brute force Guren Nishiki has. Kemeko has the aura of invincibility that Linebarrel has. Kemeko has the ability to change the personality and mindset of the pilot like how Xam’d has. Kemeko has the legs the Strike Witches have. Kemeko has all the hair clips and accessories that Mako-cakes has.

(Last year, we had the manliest of mecha win, and this year it seems to have swung the other way. Oh well.)

Runner Up: Guren Nishiki, Code Geass R2

Best Sensei of 2008

Winner: Komoe Tsukuyomi, Toaru Majutsu no Index

Imagine a teacher with Becky-sensei’s body… crossed with Katsura-sensei’s living habits… spiced with visionso f Yukari-sensei driving… and Seta-sensei’s intelligence… that’s close to Komoe-sensei. And, my gosh, her pajamas are so damn fucking cute.

Runner Up: Itoshiki, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei; Kyou, Clannad After Story

Best Extra of 2008

Winner: Gurren Lagann Parallel Works

You know me too well if you think that this award only exists to continue my pimping of Gurren Lagann. But you gotta admit– you got pumped watching Rap Is a Man’s Soul. Rawr rawr fight the powa!

Runner Up: Macross Fufonia

Best Manga of 2008

Winner: The World God Only Knows

Since there’s a larger delay in manga than in anime, Best Manga encompasses what I started reading in 2008, but it can start prior. The World God Only Knows is just fantastic on all levels– especially the premise of an eroge-lover forced to seduce real girls using his eroge abilities. The series also has some golden wacky moments, like a random homage from everything from eroges to anime to Peanuts… not to mention… SHINY RED FIRE TRUCKS! WOOHOO! Check out my old posts on this series… nah… go read it. Like now.

(And, yes, Kyoto should be adapting this into an anime instead of K-ON… sigh…)

Runner Up: Frankenfran

Best Emo Facial Distortion of 2008

Winner: Akio, Clannad After Story

Akio had a few good ones, and, for most of the year, gave Team Sunrise a pretty good fight. But then… Nagisa got pregnant, and that spawned the emo facial distortion of the year. I was so giddy, I didn’t even notice that Nagisa was looking like Mako-cakes for a while there.

Runner Up: Death the Kid, Soul Eater; Lulu, Code Geass R2

Best Penetration of 2008

Winner: Suzaku and Lulu, Code Geass R2

Suzaku penetrating Lulu was the most logical and satisfying ending to Code Geass. I’ll now slam my head against Nunnally’s wheelchair until I pass out.

Runner Up: Amount of HD and Blu-Ray anime penetrating the market

That’s it for the individual awards. #8-10 revealed tomorrow.

18 Responses to “best of 2008: awards awards awards”

  1. why am I not surprised Lulu got best penetration award lol

  2. I think I would’ve preferred a different kind of penetration ….

  3. At least there was consent.

  4. Sorry to ruin the “Spinning dead aces of ww2 == perfect generator” plan for energy and profit, but General Yeager’s still alive. He even had Shirley mentioned on his Myspace a couple times last summer. I don’t know which is scarier, that Gen. Yeager even has a Myspace account, or that his flying-bunny-girl alter-ego featured on it briefly, but it’s up there.

  5. Not just best penetration. But best penetration with a pink sword.

    Loved the Hayakawa award too. Clearly she was the best character in Kemeko DX.

  6. Woo and I thought I was the only one that loved the Ranka Sheryl song battle as the best moment of Frontier!

  7. Oddly I can see that fitting General Yeager’s personality and overly large ego.

    I mean if the Japanese thought of him enough to use him as a basis to make an American flying girl, they also had the forethought to give her the biggest rack in the show. That would probably please his ego a bit.

  8. I still say Sheryl had better Hopes and Dreams – since Kallen’s failed to stop a war, failed to stop Suzaku, and failed to save HER ass… as only Lulu’s convincing his boy-toy to shove a long, stiff implement into him saved Kallen’s hopes and dreams from a prison camp or death. Sheryl’s stopped a war, won her fame and fortune, and also may have won Ranka over. Oh, and we got to see them again during that last sing-off in episode 25.

    Also, Rin got some naked time in Goku Sayonara Zetusbou Sensei OVA ep 2, and at least Suzaku penetrating Lulu was preceeded and followed by some Slave Girl LeiaNunnally shots.

  9. bunny PJs = win

  10. Damn you Jason for reminding me of the Sunrise train wreck known only as Code Geass… yet … bunny suit Kallen calms my nerd rage so I guess we’re even for now.

    Also can’t believe Akio beat out anyone on soul eater have you seen Crona- level distortions:

  11. I can’t believe Index didn’t win for Best Penetration 2008 for all the times she penetrated Touma. Heck, the entire series ended with a double penetration of the male lead by Index and her cat.

  12. ~ And then whistle round the world. Oh whistle round the world

    On other news, lack of C.C. in this post has left me in zetsuboshita but I’ll let it slide because of the Thompsom sisters and the great symmetry of this post. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if Death the Kid and Chiri from SZS would meet.

  13. Hey just got forwarded off my old Darry bookmark that I hadn’t checked it ages.

    Glad you’re back at it! Got some reading to catch up on now :)

  14. At least the animation team that worked on the latest episode of Minami-ke remembered to give Haruka her “hopes and dreams” in her regular “amazing” preportions.

  15. And I thought the 2008 awards were lost forever!

    Hopes and Dreams is very appropriate for Karen and Code Geass. At first there were hopes and dreams, but by the end of the series any plot and coherence with existing characterisation there once might have been was thrown out of the window and there was just Lulu x Suzuku penetration.

    Heh heh. Konata memorial award.

  16. Technically, Inoue Kikuko had nothing to do with Demon Belldandy, since she never said anything AS Demon Belldandy. By the time she talked while wearing that demon outfit, she was back to her goddess self again.

  17. @Neriya: “At first there were hopes and dreams, but by the end of the series any plot and coherence with existing characterisation there once might have been was thrown out of the window and there was just Lulu x Suzuku penetration.”

    Just quoting this to highlight yet again, for my own sake, how much such comments make me facepalm at their inherent stupidity, much more than any stupidity present in the actual show, but then again I’ve never expected much more this blog and its traditional clientèle.

    I think that deserves an award of its own, but I’ll spare myself any further effort.

  18. And yeah.. what a hell of a year….

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