mugi causes symmetrical docking “accident,” world rejoices

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  1. It’s actually pretty asymmetrical in this case.

  2. YEEESSS hi-res for the win!

  3. Mugi is fearsome! But it looks like a conspiracy between Ritsu and Mugi. Ritsu is putting her shoulder into Mio as well. Regardless, I approve.

  4. It’s fun to see you churning out K-ON1 posts like a madman Jason. As you can see there is no way back now, Mio has you in her grasp, and you wish she would squeeze a little more! :P

  5. Docking I approve, but episode 4 clearly proved that symmetrical-ness would arise from a Yui-Ritsu or a Mugi-Mio docking.

    Regardless, I’m more worried by the fact that I can’t find good K-On! wallpapers. If the show was about “docking” between Mugen and Masao I’d be flooded with them.

    Maybe I need to change my sources…

  6. This is why I come here. You never know when steaming hawt moe deliciousness will be served up on an electronic plate in savory hi-res. Compliments to the Chef. (Hopefully, as good as this was, it was Haruka in the kitchen?)

  7. Now I’m torn. What do I say to those who, in the previous post, dismissed requests for more Mugi? Should it be” Neener neener neener” or just “FAIL?” >8D

  8. We need pure Mugi on Mio. Take out the lucky star girls, k thx.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous.

  10. I think you’ve made more image posts for K-on! than you have for any other show.. and there’s only 4 episodes out.

  11. Not symmetric at all Jason. Are you sure your eyesight isn’t failing you? Or are you too blinded by Mio right now to be coherent?

  12. i think jason put a mirror right in between M&M and it looks like having double symmetrical dockingZ

  13. That’s freaking hi-res.

    I can now revel in Mio everyday!

  14. People have started to play K-On OP and ED on youtube:

    When will tissue hime release a video?

  15. Ack! Yui, what are you doing there!? You better go and simetrical dock Ui for some delicious incest so we can enjoy the black and white docking!

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