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(As of episode four‘s airing, there were 794 images tagged “k-on!” in gelbooru. Out of those 794, 533 were tagged Mio, 289 were tagged Yui, 196 were tagged Mugi, and 182 were tagged Ritsu.)

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  1. Hmm should Yui beat Mugi?

    Maybe the twincest hopefuls are weighing in.

  2. i mean imouto-cest or incest


  4. Selfcest Maido Mio? YES WE FUCKING CAN!

  5. Awwh, man. D: I vote to change the Mugi numbers on this.

  6. I am also disturbed by how Yui is outranking Mugi. In terms of physical proportions, she is on about equal terms with Mio. Why do we not have more pics of Mugi? It may be from how fearsome she is. (I hear people complain about the eyebrows too.) She is constantly surprising us with her skills and power and we may find out that she order people’s deaths via a simple cellphone call. In only 4 episodes Mio is a known and very moe quantity.

  7. What a nice way to start the day. Moe Moe Moe

  8. C’mon, Mugi! You can make a comeback! Especially if you stay away from teeny, tiny hats!

  9. That first image just makes me think of some ungodly cross between Shugo Chara and Nanoha… “ATASHI NO KOKORO… BUSTER!!!!”

    Yui did look adorable with her guitar in front of the fireworks, but you can’t beat Mugi’s super sandcastle power.

  10. Bookmarking.

    (…What? No Sexy Nurse Mio?)

  11. Agree with need for more Mugi love. She looked pretty damn equal with Mio in ep 4.

  12. Mesmerized by Mio sounds like this blogs next name. :P

    Mugi needs more love. Srsly.

  13. I think that mini-hat thing is a trend in Asia, check this out:

    Or they just watched K-ON! the day before (difference in dates) but got the size wrong, I don’t know.

  14. Magical Meido Girl Mio.
    Needs more Mugi.

  15. I prefer Mio in her Maho t-shirt.

    Better yet, I’d prefer Mio in Maho’s t-shirt while Maho’s still wearing it.
    Even better: Maho bullying Mio while both are in Maho’s t-shirt.

  16. What’s this need more Mugi garbage. I think it’s completely clear that there isn’t enough Mio. Why is there only 533 pictures? What are the fanboys doing? Moar Mio!!

  17. What’s this need more Mugi garbage.

    Speaking objectively, Tsumugi Kotobuki is beautiful, gentle, sweet, rich, generous, and talented (musically and artistically). She won’t commit acts of violence (like Mio) or forget what you told her yesterday (like Yui). My tastes in anime girls swing more toward the loli end of the spectrum, but despite that I can’t deny Tsumugi’s appeal. Let’s have more Mugi.

  18. Mio only seems this popular b/c she’s the vulnerable hime archtype in an all around equally mediocre cast that happens to be in a very hyped anime. If there was a character with some actual significant depth Mio would probably be seeing much closer competition. Not saying that I dislike k-on, though, i succumb to high enough moe levels too.

  19. No, all cast is awesome. Yui aka Fuko the second is adorable. Mugi, Oujou of the Eyebrowns is fantastic, and Ritsu, the flatchested and flatforefronted is cool. But of course, Mio is the best, with the “are you a Bully” aura, and the beautiful Nadeshiko looks, and the boing boing powah, and the awesomeness of meido shyness and the MOE MOE KYUUN!! and and and MIO IS AWESOME!! Nuff said! :D

  20. At first I was wondering why Jason was so entranced by Mio. She didn’t seem that funny or cool in the first few eps (except for the overloading, that was priceless). But that changed. Episode four steamrolled my previous opinions – utterly. She’s like a double Tsukasa in moe as well as a Kagami in normalness and “steering the group from stupidity as best she can”. All in one bassist!

    Moe moe kyun!

  21. Moe Moe Kyun!

    Sorry I just felt like doing it because everyone else was…

  22. Put her in Tomoyo’s bear suit and you’d get a meido Carebear stare that you’d want to stare back at.

  23. Those Danbooru numbers sadden me. No Ritsu love?

    Drummers always get the shaft. Even in my animu. :(

  24. You can find a Itsuki version of Moe Moe Kyun. Thanksfully not in meido clothing.

  25. The moe.

    THE MOE.

  26. Mio Beam, Lock On~!

  27. Damn, even after reading the whole fucking list of “MOE MOE KYUN” and “MIO IS BEAST” comments, I still can’t get myself to accept that.. I feel like we’ve seen too many of her before, just KyoAni thoughtfully merged her chara/ :/

  28. Was anybody else surprised that this is the only post tagged “self-cest” on this site…? How has Mikuru never been tagged with that?

  29. Maybe it’s a little late, but I vote for the introduction of AMM’s! Awesome Mio Moments! (or whatever you want to call it)

    Oh, and I also agree that Mugi needs more love.

  30. All things considered, this is probably what occurred right before the Mio beam:
    …I want to see a mashup now with Mio vs Mikuru. Moe Moe Kyun! vs Mikuru Beam! Can either one prevail? Or will the resulting moe explosion obliterate the Earth?

  31. 2nd to last, pure moe.

  32. I kinda liked Mio when I saw the first episode, although I liked Mugi better, but then everyone started to claim her as their waifu and UNLIMITED MOE MOE KYUN WORKS and now I’m just tired of the whole fuzz. That being said, I prefer Tsumugi (even if she’s an obvious Miyuki v. 2.0, but then again Mio is very much like Kagami, Yui is Tsukasa and Ritsu is Konata)

  33. “Damn, even after reading the whole fucking list of “MOE MOE KYUN” and “MIO IS BEAST” comments, I still can’t get myself to accept that.. I feel like we’ve seen too many of her before, just KyoAni thoughtfully merged her chara/ :/”

    In all honesty, in every other random, similar event where Jason (and his slew of zealous followers) has gushed about, I would react the same way as you. But it’s easy to tell that they’ve purposely pushed Mio to act more moe than she ought to be. The whole “really?(there are no ghosts)” part felt really out of character to me. Sure she seemed easy to mess with with the barnicles ‘n all, but the aforementioned thing felt pushed just for moe. And to me, that’s a strange amalgamation of both disdain and hilarity.

    So for once, I decided to hop on the insane follower train.

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